Chapter 1190: I want Territorial Independence! (1)

Xu Daofeng was slightly embarrassed. He never thought this would happen.

Of course, even more so, he never thought that Chu Mu and the others were the group of masked people in Wen City. That was a group of people that escaped from hundreds of dominator ranks and a Border Commander!

Lu Yuqin’s aura slowly expanded. Her soul remembrance was very high, much higher than anyone else.

Very clearly, Lu Yuqin was giving them pressure.

“What, you want to steal it?” Chu Mu felt the woman’s eyes slowly grow cold, and seemed like she was about to flip out.

“No, no we won’t, Teacher Lu…..”

“Shut up!” Lu Yuqin didn’t let Xu Daofeng finish.

Xu Daofeng didn’t dare to speak. However, he knew that with Lu Yuqin’s temperament, she definitely wouldn’t steal another person’s soul pet especially when they already signed a soul pact with someone else. Or else, how were they any different from darkness sect?

“I really need this devil soul. The person wounded is a sect leader. He got surrounded when taking out darkness sect people, and his soul is severely wounded. If he dies, the western border will grow increasingly rampant. This devil soul is yours, so I can tell Divine Sect to promise you goods in exchange…..” Lu Yuqin said very seriously.

“If your Divine Sect can revive her, we can consider the offer.” Chu Mu pointed at Princess Jinrou. 

“The dead can’t come alive again.” Yu Yuqin said.

“Then we don’t have a deal.” Chu Mu turned around and left, not wanting to speak anymore to the increasingly pushy Lu Yuqin.

Lu Yuqin, of course, didn’t want Chu Mu to leave. She said coldly, “We’re basically certain that you’re a part of the masked group. According to divine sect rules, you’ve disturbed city order, and so I have the jurisdiction to take you down and bring you to jail.”

Chu Mu stopped walking and turned around to look at the icy cold Lu Yuqin. He suddenly laughed, “Master Official Lu, if you want to steal this, you can just say. With divine sect backing you, even if you steal it no one would dare to speak about it.”

“I’m only going by the regulation, and I haven’t tried to steal it. I just want to keep you around. What’s yours will still be yours.” Lu Yuqin said without changing expression.

Just as they were speaking, a few people started to walk over. One of them was an old man that walked right into the conversation. Smiling wide, he said to Lu Yuqin, “Master Official Lu, I remember that divine sect can’t easily interfere with matters within territories and realms. Even if we break city order, it probably should fall under the jurisdiction of the Realm Protector General, me, right?”

“General….. General Mu.” Wan Meng glanced shocked at this old general.

Lu Yuqin’s face paled even further. Looking at this old man, she had no idea why he suddenly butted in to help them.

Realm Protector Generals were on the same level as Border Commanders. All of cloud realm also knew that General Mu was cloud realm’s first expert. Adding on the Mu Dynasty behind him that ruled the entire border territory, he was a powerful man. Even the Li Xu family that governed cloud realm had to respect him.

“You’re Mu Zuoli.” Lu Yuqin lightly sucked in, more or less hearing about this Border Protector Generals’ name.

The old man nodded and said, “That’s me.”

When the old man admitted that he was Mu Zuoli, Mu Qingyi was dazed. Her eyes stared closely at the old man, and her emotions started fluctuating rapidly.

Mu Zuoli was Mu Qingyi’s grandfather!

Mu Zuoli noticed that Mu Qingyi’s gaze was on him, and smiled slightly with affection.

However, the old man seemed to realized that the issue at hand was somewhat problematic so he set aside the reunion talk and continued with Lu Yuqin, “I’ll take them away and continue investigating. As for whether someone intentionally created chaos in the city or even sealed the city for their own benefits, I will also look further into it. I hope Master Official Lu can give me some more time.”

“Mu Zuoli, you should know that the life of Sect Leader Chu…..” Lu Yuqin said.

“Sorry, the ghost girl you see here is my adopted granddaughter. Life was born equal, with no greater or lesser good. If the sect leader knew that his life was spared only at the cost of a weak girl’s soul, what do you think he would say? Furthermore, since the devil soul decided to sign a soul pact with her, divine sect should know best that she is the one truly suitable for the devil soul.” Mu Zuoli’s attitude was very resolute in protecting his people, going as far as adopting a new granddaughter.

Lu Yuqin couldn’t reply to that. In reality, she herself knew that what she was doing was already going against her own principles and the values of divine sect, but thinking about the nearly dead sect leader, she knew she couldn’t just let him die.

“What’s all the commotion about?” Just as the two sides fell into a stalemate, a sound butted in.

The man who walked in was a middle aged man. From his expression, he clearly knew what was happening already, but he was still acting like he knew nothing.

“This long bearded man is Li Xu.” Ye Wansheng said in Chu Mu’s ear.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows, and slowly felt the events becoming more complicated.

General Mu saw Li Xu, and didn’t even bother hiding her disliking.

