Chapter 1177: The Wanted Chu Tianmang

36 cities. The composition of Cloud City was indeed stunning. Passing through the first city that was no inferior to Tianxia City, the six of them often came to a stop, wanting to see what new and strange things were in Cloud City.

However, completing their matters at hand was the most important and after strolling around a while, they began to inquire about the Devil Soul auction.

Wan Meng’s auction would be in the 24th city. This city’s unique feature was that it was solely a business city. It was rare to see residents or organizations in the 24th city. Instead, the entire place was surrounded by an atmosphere of business transactions. 

There were very few residences in the 24th city and after searching for a while, they finally found a courtyard near the edge of the cliff that seemed like it was going to fall off.

After renting this courtyard, Chu Mu stood in this courtyard where there were mountain steps, and stared in the distance at the tall and sumptuous building. 

The roof of that building was a sculpted dragon lying down. Its eyes were staring in this direction, emanating the auction hall’s lavish, luxurious and powerful nature.

If they wanted the home searching Devil Soul, they would have to find it in this golden auction hall. Right now, they had to find a way to save this Devil Soul from the heavily guarded auction hall. Of course, this would have already been impossible in Wen City. Although it was only a rank higher, there were many more experts in Cloud City than Wen City. 

After arriving in the courtyard, Princess Jinrou floated out into the open. She saw that Chu Mu had a pondering expression and said: “The easiest method is to purchase it. Unfortunately…” 

“Ya.” Chu Mu nodded his head. This was indeed the simplest method. The problem was that they didn’t have sufficient funds. An emperor rank Devil Soul in Wen City was auctioned for 2200 xuan. In Cloud City where there were more people with money, the price would probably be even higher. 

The spectral Jinrou rubbed the head of the small curse fox in her arms, helping Chu Mu think of a method to save the home seeker. 

There were many Devil Souls being auctioned and the dominator Devil Soul knew that saving all of them was practically impossible. The only one she wanted to escape was the home seeker. The other Devil Souls could sign a soul pact with the humans. It didn’t have any other methods. 

Chu Mu’s attention quickly fell on the Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox in Princess Jinrou’s arms. He was a bit confused why this small fellow could touch Princess Jinrou’s body.

Princess Jinrou could see where Chu Mu’s confusion was coming from and explained: “It signed a soul pact with me, so I am able to touch it.” 

Just as Mu Qingyi had said, the little ice fox was indeed the best gift for Princess Jinrou when she awoke. Only a small ice fox like this that was full of spirit would be able to slowly allow her to forget her Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox that she had sacrificed.

“Chu Mu, Chu Mu!” from outside the residence, Ye Wansheng urgently ran in. In his hand was a scroll that looked like a bounty. 

“What is it?” asked Chu Mu.

“Look at the name. It’s Chu Tianmang. And there’s a rough sketch as well.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Chu Mu hastily grabbed the scroll. Having crossed Cloud Gate for a long time now, he finally had information on his father. 

The sketch on the scroll was very simple, but Chu Mu could see that it had Chu Tianmang’s unique characteristics. Added on the name, the person on this scroll was definitely Chu Tianmang. 

“Where did you find it?” said Chu Mu, slightly hastily. 

“This…” Ye Wansheng hesitated a bit before saying: “It was on the wanted list. Moreover, it was a wanted order from Divine Sect.” 

Chu Mu was stunned. Why was his father a wanted criminal? Moreover wanted by Divine Sect? 

“Bring me there.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Wansheng nodded his head and lead the way. 

Princess Jinrou didn’t follow. Her spectral state wasn’t fitting to appear in front of others. 

Passing through the streets that were filled with a thick business atmosphere, Ye Wansheng brought Chu Mu to the wanted house. There was a wanted house in every city, established by the city lord. Divine Sect and the cities would paste their wanted criminals inside the wanted house. Bounty hunters could accept the bounty as long as they could capture the wanted criminal. 

Ye Wansheng had come because he was bored and discovered that the wanted house was rather interesting. Thus, he entered and took a look around. Very surprisingly, he discovered that Chu Tianmang’s name and sketch was hanging on the bright red wall. He accordingly asked for a copy and hastily brought it back for Chu Mu. 

"A reward of 4000 xuan. That’s even higher than a middle class dominator rank xuan item. It’s near the top of the high ranking bounties.” said Ye Wansheng. 

“Who issued the wanted order?” Chu Mu asked the manager of the wanted house. 

“It was Divine Sect’s Official Guan. She just put it up not long ago.” said the manager. 

“Official Lu?” Ye Wansheng seemed to remember something and said: “The teacher of Xu Daofeng seemed to be surnamed Lu. Moreover, her status in Divine Sect does not seem to be low.”

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. A short while ago he had even thought that the female Divine Sect member surnamed Lu was a bit similar to his mother. Yet, not longer after thinking this, she ended up putting his father on a wanted list… 

“The reason for doing so is not written there. I’m sure that many assassins will accept it. 4000 xuan is a huge sum. Chu Mu, why is your father worth so much?” asked Ye Wansheng. 

“I don’t know either.” said Chu Mu. 

