Chapter 1192: Soul gathering Spectral Dragon (1)

After a few days, the names of Chu Mu’s group was known throughout Cloud Realm.

Early in the morning, Liao Yu ran over like a crazy person, and began babbling about.

“Heavens, big brother and big sisters. Are… are those names actually yours?? This is treason, and you’ll be met with a severe punishment!!” said Liao Yu.

Ye Wansheng slapped Liao Yu’s shoulder, indicating that he shouldn’t make such a big fuss. He said: “Brat, you don’t need to be so unsure. That’s us! Did you not see in yesterday’s auction hall?” 

“I… I obviously didn’t see. What happened? What happened? You’re going to be wanted like this or even beheaded. At the very least, there are going to be many, many problems. Moreover, declaring independence will make Li Xu’s branch an enemy. They won’t let you go. Their subordinates include Border Commanders, Border Generals and Border soldiers with powerful dominator strength. They also have a terrifying border army, and could even recruit Border Commander Wu Zhen’s army here. All of this is capable of crushing your New Moon Land several times over! Also, all of Cloud Realm is talking about this now. My grandfather, my dad… aiyah, aiyah, you guys are too crazy.” 

Liao Yu, this brat, was crazy. His mouth didn’t stop moving. 

“Since you know all of this, why are you still talking with us?” said Prince Chao.

“Eh… I actually feel that this is pretty cool. If I tell my friends that I know those people who want to declare independence from Cloud Realm, they will love me. Everyone is talking about you guys. Although many people are saying you’re seeking death, there are some people who feel that there’s a genuine possibility of you succeeding.” said Liao Yu. 

“Brat, what about you, what do you think?” asked Ye Wansheng

“This… this…” Liao Yu began to stutter.

“You need to believe in us, and believe even more in crazy man Chu.” said Ye Wansheng. 

“Then...then that’s fine. I believe in you guys. I’ll place my gambling money on you guys…” 


Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao were speechless. They didn’t realize this group of bratty children were gambling. 

“I’m not going to bother quibbling with you. We’re about to be deported back to New Moon Land. Wait for us to become independent before we come back and break forth into this realm again. Six months will pass in the blink of an eye.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Liao Yu finally realized that they had all come out, and were with luggage. From the looks of things, they looked like they were about to leave. 

“Oh. General Mu! Liao Yu finally saw an extremely revered person. This person was the number one expert in Cloud Realm, Mu Zuoli! Liao Yu never expected to see General Mu here. He was so excited he couldn’t say anything. 

Chu Mu glanced at this brat and ignored his strange gaze. He said to Mu Zuoli: “Don’t worry. Although I can’t say I have a 100% chance of success, I won’t lose so easily.” 

“If you choose war, you certainly will not beat Cloud Realm’s army. Thus, you have to use the realm lord battle. A third rank realm city has one realm lord and two vice realm lords. If you are to challenge all of Cloud Realm’s third rank realm cities, this will be a very difficult fight. You need to prepare yourselves adequately.” Mu Zuoli was extremely serious. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He couldn’t choose the war, so he could only choose the realm lord fight. Moreover, the requirements for success in a self-determination attempt were extremely strict. However, he didn’t have a choice. Indeed, if it were easy, many territories would attempt to self-determine. 

“Speaking of which, Brat Chu, when you were facing Lu Yuqin in the auction, I genuinely thought you were only stalling for time…” Mu Zuoli suddenly bitterly laughed. 

“...” Chu Mu let out a bitter laugh. Did Mu Qingyi’s grandfather truly really think that he was someone who just randomly spoke? 


Not long after arriving in Cloud Realm, they would have to turn back home. Although they were somewhat unwilling, they would ultimately have to deal with this matter. Moreover, wasn’t this just a type of training? 

As for the observation situation, Lu Yuqin left it to Xu Daofeng and Official Tang.

Xu Daofeng had a prior dispute he had to deal with in New Moon Land so fortunately, Lu Yuqin left this matter to him. 

Of course, Lu Yuqin knew that Xu Daofeng and Chu Mu’s relationship wasn’t bad, so she called for Official Tang as well to supervise. Aside from this, Lu Yuqin also sent a few other people since this was a huge matter. 

Lu Yuqin gave her Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix to Xu Daofeng. Although Xu Daofeng was strong himself, when factoring in Darkness Sect’s people meddling into this, there needed to be a powerful soul pet following beside Xu Daofeng. Additionally, this would prevent Chu Mu’s group from fleeing since they had the dominator Devil Soul on them.

Xu Daofeng was perfect. Ye Wansheng, Chu Mu, Prince Chao and Uncle Bai all thought that he was a friend they could make, and if it weren’t for him telling Chu Mu to request for self-determination, perhaps they genuinely would not have been able to resolve the situation.

Lu Yuqin’s Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix’s rank was indeed rather high. It was definitely stronger than the Rock Wing Dragon and not just a little bit stronger. 

Xu Daofeng wasn’t just averagely loyal; he used the Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix to bring everyone back to New Moon Land. 

