Chapter 1180: The World’s Shadow, Darkness Sect

With Xu Daofeng leading the way, there was no need to wait in the waiting room like the others.

There seemed to be four or five Divine Sect members in this manor. Among them, there was a middle aged man who was a formal member. The others were practice disciples like Xu Daofeng.

The person in charge of recruitment was the middle aged man. He was called Official Tang by Xu Daofeng. Tang was his surname and “Official” was his status in Divine Sect. The members of Divine Sect were sorted as Lower Official, Middle Official, High Official and Master Official. 

Xu Daofeng was the direct disciple of a Master Official. Although he was only a practice disciple, his status was actually higher than a few Lower Officials and even Middle Officials.

“Is your Teacher Lu very strong?” after Mu Qingyi learned about the structure, she asked a question.

“How do I put it... It’s been a long time, but I haven’t even seen her fight before. However, the status of an Upper Official is even higher than Border Commanders. As for Master Officials… they could be on the same rank as Border Lords. I’m guessing that there shouldn’t be anyone in Cloud Realm who is her opponent.” softly said Xu Daofeng.

Master Official didn’t like Xu Daofeng speaking about her and was ordinarily low-key. However, Xu Daofeng was young, and would easily speak of things worth being proud about.

“So incredible?” Chu mu was a bit astonished as well.

Even the strength of a Border Commander was above Chu Mu, let alone a Border Lord. Yet, this Master Official Lu sat equally with Border Lords. Didn’t that mean her strength wasn’t just a normal level of terrifying? To her, wasn’t Cloud Realm a tiny place then? 

“That’s right. She is investigating matters about Darkness Sect in Cloud Realm. Yesterday, she posted the criminal warrant probably for a Darkness Sect member.” Xu Daofeng enjoyed talking and Chu Mu could see this. 

Fortunately, without him having to ask, this fellow had told him about Chu Tianmang’s matter. Chu Mu was liking Xu Daofeng more and more.

However, Darkness Sect appearing in this matter made Chu Mu somewhat confused. 

When he mentioned Darkness Sect, Xu Daofeng grit his teeth, and a trace of anger appeared in his eyes.

“I can’t just reveal this matter.” After Xu Daofeng calmed his emotions, he didn’t continue talking about this.

As they were speaking, they arrived where Master Official Lu lived. She was currently seated in a stone bridge pavilion. She resembled an ice-cold statue that was gazing off in the distance. 

“Teacher Lu.” Xu Daofeng respectfully bowed. He had to wait for her to talk before he could speak.

Master Official Lu looked the same as when Chu Mu saw her last time. She was dressed simply yet elegantly, her face was clean without any makeup, and her black hair fell to her shoulders with eyes that were so cold that others wouldn’t dare approach. 

“These people are?” Lu Yuqin indifferently glanced at Mu Qingyi and Chu Mu.

Xu Daofeng walked up and told her more or less about Chu Mu’s plan to make his territory independent as well as referring Mu Qingyi to enter Divine Sect.

“Self-determining a territory?” Lu Yuqin quickly creased her brows. She automatically overlooked the matter of Mu Qingyi entering Divine Sect.

Self-determining a territory, no matter the place, was a huge matter. It didn’t matter either what rank the territory was because this concerned the authority of rulers.

Lu Yuqin had spent a rather long amount of time in Divine Sect and she knew very well that self-determining a territory was often caused by a conflict between two great empires where the self-determining would be a fuse for the fire. A war would break out because of it.  

Therefore, when self-determining a territory was mentioned, Lu Yuqing subconsciously believed Chu Mu to be someone from a huge backing in an attempt to provoke a war. 

Lu Yuqin hated war. There had been someone who had attempted to apply for an independent territory from her. This person had done so in order to incite a war, but she had immediately refused this person.

Now that someone else was doing the same, Lu Yuqing was even more disgusted. She coldly said: “You should leave. I won’t recognize your application for independence.” 

“Why?” Chu Mu was a bit puzzled. Logically speaking, an application was just informing Divine Sect. The independence of a territory and its autonomy was ultimately in the hands of the territory’s people and king. 

Lu Yuqin didn’t explain. She just waved her hand, having Xu Daofeng retreat with the two of them.

Xu Daofeng didn’t dare disobey her intentions, and brought Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi away first.

“Teacher could think that you were sent by some faction. No worries. Let me explain to her about your New Moon Land situation.” Xu Daofeng was a bit embarrassed. 

“Ok, that’s fine. I don’t have any plans of declaring independence right now. I just wanted to mention it first.” Chu Mu was very indifferent towards Lu Yuqin’s attitude because a territory’s self-determination didn’t need Divine Sect’s agreement. Chu Mu just didn’t want to break regulations before he understood the outside situation. 

After taking away Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, Xu Daofeng returned to Lu Yuqin’s side. 

“Teacher, they come from New Moon Land. You wanted me to deal with territorial dispute matters, and I found a few things about New Moon Land. You can take a look. There are a few things I found about New Moon Land’s situation.” Xu Daofeng’s attitude was very humble as he spoke to Lu Yuqin. 

