Chapter 1188: Divine Sect, Darkness Sect, Fight Over the Dominator Devil Soul Part 1

“Chu Mu, are you ok? I just saw the light of a technique from that direction.” Mu Qingyi saw Chu Mu return and spoke with worry to Chu Mu. 

“Don’t worry, I’m doing really well.” Chu Mu laughed and rose his eyebrows as he said to Mu Qingyi, “Can you not tell that there’s something different about me?” 

Chu Mu began to act cockily. 

Just a short while ago, Chu Mu had been very worried, because he discovered that the others would enter the spirit dominator rank in a little while. On the other hand, he had a huge headache about this. Fortunately, he had broken through this time and it couldn’t be considered too late. 

“Are you injured?” Mu Qingyi carefully looked at Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu shook his head. He was in a very good mood right now and felt like teasing Mu Qingyi: “Use your soul remembrance to look.” 

“Oh.” Mu Qingyi used her soul remembrance to check. She quickly found that her soul remembrance was blocked by some other force, preventing her from seeing Chu Mu’s soul clearly.

Mu Qingyi stopped her probing and with a bit of shock, looked at Chu Mu and said: “Your… your soul remembrance.” 

Chu Mu cracked a smile. 


In the mountain courtyard, Uncle Bai Yu returned after midnight. He was probably thinking of a way to save the home searching Devil Soul. 

Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao also returned after midnight. Their mysterious disappearances were met by Ye Qingzi and the spectral princess’s despicable gazes. This was especially the case for the spectral princess who, through her mind-reading abilities, knew where they went to return to so happily. 

Ye Wansheng had thick skin and didn’t care, while Prince Chao was extremely embarrassed. 

After the two of them, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi returned. 

The spectral Jinrou had the strongest perception abilities and her two beautiful, watery and limpid eyes stared at Chu Mu with astonishment. 

When the others looked at Chu Mu, they didn’t see anything. Instead, they only felt that Chu Mu seemed to be a lot more pleased today. 

“Chu Mu, you entered the spirit dominator rank?” Princess Jinrou was the first to speak up.

Chu Mu laughed and nodded his head: “Yup.” 

Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao stared with wide eyes at Chu Mu. 

“Are you joking? You accompanied Goddess Mu to her exam. How could you have advanced a rank? Were the two of you actually dual cultivating?!” Ye Wansheng shouted out.

Mu Qingyi coldly glared at Ye Wansheng, who decided to shut his mouth. 

Seeing how shocked everyone was, Chu Mu knew that he had obtained his desired effect. Thus, he told everyone about Yu Suo’s strength increase and her second defection. 

Chu Mu had previously allowed Yu Suo to increase her strength as she pleased for the simple reason that Yu Suo’s strength increase would increase his soul remembrance growth. Indeed, Yu Suo and the Evil Good Flower Queen were both his soul pets and a soul pet trainer’s soul increase relied solely on soul remembrance. 

When the Evil Good Queen’s strength rose by a phase, Chu Mu instantly felt a great wave strike his soul. Chu Mu used this force to forcibly break through the barrier! 

Most of Chu Mu’s soul pets were already at the spirit dominator rank. Thus, even without relying on certain xuan items, there was an extremely high chance he would still be able to break through. 

“The… then did you manage to capture the Evil Good Queen? If that woman escapes…’ said Prince Chao. 

“She is currently facing the fire, and reflecting on her actions.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu wouldn’t let Yu Suo escape. Even if she did escape, Chu Mu was able to capture her back the first time, meaning he would be able to capture her back the second time.


On the second day, Xu Daofeng ran over to congratulate Mu Qingyi, who had successfully passed the exam and become Divine Sect’s practice disciple. 

“This exam is only used to appraise your strength and you are still far from becoming one of our members. It just so happens that Teacher Lu feels very good about Young Lady Mu and adding on the fact that Chu Mu helped us get rid of many Darkness Sect members, Teacher Lu allowed Young Lady Mu to directly become a Divine Sect practice disciple. Moreover, you will be like me and follow Teacher Lu. In the future, Young Lady Mu will be my martial sister, haha.” said Xu Daofeng with a bit of excitement. 

Mu Qingyi nodded her head. In truth, Teacher Lu also gave Mu Qingyi a very good feeling; this could be seen from the way she presented herself. 

From the time when those people had revered Xu Daofeng, she realized that Divine Sect’s Lu Yuqin had an extremely high status. If she were to take her as her teacher, this would both increase her strength faster, and make her status different than normal Divine Sect members. 

“Teacher Lu puts the most emphasis on character. As for strength, as long as your talent is not excessively bad, following Teacher Lu will still allow you to surpass the others.” said Xu Daofeng. 

“Then can you ask your Teacher Lu whether she is accepting any more disciples? A beautiful teacher… tch.” Ye Wansheng smacked his lips. 

“Teacher Lu does not like those with an improper character.” said Xu Daofeng. 

Xu Daofeng looked around, but didn’t see Chu Mu. He asked: “What about Chu Mu? Why isn’t he here? Speaking of which, Chu Mu truly hid himself well. He was even able to kill Darkness Sect Members, managing to kill several people by himself. If it were me, I would be able to deal with two or three at most.” 

“Chu Mu is a training madman. He is currently training with Uncle Bai Yu in Wen Mountain.” said Prince Chao. 

Prince Chao had discovered that he was turning into a degenerate from all his fooling around. He planned on going to Wen Mountain to train after a few days. 

Cloud City was located in the mountains and in the range of mountains, there were many bewildering worlds that were worth going to. Prince Chao didn’t want to neglect his training. 

“How about this. Why don’t Junior Martial Sister Mu follow me. Our teacher wishes to see you…” said Xu Daofeng. 

Mu Qingyi nodded her head and followed Xu Daofeng to Divine Sect’s building. 


The time for the Devil Soul auction gradually grew nearer. Uncle Bai Yu tried multiple ways of saving the Devil Soul home searcher, but Wan Meng was guarding the Devil Souls extremely tightly. He didn’t give anyone a chance to break in.  Thus, without another choice, Chu Mu and Bai Yu could only use the simplest method to seize the home searcher. 

This easiest method was obviously to just buy it. The head of each of the six Darkness Sect members had a bounty on them. This gave Chu Mu 2000 xuan, which was definitely a surprise windfall of wealth. 

Chu Mu estimated that the Devil Soul’s price could be elevated to around 3000 xuan. Therefore, Chu Mu and Bai Yu took on a few high ranking bounties that were nearby. They entered the depths of Wen Mountain to both bitterly train and increase their strength, as well as collect the remaining 1000 xuan. 

Xuan couldn’t be found everywhere. Even if one was strong, if one didn’t have a means of access, it would be impossible to obtain xuan. Moreover, information about xuan had, to a large extent, be correlated to one’s own strength. For example, Chu Mu and Bai Yu, with their level of power, had spent a great amount of effort to traverse a huge number of bewildering worlds. Ultimately, however, they only obtained one or two xuan materials. To a spirit emperor, this was already an otherworldly windfall. Nonetheless, to them, it was insignificant. 

Fortunately, Wan Meng decided to push the auction time back in order to lengthen the effect. This gave the two of them enough time to collect enough xuan. 

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