Chapter 1188: Divine Sect, Darkness Sect, Fight Over the Dominator Devil Soul Part 2

The day of the auction finally arrived. 

The auction this time was rather ceremonious. Indeed, each monarch rank Devil Soul was the equivalent of a first rank xuan, which could create a dominator. As for an emperor rank Devil Soul, its price was extremely close to a middle class dominator. 

There were not people that had a middle class dominator rank in the entirety of Cloud Realm. 

“Master… Master Official Lu. You… you came as well. You presence truly brings like to my auction.” Wan Meng’s face was full of smiles and he even looked particularly excited. 

As a businessman, Wan Meng would be extremely happy to be able to run into middle class Divine Sect Officials. He never expected that a person of the Master Official class would appear this time! 

Lu Yuqin indifferently glanced at Wan Meng, but she couldn’t be bothered to talk with this businessman. 

Wan Meng didn’t dare show any disrespectful expression, and personally guided Lu Yuqin into the auction hall.  

Subsequently, Wan Meng saw Xu Daofeng and Mu Qingyi following beside Lu Yuqin.

Wan Meng naturally recognized Xu Daofeng since he was a famous young expert in this large realm. He was even stronger than Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng. Most importantly, he was Lu Yuqing’s personal disciple. This was countless times more powerful than a normal Divine Sect member. 

However, when Wan Meng saw Mu Qingyi, his smile suddenly froze and his expression was extremely rich. 

“So… so it is… is Young Lady Mu.” Wan Meng let out a dry laugh, but his back was dripping with cold sweat. 

Mu Qingyi couldn’t be bothered to even look at him and walked into the auction. 

Wan Meng’s smile was frozen as he watched Mu Qingyi from behind. There was now sweat on his forehead. 

When he remembered his attempt in Wen City of taking liberties with Lu Yuqin’s disciple, Wan Meng really wanted to give himself a slap. Fortunately, he had cleverly gone up and given an apology. Otherwise, he truly would have suffered a very miserable death. 

“Will she say something to Master Official Lu? Then my business will…” Wan Meng knew that Lu Yuqing most despised those with immoral characters.

Gritting his teeth, in order to protect his status, Wan Meng decided to quietly send Mu Qingyi a large gift. Otherwise, there may be a day when he was suddenly kicked out of Divine Sect. 

“Are there any wing type xuan items in our warehouse?” Wan Meng called over a subordinate and asked. 

“No, but we have many wing type xuan materials.” 

“Xuan materials are fine. Find an opportunity, and deliver them to Young Lady Mu. Do you understand?” 

Mu Qingyi had been looking for xuan materials not long ago; however, she was unable to purchase them due to insufficient funds. She definitely didn’t think that this fatty would send them to her on his own accord. 

After giving instructions to his subordinate, Wan Meng quickly followed Lu Yuqing into the resting room.

The auction hall was in the shape of a gyroscope. There were rows of seats close to the auction stage, while the two walls were filled with square shape honorable guest rooms. These honorable guest rooms nd resting rooms were separated by a single door, making it convenient for those with statuses to compete in the auction. 

“Master Official Lu, with you here, that dominator rank Devil Soul will definitely be unable to flee this time.” Wan Meng entered the resting room and respectfully bowed. 

“The lives of the 27 hunters in Wen City will be remembered as your negligence. I hope you will be able to compensate for them.” coldly said Lu Yuqin. 

When she heard this, the adjacent Mu Qingyi’s heart tightened. 

“So Lu Yuqing came here for the dominator Devil Soul?” quietly thought Mu Qingyi.

Lu Yuqing had extremely terrifying strength. Mu Qingyi was sure of this. If Lu Yuqing had come for the dominator Devil Soul, she definitely would not allow the home seeker to fall into someone else’s hands, because the home seeker Devil Soul was the only bargaining chip that was capable of threatening the dominator Devil Soul. 

