Chapter 1189: Lu Yuqin’s Overbearingness

Darkness Sect’s goal in Cloud Realm was very simple. It was to stop Lu Yuqing from obtaining the Devil Soul.

Darkness Sect had managed to wound that person’s soul with great difficulty. He had been crippled to a desperate state and faced death itself. If Lu Yuqing found the Devil Soul, the sacrifice of so many people their Darkness Sect had made for that result would have been in vain. 

Therefore, they absolutely could not allow Lu Yuqin to obtain the Devil Soul.


In the seats, Chu Mu had thought it through already. If the price exceeded 2500 xuan, he would remember who purchased the Devil Soul, and then find a way to obtain it from this person. As for using words or force, that would depend on the purchaser’s attitude. 

Not long after, the auction began. 

It was the same beautiful mature woman in Wen City who hosted the auction. This time, she seemed even more passionate, using her sexy and attractive voice to influence the rich and powerful people seated in the honorable guest seats.

Chu Mu was honestly very interested in xuan items. The problem was that he had to deal with the problem of the home seeker since the reward for dealing with this was rather considerable.

There were three emperor rank Devil Souls being auctioned. This surprised Chu Mu. It seemed that people had caught Devil Souls from other places, or people hadn’t auctioned Devil Souls last time in Wen City after catching them, waiting until Cloud Realm to reveal them. 

Chu Mu didn’t know what method Wan Meng used to make this many people auction their Devil Souls here. 

Saving all of the Devil Souls wasn’t too realistic. The dominator Devil Soul had also indicated that they only needed to safely return the home seeker to its species. 

The auction began and the huge amount of Devil Souls were sold at different prices. There were many people with plenty of riches. 

In the middle of the auction, an emperor rank Devil Soul finally appeared. 

This Devil Soul’s all-round talents were very abnormal, but its price still fetched 2300 xuan. This made Chu Mu feel as if he didn’t have enough xuan. 

Subsequently, another emperor rank Devil Soul was auctioned off. This Devil Soul’s talent and potential were extremely high, fetching a price of 3000 xuan. Moreover, Li Xu’s branch and the Mu Family General Residence’s people were in the mix. They all seemed determined to obtain it! 

This couldn’t help but make Chu Mu’s head hurt. The two great families of Cloud City were both aiming for the emperor rank Devil Soul. Although this extremely talented emperor Devil Soul with a large amount of potential wasn’t the home seeker, once the home seeker appeared, it would certainly fetch a higher price. 

If the home seeker were to fall into the Mu Family General’s Residence, perhaps they would be able to negotiate. Mu Yuanen was part of that faction and Chu Mu and Bai Yu would have enough time to obtain more xuan to exchange. 

However, if it fell in Li Xu’s hands, that would be a future enemy. Things would probably be extremely troublesome. 

Finally, the home seeker everyone wanted appeared. This home seeker, from the human perspective of talent, could only be considered decent. 

However, Chu Mu wasn’t optimistic because of this because in the emperor Devil Soul auction that had just occured, the Li Xu branch weren’t able to win the auction against the Mu Family General Residence. Therefore, their attitude towards this Devil Soul would be a must-obtain. 

“Please bid a price!” the beautiful mature woman wore a smile as she charmingly spoke. 

The price slowly rose from the original 1000 xuan and Chu Mu continuously bid. 

However, strangely during this auction, Chu Mu discovered that there were very few people bidding. It was much fewer than before. 

In fact, as the yelling continued, Chu Mu discovered that it only seemed to be him and another woman bidding. 

Gradually, the people around him started staring strangely at Chu Mu. He could faintly hear them say things like “courting death” and “ignorant”. 

“Chu Mu, it’s Lu Yuqin who is competing with you.” Ye Qingzi looked up and softly spoke to Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu finally realized.

It was no wonder nobody dared compete. The moment Lu Yuqin bid, that meant she wanted it. There probably was nobody who dared fight over something a Master Official from Divine Sect wanted. 

“Teacher, why not let Chu Mu have it.” Xu Daofeng said to Lu Yuqin.

Lu Yuqing nodded her head and said: “I was planning on gifting this Devil Soul to you as a reward for passing the exam. Since you said to give it to him…” 

“Eh…” Xu Daofeng was instantly speechless.

After hesitating, Xu Daofeng ultimately sighed: “Just leave it for him. He has been continuously raising the price. I’m sure he really wants it.” 

Lu Yuqin didn’t say anything further, and didn’t raise the price again. 

2300 xuan. This happened to be the same price as in Wen City. Chu Mu was very capable of paying this price. 

Many people could be seen wishing to further raise the price, especially Li Xu’s branch. 

However, everyone was waiting for Lu Yuqin to raise the price. After the host shouted out a few more times, while everyone was hesitating, she ultimately declared that this Devil Soul belonged to Chu Mu. 

Being able to smoothly purchase the emperor Devil Soul surpassed everyone’s expectations, and even Chu Mu himself felt this was very strange. 

When the auction ended and the home seeker was placed into a pristine spatial ring and delivered to Chu Mu, Chu Mu was even more certain he had obtained the home seeker.

“Princess, can you see if this is the home seeker?” Chu Mu said to the spectral princess in his own ring. 

