Chapter 1178: New Moon Ground’s Hidden Dangers

This morning, Xu Daofeng sat in the hall waiting.

Chu Mu was also slightly confused at this fellow’s appearance. Xu Daofeng wasn’t just normally diligent. He must have come before he even had breakfast.

“You really came too early. She’s still doing the last steps.” Chu Mu walked by Xu Daofeng and said.

Ye Qingzi had already completed it. He didn’t immediately hand it over so Chu Mu could get information from him easier.

“I got excited, too hurried.” Xu Daofeng said slightly embarrassed. “Teacher told me to head towards the Territory Court later. Can I come back in the afternoon?”

“I’m going to the Territory Court as well, perfect. You can help lead the way and then come back with me once you’re done your things. She should be done by then.” Chu Mu said.

Xu Daofeng nodded. Going to the Territory Court wasn’t anything secret, so he might as well bring Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu, where do you come from?” Xu Daofeng asked. Since CHu Mu Didn't even know that the city had 46 cities, he definitely wasn’t one of the cloud realm.

“I come from New Moon Ground.” Chu Mu didn’t hide this at all because Xu Feng would definitely find out once he applied for territorial independence, so might as well tell him earlier.

“New Moon Ground?” Xu Daofeng looked confused as if he never heard of it.

But thinking about it closer, he suddenly remembered that there was a crescent like territory called New Moon Ground at the south most side of cloud realm, surrounded by heavenly mountain and the forbidden realm.

That was a barren land. With the poor environment, it was hard to find talent from people born there. Adding on that everyone there seemed to be warrior rank human beings, finding a dominator rank would be even harder.

Because of this, Xu Daofeng specially looked over Chu Mu and thought, “Could this fellow not be dominator rank yet?”

Xu Daofeng shook his head again. Ye Qingzi was a xuan teacher. As the husband of a xuan teacher, there was no reason for him to be unable to even reach dominator rank.

“I have never been, but I heard it’s pretty sealed off?” Xu Daofeng said.

“Indeed, the people there basically didn’t know Cloud Realm exists, nor Divine Sect.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh…… so it really is very sealed off, probably due to its geography.” Xu Daofeng said.   

While talking, the two of them had already reached the Territory Court.

The Territory Court was an institution that specialized in managing the territory of personal, faction, and organisation land. Chu Mu this time came because he really had something to do. He wanted to know who New Moon Ground was owned by and understand who he was up against.

“Can  you help me look up New Moon Ground’s owner?” Chu Mu walked by the young girl reading a book and asked.

The girl didn’t really want to care about him and put down her book without much attention. Slowly flipping open a large dictionary like book, she asked, “What place again?”

“New Moon Ground.” Chu Mu repeated.

The young girl adeptly flipped the book to the last few pages and pushed it to the edge of the table for Chu Mu to look at. “Look at it yourself, ask me if you don’t get it.”

Chu Mu took the book over to find a large map containing a slender crescent.

“New Moon Ground, named after its crescent like shape. It’s between Eternal Ocean, Dark Sky Ocean, Hibernating Desolation Empire, and Heavenly Mountain Range. It’s habitated by Normal Person Subspecies. It’s a third rank realm.”

There were brief descriptions under the map. After that, it was like a textbook, listing common soul pets within the territory, most of it being beast world.

After that was a list of New Moon Ground’s history. Interestingly enough, this book about New Moon Ground’s history was very empty. It had an explanation, which was that because it was surrounded on all four sides, managers had a hard time getting in, causing a break of connection for a very long time.

Only after a Border master’s soul pet broke the heavenly mountain with a single sword and left a cloud gate did it reappear in front of everyone's eyes. Commanders were gradually sent in then.

The first manager was a person in Mu Family that made a mistake, and was sent to New Moon Ground.

The following people were all people that Chu Mu didn’t recognize.

“New Moon Ground is currently governed by Li Clan of the Li Xu bloodline.” Chu Mu got to there and slowly spoke it out loud and said the name Li Xu again.

Chu Mu lifted his head and glanced at the young girl reading, asking, “Who’s Li Xu?”

Young girl rolled her eyes and said, “I only manage the territories, I don't know about them. Don't’ ask me stuff like that.”

“......” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. How did he meet a girl with such a poor attitude?

