Chapter 1187: The Defender of Past

The blue glow surrounded Yu Suo’s body. Yu Suo bit down hard, and used her mind to resist it.

The glow slowly dimmed. Yu Suo struggled free from the summoning diagram but was covered in sweat afterward.

“What’s wrong?” Leader asked worriedly.

Yu Suo didn’t have time to answer because the second summoning incantation was already under her feet.

Soul pact signing itself had a mandatory element. Chu Mu and Yu Suo signed a soul pet soul pact and not an equivalent one, so when they weren’t too far apart in strength, the dominant one would always be Chu Mu. Chu Mu was her owner so no matter how hard Yu Suo wanted to fight back, her soul was permanently Chu Mu’s servant.

“Retracting a soul pet doesn’t need soul power. Every time you resist, your punishment will be one level heavier. You can figure out how much your arrogance is worth.” Chu Mu’s voice slowly floated over.

Chu Mu could infinitely cast the retraction incantation, but Yu Suo needed to waste copious amounts of mental energy to stop it. With this being the case, it was inevitable that she was recalled.

Yu Suo’s eyes were nearly flaming with anger. She never wanted to return to the skyless devil flame prison and face the torture that made days stretch into years. She had so much to do, she couldn’t just be a slave of a human!

“Bring me away, fast, bring me away as far as possible!” Yu Suo said to Wan Chong.

Wan Chong didn’t hesitate at all and rode his soul pet into the skies, far away from Chu mu.

The blue glow remained. Wan Chong looked curiously at Yu Suo’s feet.

Soul pet trainers were all too familiar with this glow. It was a soul pact incantation.

However, Wan Chong didn’t understand why, as a human, Yu Suo would show such a diagram. This should only happen on soul pets being retracted!

“Your Majesty, you….. Are you alright?” Wan Chong looked at Yu Suo’s increasingly pale face and also started worrying.

“Wan…...Wan Chong….. You listen carefully.” Yu Suo’s voice became shaky and weak. She knew she couldn’t resist any more.

Wan Chong quickly knelt down and said hurriedly, “Your majesty, what’s happening? Who set this curse upon you? Wan Chong will go and kill him immediately! I’m no longer the person I was before and has the power to protect your majesty. Even if I don’t have enough power right now, I will in the future! I swear on my life that I will no longer let any pain fall upon you like before, please just tell me!”

Seeing her old friend just as stubborn as he was when he was younger. Smiling with a hint of bitterness, she said, “If I’m no longer the person I was before too, would you still be willing to serve me?”

Wan Chong hesitated, before lifting his head to look at Yu Suo.

“Though I’ve fallen, my oaths will never change!” Wan Chong said solemnly.

Wan Chong lowered his head again like a knight swearing fealty to his princess.

It had been too many years since he had to worry about things like loyalty, oaths, and belief. Having fallen into darkness and being lost, his entire world was so dim he didn’t know what to do. However, the moment he saw this woman again, he knew what he was living for for the rest of his life.

Maybe countless people would mock and laugh at him for that but this world could never understand guardians in the first place. He never needed the world’s understanding either!

The moment he lowered his head, Wan Chong had already decided to pick up his identity as a guardian. He was waiting for the woman to proceed with the solemn ceremony, yet those noble and soft hands never fell on his shoulders…..

“Your majesty?” Wan Chong called out but got no response.

He lifted his head slightly but found that the edges of her robes were gone. He stood up suddenly when he realized that she had already disappeared!

Wan Chong was stunned. Was this the nightmares that plagued him at night finally coming for him during the day to joke with him?

Some petals fell to the ground. Wan Chong stood still for a long while before finally picking them up.

“This…..” Suddenly, Wan Chong was elated.

The petals proved that this wasn’t a dream, because the marks on the petals told Wan Chong what to do next.


Sitting far away beside a calm lake, an angel like woman knelt by the grass. Her robes blossomed outwards like flower petals while her long purple hair scattered slightly loosely in front of her.

She was a slave again, but she kept her head high, keeping her dignity and respect.

She didn’t say a word, sitting there and silently swearing to never speak to this devil ever again!

Chu Mu stood right beside her. After summoning Yu Suo back, Chu Mu brought her out again.

Seeing her arrogant and stubborn look, Chu Mu felt it was hilarious. It was like when he could never become a soul pet trainer and remained stubborn after people mocked him.

“Who is that Wan Chong person?”Chu Mu asked.

Yu Suo said nothing. After finally escaping this evil man, she was back. Her emotions were in the pits, and she was unbelievably angry.

“Was he your original guardian?” Chu Mu continued.

Yu Suo’s eyes were focused elsewhere, yet Chu Mu’s words instantly made her turn around, nearly blurting out her disbelief, as too how Chu Mu knew it.

“I think I saw some of your memories when we were fighting. En, pretty sad, I really am sympathetic for you.” Chu Mu said.

Yu Suo’s face turned steely green. This damned soul pact, why did her memories get leaked? That was a shame that she never wanted anyone else to know!!

“Though I’m sympathetic, the punishment remains.” Chu Mu smiled his signature smile that seemed natural but slightly devilish. “You resisted my summoning nine times, I’ll round it up for you, and increase the flames by ten levels. Don’t give me that look, it’s good for you too. With your ambition, how could you be weak? Once you’re more powerful, you can try to escape again and attack my soul. Then I can get stronger as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Having Chu Mu see her past, Yu Suo was already furious from shame. After hearing Chu Mu say that, she was going to go crazy and bet it all in a battle.

How would Chu Mu let the crazy woman even touch him? A quick incantation immediately retracted her into the soul pet space. He even added a soul seal on the Evil Good Queen for good measure.

“Chu Mu, you will die horribly! Horribly, horribly, you won’t die well!!!!” Yu Suo became a she-devil as she started cursing!

Chu Mu felt annoyed and casually sealed off the soul pet space connection, letting her reflect on her actions in the flames first.

“Hu…..” A bright flame appeared in Chu Mu’s palm. Chu Mu looked at the silver flames and couldn't help but smile.

With his spirit remembrance growth, he should be middle class dominator rank, right?

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