Chapter 1186: Advance! Spirit Dominator Chu Mu

Wan Chong stared angrily at Chu Mu and the nearby corpses.

Wan Chong didn’t get there immediately, because he had to set down some obstructions for Lu Yuqin. Otherwise, once she arrived, Wan Chong would not even be able to save Yu Suo and may die with all his subordinates.

However, in the short time it took for Wan Chong to put down obstacles, this person’s soul pet already killed five of his subordinates’ soul pets, so naturally, he was extremely annoyed.

Wan Chong needed to leave with Yu Suo in the opposite direction of Lu Yuqin as soon as possible.

“Your majesty, who was that, and why didn’t you allow me to kill him? Give me ten seconds and I could’ve done it.” Leader Wan Chong said.

From Wan Chong’s fall to today, his strength was no longer what it was before. He was desperately trying to prove his strength.

“The stupid fox beside the man is the legendary Hades. Its strength is suppressed by his spirit remembrance. If we kill him, the Hades will release its full power. Do you really think you can take on a tenth phase undead rank organism? Even without any strengthening or rank ups!” Yu Suo said.

“This……” The leader Wan Chong stared on. He indeed didn’t expect it to be the legendary Hades. No wonder it could kill his subordinates so quickly. Wan Chong looked back at Chu Mu with lingering fear.

“Are these all your subordinates? Are they completely trustworthy?” Yu Suo looked around arrogantly at the remaining five people.

The remaining five darkness sect members didn’t dare say anything more.

In their mind, the Wan Chong was already a terrifying presence. Yet, this person was as respectful as a servant in front of this woman. They didn’t even have the courage to lift their head.

“No.” Wan Chong said with certainty.

Wan Chong’s words caused the five of their hearts to become ice cold. They felt the utmost hostility come from Wan Chong’s gaze.

“Whatever, let’s leave them around. I need the people.’ Yu Suo said.

After being disturbed by Chu Mu, Yu Suo had lost contact with most of her people in Cloud Realm. Her plans were also completely disrupted, and she basically needed to restart. This was the time when she needed as many people as possible.

Thankfully, she met the old friend Wan Chong, who was now very powerful. WIth his help, taking down Cloud realm shouldn’t take too long.

Of course, the extra surprise was that Wan Chong was now in darkness sect and was a leader. Yu Suo had long been wondering how she could infiltrate the darkness sect. Now that she had Wan Chong as a contact, it would be much simpler.

As for Chu Mu, Yu Suo definitely didn’t think it was over. She had to wait until she got stronger and gained more power before they turned around to deal with him. She was considering to use flower poisons to torture him for a few years before making him a slave, making him doing whatever she wanted. Even if he died, she would shackle her soul and give him no rest or else she could never fully vent her anger.


Yu Suo had already left for a while. Chu Mu was still sitting in place. His face was slightly pale, the result of his soul getting attacked.

However, with a strange lifting of Chu Mu’s hair and clothes, his complexion slowly recovered.

 A special swirl surrounded Chu Mu, occasionally spreading to the surrounding and occasionally retracting into him at a pace akin to breathing.

Slowly, this aura of coming out and going back in slowly got lighter. Chu Mu’s breathing became very regulated and his soul no longer seemed to be wounded.

Mo Xie stood aside Chu Mu, her long tails nearly surrounding Chu Mu. Her eyes blinked with some excitement.

“Wuwu?” Mo Xie stuck her head over and looked at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu smiled and rubbed little Mo Xie’s head, saying, “I succeeded.”

Mo Xie opened his mouth, and smiled with her rows of gleaming white teeth.

Just now, Mo Xie stood aside Chu Mu to protect him. She didn't go and chase after Yu Suo simply because Chu Mu was abou to break through and needed a powerful protector to ensure nothing went wrong.

“Young master, you truly are brave.” Old LI jumped out then.

“One had to try or else if he was permanently stuck at ninth remembrance spirit emperor, it was very uncomfortable. However, I finally did it!” Chu Mu smiled.

Chu Mu was just speaking with Old Li and Mo Xie when a white shadow flashed through the night and lightly landed by Chu Mu.

It was a Cloud Immortal Dragon Phoenix!    

The Cloud Immortal Dragon Phoenix looked familiar to Chu Mu. It reminded him of the God of Prison island that had once fought against Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The one riding the Cloud Immortal Dragon Phoenix was a simply dressed Lu Yuqin. Her eyes gazed at Chu Mu with an imperceivable expression.

“Spirit dominator?” Lu Yuqin asked.

She clearly remembered that when she saw Chu Mu before, he was still a ninth remembrance spirit emperor. This time, seeing him in Wen Mountain, he was already spirit dominator and seemed to have just entered. One could tell from the slight disorder in his aura still.