“Hei, what a coincidence brother Chu!” Chu Mu was getting annoyed when Xu Daofeng came in from another room.

Xu Daofeng was Divine Sect’s member. Once he got to the Territory Court, someone came to take him. Since Chu Mu wanted to find out about the leader of New Moon Ground, they split up.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu asked.

“Teacher wanted me to get used to some territory laws and told me to take on some protesters hands on. I just saw New Moon Ground among a large group of problems and chose it!” Xu Daofeng laughed.

Xu Daofeng spoke, the young girl watching glanced sneakily at Xu Daofeng and interrupted, “You’re from Divine Sect?”

“Yes, little sister, do you have a question for me?” Xu Daofeng said.

“Don’t call me that!” The young girl was very unhappy.

“Alright” Xu Daofeng laughed helplessly.

Chu Mu didn’t care about the young girl, and started asking Xu Daofeng about New Moon Ground.

“Oh, it’s this. Li Xu lost track of New Moon Ground a few years back and sent people to take it over. However, I heard the managers were killed. From the news, the current New Moon Ground is controlled by some three palaces. The leader is a man called King Chu that took the land for himself. Li Clan is very angry, and wants to send an army over.” Xu Daofeng said.

“You talking about New Moon Ground? Haha, the place isn’t bad. I heard many people want to head there. I heard that you may even be able to take some land and call yourself king.” Another wilder man aside heard their conversation and started getting involved too.

“Cloud gate has people protecting it and won’t let people through though.” Xu Daofeng said.

“Then you’re very behind on news. News came a while back saying a huge disaster hit Wildern Forest. The king died or some war happened. Anyways, the empire fell a rank, and isn’t a great threat towards the real experts anymore. Some powerful people can pass right through and don’t need to take the heavenly mountain path.” The wild man laughed and said.

Hearing this, Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

The Wildern Forest that the man spoke of was really Eastern Wild Forest. The forbidden ground east of new moon ground was Eastern Wild Forest. Because of it, it stopped New Moon Ground people from going towards the east but also stopped cloud realm people from entering.

The only safe path was through Heavenly Mountain Range. However, the mountain range was ridiculously high, reaching the second level sky. Passing over it was nearly impossible so Cloud Gate became the only entrance there and back.

Now that the forest suffered a great calamity, it went from being unable to cross to being less of an obstacle. This meant that more and more people were going into new moon ground. This wasn't something Chu Mu wanted to see!

The appearance of a manager already caused a headache for Chu Mu. Now that many explorers were heading towards New Moon Ground too, maybe it wouldn’t be long before New Moon Ground was gentrified.

A feeling of things getting even worse struck Chu Mu. Helpless, Chu Mu pulled Xu Daofeng to the side and started talking about it to him.

“I didn’t want to hide it from you. I came from New Moon Ground to try to make it independent.” Chu Mu said very solemnly to Xu Daofeng.

“Independence of territory!” Xu Daofeng paused.

As a member of Divine Sect, some things he remembered very clearly. Territorial Independence was possible, but the chances of success were very low. Xu Daofeng stared in shock at Chu Mu and asked after a while, “You….. are you King Chu?”

Chu Mu nodded and confirmed.

Immediately, Chu Mu told him about the situation of Li Kuangdeng coming to take over. He also conveyed the idea of New Moon Ground staying sealed off and wanting to be self-governed.

“Cloud realm indeed isn’t a qualified manager.” Xu Daofeng nodded.

Anyone could see that New Moon Ground was never visited in the past. Only when it got developed did Cloud Realm extend a hand over. Such a manager was really just a greedy leech.

“I just saw the territory independence. Now that New Moon Ground is managed by Li Xu, you’re a part of Divine Sect, you should know what I have to have in order to make the territory independent?” Chu Mu said straight forward.

“This….. This is a great matter that affects millions of people. I can’t really do much as a small apprentice. I have to find my Teacher Lu….. However, Brother Chu, you really aren’t joking and want to make your territory independent? If you fail, its a crime similar to trying to split up the empire. More importantly, Li Xu is the owner of Cloud Realm. You wanting to compete against them…..” Xu Daofeng said.

Xu Daofeng was just an apprentice. How would he think that he would pick up a case related to national territory. Not only that, he got this information from a man around the same age as he was!

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