Chapter 1185: Mental Competition, Fierce Female Devil

“Strange, why is there the smell of pollen?” CHu Mu sniffed the air, and felt an aroma come.

This was a very special smell. Not your normal pollen, but it contained some strange flower type power.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~” Mo Xie smelled it too but she didn’t seem to like the smell and started sneezing, as if allergic.

“Young master, I think the smell is Qin Wind Powder.” Old Li jumped out to educate them.

“What’s that for?” Chu Mu asked.

“It’s a very rare flower that has a wide range of effects. Illusion, pain killer, enrage, as well as a nurturing for flower type soul pets.” Old Li said.

“Nurture?” Chu Mu slightly furrowed his brow.

“This means increase the strength of flower type soul pets raises similar to xuan items.” Old Li hadn’t noticed anything and continued to explain.

However, Chu Mu realized something was wrong because he felt uneasy commotion coming from his first and second soul pact.

“At first, the pollen has no smell. You being able to smell its aroma means young master has already been around it for a while.” Old Li continued.

This caused Chu Mu’s heart to sink. At the same time, a string of proud laughs came from the first soul pact, alluring yet full of danger!

“Is this your doing?” Chu Mu stopped and used his mind to communicate.

“Chu Mu, do you still remember what I said? I have tens of thousands more ways to torment people than you?” Yu Suo was no longer speaking gently and quietly like before, fully revealing her queen like arrogance!

After speaking, Chu mu felt a massive mental energy attack his mind.

“Wuwuwu!!!!!!” Mo Xie immediately let out an angered call, her eyes staring straight into Chu Mu’s soul to look down upon the trouble making Evil Good Queen!

“Mo Xie, don’t worry about her for now.” Chu Mu looked around calmly and said.

The space nearby was rippling. Chu Mu already felt a group of experts approach him. One of them was very strong. If Mo Xie went to pressure Evil Good Queen, Chu Mu probably wouldn’t be able to deal with it himself.

Chu Mu had guessed the arrival of this day. Clearly, the Evil Good Queen was getting stronger while their own soul remembrances still remained the same. Yet, Chu Mu never had expected the woman to be able to set up a plan even while being captured.

Evil Good Queen’s largest worry was Mo Xie, because even if she could break away from Chu Mu’s soul pact and seals, Mo Xie could still capture her and bring her back.

Yet, Evil Good Queen seemed to have found an incredibly powerful person to restrict Mo Xie to help her escape.

“Even Darkness sect has connections with you? You truly spread your network wide.” Chu Mu humphed coldly and said to Yu Suo who was struggling against the soul pact.

“My world is much larger than you can imagine but that's fine. Once you’ve become a slave, I can slowly show you.” Yu Suo laughed.

“Oh, you still don’t want to kill me? I have tortured you so much to the point where I feel I’m cruel.” Chu Mu said.

“So what?” Yu Suo laughed coldly.

At this moment, Chu Mu could already feel his second soul pact’s evil good queen rising in power!

Different from raising a phase like before, Evil Good Queen seemed to be going through a morph that caused its strength to raise furiously!

Chu Mu told Mo Xie to protect him while he sat down, closed his eyes, and entered meditation.

Evil Good Queen was also Chu Mu’s soul pet. At the same time it strength was increasing, it became much stronger than 

Chu Mu entered straight into meditation. The group of darkness sect people that chased after Chu Mu were already near after following the Spatial Listening Demon.

“Is it him?” Li Zuoteng wore a mask and looked at the cross legged man.

The man seemed young but his face was covered by a mist of resentment, obscuring it from being seen.

This man wasn’t like a contestant, because a contestant wouldn't risk it to appear in such a dangerous area.

“Take him down first.” The leader said.

Ten of them quickly summoned their soul pets to attack Chu Mu.

Chu Mu sat in place. He could feel the nearby situation.

These ten people were the assassins darkness sect sent to kill the contestants. However, the most powerful one hadn’t appeared, so it seemed like he wasn't nearby.

If the man hadn’t appeared, then these people truly weren't enough.

Chu Mu stopped caring about them, because he believed that Mo Xie could protect him from receiving any damage at all.

First and second soul pact were lifting up with huge mental tides that attacked Chu Mu’s soul. Strings of laughter echoed through Chu Mu’s mind.

At this moment, Yu Suo was like a siren standing at the tip of tides, constantly stirring up tides to attack the cliffs. Chu Mu sat in silence like a cliffside rock. His emotions weren’t affected by these demons’ commotion. Instead, he was very focused on fighting against the two souls.