“This is a bit troublesome. I need to tell the others as soon as possible.” 

Mu Qingyi was slightly anxious. However, it seemed that she could not leave right now. 

“Do you have a way of making the dominator Devil Soul appear?” asked Lu Yuqin.

“Unfortunately this subordinate does not know. This subordinate only knows that there is a home seeker Devil Soul in this group of Devil Souls. However, I am unable to ascertain which one it is. Therefore, I was only able to use an auction to make the people who captured Devil Souls auction off Devil Souls. First, I collected all of the Devil Souls and gave a soul imprint on each Devil Soul. Once the dominator Devil Soul, which has been imprinted by the net of light, appears, the imprint on the home seeker’s imprint will attach to its body, allowing us to easily pursue it.”

Lu Yuqin’s brows faintly creased. It didn’t seem that this method was very proper. 

However, when she considered that this dominator Devil Soul could be used to save a life, she could only nod her head and tacitly agree to this method. 

Mu Qingyi heard everything and realized that this fatty still don't know which was the home seeker. Moreover, he was only selling a portion of the Devil Souls. There was probably still a large portion in the hands of others. This fatty was just gambling that the home seeker Devil Soul was among the auctioned Devil Souls. 


In the normal seats, Prince Chao, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, Chu Mu and Uncle Bai Yu were waiting. 

Chu Mu and Uncle Bai Yu had only returned yesterday. Although the two of them had tried their best to search for xuan, and even with Old Li who was a xuan finding expert, they were only able to find items worth 500 xuan. This was simply not enough. 

Xuan were indeed not easy to find. Bai Yu and Chu Mu once more recognized how precious xuan were. Despite how strong the two of them were together, it was of no avail. 

They could only take it one step at a time and hope that the price would be lower than 2500 xuan. 

“That fellow seems a bit familiar.” Chu Mu glanced at the young man in the honored guest room and spoke.

“Isn’t that Li Zuofeng?” said Ye Wansheng. 

It seemed that everyone in Cloud Realm knew who Li Zuoteng was. He was the young expert in Li Xu’s branch. When Ye Wansheng had encountered him once, there were many young women who had let out sharp cries, making Ye Wansheng very puzzled. This fellow was so ugly, yet managed to infatuate that many young ladies. 

“Oh, I remember now.” Chu Mu faintly felt that he was very familiar when the small Mo Xie prodded Chu Mu’s ear and softly mumbled something. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and said to himself: “So that was the case. The mask wearing person could be Helm Lord Wan Chong from Darkness Sect.” 

In the honored guest room, Li Zuoteng’s hands had traces of cold sweat as he would quickly flit glances over to the nearby Lu Yuqin. 

On that night, Wan Chong, Li Zuoteng and the others had nearly been caught by Lu Yuqin. Fortunately, Helm Lord Wan Chong’s darkness type creature had created a concealment space for everyone. They had also sacrificed a member to lure away Lu Yuqing. Otherwise, they would have been in huge trouble. 

When he thought of how terrifying that woman was, Li Zuoteng felt his heart palpitate with her being so close. 

“Helm Lord, I heard that the dominator Devil Soul was already stolen by a masked group of people. 

“Devil Souls are not bound by most powers. In this world, only Divine Sect has a method to trap a Devil Soul. Therefore, even if the masked group of people captured the Devil Soul that was temporarily in a weak state, once the Devil Soul recovers, they will be unable to stop it from leaving. I’m sure that Wan Meng, that fat pig, intentionally prolonged the auction start in order to give the dominator Devil Soul enough time to recover and reach Cloud City. It will fall into the trap once again. Only with the home seeker to the Devil Souls have a chance of surviving. Even if the dominator Devil Soul does not arrive, I’m sure that the Devil Soul species will think of a method to retrieve it. Therefore, as long as we can control the home seeker, that will be the same as controlling all of the Devil Souls.” said Helm Lord Wan Chong. 

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