Chapter 1179: Divine Sect Recruitment

Xu Daofeng wanted to recommend Chu Mu to this Officer Lu. Indeed, territorial independence was a large matter no matter how large or small it was. As long as it was independence, it affected Cloud realm’s commander’s dignity and status. Especially if a realm was already in unrest, if someone took the lead to take independence, there likely could be a whole territorial war that breaks out, something that the commanders of the land never want to see.

This was something that Xu Daofeng told Chu Mu as well. Territorial issues existed, but as long as you were the first to start a territorial independence movement, you would definitely be wiped out by the leaders at all cost. They didn’t allow these leaders to appear. They would want to wipe them out as a warning for all those eager to follow on.

“The first independence will definitely have to face basically the entirety of cloud realm. It’s currently in a relatively calm place. Even so, the commanders couldn’t have an exception happen in Cloud realm. So, you should know clearly that once you ask for independence in Divine Sect, New Moon Ground will go to war with all of the cloud realm.” Xu Daofeng reiterated the dangers to Chu Mu.

Xu Daofeng wanted to make Chu Mu lose the thought of independence before he recommended him to Officer Lu. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t put in an application yet.” Chu Mu said.

They weren't strong enough now, so Chu Mu wouldn’t do such a radical thing.

Xu Daofeng laughed bitterly. This crazy man didn’t understand any of the severe issues he was just talking about.

It wasn’t a matter of now or when, it was the very possibility of it that was the issue!

Cloud realm was a seventh rank realm. Putting aside the great realm defending generals and Border Commanders that were true experts, Li Xu’s subordinates alone was already a formidable force. If they couldn’t even defeat these subordinates, they wouldn’t have a chance once people like Border Commanders participated.

All along the way, Xu Doafeng couldn’t convince him. Helpless, he could only continue to recommend him to his teacher.

Once they reached the living quarters, Chu Mu found that there were many more people entering and exiting here.

“This is the recruitment of Divine Sect members. Other than the lucky ones that are chosen like us, every three years we set up a recruitment towards all young experts and find a few from them to take the test with us apprentices. After passing it, we go through a probationary period of three years where they judge us on character, talent, potential, and background. Only after all that could one become a true divine sect member.” Xu Daofeng explained to Chu Mu.

“Any requirements to join?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yes, ages under forty, and they have to be dominator rank without previous criminal records.” Xu Daofeng said.

These three requirements weren’t very strict. The third one was almost negligible, but the first two were technically high barriers, since it cut out the vast majority of people, nearly 99.999999…..% of people.

More importantly, dominator rank experts were already a tiny portion of the total human population.

Tianxia City had billions upon billions of people and yet still only one dominator rank expert.

Divine sect also asked for people below forty. This was a ridiculously high doorstep!

Since Cloud realm’s crowd could reach trillions of people, this was like cutting all but a few dozen people.

Otherwise, with Divine Sect’s authority, sign ups probably could go from this city to Wen City without even finishing. It wouldn’t just be the few going around in the courtyard.

“Brother Chu, you fulfill the requirements. Do you have an interest in joining Divine Sect? If you become a divine sect member, you could manage some unfit management issues and help New Moon Ground not get bullied.” Xu Daofeng chuckled and said.

“What do I have to follow in Divine Sect?” Chu Mu asked.  

“There’s quite a few things actually, like….”

“Probably not for me, I’m too used to being unorganized.” Chu Mu cut him off.

Chu Mu’s fit the first two requirements pretty well. However, Chu Mu had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to keep the third requirement. Chu Mu doesn’t have any current criminal history, but may have some in the near future. As for character, Chu Mu knew himself pretty well. Ideologies that required absolute justice like Divine Sect was hard for Chu Mu to do. 

“I could recommend someone though.” Chu Mu suddenly thought of something and said to Xu Daofeng.

“Who?” Xu Daofeng asked.

“There’s a woman in our team that I think is a good fit for divine sect.” Chu Mu said.

Quickly, Chu Mu explained Mu Qingyi’s identity and experiences in New Moon Ground, giving Xu Daofeng a basic understanding.

Speaking the truth, Chu Mu indeed thought that Mu Qingyi would be good for Divine Sect. She had an uncompromising yet proud conscience within her that couldn’t allow for unjust things or powerful people taking advantage of the weak. One could see this from her outrage in snow city.

Facing evil people, Mu Qingyi was never merciful either. One could see this from her absolutely slaughtering all of Queen Palace.

Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi all want to pursue the path to supremacy in soul pets. What was different was sometimes Chu Mu didn’t care how he got there. It was just a characteristic he got in Prison Island that no longer could change. Mu Qingyi was the kind to rather fail than compromise her values. She was way more fit to become a part of Divine Sect.

“How powerful is she then? Our divine sect looks for character but power is also important. Without the right strength, there is no chance she could adjudicate anything.” Xu Daofeng said.

“She’s a spirit dominator, I feel like that’s enough?” Chu Mu said.

Xu Daofeng was stunned!

Spirit dominator- that was completely different from dominator rank strength, because spirit dominator rank experts still had a large room for improvement!!

From what Xu Daofeng saw, it was already insane for their team to have a Xuan teacher. Yet, another woman was already a spirit dominator. This wasn’t any weaker than him. Thinking back to how satisfied with himself he was before, Xu Daofeng was even more embarrassed.

“You guys are really somewhat abnormal.” Xu Daofeng uttered after a while.

After speaking, Xu Daofeng specially glanced at Chu Mu, because he remembered that Ye Wansheng introduced him as their leader, meaning Chu Mu was their head.

Able to kill even Border General Li Kuangdeng, the man in front of him was definitely very powerful. They truly knew how to hide themselves!

“Tell her to come over then! Our recruitment time is quite short.” Xu daofeng said.

Chu Mu nodded and glanced at the little black phoenix on little Mo Xie’s head.

Little Mo Xie was having a bad influence on Dead Dream. Beforehand, it would always scatter through the city as fairy butterflies. Now, it just laid around with Mo Xie and slept. Little Mo Xie really missed the days where she could always fight…...

Dead Dream knew what Chu Mu wanted it to do. After blinking a few times, a small feather fell off its wing.

The feather became a cute little fairy butterfly that fluttered its wings towards a certain direction, disappearing after not too long.

“Is this a messenger soul pet?” Xu Daofeng asked curiously.

“Not quite.”


In the courtyard, Mu Qingyi was in the courtyard talking with Spectral Jinrou. Occasionally, Prince Chao joined in, bored out of his mind and nearly falling asleep.

“Pupupu……” A purple fairy butterfly fell on Mu Qingyi’s shoulder and let out a mental sound.

“Chu Mu’s Dead Dream, what news does it bring?” Prince Chao immediately was reinvigorated.

“He’s telling me to go to the seventeenth city Divine Sect residence and bring Ye Qingzi’s flame poison antidote. I don’t know what it’s for, but he says I have to come in person.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Can it be that Chu Mu, a man, couldn’t find out anything from Xu Daofeng and so you’re…..” As Prince Chao spoke, he noticed Mu Qingyi staring at him and decisively shut up.

Mu Qingyi was sure that the originally pure and untainted Prince Chao was slowly being contaminated by Ye Wansheng.


Mu Qingyi didn’t hesitate. Taking the antidote, she went towards Chu Mu.

After reaching Divine Sect residence, she found Chu Mu and Xu Daofeng waiting for her. Chu Mu was sitting there with an ill-intended smile. This caused Mu Qingyi to start to question whether he was truly going to sell her like what Prince Chao said.

“Join divine sect?” Mu Qingyi was taken aback.

Mu Qingyi still didn’t have a full understanding of the place. Joining now was too sudden.

“Lady Mu, if you don’t know much it’s fine. After all, even if you pass this test there’s a three year probationary period where you can slowly understand Divine Sect and its responsibilities. If you are qualified, you will become a member of Divine Sect. Then, whether you want to join is your choice. Of course, I feel that as you start to understand divine sect more, you won’t reject joining us.” Xu Daofeng said confidently.

“Let me consider it first.” Mu Qingyi said.

As she spoke, she already pulled Chu Mu over to the side and stared him down, “What’s happening, why do you want me to join Divine Sect suddenly.”

Mu Qingyi had never expected Chu Mu to actually sell her over to Divine Sect.

“I just objectively think you’re very suitable for it.” Chu Mu said.

“Then why don’t you join yourself? If Xu Daofeng and that Officer Lu knew of your strength, they would definitely take you in immediately as an exception.” Mu Qingyi said without much happiness.

"I’m not exactly the righteous type.” Chu Mu smiled embarrassedly.

Mu Qingyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this comment, with Chu Mu calling himself unrighteous.

However, after thinking about it, Chu Mu was somewhat normal on the outside but was actually thoroughly bad on the inside, full of evil schemes.

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