Chapter 1193: Soul Gathering Spectral Dragon (2)

Hidden Dragon was a special case among Chu Mu’s soul pets. Its spectral attribute among its three main attributes could be singularly strengthened because it possessed two souls. 

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu wanted to strengthen the Little Hidden Dragon. Before leaving Cloud Realm, she had collected numerous xuan materials, most of which were generously gifted by General Mu.

When General Mu learned that Ye Qingzi was a xuan teacher, he was greatly shocked. 

Even the Mu General Residence may not have that many xuan teachers. General Mu knew that if a xuan teacher was given ample resources and her strength was to rise, in the future, she would become a manufacturer of high ranking dominators. Perhaps he would have to find her for concocting xuan items in the future. 

Therefore General Mu was not stingy at all, and gave Mu Qingyi various xuan materials from the first to third rank. The next six months were probably enough time for Ye Qingzi to concoct them. 

Ye Qingzi herself estimated that she would be able to step into the spirit dominator rank using her Devil Soul. 

Once she reached the spirit dominator rank, she would be able to concoct xuan items. It would most likely be no problem for her to concoct xuan items that could strengthen soul pets to the low class dominator rank. She had confidence. 

Moreover, as long as nothing unexpected happened, she would probably be able to concoct low class dominator rank xuan items for the Little Hidden Dragon’s bug and beast main attributes. With the remaining materials, she could then help the others concoct xuan items to increase their strength. 

With the bug and beast attribute xuan items dealt with, Chu Mu could just focus on raisingLittle Hidden Dragon’s Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon soul rank to the low class dominator rank. 

As for the Spectral Dragon’s rank, it inherently could be strengthened by absorbing souls through fights. 

Of course, if he could use a xuan item to directly strengthen the Spectral Dragon, that would be even better! 


“Chu Mu, what are you doing? Are you cultivating? Didn’t you just break through though?” Ye Wansheng glanced at Chu Mu who had just closed his eyes and spoke out in confusion.

Ye Wansheng was rather jealous of the breakthrough, since Chu Mu didn’t need any xuan item to break into the spirit dominator rank. This was simply intolerable to the heavens. Ye Wansheng had initially thought he could take advantage of this opportunity to take the lead in terms of soul remembrance over Chu Mu.

“He’s strengthening the Spectral Dragon. Don’t bother him right now.” quietly said the spectral Jinrou. 

“Oh, oh.” Ye Wansheng nodded his head. 

The others all looked at Chu Mu. Strengthening didn’t take that long, so they were very curious as to whether Chu Mu would be able to successfully advance his soul pet’s rank. 


The spectral type energy was faintly discernible, and it could easily slip away while drawing it in. This was very similar to the property of a specter. 

Chu Mu kept feeling the energy slip away while drawing it in; yet, the Spectral Dragon seemed to be eating to its fill, as it continuously kept swallowing the unique spectral energy. 

The strengthening time was a bit long this time. Chu Mu felt that the spectral energy was endless and that a huge amount of energy was slipping away.

Finally, Chu Mu couldn’t resist his curiosity, and split off a part of his mind to follow the energy that was slipping away. He wanted to see where it was flowing off to. 

“So it’s all being gathered there.” 

Quickly, Chu Mu found where the large amount of energy slipping away was gathering. 

This spectral energy was entering the Spectral Dragon’s underworld domain, which was where Little Hidden Dragon gathered its dead souls. 

Chu Mu was bewildered by this. This energy should have been pure spectral energy. Yet, it was gathering where Little Hidden Dragon’s kept its dead souls. 

The Spectral Dragon’s rank required dead souls to increase its strength. However, the problem was that the dead souls were not digested. Only after the dead souls were digested could they become the Spectral Dragon’s soul power. 

After silently observing for a period of time, Chu Mu discovered that the gathered energy had mysteriously transformed into a spectral blue pearl.

This pearls was floating high up in the Spectral Dragon’s underworld domain. All of the undigested low ranking dead souls in the Little Hidden Dragon’s body were pouring into the spectral blue pearl. 

Immediately after, the slivers of spectral energy, like blood in a vessel with the pearl as the heart, began to spread through Little Hidden Dragon’s body, pouring into different areas of the Little Hidden Dragon’s soul.  

Dead souls transforming into energy that entered the Little Hidden Dragon’s body was a very normal scene. However, Chu Mu didn’t understand why they were being absorbed the the spectral pearl before being spread… 

“Could it be that by being absorbed and refined by the spectral pearl, the spectral energy is becoming more pure?” 

Chu Mu thought of this and immediately began to pay more attention. 

When he was training in Wen Mountain, Little Hidden Dragon had gathered numerous dead souls, totalling together to be the energy of about three low class dominator ranks. Under normal circumstances, three low class dominators would only be able to raise the Spectral Dragon’s rank by 30%. 

According to this standard, Chu Mu began to calculate. When all of the dead souls were refined by the spectral pearl, the energy began to pour through its body. 

As expected, Chu Mu excitedly discovered that the dead soul energy that should have only been able to raise the Spectral Dragon’s rank by 30% actually rose the Little Hidden Dragon’s rank by 60%! 

This was double the original amount! 

This discovery overwhelmed Chu Mu! 

This was the equivalent of doubling the Spectral Dragon’s rank increase speed. Given that the Spectral Dragon didn’t need xuan items and only needed fights to increase its rank, a doubling in speed was immensely fast for the Spectral Dragon! 

Since the Spectral Dragon could independently strengthen itself, Chu Mu could perpetually have the Little Hidden Dragon fight and collect even more dead souls. This would allow the Spectral Dragon’s rank to reach the middle class dominator rank first. Thus, if the Little Hidden Dragon were to merely use its spectral type power, it would be able to fight a middle class dominator rank creature. 

