Book 2 Chapter 119 - 1 - Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet

Chapter 119: Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet

After everyone agreed to head towards the sixth rank cold pond, the five of them forsook their original route and left for the sixth rank cold pond that required approximately half a day before arriving there.

Because the route wasn’t very accurate, while the five people advanced, they had to have a relatively rational method of advancing.

Normally, when soul pet trainers were walking in dangerous areas, they had to summon a soul pet with a comparatively strong perception abilities to ensure they wouldn’t be sneak attacked by some well camouflaged soul pet.

Secondly, they needed to have a soul pet for finding the path ahead. This soul pet had to have enough speed and be resourceful, because it would be easiest for the soul pet finding the path in front to tread into another creature’s territory. This method would ensure they didn’t accidentally enter some powerful soul pet’s territory and could safely escape.

Of course, the most important thing while travelling in the wilderness was to ensure  that a soul pet with formidable fighting strength was beside oneself at all times. When some sudden situation arose, it would then instantly be able to enter the fight.

Chu Mu’s party of five had many soul pets, regardless of speed, perception, or fighting ability. However, under these circumstances, normally, among the five of them they would pick out the most outstanding soul pet in a certain area and them designate responsibility for the three areas.

“Wu wu wu~~~~” Chu Mu planned on having the Night Thunder Dream beast, with the fastest speed, scout ahead. However, at this moment, Mo Xie had let out a noise from the soul pet space, indicating that she had slept and ate her fill, and wanted to move about.

There was no need to doubt Mo Xie’s speed. Adding on her pitiful appearance, it was often the case where many powerful soul pets would mistake her as a small creature and simply ignore her. Having Mo Xie lead the way ahead would increase their safety value by a lot.

Since Mo Xie had taken the initiative to put herself as a talented creature in this insignificant position and lead the way, Chu Mu didn’t have any objections. In truth, having the Night Thunder Dream Beast scout the path would mean that Chu Mu would no longer have any other suitable mounts.

Chu Mu chanted an incantation and started the soul pact pattern, summoning Mo Xie in front of him.

From within the pattern slowly appeared Mo Xie’s small and nimble figure. A body of silver colored fur majestically and faintly fluttered about. What manifested was a beautiful grandeur and nine small fluffy tails that waved about. Yet, above this beauty and grandeur was an increased cuteness.

“What an adorable little fellow.” seeing Chu Mu summon the small Mo Xie, Ye Qingzi’s beautiful pupils instantly twinkled a bit.

When Mo Xie was in her pitiful appearance, it was a naturally and innately beautiful ultra Moe (adorable) pet. She could definitely insta-kill a great number of females, and there were many times when Chu Mu was strolling in the street or at certain venues where a few females would repeatedly throw sidelong glances at Chu Mu. The majority of the reason for this was because on Chu Mu’s shoulder lay this indolent and adorable little fellow.

[1.TL: The author literally used Moe, as in japanese Moe, for adorable]  

Seeing Ye Qingzi’s manner of wanting to hug Mo Xie, a faint smile rose upon Chu Mu’s face. The feeling Ye Qingzi that gave Chu Mu was relatively aware and easy going, but despite this, she was unable to block the temptation of Mo Xie’s pitiful appearance state.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” Mo Xie really liked to be clean, and didn’t like for anyone other than Chu Mu to touch her. Therefore, even though Ye Qingzi’s bosom was very full and plump, Mo Xie ignored this great beauty. After stretching, she vivaciously ran to the front of the group to exercise and breath in the fresh air.

Seeing the little Mo Xie head to the front to scout the way, Ye Qingzi let out a rather annoyed expression. In a small voice she asked Chu Mu: “She’s so small. Isn’t it too dangerous to have her scout the way?”

“Haha, young lady Ye, you’re over thinking it. The soul pets of my family’s fourth brother aren’t that simple…” the adjacent Chu Ning began laughing. Chu Ning was unable to forget the scene where Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox powerfully defeated the Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s Ghost Winged White Boned Blood Devil from that Gangluo City fight. This small fellow, who really wanted to find the path, was clearly Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet!

“Ke ke~~~” Chu Ning was about to say that this was Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet when Chu Xing gave a cough, warning Chu Ning not to say too much.

Chu Ning instantly realize that Chu Mu seemed to have previously deliberately hidden his identity, and he didn’t say anything further.

The Southern Region belonged to a relatively radical region, and news would often travel a lot slower than many other places. Further adding on the fact that Chu Ning and Chu Xing were both busy with family matters and didn’t pay attention to things outside, Chu Ning and Chu Xing didn’t know of Chu Mu and Jia Feng’s fight in Jia City. They also didn’t know that Chu Mu’s Mo Xie had mutated into an ultra commander Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Infernal Fox under the gazes of a few tens of thousands of people!

“She isn’t that weak.” replied Chu Mu. He didn’t want to thoroughly explain either.

Ye Qingzi opened her delicate small mouth wanting to say something, but seeing that the little Mo Xie had already disappeared from her field of view, she ultimately didn’t question it anymore.

Mo Xie, who was on Chu Mu’s shoulder had quickly and without a doubt for, become the first choice for the path scouter. Next, was the perceptive ability soul pet.

When it came to perceptive ability, there was nothing more suitable than a demon type soul pet with powerful mental strength. Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Purple Robe Dream Beast had very powerful perceptive abilities. Moreover, these two soul pets were the mounts of two people. Therefore, there wasn’t a need to painstakingly summon something else; rather, it was sufficient for them to just ride them as they travelled.

Of course, Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast’s demon attribute was even more pure, so its perceptive ability was even a bit stronger than Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast.

