Book 2 Chapter 119 - 2 - Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet

Chapter 119: Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet

After crossing one mountain step, it was possible to see a plethora of nocturnal animals wandering around in the night. Sin Source Mountain Range’s ores and minerals that formed the mountain were extremely abundant. There even appeared to be a few extremely valuable crystals. The ores and crystals were formed through the collection of heaven and earth spiritual aura. Inside, they contained a lot of energy, and many soul pets would use these ores and crystals as food to increase their strength.

In Sin Source Mountain Range, aside from the cold pond which was relatively famous, it was also extremely well known that there were crystals. During the time of year when the cold ponds were dried up, there identically were many soul pet trainers who intentionally came here in search of crystals.

The use and value of crystals neared that of attribute soul crystals. Finding a superior quality sixth level crystal was equivalent to obtaining a few 100,000 gold coins. Moreover, if one’s luck was good and he or she obtained a seventh level crystal, it would be worth 1 to 2 million gold coins. There occasionally was also rumour of some powerful soul pet team to obtain a nearly 10 million in value eighth level soul crystal.

Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had already reached the seventh phase. It was probably time for Chu Mu to collect a bit of money to purchase the Night Thunder Dream Beast a seventh level soul crystal in order to power up its attributes a bit.

Aside from this, the Ice Air Fairy, until now, didn’t possess a strength crystal that allowed the destructive power of ice type techniques to increase. Chu Mu felt that he had to purchase a 5 million gold coin black crystal soul pearl in order to increase the Ice Air Fairy’s strength.

As for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, he needed the Bloodsucking Wood. A Coronary Blood Fat without Bloodsucking Wood meant that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier still didn’t have Bloodsucking techniques. The price of Bloodsucking Wood was approximately 3 million.

For Zhan Ye, it naturally didn’t need to be said. Aside from his normal bug type, his other attributes weren’t reliable at all. In order to truly become a powerful soul pet that surpassed ranks, its attribute still needed to be strengthened as well as its techniques. It could be said that Zhan Ye was a bottomless hole in this area where, no matter how much money was poured in, it would consume it all.

The White Nightmare and Mo Xie’s ranks were relatively high, and the extent of their strength increase was comparatively large. Increasing their abilities so early wasn’t too much of a necessity because as their phase and stage increased, they would naturally have more powerful techniques and abilities.

Of course, this didn’t mean that he didn’t have to spend money on the White Nightmare and Mo Xie. Chu Mu temporarily didn’t spend money on them because their current phase and stage abilities were too abnormal. These abilities were already able to let Chu Mu sweep through the young generation experts. However, as Chu Mu’s strength grew and he encountered stronger opponents, the White Nightmare and Mo Xie definitely had to increase their strengths. Yet, to increase the strength of two monarch fighting strength soul pets was definitely not doable with a few million gold coins. It could reach upwards of ten million easily if one weren’t careful.

Chu Mu had come to the Sin Source Mountain Range, and if he didn’t rack up a large sum of money, how would this be worthy to his soul pets with such potential?

Therefore, in reality, when Ye Wansheng said that he wanted to go to a route that had to be crossed and rob the returning soul pet teams, Chu Mu actually was tempted to.


“In front should be a Swallowing Star Wolf territory. The Swallowing Star Wolf’s sense of smell is very acute, we should be a bit more careful.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had already advanced approximately 200 meters, but these 200 meters weren’t easy to walk through. Their routes always had various wandering soul pets and, no matter if these soul pets were fighting, digging rocks, hunting, or walking after eating their fill, they could not go and provoke them.

“Mhm, follow a bit closer to me. My Night Thunder Dream Beast’s darkness aura can help your Dream Beast hide.” said Chu Mu.

The Swallowing Star Wolf was a commander rank soul pet, and it possessed an even more spiritual nature than the Dire Wolf. Swallowing Star Wolves were active creatures 24 hours a day and, under the starlight veil of night, their black colored bodies emitted clear speckles of starry radiance underneath the starlight.

As the specks of starlight twinkled, it normally meant that they were in a non-fighting state. If they were launching a sneak attack or fighting, they could voluntarily hide their starlight specks effect.

The Swallowing Star Wolf possessed the Star Concentration Transformation species technique. Only with starlight could their fighting strength increase. The more intense the starlight, the stronger their strength grew.

“Night, Dream.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

A dark light appeared on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s horn. The dark light momentarily vanished in the black night, slowly transforming into a mental wave. It caused the ten Swallowing Star Wolves going through rocks in search of crystals in front to enter the Dream.

The Swallowing Star Wolf territory was evidently not easy to traverse. As they continued forward, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both continuously used the Dream technique to make the Swallowing Star Wolves in front to enter the dream state before continuing forward.

“Once we pass the Swallowing Star Wolf territory, we should probably enter into the sixth rank cold pond region.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Ye Qingzi.

The Purple Robe Dream Beast that Ye Qingzi was riding on jumped onto the highland rock and also saw the rather expansive field of view. This field of view was empty, without any soul pet wandering in the vicinity.

