Chapter 1195: Southern Forbidden Realm War

In the morning, Liu Binglan told someone to go get Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi for breakfast.

However, only Ye Qingzi came. Liu Binglan knew that Chu Mu didn’t have the habit of sleeping in so she looked at Ye Qingzi questioningly.

“He left for the southern forbidden realm with White One.” Ye Qingzi said.

“This kid, can’t he rest for a single day?” Liu Binglan said helplessly.

Chu Mu had just come back yesterday, and went to rest right after he spoke about the cloud realm events.


There were many places to train in. Seven sacred realm, Nightmare Desolation Ground, Soul pet Palace Sacred Realm, Northern Barren World…...

Considering that some places’ balance couldn’t be broken, Chu Mu ended up deciding to go to southern forbidden realm, whose depths are the most unknown.

Nightmare conqueror told Chu Mu that Southern Forbidden Realm wasn’t too peaceful either. Many empires had wanted to encroach onto human territory.

In reality, Southern Nightmare Empire also wanted to. but ended up canceling the thought.

These empires were currently in Moon Tides. Their numbers were at the peak. The only thing they could do was kill each other or expand their territory. Now, Southern Nightmare Empire was already trying to expand their territory so Chu Mu could go and help out. One, he could help the nightmare empire to completely take over southern forbidden realm. Two, he could also help New Moon Ground get over this Moon Tide crisis. Most importantly though, little hidden dragon’s strength would raise like crazy.

Moon Tides were when soul pets reproduced like crazy and reached numbers where they were over a third past the original capacity of their land.

The natural world often had plants that spread their seeds and pollen when the moon was half or full. These auras would also cause many organisms to reproduce in the night. With a few years of unrestricted reproduction, the land would have too many organisms.

Resources of a piece of land were limited. With too many organisms, the above results were the only possibilities.

Nightmare Conqueror told Chu Mu that the southern forbidden realm was massive. The empires there were definitely not something cloud realm could handle. Even if Chu Mu told little Mo Xie to cast species calamity, the soul pets would still be overpopulated.

Chu Mu could also imagine. If New Moon Ground already had trillions upon trillions of people, just how many would the even larger southern forbidden realm have?


Chu Mu first wanted to go to greater southern forbidden realm. Seeing that Chu Mu was filled with a glamorous silver, the owner of greater southern forbidden realm was very passionate and started speaking to Chu Mu about humans.

The owner of greater southern forbidden realm was very powerful, so powerful that Chu Mu felt as if a massive pressure fell upon his head.

Knowing that the owner wanted to help his White Nightmare raise in strength, Chu Mu was even more sure that the invasive southern forbidden realm owner was definitely not any weaker than Lu Yuqin, if not stronger.

Chu Mu spoke about cloud realm with the owner, and it replied saying that if the humans in cloud realm wanted to fight, then just agree.

Southern forbidden realm didn’t have much, but the one thing they did have was numbers. They craved a war, especially against humans. The southern forbidden realm said that they were very willing to pitch in and help fight the war for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu laughed helplessly. In a few short sentences, CHu Mu had ascertained that the fellow was ridiculously powerful, and also an extremely aggressive invader.

Chu Mu said that if they failed they would tell the southern forbidden realm owner to come.

However, Chu Mu then thought that even if they gave up New Moon Ground willingly to cloud realm, they wouldn’t dare take it, and be the neighbor of such a crazy empire.

Southern forbidden realm was so friendly that Chu Mu was obliged to help them out too.

First, they had to expand their territory. Southern forbidden realm owner told Chu Mu that they had a sixth rank empire to the east of them.

A sixth rank empire was always one that southern forbidden realm owner wanted to acquire. This time the Moon Tide happened, they wanted to go over already but couldn't find a good general.

Chu Mu came right on time. After some brief discussions, he named Chu Mu the great general of the army that attacked the sixth rank empire, attacking the Wild Dog Devil empire.

Chu Mu, in the few months helping southern forbidden realm owner expand, would let White NIghtmare stay around while it trained.

“Nie” White Nightmare didn’t seem to be willing.

It didn't like White Nightmares stronger than it, yet there were quite a few of those in southern forbidden realm. This caused White Nightmare to be very uneasy, and it even wanted to devour a few Nightmares to raise his strength.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come get you in a few months. Just train well, alright?” Chu Mu comforted White Nightmare.

It could only nod helplessly. It also told the southern forbidden realm owner that it was a devouring type white nightmare, so he told it to be careful before he ate any of his powerful subordinates.

Southern Forbidden realm was completely fine with it, and even warned White Nightmare back that there were many devour type royal White Nightmares around, so White Nightmare should be careful too.