“General Mu, this is your wrongdoing. If you have to do things by regulation, shouldn’t this fall under my management?” Li Xu wanted to climb up in status so he stood on Lu Yuqin’s side.

As they spoke, Li Xu smiled. Seeing Chu Mu and the others, he said, “Alright, even if we have no proof of you people wearing masks and you can argue that you got the devil soul from somewhere else, I think that you guys can’t deny you’re all pretty prominent characters in New Moon Ground, right? Speaking of which, I should be fully responsible for that as well?”

This caused Chu Mu, Mu Qingyi, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, Prince Chao, and Bai Yu’s hearts to sink.

How did Li Xu know they were from New Moon Ground?

The only people who knew were Xu Daofeng and Lu Yuqin. However, Chu Mu didn’t think they would tell Li Xu that. And by the looks of it, Li Xu knew before coming. When they walked over, they were already laughing as they stared at Chu Mu.

“Master Official Mu, don’t worry. They come from New Moon Ground and thus fall under my jurisdiction. They already committed the crime of killing the general, so we wanted to take them down a while ago already.” Li Xu laughed and said.

After finishing, the man turned to look at Mu Zuoli, “Mu Zuoli, you still want to favor them? They’ve committed high treason and we have evidence.”

Mu Zuoli couldn’t come up with a retort and glanced at Mu Ruanen.

At this moment, Mu Ruanen suddenly remembered that he accidentally told Wan City City Master Li Ziran about their origins in New Moon Ground, who then told Li Xu…….

“Master Official Lu, can you help me take down these prisoners?” Li Xushen invited.

Li Xu truly was smart. He knew that Lu Yuqin followed the rules strictly. Especially if Mu Zuoli interfered, Lu Yuqin definitely couldn’t do anythihng against the rules. So, Li Xu found a very good justification for Lu Yuqin to take them away!

Lu Yuqin was still hesitating. She knew clearly that this was clearly using her power for herself. She was very against this, and had always told Xu Daofeng never to do this.

However, thinking of the sect leader’s life and remembering that the sect leader’s importance to a fourth of the territory, she felt it was necessary evil. As for the woman’s life, she would try her best to recreate the ghost.

After making the decision, Lu Yuqin nodded and said, “Alright.”

Chu Mu’s heart sank. The strongest person here was Lu Yuqin. If she attacked, he would have no chance of winning.

The others weren’t looking great either. After all, they all knew that without absolute strength, the final control fell on others’ hands.

Spectral Jinrou lowered her head and lightly bit her lip. She didn’t want to step forward, and wanted to walk straight towards Lu Yuqin.

At this time, two hands almost simultaneously stopped Spectral Jinrou.

The owner of the two hands were Chu Mu and Bai Yu.

They knew very well that if the devil soul broke its soul pact, Princess Jin Rou without a soul would never awaken again. She would die for real.

Bai Yu couldn’t watch as his daughter died again. He’d rather fight Lu Yuqin or even Li Xu before allowing his daughter to go back onto the icy bed. It would be harder to accept that than upright killing him.

Chu Mu similarly didn’t want to see Jinrou lose her soul. Jinrou and her father Bai Yu’s experiences were things he saw himself. Feeling the heart wrenching sorrow as well as the joy afterwards, Chu Mu had no reason to leave himself out. If Bai Yu dared to fight, so did Chu Mu. He could take this opportunity to see just how powerful Lu Yuqin was!

Bai Yu and Chu Mu were both showing their battle intent, their eyes gradually filling with silver flames!

Lu Yuqin didn’t step back either. Since she decided this was the solution, she would continue the whole way. The battle was moments away from starting!

“Chu Mu, Chu Mu, don’t be brash and hear me out!”

At this moment, Chu Mu’s mind echoed with Xu Daofeng’s voice.

“Say it.” Chu Mu replied coldly, not lowering his guard at all.

“Don’t you want to make your territory independent? If you want to, say it now.” Xu Daofeng said.

“What can that do?” Chu Mu said.

“Teacher Lu is a person that follows the rules strictly. You saw that if not for the Sect Leader in danger, she wouldn’t act like this. And even so, teacher would never steal your devil soul forcefully….. The problem is that Li Xu gave teacher a good reason to attack you. As long as you get rid of this reason, teacher would have to be aware of the entire divine sect’s fame. After all, Darkness Sect definitely will make a lot out of this. Also, General Mu wouldn't let this conflict go so easily.”

“Are you sure?” Chu Mu didn’t understand Lu Yuqin’s character, and wasn’t sure if it would work.

“I’m certain. Teacher Lu is a very righteous person, that’s something you don’t have to doubt. Anyways, as long as she can’t find a good reason to attack you, you’ll be safe. Otherwise, if she fights, even General Mu would easily lose.” Xu Daofeng said.

Needing every bit of help he could get, Chu Mu could only follow what Xu Daofeng suggested and declare they wanted independence!

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