As for fighting strength, Ye Wansheng, Chu Ning, and Chu Xing would be responsible for this. Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s Light Rhinoceros’ were both mounts, and they also had a powerful fighting strength. Their composite attributes were relatively high, and if a situation were to arise, they would be able to deal with it very well.

Ye Wansheng continued to ride on his Star Wilderness Devil Colt. His other soul pets didn’t have any aura concealment, so he temporarily didn’t summon them. He himself also indicated that he would immediately summon them at the first sign of battle.

While they travelled in the wilderness, they could not summon too many soul pets. Too many soul pets coupled with those that were unable to conceal their aura would automatically catch the detection of other creatures. If they encountered the attacks of a few soul pets en route, it was best to keep the state of battle to a minimum. If they could only use one soul pet to deal with it, then they would do as much as they could to not summon a second one. One reason was to train each soul pet’s fighting strength, and the second reason was to conserve the soul pet trainer’s soul power. After all, summoning soul pets considerably decreased their soul power.

Therefore, aside from adding on Mo Xie to find the route, the five people’s soul pets didn’t undergo any large change. Of course, it was also because the five people all respectively had experience and training in the wilderness that at the very beginning of them summoning soul pets, they involuntarily acquired the most suitable summoning habit like this.


The existence of two seventh phase Dream Beasts with powerful perceptive abilities like this allowed everyone to intentionally avoid a few soul pets en route. Further adding on Mo Xie finding the most optimal route, the original two days needed to approach the sixth rank cold pond was achieved before the sky had darkened.

The five people didn’t travel towards the sixth rank cold pond during the night, but instead chose a relatively concealed area to rest. After waiting first to scout out the situation clearly, they would then decide the next course of action.

“Just now, when we entered this mountain, there were numerous soul pets wandering about. I’m pretty sure that the other soul pet trainer teams haven’t thought of a method to avoid these soul pet groups and directly entered the sixth rank cold pond.” said Chu Xing.

“You guys rest here first. I’ll go look at the situation, and then quickly think of a method to move around the surrounding soul pet groups.” said Chu Mu.

The sixth rank cold pond was on the peak of the mountain. This mountain didn’t follow a gradual slope upwards. Instead, it appeared as an unconventional gradient state. The surface area of the mountain’s body was extremely wide, but its height was normal. Moreover, at the center of this mountain was a rocky highland.

Although this mountain didn’t have height, the further one went up the ladder-like mountain, the more the number of soul pets resided. The sixth rank cold pond was at the centermost highest point. Therefore, from the concentration of these soul pet group's standpoint, one had to have a relatively rational method of passing through these groups to directly reach the centermost highest point.

“You by yourself isn’t too safe.” said Chu Xing, slightly worried.

As they walked forward, the mountain gradient slightly increased. However, there resided many soul pets that needed various rock and crystal ores for their food. Going solo, if he or she were to negligently be discovered, it was very easy to be surrounded, and it would be hard to break free.

“One person going is ultimately unsafe. Qinzi, your Dream Beast is suited to travelling at night. You travel together with Chu Chen.” said Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng’s words made Chu Xing and Chu Ning both strangely look at Ye Wansheng. They inwardly marvelled as to why this fellow would have his own sister do something so dangerous.

“Ok, let’s go.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head and spoke to Chu Mu.

Various aspects of the Dream Beasts’ attributes would increase during the night. The Purple Robe Dream Beast was the same. Without considering the fact that it was too dangerous for a girl, she truly was relatively fitted to go with Chu Mu.

“You two need to pay attention to your safety.” Chu Xing also knew that he wasn’t too suited to this assignment. He gave a warning and didn’t say anything further.

Ye Wansheng wasn’t very reliable either. As Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were riding away on their respective soul pets, he specially said: “Chu Chen, bring back my sister safe and sound. If she isn’t safe and sound, for instance being chased by over a hundred soul pets, then don’t bother coming back. That way, everyone won’t suffer from a calamity. It’s better that two people die rather than five.”

Hearing Ye Wansheng’s words, the corners of Chu Mu’s mouth rose up. He felt that Ye Wansheng was truly a bit special; normally, when temporarily forming a team, it would be very rare when someone would crack a joke with his team member. Especially when the one going with the team member was his sister.

“You don’t have to pay attention to his words.” indifferently said Ye Qingzi to Chu Mu.

“You don’t really seem to be someone from here?” probingly asked Chu Mu.

“Mhm, we come from another kingdom, and it’s only been a short while since we’ve come to your place.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu was stunned. His question was to find out what region Ye Qingzi had come from. Yet, he hadn’t expected that Ye Qingzi wasn’t from this kingdom.

The soul pet world was normally divided into country, region, and city. The western kingdom included the Jia Region, Luo Region, Xiling Region, Southern Region, and many other regions. Those other kingdoms were extremely unfamiliar to Chu Mu.

Since she was from another kingdom, and hadn’t been here too long, they probably rarely heard of news from this place.

The reason why Chu Mu changed his name to Chu Chen was naturally because of Xia Guanghan’s influence.

Chu Mu’s mother, Liu Binglan, was a Soul Palace person. The Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace normally did not have good relations. If Liu Binglan could get rid of Xia Guanghan, it would be the best, but if Xia Guanghan were to hide, it wouldn’t be an easy task to find him. Yet, if Chu Mu were to expose his tracks, it would still be possible for Xia Guanghan to plot against him. Furthermore, Chu Mu’s character was incapable of fully being sure that Princess Jin Rou knew of this secret. Before truly understanding her, Chu Mu had to prepare defensive measures.


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