Chapter 1191: I want Territorial Independence! (2)

Chu Mu originally wanted to wait a bit longer before declaring independence. Now that he was spirit dominator rank, all his soul pets gained new room for improvement. With adequate time, he could swiftly raise his strength up.

Yet, who knew such a thing would happen. If so, they could only declare their position now.

Lu Yuqin was near the strength of a Border Master. Actually, some border masters had no chance of winning against her. Instead, he might as well fight Li Xu and have a glimmer of hope.

“New Moon Ground is my personal territory. Li Xu intruded upon my territory, and killed these intruders. What crime is that?” Chu Mu asked back.

“What crime? How dare you resist….. Wait, what did you just say?” Li Xu suddenly realized that the first half of what Chu Mu said was the real issue and stared wide eyed.

“New Moon Ground is My, Chu Mu’s, personal territory!” Chu Mu again said solemnly.

This caused everyone to fall into silence!

Everyone knew that New Moon Ground was a realm within Cloud Realm, and was controlled by Li Xu. How was it someone else’s personal territory now?

“What nonsense, when has New Moon Ground become your personal territory?” Li Xu’s tone worsened.

Chu Mu instead turned to look at Lu Yuqin and said, “Haven’t I already told you that New Moon Ground wants to become independent?”

Lu Yuqin didn’t truly think that Chu Mu would suddenly bring this up. She thought that Xu Daofeng had already made them abandon the idea. She also didn’t think Chu Mu had the power to let his territory go independent. After all, it was no different from declaring war against all of cloud relam!

“What did you say, what did you say you wanted to do….”

An uproar started. Wan Meng, Lu Yuqin, Li Xu, and even General Mu were stunned while the rest of their eyes fell on Chu Mu.

“I want territorial independence! Do you want me to say it again?” Chu Mu said resolutely.

“Territorial Independence….. It really is territorial independence.” Li Xu’s subordinates started yelling.

“Heavens, this kid wants territorial independence, doesn’t he know this is akin to high treason?”

No one imagined that he would ever say something like territorial independence now. And, it was to become independent from a third rank, near fourth rank realm. This had rarely ever happened even in cloud realm history!

“Kid, do you understand what that even entails?” Li Xu’s voice became eerily cold, his eyes filled with anger that was ready to erupt.

Territorial Independence was no different from shaming the ruler!

“I know very well.” Chu Mu was fearless.

“Master Official Lu, you have to take them down. This kid is spouting nonsense.” Li Xu said.

Lu Yuqin was still hesitant.


 At this moment, General Mu coughed and interjected, “Since he wants territorial independence, they have no crime. What does Master Official Lu think?”

“Nonsense, New Moon Ground is Li Xu’s property. I still have the border master’s New Moon Ground territorial decree. Does he get the territory just by yelling ‘territorial independence’? Mu Zuoli, as the Border Protector General, shouldn’t you kill these people who want territorial independence?” Li Xu was furious!

General Mu clearly was well trained in being shameless, instead he laughed coldly, “Border Master’s decree? You can trick others but you can’t trick me. Before Mu Clan stepped into New Moon Ground, New Moon Ground was only a first rank realm. Because they were far away, there was no one who bothered them, the longest period being over a thousand years long. A territory that had been abandoned for a thousand years, does it still count as your territory? In the thousand years, the locals had already created their own social systems and had no idea what cloud realm is. They are self sufficient, and have dealt with all disasters themselves. In these thousand years as commander of cloud realm, how many times would you have to be fired from your position due to neglect?”

“Speaking of duty and position to I, Mu Zuoli- you aren’t worthy! New Moon Ground’s Wanxiang Realm was created by our Mu Clan. Allowing you to rule over it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want! A border master’s decree isn’t for you to exploit things for your own benefits and steal all the resources!”

Mu Zuoli very decisively broke all pretenses with Li Xu. This scolding caused Li Xu’s face to quiver.

Mu Ruanen covered his face in a sigh. There was no point telling his brother to be less brash anymore.

Li Xu couldn’t reply to that, only able to breath heavily in anger.

Mu Zuoli didn’t even pay attention to this greedy old thing, and turned to Lu Yuqin, “Since its territorial independence, please do things according to the process and first send people to New Moon Ground and determine the situation. Make sure that the territory is already very against being under control of the current rulers and agree with territorial independence.”

