Chapter 1181: Divine Sect’s Exam

A few days later, Xu Daofeng sent someone to take Mu Qingyi to the exam.

Mu Qingyi didn't know what the exam was, so she just followed Xu Daofeng. Chu Mu wanted to learn more about his father’s situation from Xu Daofeng and Lu Yuqin, so he went along with her. At the same time, he could also learn about Divine Sect’s exam, since he had nothing to do now anyways. 

Uncle Bai Yu was currently thinking of a solution for the Devil Soul matter. With his own daughter imploring him, he had to agree to her wishes. Thus, he would deal with this. Moreover, since Ye Qingzi had signed a soul pact with the little Devil Soul, her soul was also loosening as she was gradually trending into the spirit dominator rank. This made Chu Mu extremely jealous. 

When Prince Chao and Ye Wansheng obtained their own emperor Devil Souls, Chu Mu would probably be the only one left in the spirit emperor rank. This was a huge blow to his ego.

Ye Qingzi was cultivating in the courtyard while the spectral Jinrou could not go out as she pleased. Thus, the latter was left to read a book in the courtyard. Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao often mysteriously disappeared. Accordingly, that left Chu Mu to himself. 

As he followed Mu Qingyi to the Divine Sect residence, they unfortunately happened to run into someone they knew.

“Oh, it’s Big Sis Mu and Big Brother Chu. Why are you here?” Liao Yu happily ran over.

“That’s something I should be asking you.” laughed Mu Qingyi.

Liao Yu was a rather delightful brat.

“I’m from Cloud City. Wen City is Uncle Peng’s home, and I went there to learn things.” said Liao Yu.

As he spoke, Liao Yu suddenly thought of something. With twinkling eyes he said to Chu Mu: “Big Brother Chu also wants to join Divine Sect? Then this will be interesting. Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng are both there, and they have the most hope of being chosen to enter Divine Sect.” 

Chu Mu remembered Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng. They were probably the so-called leaders of Cloud realm’s young experts.

“That’s not my intention. It’s your Big Sis Mu that wants to join Divine Sect.” Chu Mu shook his head.

Mu Qingyi threw a glance at Chu Mu. Although she didn’t say anything, it was possible to see that Mu Qingyi wanted to say that it was his idea. 

“Oh? That’s too unfortunate. Big Brother Chu is so strong that perhaps you don’t even need to take the exam.” Liao Yu was a bit disappointed. 

Although he hadn’t personally witnessed it, Liao Yu was somewhat certain that the purple flame creature that was able to fight Border Commander Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon was very likely to be Chu Mu’s soul pet. He was so young yet so strong. He probably had even surpassed the outstanding Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng, whom he worshipped. 

“You guys have arrived. Brother Chu also wants to try?” Xu Daofeng seemed to have been waiting here for a while, and immediately went up to greet them.

“I just came to take a look.” Chu Mu still didn’t plan on joining Divine Sect. On the one hand, he didn’t enjoy joining factions and on the other, it seemed like his father had run off to Darkness Ssect. If Divine Sect and Darkness Sect truly were at opposite ends, that would be awkward. 

“Haha, I don’t know why, but I’ve always had the feeling that you’re an expert. It’s very unfortunate that you won’t be joining our Divine Set.” said Xu Daofeng. 

“Of course Big Brother Chu is an expert. Moreover, he’s extremely strong!” Liao Yu butted in. His adoration for Chu Mu had probably already surpassed those two young experts from Cloud Realm.

Xu Daofeng laughed. It seemed that his guess was right. This Chu Mu had definitely hid himself extremely well. 

When they entered the courtyard, there were already ten people standing there. They all seemed to be Cloud Realm young experts. What surprised Chu Mu was that Wu Xu was also among them. 

Wu Xu obviously didn’t recognize Chu Mu. He was presently standing next to a somewhat ugly looking man and was speaking with him in a friendly manner. 

“He is Li Zuoteng. The strongest person in the younger generation of Cloud Realm. The only person who can fight him is Mu Zheng.” Liao Yu quickly pointed at the man who was a bit ugly.

“Who is Mu Zheng?” Mu Qingyi was even more interested in the one surnamed Mu because that could very well be a cousin or along those lines.

“Are you looking for me, beautiful young lady?” at this moment, the man standing next to them, dressed neatly, turned around and spoke in a very gentlemanly tone. 

“This is Mu Zheng. Big Sis Mu, he is Mu Zheng.” Liao Yu looked excited. 

Mu Qingyi examined Mu Zheng, but didn’t say anything. 

Mu Zheng faintly smiled, but also didn’t say anything. However, his gaze went to Xu Daofeng. 

“If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, this distinguished person should be Master Official Lu’s disciple, Xu Daofeng. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” politely said Mu Zheng. 

Xu Daofeng politely nodded his head, and exchanged pleasantries. 

When Mu Zheng spoke Xu Daofeng’s name, the other ten people in the courtyard all looked over and began to silently discuss among themselves. There were even a few people who went up and expressed goodwill.

Those who could stand here were definitely peak experts of Cloud Realm’s younger generation. From their point of view, Xu Daofeng’s status truly was not just ordinary. 

“Are you taking the exam with us?” Mu Qingyi asked Xu Daofeng. 

