Chapter 1184: Yu Suo, Escape Plan

Mu Qingyi stayed in place to rest. She didn’t chase after Chu Mu, because she was sure that Chu Mu could get rid of the man named Wang Chongshan.

After not too long, Chu Mu walked back with a resentful ghoul around him.

“He’s dead?” Mu Qingyi asked.

“En, I don’t have the habit of leaving people alive. Where did they come from?” Chu Mu asked.

“I don’t know, it seems to be Darkness Sect. They want to destroy and even kill the participants that Divine Sect selected this time. 

“Whatever, it’s their matter, let’s not mind it.” Chu Mu didn’t like getting into trouble. Handing over the soul capture ring to Mu Qingyi, he continued, “The Blood Drinking Demon King should be in there. It ran at me when I was on my way here, and so I captured it and came over.”

 Mu Qingyi blinked, not expecting such a good thing to happen.

Chu Mu sent Mu Qingyi to a safe spot, and told her to go back to the Tang Palace first.

When Chu Mu went into the Wen Mountain, Officer Tang already somewhat noticed. If he flew out at them again, Officer Tang would no longer dismiss it just a mistake. If captured, it would count Mu Qingyi as cheating.

Thus, Chu Mu decided to exit out another side of Wen Mountain.

The reason Wen Mountain had only one exit was because it was the safest. Or else, no matter which other way they tried to leave, they may fall into a Wen Mountain territory that can easily cause people to be unable to leave.

Chu Mu was very brave, so he decided to go straight through these dangerous grounds.

Passing through the Wen Mountain, Chu Mu found a corpse. This corpse was one of the ten contestants. As Mu Qingyi said, there were many Darkness Sect people trying to assassinate the contestants.

“This invisibly increased the difficulty of the test by a lot.” Chu Mu muttered.

When he split from Mu Qingyi, she gave her map to Chu Mu. Going south for a bit, he found the route wasn’t as easy as he thought. It looked like he would have to try a bit harder to get out of Wen Mountain.


“You mean there are Darkness Sect people?” Palace Tang was staring in shock at Mu Qingyi, his pupils dilating.

“Yes, I met one.” Mu Qingyi briefly explained the situation where she met Wang Chongshan.

“Darkness Sect? You said Darkness Sect!” A spectating old man’s walker fell to the ground, his entire body shivering.

The old man came for his grandson. It was rare that their clan finally gave birth to such a prodigy, so he unhesitatingly sent him over to Divine Sect to become a member. Little did he expect that there was Darkness Sect people in the very first test.

Not many people knew of Darkness Sect, but those that knew them definitely lost color in their faces. The old man knew of Darkness Sect’s terrifyingness and was even more worried his grandson may die in this Wen Mountain!

“I need to go in!! My nephew is still inside!” Li Kuangshen immediately hopped up.

Li Kuangshen was Li Xu’s bloodline, so his nephew was Li Zuoteng. Li Zuoteng was the strongest of LI family’s young generation. If he were assassinated, it would be a huge loss to Li Xu’s family bloodline.

On the other side, a Mu clan woman couldn’t sit still anymore either because her son Mu Zhen was in the mountain and was in danger.

“You best should stay outside. If there really are Darkness Sect, any of you will die if you go in. I’ve already sent people to notify Officer Lu and other people. They’ll come very soon.” Officer Tang furrowed his brows and said.

Officer Tang knew of Darkness Sect well. Any of their members must be dominator rank. This was same as Divine Sect. Though they kept hiding like a shadow under the blazing light of divine sect, whenever they appeared, they weren’t any weaker than divine sect people.

“But….. but we can’t just wait here. One has to know that darkness sect were all people who could kill with indiscretion.” Mu Clan lady was crying out loud. Wherever Darkness Sect people appeared, nothing remained. This organization’s cruelty was outside of anyone’s imagination. The recent incident of a city getting completely slaughtered had some people pointing at Darkness Sect.

Officer Tang didn’t say anything. He knew Darkness Sect too well. If people entered right now, more people would die. Now, they had to gather all divine sect members and enter Wen Mountain together…… Wen Mountain’s highest peak had a very normal long-haired man standing there.

Beside this long-haired man was another Spatial Listening Demon. This demon’s pupils had no focus, as if it lost its soul.