“Henghengheng, ok, since you want independence, I’ll give you independence. But, General Mu, Chu Mu, you should know the consequences of failing to go independent!” Li Xu finally reacted and laughed out loud.

“Territories that fail to go independent become a slave country, no longer being protected by Divine Sect, and are subject to whatever the ruler pleases. Chu Mu, you sure you want to make your territory independent?” At this point, Lu Yuqin spoke.

“Don’t act like Divine Sect ever protected New Moon Ground.” Chu Mu coldly humphed.

Lu Yuqin paused, and didn’t know what to do.

“Master Official Lu, all the belongings of slaves belong to their ruler. You don’t have to be sorry for these troublemakers anymore.” Li Xu started laughing, as if Chu Mu and all of New Moon Ground were already his slaves.

Lu Yuqin didn’t give an answer to Li Xu and asked again. “Chu Mu, are you sure you want to make New Moon Ground independent?”

At this time, General Mu said with mental voice to Chu Mu, “Don’t worry, if Old Man Mu knew that his New Moon Ground was becoming a slave nation, he wouldn’t just sit back and say nothing.

Chu Mu nodded and said to Lu Yuqin and said, “I’m sure.”

Lu Yuqin furrowed her brow. She indeed didn’t expect the dominator rank devil soul to cause the young man to make such a rash decision for territorial independence.

Lu Yuqin had self-blame in her heart, but since things had happened already, she couldn’t say much..

She nodded and said in an emotionless tone, “I will send people to investigate the situation in New Moon Ground, and then witness your independence by setting down a battle for you.”

“Saying it once more, once you are successful, the territory will no longer be governed by Cloud Realm and will become independent. No outsiders will be able to enter without permission. You also have the highest authority, and will not be punished by Divine Sect. Those that intrude will be sentenced, and can be declared wanted in Divine Sect courts. Divine Sect will also have the duty of taking care of these criminals.”

“If you fail, New Moon Ground will become a slave country and have no human rights, utterly controlled by your ruler. Divine Sect will have no authority to interfere. You will only have life but no dignity. Are you sure, now, that you represent all of New Moon Ground in your willingness to go independent?”

“Yes.” Chu Mu said seriously.

Before leaving cloud realm, three palaces had already made the proper effort to spread the word, and the billions of people in new Moon Ground trusted their King Chu.

“En, the Fight for Independence will happen at a time determined after the investigation in six months. Within these six months, you need to stay within New Moon Ground and cannot leave. Your New Moon Ground will be sealed off during this time, not allowing anyone to leave it.”

Lu Yuqin solemnly told all the required regulations to Chu Mu, causing things to become even worse.

“Very well, in six months, your New Moon land’s people will fall to an even lower status. Cloud realm has a lot of places that need slaves, and a lot of hidden dangers that need lowly lives to pave the way. The mighty King Chu, you truly will help me out greatly with these burdens.” Li Xu laughed out.

New Moon Ground was all Mu Dynasty territory, so beforehand, Li Xu didn’t know how to extract value. If he were too obvious, he would get scolded. But now that it was trying to become independent, everything would be simple!

Chu Mu was very surprised that he even got six months.

In these six months, Chu Mu could do many things. In terms of strength, Chu Mu himself was middle class dominator rank. Mo Xie’s strength was much higher as well. Adding on Evil Good Queen, these three formidable forces should be able to compete against Li Xu. In these six months, Chu Mu could even raise little hidden dragon’s strength because the dominator rank devil soul said he would give very good xuan items to little Hidden Dragon.

“I will announce this in a few days in the name of Divine Sect after I finalize it and report it to all realms within and surrounding Cloud Realm. Now, there can’t be any people travelling between realms, nor can there be any wars or conflicts.” Lu Yuqin said solemnly.

The flattering Li Xu replied respectfully said he was very willing to follow Lu Yuqin’s rules.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t waste time with words.


The sect leader’s life could still be extended for a year. In these six months, Lu Yuqin wished for others to be able to find another way to save Sect Leader’s life.

If not, she would just have to be the evil person once, and steal the dominator rank devil soul.

As Chu Mu said, the sect leader’s life had no relation to him. Yet, what did the ghost woman’s life matter to her?

A sect leader follows the ideals of Divine Sect, and was a righteous expert truly worthy of respect. He saved billions of lives and his meaning in life was greater. He couldn't’ die.

As for the ghostly woman’s life, she would try her best to save her but the possibility was very low…….

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