From the value of the bounty, Chu Tianmang’s strength was probably above the middle class dominator rank. This surpassed Chu Mu’s previous predictions. 

“Let’s find Xu Daofeng and ask. After all, we had best get to know that fellow. It will make the process of territorial independence easier.” said Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu nodded his head and returned with Ye Wansheng to the mountain courtyard. They planned on finding Xu Daofeng on the second day to inquire about the bounty. 

Not long after they returned, Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi returned with another piece of unfortunate news. 

Mu Qingyi had gone to the city protection’s great general’s residence to find her grandfather, Mu Zuoli. However, Mu Zuoli wasn’t in Cloud City. 

From the Mu General’s army residence, Mu Qingyi learned that her great grandfather, King Mu, who would always roam around seemed to have offended a noble family in Border City. It was currently unknown where he had wandered off to. Additionally, he had been permanently stripped of his territorial possession rights. 

Wang City’s Vice City Lord, Mu Yuanen was presently in Cloud City. He had gone to the Mu Family’s army residence and after learning of this information, had informed Mu Qingyi. 

“Also, third grandfather told me that the Li Family already knows that Li Kuangdeng was killed in New Moon Land. I’m sure that before long, they will send an even stronger person to administer the place.” said Mu Qingyi.

“This King Mu is a bit unreliable. It seems that we can only make the territory independent.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Chu Mu rubbed his temples. It seemed that he had to deal with quite a few things. 

“What’s the matter? Why do you look so anxious.” Ye Qingzi walked up to Chu Mu and softly asked him a question. “Take a look at this.” Chu Mu took out the scroll. 

“This… isn’t this your father? Why… why is he wanted? Moreover wanted by Divine Sect?”

After passing through Cloud Gate, perhaps they still didn’t know exactly how expansive this world was. However, after constantly listening to what others said, Divine Sect was an organization of absolute power. Nobody could disobey or violate their orders!

“4000 xuan. Chu Tianmang is rather valuable.” Bai Yu walked over and smiled as he spoke. 


“Let’s leave aside the matter of independence for now, at least until I reach the spirit dominator rank. As for the Devil Soul matter, we need to think of some clever plan that won’t cause too much of a disturbance. Finally, I will ask Xu Daofeng about this tomorrow.” said Chu Mu.

Everyone knew that Chu Mu was worried about his father and didn’t say anything. The Devil Soul matter wasn’t actually that difficult. If everyone thought a bit harder, they would be able to ultimately find a solution. 


On the morning of the second day, Chu Mu left the residence. The only one going with him was Ye Qingzi.

Divine Sect didn’t have any private palaces in Cloud City. Instead, they rented an elegant mansion that provided a residence. 

After inquiring, they found that there were not more than ten Divine Sect members in Cloud City. Thus, building their own palace in Cloud City for these few people was indeed too wasteful.

Chu Mu’s search led him to the 17th city.

The 17th city was practically made up of only huge manor-like mansions and courts. As far as they could see, the entire city was adorned in flower gardens, forests, azure mountains and lakes. 

“Haha, this is perfect. I was just thinking of how to find you. Come in, come in.” Xu Daofeng was very cordial and friendly. He personally came to the entrance to welcome Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

The two of them followed him into the reception hall. The Divine Sect member surnamed Lu didn’t seem to be there. There were only a few subordinates walking through the corridors. 

“I won’t hide it from the two of you, but I have something I would like to request.” Xu Daofeng quickly got to the point. Before Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had even spoken, this fellow had made a request first. 

“What’s the matter?” asked Chu Mu.

“It’s like this. Us Divine Sect practice disciples must pass an exam to become genuine Divine Sect members. In this exam, there will be fire poison, which is the thing that counters my soul pet the most. With the fire poison there, my soul pet’s strength will be decreased by a half. This exam which I was initially confident of passing has now become extremely iffy. I’ve been searching everywhere to purchase medicinal items that can suppress fire items. However, the effects of those medicines are too low, the amount is too little or it is unreasonably expensive…” 

“You want my wife to help you concoct a medicinal item that can defend against fire poison?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, exactly!” Xu Daofeng immediately nodded his head and spoke a bit embarrassedly. Asking someone he had just met for help was a bit rude. 

Ye Qingzi had already in the past helped concoct many ice type spirit items that suppressed high temperature souls for Chu Mu. Thus, the matter of the fire poison was very easy for her.

Since the other party had already made a request of him, Chu Mu could take advantage of this and establish a closer relationship while also inquiring about news of his father. 

“I have all the materials. How long does Young Lady Ye need? Is five days enough? I need to take the exam in five days.” Xu Daofeng saw that the two of them agreed and immediately let out a smile. 

“Give me the materials and you can send someone to fetch it tomorrow.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Eh…. that fast?” Xu Daofeng was a bit shocked. However, he quickly realized that the woman in front of him probably had extremely high xuan methods. He hastily added: “Then… I will come myself to collect it tomorrow. Where do you guys live?” 

“In Manyu Mountain Courtyard in the 24th City’s southern side.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. He didn’t immediately ask about what he wanted to know. Instead, he planned on inquiring about it tomorrow when he came himself. Thus, he wouldn’t seem rude nor would he seem suspicious. 

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