From Cloud Gate to Cloud Realm was a long way away. Flying through day and night would still require a few months to accomplish this. Didn’t this mean they would waste these few months? 

Nonetheless, the Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix was extremely fast, approximately ten times faster than the Dead Dream and Crown Phoenix King. They didn’t need half a month to return to New Moon Land while flying on it. 

Of course, before they left, they had one more thing to do. That was to return the home seeker to the Devil Soul species. 

Everyone’s strength required Devil Souls to rise, so they had to do this. 

Official Tang was convinced by Xu Daofeng. Most importantly, during the exam, Chu Mu had greatly helped him, and saved several examinees. If the examinees had been slaughtered, he would have been expelled by Divine Sect. 


After passing through the Bewildering Worlds, all of them flew to the Devil Soul habitat.

The Devil Souls didn’t have a fixed environment they lived in. It could be a forest or it could be a glacier. They didn’t live in one place. They were specters among soul pets that enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle. 

This time, they were living in the mountains. Chu Mu had seen many Devil Souls and various ranks of Devil Souls there.

When the home seeker returned to the Devil Soul species, all of the Devil Souls were extremely happy.

These interesting specters did not hate humans. When they reached the mountains, they often saw small Devil Souls running around Chu Mu’s group and letting out strings of girlish laughter. It was extremely interesting and happy. 

The dominator Devil Soul had cloned Princess Jinrou’s soul so the current spectral Jinrou meant that she was her King. 

“Young master, you could also migrate the Devil Souls to our New Moon Land.” seeing the large group of Devil Souls floating around, Old Li suddenly thought of something. 

“Aren’t the requirements for environments they live in very demanding? Where in New Moon Land would suit them?” asked Chu Mu.

“Young master, New Moon Land isn’t a barren place. The main problem is that it is situated in an awkward place, being surrounded by high ranking forbidden regions. New Moon Land’s forbidden region territory is extremely vast and there will definitely be places for the Devil Souls to live there. Most importantly, Devil Souls are spectral type creatures and the resources they require to live are different from other types of creatures. Usually, the places they habituate over a long term will turn into a land of treasure and good feng shui. Young master should know that specters don’t enjoy those types of places…” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu told Princess Jinrou of Old Li’s suggestion, letting her decide whether to migrate the Devil Souls to New Moon Land. 

This truthfully wasn’t a bad idea, because New Moon Land’s territory wasn’t as simple as they thought. There were many independent dimensional spaces and several holy regions which mysteriously had not been solved. Perhaps they would be able to find a habitat for Devil Souls. 

Guang Tong Bewildering World didn’t have the resources fit for Devil Souls. Therefore, the home seeker had to find a new home. If there was a new territory that could provide their needs for a fitting home, wasn’t this a good thing? 

The dominator Devil Soul abided by its promise, and selected several emperor Devil Souls from its species. Mu Qingyi, Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao signed soul pacts with them, and an exception was even made for Xu Daofeng who also got his own emperor Devil Soul. This made Xu Daofeng happy for a long while. Only Official Tang was left bitterly smiling as he looked covetously at them.

The Devil Souls didn’t need to be escorted. They would migrate themselves to New Moon Land and when they arrived, they would just have to receive them and help them find a suitable place to live. 

After leaving the Devil Soul mountains, Chu Mu’s attention was placed on the xuan item in his hands. 

This xuan item was sparkling and clear, emanating a spectral blue color and radiating with a sliver of coldness.

The Little Hidden Dragon stood on Chu Mu’s shoulder. It nudged its fat head over and looked curiously at it. 

“Don’t eat it. Who told you that you could eat this.” Chu Mu watched this fellow open its cute dragon teeth in an attempt to chomp down and immediately stopped it. 

Little Hidden Dragon wore a blank expression. If it wasn’t to eat, what use did it have?  

“Princess, what on earth is this?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t know either. It says that it will have great benefits to fighting type spectral attribute creatures.” said Princess Jinrou.

“Then can it teach me how to use it?” said Chu Mu.

“Figure it out yourself…” laughed Princess Jinrou. 

Chu Mu shook his head. He had never seen this type of xuan item before. 

Closing his eyes, Chu Mu attempted to enter the xuan item with his spirit dominator rank soul remembrance. 

Quickly, Chu Mu felt a pure energy rippling inside. It was as serene as water. 

“Little Hidden Dragon, prepare to receive energy.” Chu Mu said to the Little Hidden Dragon in a mental voice. 

The Little Hidden Dragon opened its eyes wide and looked like it had already prepared. Promptly, Chu Mu attempted to draw the energy out and pour it into the Little Hidden Dragon’s body. 

The Little Hidden Dragon adorably opened its mouth to eat the energy.

However, unexpectedly, the energy didn’t go down the Little Hidden Dragon’s throat, nor did it enter through its skin. Instead, it all poured into the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon soul pearl! 

“Could it be strengthening the Spectral Dragon?” Chu Mu felt a wave of happiness. 

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