Chapter 1194: Cloud Realm Intruder

Wanxiang City, Three Palaces

In the conference palace, Liu Binglan furrowed her brows and looked worried.

In the recent period, many people from cloud realm came to Wanxiang Realm. These people followed no rules, recklessly stealing resources, as if a group of bandits had intruded.

Liu Binglan had already killed a group of invaders but even stronger people appeared saying they wanted to find justice or else they would cause havoc in all the cities.

Liu Binglan couldn’t split herself into many people so she could only call these bandits to Wanxiang City to see what types of conditions they would bring up.

According to Old Han, Eastern Wild Forest had some chaos that caused its rank to decrease heavily. This meant it was much easier for outer realm people to enter New Moon Ground.

Liu Binglan had worried that others may come in still so she didn’t do anything drastic.

“Sacred Realm Lunar Tides, Great Broken Sting Valley is uneasy, and Eastern Forbidden Realm constantly has intruders!” Elder Liu was grasping at his beard in similar worry.

“Let’s go outside of the city to see.” Liu BInglan knew that the outer realm people were already under Wanxiang City.

They were smart, not daring to enter the city recklessly. Liu BInglan didn’t want to complain with them and decided to go out. She wanted to see what sort of requests they had. If they were too outlandish, Liu BInglan didn’t want to waste too much time on them.


“Hey, it’s a female realm owner!” A teasing voice came.

There were eighty or so people outside of the city gate. These eighty people were all people who recently entered New Moon Ground from cloud realm.

From Cloud Realm, they were all very law abiding adventurers and trainers. However, after reaching this sealed off Wanxiang Realm with much difficulty, they felt like they were the new kings, as if they entered a realm they owned, allowing them to do whatever they pleased.

“Not only that, it’s a great beauty too!” The person who spoke was the vice leader of the eighty adventurers.

This vice leader had a small head and frame, seeming almost rat-like. When his little eyes saw Liu Binglan fly out surrounded by sacred guards, his eyes stared wide-eyed.

The eighty adventurers were mostly male. There were some experts among them, but they also had a good amount of dirty minded folks. Seeing Liu Binglan walk out, many people started laughing out, seemingly not taking this New Moon Ground’s female owner seriously.

However, not long after they laughed, when the entire city suddenly came alive with row upon rows of three palace’s enormous army, their laughs stiffened.


On the east side of the plain, Prince Chao stood at the very front of the Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix, watching Wanxiang City from afar.

This guy couldn’t wait anymore. Using Ye Wansheng’s words, this kid hadn’t left home many times and was homesick.

“Hei, look, they’re coming to welcome us!” Prince Chao suddenly yelled out.

“No way, how could they know we’re back.” CHu Mu said.

“Look, there’s a few ten thousand people at the city wall and the Cloud Immortal Bird army is in the sky. I even see the female supreme.” Prince Chao said.   

With Prince Chao’s mention, everyone looked over with their spirit remembrance as well.

Indeed, the city walls were all packed with fully armored people. The air was also filled with the elite army, most conspicuous being the white feathered cloud immortal bird army. They were like a huge cloud spread out. At the front was the stunning cold beauty, gorgeous yet noble.

Chu Mu saw Liu BInglan, and was secretly confused. Was this the legendary mother-son connection? How else could she know he was back and even have such a large formation to welcome them?

“You guys must all be blind!” Ye QIngzi was speechless. At least from what she could see, it seemed like they were readying for battle, having no signs of a welcome ceremony!


Liu Binglan was getting angry. These intruders truly are arrogant. If she didn’t teach them a lesson, they may actually think New Moon Ground is a pushover that anyone could come bully!

Liu Binglna was just about to attack when she suddenly felt an immensely powerful aura come directly towards Wanxiang City.

Liu Binglan looked up and saw a streak of air cut through the clouds and swiftly appear before them.

Other than Liu Binglan, the near ten thousand people present didn’t even detect the arrival of the organism. Only when it made a sudden stop and appeared in front of the cloud immortal bird army did they realize that a powerful wing type organism was near them.

“This is……” Liu Binglan’s heart tightened. From this speed, she could tell that this soul pet was far past her power. Was this an intruder from cloud realm as well?