“Oh? It doesn’t seem to have finished!” 

As Chu Mu was in a state of rapture, he suddenly discovered that the energy’s direction was still changing. 

After the energy was refined and seeped into the Spectral Dragon’s soul, the refined energy was split into another stream that poured into the Little Hidden Dragon’s main soul. 

Once the Little Hidden Dragon’s main soul obtained this energy, its body also began to change! 

The bug and beast attributes of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s soul also began to strengthen!! 

When the spectral attribute energy was refined by the spectral pearl, it transformed into bug and beast type energy that poured into the Little Hidden Dragon’s main soul!

“Isn’t… isn’t this attribute energy conversion? Excessive spectral attribute energy will be converted into the Little Hidden Dragon’s other two attribute energy?” 

With this discovery, Chu Mu instantly went into a state of ecstasy! 

To verify that the energy genuinely could be converted, Chu Mu looked with his soul remembrance into the Little Hidden Dragon’s main soul.

As expected, the main soul was simultaneously being strengthened with the Spectral Dragon’s soul! 

Double the amount of spectral energy the dead souls were being transformed into already made Chu Mu extremely happy. He never expected the spectral pearl to also be able to make the spectral energy transform into the Little Hidden Dragon’s other two attribute soul energies. This allowed the Little Hidden Dragon’s two souls to rise in rank together! 

Chu Mu was going to go crazy! Truly going to go crazy! 

With the spectral pearl, the Little Hidden Dragon’s future rank could be increased purely by absorbing dead souls. It didn’t need any xuan items!!

Moreover, the more souls that were absorbed, the higher rank it would be and the more the Little Hidden Dragon would grow. All he had to do was continuously fight and the increase in strength was limitless! 

“Young master, this is a godly technique of Little Hidden Dragon’s!!” Old Li suddenly cried out. 

Old Li was Chu Mu’s counselor so Chu Mu had communicated with Old Li while he was strengthening. 

“You don’t need to tell me that. Obviously I know!” said Chu Mu. 

Taking Zhan Ye for instance, if it didn’t have Brave Stinging Heart, its multiple Broken Limb Rebirth wouldn’t have any meaning. Brave Stinging Heart was Zhan Ye’s perfect technique that he used to reach the dominator rank from being a tossed aside commander rank creature. 

Just like Zhan Ye, the Little Hidden Dragon’s soul absorption and energy conversion, combined together, created a perfect effect. 

“I feel like this is caused to a certain extent by you reaching the spirit dominator rank. Do you remember me saying that once you reached the spirit dominator rank, some of your soul pets may comprehend a new ability? The Little Hidden Dragon was probably one of these soul pets. Added on the unique guiding of its spectral pearl, it happened to create a masterpiece. I always said that if the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon were to have the spectral attribute, it would be the most perfect creature in this world. And right now, this Little Hidden Dragon is genuinely perfect!” said Old Li.

Thinking of the fact that the Little Hidden Dragon’s strength could continuously rise, Chu Mu wished he could throw the Little Hidden Dragon right now into a forbidden region rampant with soul pets. This would allow the Little Hidden Dragon to absorb as many dead souls as it could. It would be able to break through to the middle class dominator or even high class dominator rank! 

Chu Mu had been thinking how he should allocate his time in the approximate five months to most effectively increase his soul pets’ strengths. 

But right now, he no longer needed to think about it. 

In the next near half a year, what he needed to do was crazily have the Little Hidden Dragon fight and absorb all of the dead souls. This would allow it to crazily and limitlessly increase! 

The various holy regions and forbidden regions that surrounded them were rampant with soul pets. This was too perfect for the Little Hidden Dragon’s training! 


After a while, Chu Mu finally managed to quell the excitement in his heart!

Taking in a deep breath, Chu Mu really never expected that helping the Devil Souls this time would obtain him such a huge benefit. After opening his eyes, he subconsciously looked at Princes Jinrou. 

Princess Jinrou happened to be looking at him. Her two limpid and bright eyes flashed with confusion and curiosity. They were so beautiful they were capable of making someone go crazy. 

The others discovered that Chu Mu had awoken and turned to look at him. 

This time, Chu Mu’s strengthening period had been a bit long. Normally, a longer period of time meant a mishap or a pleasant surprise. 

“How was it?” Princess Jinrou asked first. 

“Little Hidden Dragon reached the low class dominator rank. Not too bad.” said Chu Mu.

“Just this?” Princess Jinrou was clearly a bit disappointed, because she knew that the spectral pearl was actually an extremely valuable spectral xuan item. If Chu Mu hadn’t rescued the Devil Soul species, the dominator Spectral Soul would not have given him this treasure so easily.

“That’s already very good. Chu Mu’s abnormal dragon innately has three main attributes. Its strength was even stronger than a low class dominator rank even when its soul rank was still at the pseudo dominator rank. Now that the Spectral Dragon has reached the low class dominator rank, once the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s soul reaches the low class dominator rank, it will be even stronger than a low class dominator!” said Prince Chao.

The others all nodded their heads in firm approval. 

Creatures with multiple attributes were hard to raise in the early stages, but in the later stages, they would be extremely tyrannical! 

Chu Mu himself hadn’t even continued speaking before the others began to talk amongst each other. 

After hesitating, Chu Mu ultimately decided that he should keep this a secret for now. After six months he would use this to crazily raise the Little Hidden Dragon’s strength, and he would give everyone a huge surprise in the independence fight. 

“When I show it then, it will probably have an even more shocking effect, eh!” Chu Mu said to himself. The corners of his mouth rose into a profoundly mysterious smile that others didn’t detect.

There was probably enough time. When Little Hidden Dragon’s strength rose, Li Xu, Border Commanders and Realm Lords would get a first hand experience! 

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