“Heng, once the morphing completes, you’re dead meat!” Yu Suo was surprised at his calmness and humphed.

Evil Good Queen still didn’t finish morphing. Only after morphing could she obtain full power. With Chu Mu’s current ninth remembrance spirit emperor strength, it was impossible to trap her. Her mind was already imagining Chu Mu kneeling down and begging for forgiveness.

The morph wouldn’t take long. Evil Good Queen’s sacred blue and blood red petals constantly switched in between, seeming to merge yet also remaining independent. The queen on the petals had her upper body completely exposed. She looked upwards and was absorbing all the pollen in the air.

Occasionally, it was enjoying it, occasionally it was trashing with pain, countless pythons moving around.

This was all seen by Chu Mu. When the Evil Good Flower was good, the demon looked like Yu Suo and was an angel. When it was evil, it became a devil. The fiercely roaring and veiny figure caused even Chu Mu to be somewhat apprehensive.

At the same time, the angel and devil forms constantly swapped between each other. The gentle goodness and terrifying resentment filled Chu Mu’s soul pact space.

The soul’s attacks buffeted Chu Mu’s mental barrier again and again. In the process, Chu Mu felt many different kinds of hallucinations.

Worlds of flowers, full of people, grandiose altar…..

In all the hallucinations, Chu Mu suddenly saw an extremely clear image.

It was a young girl, alone at a precipice that seemed like the end of the world. She turned around with a glance that emanated the deepest resentment, anger, hatred, and sorrow!

Suddenly, she held a purple crystal pendant to her chest as she leaped into the endless darkness, falling, falling, always falling…...

Her body slowly became smaller and smaller until there was only a white dot. Darkness slowly engulfed the soft body. At the end of Chu Mu’s vision, just as darkness engulfed this young woman, the darkness suddenly separated, revealing layers upon layers of writhing python like vines. Compared to the vines, the falling girl was like a speck of pollen.

This contrast was striking, causing Chu Mu’s whole soul to shiver.

And the moment he shivered, all the illusions disappeared, and Chu Mu returned to reality.

Sadly, Chu Mu felt his two soul pacts clearly empty now.

Chu Mu didn’t open his eyes even though he knew Evil Good Queen was standing right before staring at him angrily yet laughing.

Evil Good Queen indeed was standing in front of Chu Mu, she escaped.

However, she didn’t dare attack Chu Mu. One, killing Chu Mu would hurt her soul too. Second, the stupid fox was right behind her. She wasn’t confident she could attack faster than it.

“Her Majesty!!!” An abnormally excited, and even slightly whimpering voice came from behind!

The man who called out was the darkness sect leader called Wan Chong. Wan Chong was almost kneeling and was wild with joy, “You….. you really are….. alive!!”

Evil Good Queen’s blood-red slowly faded away and she regained her human form. She didn’t want her old subordinates to see her other side.

“Wan Chong, you’ve fallen.” Seeing an old friend, Ye Suo smiled bitterly.

“Yes…… yes, I deserve to die. After you left, I should have kept my faith…..” Wan Chong said with shame.

Li Zuoteng stared shocked at the leader Wan Chong.

It was hard to imagine that a darkness sect leader was calling himself a subordinate in front of a woman without any arrogance; it was like he was a loyal servant!!

One has to know that the darkness sect leader was even stronger than a Border Commander. Li Zuoteng was stunned that someone like him would have such a servile moment!!

“Faith, laughable.” Yu Suo smiled mockingly.

Wan Chong lost his composure with this expression of hers. In the past, he had never seen her show such a smile. One has to know that in Wan Chong’s heart, she was absolutely perfect, having no mortal air around her nor any plotting. She was absolutely pure.

“Whatever, this is fine. Let’s leave.” Yu Suo stepped forth towards Wan Chong.

Wan Chong nodded respectfully but angrily glared at the man that dared imprison Yu Suo. At this time, the man was still sitting htere with his eyes closed, seemingly unaffected by the unfolding events.

“Let subordinate kill this common man who dared disrespect your majesty!” Wan Chong yelled angrily.

“Don’t care about him, let’s leave first. There’s a very powerful person nearing from Divine Sect.” Yu Suo also glared angrily at Chu Mu.

In reality, even if the Divine Sect expert didn’t come, Yu Suo wasn’t sure she wanted to touch Chu Mu, because she knew the true strength of Chu Mu’s fox very well!

If they forcefully tried to kill Chu Mu, the fox would definitely instantly break its soul pact with Chu Mu. Once fully unleashed, even Yu Suo and Wan Chong together couldn’t possibly beat this undead legend Hades.

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