Sixth rank empire with Moon Tides, this empire’s soul pet amount must be unimaginably high. Little hidden dragon will be able to devour souls as it pleases.


Xu Daofeng and Official Tang as divine sect members didn’t idle around either.

They sat on the Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix from Wanxiang Realm all the way to Tianxia Realm. What shocked them was how a majority of the people didn’t’ even know of the existence of cloud realm, let alone the greater territories outside.

As the supervisor, after Official Tang read through the history of New Moon Ground, Official Tang now knew why this land wanted to go independent.

During the investigation, New Moon Ground’s history and people all fulfilled the requirement for independence. Almost everyone had made it clear they didn’t need some higher ruler.

Official Tang and Xu Daofeng also discovered that this land’s commander wasn’t very obvious. The core ruler was the palace faction.

The palace factions weren’t really rulers in peoples’ hearts. They didn’t need taxes from civilians, and also were open to almost all soul pet trainers.

Of the palaces, soul pet palace had a ridiculously low bar. As long as one was a soul pet trainer, they could enter the soul pet palace.

“Official Tang, these policies really haven’t been seen in any other place.” Xu Daofeng said.

In Wanxiang City, Xu Daofeng was already wondering why Chu Mu’s mother Liu Binglan never called herself a realm master. She wasn’t even a city master, yet she was called the female supreme, and received respect beyond even commanding city masters.

It looked like the palace factions’ position was similar to Divine Sect, going beyond ruling positions. 

However, one thing was different from divine sect. The palace factions were very spread out. As long as it was a kingdom city, there were sub palaces there. They were also closer to the greater public, merging in with most soul pet trainers and opening their resources to all.

The divine sect entrance barrier was very high and was completely sealed off. Non divine sect members couldn’t step in without facing a death sentence. Even divine sect members had to uphold a very strict rule and would be fired with any slight misstep.

“I feel like they seem more like a non-profit organization. I wonder how they have so many resources and money to maintain such a magnitude of palaces.” Official Tang said.

“Hehe, if we had such a palace faction there, we may actually see more development in soul pet trainers.” Xu Daofeng said.

“This three palace formation is indeed a brand new format. If we could spread it, it would be the greatest news for many soul pet trainers in dynasties and empires without other choices….. Sadly, this has only appeared in a third rank realm. And, with their strength, once they walk out of New Moon Ground, they will find it hard to keep their head above ground.” Official Tang said.

To New Moon Ground’s palace faction format, the two divine sect members were both very in favor of it. This open style organization was something they had never seen before.

“If we hand this to Master Official Lu, she would be surprised too. Xu Daofeng, I feel like our investigation can be ended. We can bring this back as a report.” Official Tang said.

“En, hopefully, Chu Mu can win. If they lose, such a special organization would probably disappear. That would truly be sad.” Xu Daofeng said.

Official Tang shook her head. “If they want to win, it truly is very hard. Border Commanders, Realm Owners, Border Protector Generals- all of these are people that could shake the foundations of cloud realm. Defeating one would already be a great feat for him, let alone…… ai….”


Returning to Wanxiang City, Official Tang’s original prejudice towards this remote land were dispelled after seeing the special faction system. His respect towards the palace faction elders and supremes became even greater.

“Female supreme, I feel like your faction system is very special, and is good for developing in other realms. Being open to everyone should be a style that will be welcomed by many soul pet trainers. In our land, many soul pet trainers love freedom and training, which means they can never be tied to a faction. Yet, your palace factions can provide them a great place.” Xu Daofeng said sincerely.

“Let’s speak about it after we go independent.” Liu Binglan said.

“Oh, oh, you’re right.” Xu Daofeng said.

For some reason, Xu Daofeng always subconsciously thought that Chu Mu could make this land independent, yet thinking of the cloud realm experts dispelled this thought.

After Xu Daofeng left, Liu Binglan thought about Xu Daofeng’s words some more.

Eastern Wild Forest’s lowering of rank meant more people would enter New Moon Ground. Instead of sealing themselves off without bound, so why not expand three palace outwards? Even divine sect liked their way of organization, meaning many soul pet trainers outside would also love three palace.

Gold and resources were two things that three palace didn’t really have a shortage for.

After Liu Binglan reached dominator rank, she entered the sacred realms many times and slowly found them to be much larger than any ancient text had documented. The resources in it were boundless. The people of the past were just never powerful enough to explore further.

With gold and resources, and a way of organization that people liked, why couldn’t they expand the palaces?

Liu Binglan thought about it for a long while before shaking her head. It had to wait until they were actually independent…...

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