Normally speaking, a cold pond’s surroundings would always have the aura of a few species groups because these special spiritual places would produce many spiritual items. These spiritual items would be seized by the powerful soul pets in order to increase their strength faster.

“In the perimeter of three hundred meters, there aren’t any other soul pets. There’s only this Swallowing Star Wolf territory here. It seems that this sixth rank Sin Source cold pool hasn’t been occupied by some species group yet. It should be singly under the usage of one powerful soul pet.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi. After a few days of knowing her, Chu Mu discovered that Ye Qingzi understood many things. There were even some things he himself had never heard of before. He had to specially ask Old Li before knowing. Moreover, right now, she was able to use a few details to deduce that the protector of this cold pool springs was one powerful soul pet; this was truly hard to come by. After all, only those who often travelled in the external environment would have such awareness.

Being in sole possession of the cold water pond definitely meant that this soul pet’s strength was extremely strong. After all, an entire Swallowing Star Wolf pack didn’t dare to provoke it. In this way, wanting to obtain the sixth rank cold water pond had clearly become a bit harder.

“How about this. You be in charge of watching the surroundings for any other teams. I will go deep inside to see exactly what this hegemon soul pet is.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

“That soul pet’s perception ability is very strong. Your Night Thunder Dream Beast might be able to cover its aura well, but if you yourself don’t have any good concealer, you will be sensed. Perhaps it’s best not to be too risky, eh?” said Ye Qingzi.

“No need to worry. I won’t provoke it. You yourself need to be a bit careful. If any situation arises, use the demonic language to tell my soul pets. I will hurry over very quickly.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu had already decided on going and didn’t bother stopping him. She proceeded to ride on her dream beast along the area without soul pets to scout it out.

Chu Mu rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast and passed through those large rocks. He began to slowly approach that soul pet.

“Night, with your perceptivity, can you guess what that hegemon soul pet’s strength is.” asked Chu Mu.

“Hui~~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast quickly gave Chu Mu an answer, indicating that the opponent wasn’t a monarch, but was very likely an eighth rank or higher strengthened commander.

If it was a commander, Chu Mu was slightly relieved because his soul remembrance had already reached the soul master level. As long as he didn’t take the initiative and release his soul remembrance to scout it, he wouldn’t be easily discovered by the opponent.

Although he wasn’t being obstructed by any soul pet, Chu Mu was still abnormally careful within this three hundred meter distance. After all, an eighth phase and above commander had its own perceptivity range. Even if Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was relatively strong, the moment he closed into a certain distance, he would still be discovered. Chu Mu’s cautiousness meant he had to step along the edge of this eighth phase commander’s perception range.


Suddenly, the Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a noise, telling Chu Mu to stop going forward.

In the next instant, Chu Mu felt a powerful aura, and he instantly had the Night Thunder Dream beast hide behind an adjacent large rock.

“From this distance, I seem to still be unable to see that soul pet.” Chu Mu looked forth, but the pieces of rocks were obstructing his view. Chu Mu simply couldn’t see the cold pond, and also couldn’t see the sole pet dominating the cold pond.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~’

Mo Xie, laying on Chu Mu’s shoulders, let out a noise, planning on using her pitiful state to try.

Currently with the moonlight state, Mo Xie’s sixth phase sixth stage could just barely increase to the seventh phase. Even if she were to be seen through by a commander soul pet, with Mo Xie’s monarch speed, it probably wasn’t a problem to break away from it.

Mo Xie was small and nimble. After passing through the obstruction of these rocks, she gradually disappeared from Chu Mu’s field of view. Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast silently waited on the side.

Approximately five minutes later, under the moonlight, Mo Xie finally hopped back next to Chu Mu in bounces. Mo Xie had followed Chu Mu for a long time, and she had a certain ability to judge a soul pet’s strength. After returning, Mo Xie immediately informed Chu Mu about what she saw.

“Its figure has reached ten meters, and its covered all over in rocky spikes. Its skin is a black brown color and its head is like a snake’s, but big. Its body is a bit similar to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s and its tail is like a rock centipede…” Chu Mu rubbed his chin and began to speculate as to what that soul pet was.

“It should be an elemental world - rock type Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil, right?” at this moment, Old Li promptly displayed his experience.

“Mhm, it should be at the eight phase second stage. Rock type defense is the strongest, and I’m afraid none of our soul pets can break its defense - it’s extremely difficult. No wonder the Swallowing Star Wolf pack doesn’t dare to fight with it. Even if those Swallowing Star Wolves were more numerous, it would be hard to actually injure it.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

“Hui~~~~hui~~~~” just as Chu Mu was pondering, the Night Thunder Dream Beast instantly warned Chu Mu that it had received a message from the Purple Robed Dream Beast.

Chu Mu promptly realized that Ye Qingzi could have encountered something, and he rode hastily on the Night Thunder Dream Beast towards Ye Qingzi’s location!


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