“You’re late, they’ve already escaped.” Chu Mu looked at the female expert and said.

Lu Yuqin didn’t completely lose her vigilacne towards Chu mu. She pointed at the nearby corpses and said, “These were killed by you?”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

In the short time where Chu Mu and Yu Suo entered the short mental fight, Mo Xie had already gotten rid of five darkness sect members.

When Lu Yuqin stepped in, she already found out from Mu Qingyi that Chu Mu was in Wen Mountain, so she wasn’t suspicious of Chu Mu. And, Chu Mu indeed killed five darkness sect members. The reason she was staring was because she didn't expect a ninth remembrance spirit emperor soul pet trainer to hide so much strength as to kill five darkness sect members.

“You saved these participants, which Divine Sect will thank you for. Can you tell me how many people they had?” Lu Yuqin said.

“Saved contestants?” Chu Mu was somewhat confused. Quickly, CHu Mu realized that MU Qingyi must have told Lu Yuqin that he stayed in Wen Mountain because he was saving the others.

Chu Mu was no longer as socially inept as he was before and gladly accepted THIS, “ I just wanted to help. This time, darkness sect sent twelve people. I killed one first, whose corpse is in Wen Mountain. He wanted to kill Mu Qingyi. Afterward, I got chased by them and killed five. One seemed really strong though, I didn't fight him.”

“Then there’s six.” Lu Yuqin furrowed her brows lightly.

Lu Yuqin naturally wanted to chase after them. These bandits killed four of the recruits she brought. If they couldn't’ capture the killers, she couldn’t give a good explanation to the family of those fallen.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~~” At this time, Mo Xie in pitiful appearance now extended seven tails and shook them in front of Lu Yuqin.

Mo Xie wanted to tell Lu Yuqin that there were seven.

Wan Chong, Li Zuoteng and another four, as well as Yu Suo, meaning seven.

“You’re saying there were seven?” Lu Yuqin understood Mo Xie’s tail language.

“Six.” Chu Mu shook his head and said with certainty.

“You know the way back, right? Go back first.” Lu Yuqin jumped back onto the Cloud Immortal Dragon Phoenix.

The Cloud Immortal Dragon Phoenix lifted up a large amount of fog and quickly went into the sky, becoming a white light that flew towards the Darkness Sect people.

“So fast.” Chu Mu lifted his head and watched the departure.

He wondered what rank Lu Yuqin’s soul pet was. It was ten times faster than Dead Draem. With this pace, she probably could actually catch up to them.

After Lu Yuqin left, Mo Xie laid back on Chu Mu’s shoulder and was very confused. Lifting up a claw, she counted out seven fingers, and called out in confusion.

Mo Xie wanted to tell Chu Mu that there were seven that escaped including Yu Suo.

“Very soon, there will be six left.” Chu Mu laughed.

Since he was already spirit dominator rank, where could Yu Suo run?

Chu Mu slowly started an incantation. Chu Mu’s retraction incantation was very long. Yu Suo still hadn’t left to the point of no retraction.

“Come back.” Retraction incantation started. Chu Mu’s first soul pact immediately appeared with a glow, and became a powerful mental wave sent into Yu Suo’s mind.


“Your majesty, you want to take over cloud realm?” Wan Chong said with surprise.

Wan Chong remembered that she never had interest in power. Why did she suddenly want to take over cloud realm? Is there something special about cloud realm?

“Not only cloud realm.” Yu Suo slightly revealed her ambition. She had to have Wan Chong respect her. Yu Suo was no longer the original one that anyone could bully!

“This….. I don’t think it’s that simple.” Leader Wan Chong said with confusion at Yu Suo, feeling that the woman was very different from who he originally knew.

“I already made some plans. Just do as I say.” Yu Suo said.

However, just as Yu Suo was rolling out her plans of cloud realm, she suddenly felt a powerful mental wave hit her mind.

Yu Suo’s head felt like it was about to explode, her body starting to glow with blue.

A soul pact appeared under her that was forcefully dragging her in, causing the ambitious Yu Suo to lose all her composure.

“How is that possible….. How is that possible!!” Yu Suo went pale, and stared in disbelief at the powerful restrictions in the soul pact symbol.

“If I remember correctly, you said that the torture wasn’t that much?” Chu Mu’s devilish sound echoed through Yu Suo’s mind, causing her to start trembling uncontrollably.

“Your improvement gave me lots of benefits. Adding on the attack to my soul….. En, for the punishment, I’ll give you what you want and match your noble background. I can finally see just how strong my devil flames can get with my new rank.”

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