“No, my difficulty is slightly higher because I was directly chosen by my teacher. If I am unable to prove my strength, it will defame my teacher.” said Xu Daofeng. 

“What is the exam?” Mu Qingyi was at a loss since she had prepared nothing and dragged into this at the last minute. 

“It should be a strength and ability exam. I can’t say for sure either… oh, I should leave. When Official tang comes, he will tell you what to do next. I hope you pass.” said Xu Daofeng. 

Mu Qingyi nodded her head and surveyed the surrounding competitors. 

Besides Chu Mu, there were also a number of spectators. There were only eleven people, including Mu Qingyi, who were taking the exam.

They didn’t need to wait long. The Divine Sect member called Official Tang appeared. He didn’t say anything, but just motioned them to follow him as he flew off in a certain direction. 

Chu Mu saw that the other spectators were following, so he did too. Due to Wu Xu’s presence, Mu Qingyi didn’t summon the Crown Phoenix King. Instead, she rode on the White Tiger behind them. Chu Mu, on the other hand, sat on the Dead Dream as he followed, neither too slow or fast. From time to time, he would ask Liao Yu a few things about Cloud Realm.

“Who is that fellow?” Li Zuoteng threw a glance at Chu Mu who was riding the dark purple phoenix.

That was a low class dominator rank phoenix, and it was phoenix he had never seen before. When Chu Mu had summoned the Dead Dream, he had attracted a lot of eyes, and when he had flown over the city, there were a huge crowd of sighs. 

“He doesn’t seem to be a participant,” said Wu Xu.

The exam participants were all wearing numbers. Chu Mu wasn’t. However, Li Zuoteng and Wu Xu both realized that the man riding on a low class dominator was probably very strong. They subconsciously had placed him among the competitors, since there would only be one person chosen among them. 

“If he’s not, then that’s good.” Li Zuoteng didn’t pay anymore attention to Chu Mu.


“Isn’t this going towards Wen Mountain?” Liao Yu sat on the Dead Dream and asked in a somewhat confused tone. 

Presently, Official Guan was leading the 11 examinees past the 46th city, which was the most remote city, and towards a place deep into the mountain range. 

“What is Wen Mountain?” asked Chu Mu.

“That is a famous bewildering world outside our cloud City. There are very strong dominator rank creatures residing there. Perhaps the examination grounds will be there.” said Liao Yu.   

After traveling for a long while, Divine Sect Official Tang finally did bring them to Wen Mountain.

Wen Mountain was extremely enormous and when they entered the mountain, they found that it was easy to lose their way even while flying. This made Chu Mu think of the enormous mountains in the demon realm. 

“You guys are correct. Our examination grounds will be Wen Mountain.” Divine Sect Official Tang swept his eyes over the 11 examinees. 

“What you must do is very simple. Not long ago, I chased a savage beast that slaughtered a kingdom city into Wen Mountain. If you capture it, you will have completed the exam.” 

As Official Tang Spoke, Liao Yu whispered to Chu Mu: “I heard about that savage beast. It’s a Blood Drinking Demon that is about the low class dominator rank. It slaughtered a kingdom city, leading to a horrible murder case on the scale of a massacre.The reward was posted and it’s about 1000 xuan. I never expected Divine Sect to use it as the exam. If an examinee’s strength has not reached the low class dominator, they probably will choose to withdraw.” 

The exam objective was indeed very simple. However, completing it was exceptionally difficult. Not only was it a test of strength, but it also tested their pursuit and capturing abilities. Chu Mu was a bit nervous whether Mu Qingyi would be able to stand out from the ten other outstanding young experts of Cloud Realm. 

“There is only one entrance to Wen Mountain. Of course, if you wish to, you may also take other paths - that is, if you aren’t afraid of not being able to find your way out. The news has been confirmed. That Blood Drinking Demon is still somewhere in Wen Mountain. You may capture it or kill it. You just need to bring it back to me. There’s one thing I will tell everyone. Our Divine Sect is not the same as other factions. There is no ideology of the winner being the king; we must adhere to our convictions. Therefore, it is not permitted to fight amongst each other when capturing the Blood Drinking Demon. It belongs to whoever obtains it. It is not permitted to steal. The person to be chosen will ultimately be decided by Master Official Lu. I you exhibit too much of an evil tendency, even if you bring back the BLood Drinking Demon, the chosen person may not be you.” said Official Tang. 

Official Tang swept his eyes over the 11 examinees and then waved his hand: “Go, I hope you don’t disappoint me.” 

After Official Tang finished speaking, there were already a few people charging forth on their soul pets. They seemed to be very impatient. 

“I’m going.” Mu Qingyi said to Chu Mu. 

“Ok, go. I have nothing to do anyways so I’ll just wait here.” said Chu Mu. 

“Ok.” Mu Qingyi nodded her head and urged her White Tiger to rush into Wen Mountain. 


“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Not long after Mu Qingyi left, Mo Xie who was lying on Chu Mu’s shoulders, sleeping, suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Wen Mountain. 

“What’s the matter?” asked Chu Mu. 

Mo Xie told Chu Mu that she sensed an uneasy aura in Wen Mountain. Moreover, it was a very powerful aura. 

“I had Qingyi bring a Fairy Butterfly. If there’s any danger, the Dead Dream will notice it.” said Chu Mu.

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