Lu Yuqin was Xu Daofeng’s teacher so he could be considered her future successor. Although Lu Yuqin hated this fellow mentioning territorial self-determination, she remained patient and looked over New Moon Land’s situation. 

Lu Yuqing didn’t often come to Cloud Realm and naturally hadn’t heard of New Moon Land before. After looking at the map’s indicators and a few brief introductions, she discovered that New Moon Land had no affiliations with any great empire dynasties. Moreover, a large scale war would not erupt because of this matter. 

“Even if this is the case, he is making an extremely risky action. If he loses, it could cause the entirety of New Moon Land’s people to fall into a state of hell. Moreover, do you think he will succeed?” said Lu Yuqin.

“I was just urging him not to do this, but he seems to have made up his mind.” said Xu Daofeng.

“Territorial independence isn’t as simple as he thinks. He’s also so young and it’s easy for him to make rash decisions. However, his rashness will cost him an enormous price. Most importantly, he has no chance of success. There are matters where if you fail, there is no hope of reprieve. Go and dispel his intentions.” said Lu Yuqin.

“But Li Xu’s branch is already planning on sending new soldiers into New Moon Land…” said Xu Daofeng.

“They are administrators in name. This isn’t a violation of regulations.” said Lu Yuqin.

Xu Daofeng wanted to continue talking, bu Lu Yuqing had already turned around.

“Don’t let your private matters affect public affairs. Have the girl called Mu Qingyi come to the exam tomorrow. The feeling she gave me wasn’t bad.” 

His teacher’s final sentence echoed in Xu Daofeng’s mind, and he bitterly laughed.

This matter genuinely could not be dealt with well. Li Xu was already making preparations while Chu Mu was intent on self-determining his territory…

“Qingyi is going to enter Divine Sect!” 

“Oh, no wonder you are going to abandon us. You’re just pursuing a life of luxury.”

After returning to the courtyard, everyone began to discuss Mu Qingyi entering Divine Sect.

“But it was Chu Mu…” Mu Qingyi glared at Chu Mu. This fellow had made a decision for her, and sold her off to Divine Sect. Mu Qingyi herself didn’t even know what happened. 

Chu Mu let out a dry laugh and said: “I just felt that you were truly very suitable. Moreover, you will be able to safeguard the balance of the world…” 

Mu Qingyi rolled her eyes. What safeguarding the balance of the world? Chu Mu was probably sick. “Yes, yes, I feel so too!” Prince Chao energetically agreed with Chu Mu.

Quickly, Mu Qingyi found that the others were also tacitly nodding their heads. Mu Qingyi didn’t know what to say. Was she really as they thought - a person who upheld the banner of peace in their hearts?

Probably not, eh? Mu Qingyi felt that, she had a bit of violence in her bones. 

“Goddess Mu, why not give it a try? Didn’t you see the jealous and envious expressions of those people around Xu Daofeng when he said he was in Divine Sect? In the future you will be a Divine Sect Member. Perhaps there will be even more men who prostrate themselves in adoration of you.” said Ye Wansheng.

Princes Chao nodded his head in deep affirmation. 

In this outside world, they didn’t have anything to rely on. If Mu Qingyi became a Divine Sect member, those who heard would give them a lot of face. Indeed, Cloud Realm’s people had never heard of the identity of Three Great Palace’s crown prince. 

“Chu Mu, didn’t you also say something about Darkness Sect? That’s perfect, you should join Darkness Sect. Isn’t your father also a Darkness Sect member…” said Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu still hadn’t come to understand what Darkness Sect was. From what it looked like, it probably stood opposite of Divine Sect.

“Ok. Chu Mu, when you enter the darkness, I’ll seize you and your father and bring you captured to Divine Sect.” laughed Mu Qingyi. 

“Perhaps you won’t even make it through the exam.” said Chu Mu.

Divine Sect’s selection was extremely rigorous and the exam didn’t seem to be something simple. 

“I’ve never lost in something like this.” but Mu Qingyi was rather confident. 

From the moment she had stepped on her soul pet trainer path, she indeed had never lost. She had always led the way by a wide margin. 

Even in Cloud realm, Mu Qingyi didn’t feel like she would lose to others…

46th CIty’s Wang Mountain Peak.

A simply dressed man stood on the edge of the mountain and peered down at Cloud City’s 46th city, completely displayed before him.

“Lord Duo, the disciples have already found the path.” a soul pet trainer was kneeling behind him as he spoke. 

“They can infiltrate, right?” slowly said the man.


“Very good. Then let’s prevent those examinees from returning.” the man cracked a cold smile.

The kneeling person behind him faintly trembled. He never realized that Lord Duo wanted to plot against all of the people participating in Divine Sect’s exam. 

“Li Zuoteng, are you now regretting your stupid wish of entering Divine Sect?” arrogantly laughed Lord Duo.

“Yes, yes. Li Zuoteng will pledge his service to Darkness Sect in the future!” Li Zuoteng trembled as he spoke. 

Darkness Sect!

As Cloud Realm’s number one young expert, Li Zuoteng had only come to realize not long ago that such an incomparably terrifying faction was hidden in this world!! 

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