“Really….. Really still alive?” The man’s hand shook lightly. He covered his face as if almost crying with joy.

After an unknown amount of time, the man finally recovered, and looked at the spatial listening demon.

“The person that enslaved her is in this Wen mountain?” The man’s fingers sank into the tree branch nearby and said angrily.

“Leader, we’ve dealt with four of them. Also, we lost contact with Wang Chongshan, so he may have been taken out. Also, news of us here has gone out. People outside have sent us messages that Lu Yuqin is coming here.” The ugly Li Zuoteng half kneeled while speaking to the emotionally unstable man.

Li Zuoteng lowered his head but quietly glanced at the Dark Sect leader, and was silently wondering what could have happened to unsettle the leader like this.

“Tell everyone to come over.” Leader said.

“Are we retreating?” Li Zuoteng said.

Lu Yuqin’s power was terrifying. If she came over, it would be hard for them to escape so Li Zuoteng subconsciously thought he was calling for a retreat.

“No, we have to do one more thing.” Leader said.

“Another thing? As long as we kill the contestants, can’t we just leave?” Li Zuoteng was confused.

“Don’t waste time, just do as you’re told!” The leader said impatiently.

Li Zuoteng didn’t dare to say more and immediately backed off to tell all the darkness sect members.

To deal with the ten contestants this time, Darkness Sect sent ten killers. Some of them finished their missions while the other hadn't even found their targets, yet they were all called back.

“Don’t worry about Divine Sect’s contestants, go chase after a person for me.” Leader said.

Li Zuoteng was speechless. The leader told them to chase after someone yet he didn’t even know what they looked like. How were they supposed to chase?

Immediately, they all started asking for characteristics of the person yet they were all scolded by the leader, “Barring the contestants, the only one remaining in Wen Mountain is the one being chased! Idiots!”

Everyone was scolded and no one dared to ask anymore. The only clue left was a spatial listening demon whose origins were unknown. This spatial listening demon supposedly could feel the person’s location.


As for the person now being chased, Chu Mu had no clue. If he knew that Dark Sect’s people were all on him, Chu Mu would leave directly from the front entrance of Wen Mountain, not caring about whether Officer Tang would notice.

In reality, Yu Suo let out a long breath in Chu Mu’s soul pet space. If Chu Mu had not taken the roundabout route for Mu Qingyi’s success, she couldn’t get this chance to escape.

Yu Suo wanted to escape long ago. In Marsh Mountains, she already controlled the Spatial Listening Demon to go find a xuan item for her.

The Xuan item was a flower pollen. Once Chu Mu absorbed it from the sky, the pollen naturally would flow into her and raise her phase by one. This one phase of increase could allow her to break through Chu Mu’s soul pact restriction and escape.

Surprisingly, she felt the Darkness Sect Leader Wan Zhong in Cloud City at the time.

Yu Zuo felt his presence but couldn’t get in contact. Thus, while Yu Suo helped nurture Ye Qingzi’s soul items, she sent some information into the spatial listening demon’s mental world to help her send the message.

When the Spatial Listening Demon sent the message to Wan Chong, he was running the assassination mission in Darkness Sect. Yu Suo was certain that Wan Chong would come to try to save her after finding out about her situation.

Chu Mu didn't know that his courage gave Yu Suo a great chance to escape. He was currently leaving the last stretch of mountains of Wen City. Past here, leaving the mountains was close.


“Why do I feel as if someone’s chasing me?” Chu Mu suddenly stopped at the mountain top and looked behind him.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~” Mo Xie nodded in agreement.

Mo Xie also felt it as if some weak mental was chasing Chu Mu’s soul. Yet, there wasn’t any mark on Chu Mu.

“Is Dead Dream getting chased?” Chu Mu’s soul remembrance went into Dead Dream’s soul.

After looking around for a but, Chu Mu discovered nothing.

However, Yu Suo in his first soul pact started getting nervous.

She didn’t expect Chu Mu to be this vigilant. If he looked through each and every soul pet of his, he would definitely find the mark on her soul. Once the mark was removed, Wan Chong and Spatial Listening Demon would have trouble finding her.

Now that Yu Suo was very worried, scared that Chu Mu would look at her. Because, once she was found, her escape plans would fall through, and the insane Chu Mu would give her an even worse punishment.

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