Liu Binglan quickly found out that some of the people on the cloud shrouded soul pet seemed familiar.

“Chu Mu?” Though her vision was obstructed, Liu Binglan still spotted this unbelievably familiar figure.

Chu Mu jumped off the Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix and walked through the skies, smiling brightly, “It’s me, mom.”

Seeing Chu Mu smile, Liu Binglan let out a breath of relief and smiled back warmly.

“How are you all back so quickly?” Liu Binglan saw Chu Mu and ignored everyone else, including the eighty intruders outside the city.

“Uh….. it’s a long story. Why is the city on guard, what happened?” Chu Mu switched the topic.

In reality, Chu Mu really wasn’t ready to mention that he was basically deported by Divine Sect people.

“In recent times, many intruders came in. This group of people are intruders that want to bargain for something from us.” Liu Binglan said.

“What bargain, just kill them.” Chu Mu said.

Liu BInglan gave him a stare for the blood thirsty words.

Chu Mu glanced at the eighty intruders. In reality, Chu Mu truly couldn’t care less about them.

“Official Tang, didn’t you say that within six months, there can be no intruders in my territory?” Chu Mu said.

“This…… these people you can do whatever you want with. We already gave a command forbidding anyone from passing through eastern wild forest. They probably intentionally went to non-governed places to wreak havoc. None of them are good people.” Official Tang said straightforwardly.

“Good.” Chu Mu nodded.

The thing little hidden dragon needed the most right now were souls. These intruders all had decent strength and could all be eaten by little hidden dragon. They could help little hidden dragon’s dragon soul enter low class dominator rank quickly.

“Let’s leave this to little hidden dragon, and we can go back first to discuss matters.” Chu mu said.

As he finished speaking, he signaled for everyone to re-enter the palace.


At the city walls, the rat-like vice leader still hadn’t realized that divine sect people were in the sky. They had already summoned their soul pets and was ready to fight with everyone here.

However, they quickly found the leading few people, including the beautiful female realm owner, all returned into the city, completely ignoring them.

“That’s outrageous, they aren’t even planning to discuss with us!” The vice leader yelled angrily.

“What discussion? We wanted to kill for a bit first anyways to let them know our strength. Then, our discussion will go much better.” Another adventurer laughed and looked in disdain at the guards on the walls.

“Are they trying to devour us with the army’s power? This place will be bathed in blood. The army isn’t that powerful.”

The army under the city quickly surrounded the eighty people.

The air was similarly covered in countless wings and feathers that covered the sun.

However, the adventurers were confused because the armies only surrounded them but never seemed to attack.

Suddenly, the thick city gates opened!

A hidden dragon glowing ghostly blue stepped towards them powerfully.

Little hidden dragon was eagerly getting ready with a mischievous smile that glimmered under the sunlight.

“Houhouhou…..” Little hidden dragon opened its mouth wide, and lifted up a storm of sand that flew into the intruders’ faces.

The intruders all instantly paled. From its dragon breath power one could tell that this dragon was near middle class dominator rank!

From their perspective, the third rank realm would be hard pressed to even have a low class dominator rank. Who could have guessed a near middle class dominator rank dragon would appear?

Seeing this draogn, these intruders finally knew why the armies only surround them but never attacked. This dragon was probably enough to deal with all of them combined!

“These…...these bastards lied to us, how is this a third rank realm!!!” The vice leader was the first to yell out.

How would a third rank realm have a near middle class dominator rank dragon??

Now, these intruders faces were unbelievably blackened. They quickly realized something more important. The army surrounding them meant they couldn’t escape!

Of course, they wouldn't know that this dragon was coming for their souls. Not only were they going to die, their souls were going to be absorbed too!


Screams echoed through the city yet Chu Mu didn’t even bother to turn around. He led Xu Daofeng and Official Tang to third palace.

Going back to the palace, Liu Binglan finally knew why they came back so soon, and looked moodily at Chu Mu.

Just as they were leaving Liu Binglan told Chu Mu to be as low profile as possible. Its barely been any time and he already caused so much trouble!

Territorial Independence wasn’t something that should be done in a hurry. Yet now, in six mere months, Chu Mu would probably have to face experts from all of cloud realm!!!

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