Presently, everyone was in the resting room. They weren’t worried that others could see the spectral princess. 

The spectral Jinrou slowly floated out. Her wonderfully curved body was extremely attractive. 

She landed next to the home seeker. The home seeker clearly felt the dominator Devil Soul’s aura and excitedly let out a shout. 

“This is it. Let’s bring it back to the Devil Soul land as soon as possible.” a beautiful smile rose on Princess Jinrou’s face. 

However, in the next instant, Princess Jinrou’s smile suddenly froze. She looked at the home seeker and she seemed to see the depths of its soul. 

“What’s the matter?” worriedly asked Uncle Bai Yu.

“There’s… there’s a soul imprint!” said the spectral princess. 

The moment Bai Jinrou finished speaking, a orange light suddenly flickered on this home seeker’s body. The light rapidly coiled around Princess Jinrou’s body. It was as if water had dyed Princess Jinrou’s body. While simultaneously releasing a strange smell, it also left a mark on her body that was hard to erase.

“This… this is…” Bai Yu was stunned. 

Everyone had realized that Wan Meng could have used the home seeker to lure out the dominator Devil Soul, but never expected him to use such a sinister method! 

“This cannot be, right? Do we have to bring the princess and flee the city again? This is Cloud City!” Ye Wansheng was stunned. 

Everyone could see now that the mental imprint had attached itself to the princess. Wan Meng definitely knew the dominator Devil Soul was in the auction hall. 

“Qingzi, do you have a method of getting rid of the mark?” asked Chu Mu.

“I can mask the smell, but the light will not disappear from her body for a short while.” as she spoke, Ye Qingzi retrieved a flower pollen she concocted herself and sprinkled it over Princess Jinrou’s body. 

“Princess, go in my ring first.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes.” Princess Jinrou’s body transformed into a light mist that floated into Chu Mu’s jade ring. 

Not long after Princess Jinrou floated into Chu Mu’s ring, Chu Mu heard commotion outside the resting room. 

They didn’t dare stay here longer and immediately left the resting room. They immediately passing through the great hall, planning on immediately leaving the auction. 

Unfortunately, just as they reached the great hall, a group of people surrounded them. This included Lu Yuqing, Xu Daofeng and Mu Qingzi.

Mu Qingyi had previously been thinking of a way to notify them, but Lu Yuqin hadn’t given her a chance. She was looking at them with worry and quickly stood with them. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu calmly looked at Lu Yuqin and coolly spoke. 

“The Devil Soul you purchased is the home seeker.” the fat on Wan Meng’s face trembled as he spoke. 

“What home seeker? Even if it’s the home seeker, what does it matter? Are you asking for it back?” Chu Mu had no lack of confidence as he spoke. 

“Brother Chu, it’s like this. The home seeker is an extremely important member among the Devil Soul species. The Devil Soul leader definitely wants to bring it back to its species. Wan Meng left an imprint on every auctioned Devil Soul in order to lure out the…” Xu Daofeng wanted to explain the situation to Chu Mu. 

At this moment, Lu Yuqin calmly said: “Quiet.” 

Lu Yuqin was very smart. Since the dominator Devil Soul had appeared in the auction hall, this meant that someone had already brought it into the auction hall. It was likely that the masked person and half devil who had recently created a hubbub were the people in front of her. 

“I need the Devil Soul to save someone. I hope that you can give it to me.” Lu Yuqin stared at Chu Mu.

“It already signed a soul pact.” Chu Mu didn’t pretend and answered directly. 

“It signed a soul pact with you? Impossible!” Lu Yuqin was extremely certain as she spoke.

At this moment, a faint spectral glow appeared on Chu Mu’s jade ring. The spectral form Princess Jinrou slowly floated out of the ring and looked at the surrounding people with her eyes that could read and understand everything. 

Everyone revealed shocked expressions after the spectral princess appeared. On the one hand, they were shocked by her absolute beauty and on the other, they were shocked by a human specter! 

The spectral form princess was honestly a Devil Soul and she could even use a part of the Devil Soul’s power. When Lu Yuqin saw the spectral Jinrou, she immediately creased her brows because she could see that the dominator Devil Soul had indeed already signed a soul pact. Otherwise, a spectral form human would not be able to appear. 

“The dominator Devil Soul was willing to sign a soul pact with her, allowing her soul to awaken. If you’re doing this to save someone, do you think we’re doing this to harm someone?” Chu Mu didn’t have any intentions of giving way. 

In order for the dominator Devil Soul to heal a soul, one had to sign a soul pact with it. Indeed, Devil Souls didn’t have any abilities to heal souls. Instead, it used its own body to heal a human’s soul. 

“The person I need to save is very important.” Lu Yuqin’s voice was slightly somber.

“She is my daughter.” At this moment, Bai Yu spoke in an even colder voice. 

He had strenuously gone through a myriad of hardships in order to awaken Princess Jinrou’s soul. Although she was still unable to assimilate with her body, being able to see her fly around by his side, talk with him and see her laugh was already enough to make Bai Yu extremely grateful. 

How could Bai Yu allow Bai Jinrou to return to an ice-cold corpse?! 

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