Chapter 1173: Charming the Entire City, Evil Good Queen (2)

“What is that thing?” Border Commander Wu Zhen opened his eyes wide, and looked at the stunning blood array in the air.

Why did he happen to encounter such a strange and outlandish opponent this fight? The powerful fox noble with purple flames was a creature Wu Zhen had never seen before. This was the same for the silver colored devil flame devil man. And now, the captivating red colored blood flower array imprinted in the sky above the city also didn’t belong to the range of human knowledge.

Wu Zhen had never encountered such a strange enemy before, but for some reason, when that blood colored flower array appeared, Wu Zhen smelled an exceptionally wonderful fragrance that was laced with extreme danger. 

All of the plants in the city mysteriously erupted into red colored bouquets of flowers while the tops of the trees transformed into red colors. The red color was gorgeous and seductive, the brightness and neatness was alluring. Yet, it was also terrifying and striking, like blood that carried the hue of death.

Pollen began to slowly pervade the air above the city, and the dominator rank creatures greedily breathed it into their lungs.

The Evil Good Queen let out a smile that was capable of making every person go crazy. Instantly, an evil aura enshrouded the dominator rank creatures that had breathed in the most amount of pollen.

The evil energy was capable of causing a creature to go berserk. For example, the Slaughter Beast back then which body had begun to ulcerate as more savage weapons began to grow out of its body. It had then berserkly charged into the enemy’s formation while letting out a ruthless roar.

“What’s happening… what is your soul pet doing!” Wu Chi saw a Sword Tooth Shadow Sable pounce at him and he immediately let out an angry roar. 

“I… I can’t control it. My soul pet…” that Border Soldier’s face was incomparably pale. His incapability to order his soul pet meant that it had defected. As he watched his Sword Tooth Shadow Sable violate his orders and attack his team members, this Border Soldier was so scared he began to tremble. 

“Senior… my soul pet isn’t listening to my orders!!” another Border Soldier immediately cried out. 

Instantly, among the pseudo dominators, half of them began to go crazy, berserkly attacking the other half of the pseudo dominators. The low class dominator rank soul pets were in a much better state, comparatively. However, not many people were able to maintain a calm mind and fight in the face of this terrifying group control technique. 

The blackish-brown hunter’s leader surveyed the chaotic situation around him, and then turned his attention to his own team members. 

Fortunately, it didn’t seem like their soul pets had been controlled and the leader discovered that most of the soul pets that had been controlled were those with weak mental resistances. Moreover, these were the creatures that had been enshrouded in the aroma earlier. 

The leader glanced at the demonically enchanting figure in the blood red flower array and his mind rapidly spun. He wanted to find information about this creature from Divine Sect’s ancient record on strange soul pets. 

The three great creatures that had appeared in Wen City were all extremely strange. The nine tailed creature with angry purple flame powers that surpassed the Rock Wing Dragon, the terrifying devil person with devil flames that resembled both a human and a devil as well as the flower type savage creature in the strange blood diagram had never been seen before. 

However, there probably weren’t any records of them even in Divine Sect’s most complete book. 

Border Commander Wu Zhen’s expression grew increasingly unsightly. This purple colored nine tailed creature was already extremely hard to deal with, but now a charming creature that could control pseudo dominators had appeared. He had never encountered a fight that was this difficult before! 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie let out a provocative cry, as her silver eyes targeted the Rock Wing Dragon.

Her fight with the Rock Wing Dragon hadn’t ended yet. Mo Xie felt obligated to crush this stupid rock dragon into the ground so that not an ounce of its temper was left. 

Of course, the middle class emperor rank Aerial Listening Demon participating in this fight was something Mo Xie was exactly looking for. Besides the petrification technique, the Rock Wing Dragon posed no genuine threat to her. She even looked down on its other abilities since they were incapable of allowing Mo Xie to enjoy the fight. 

Wu Zhen didn’t have the Aerial Listening Demon and Rock Wing Dragon join hands to fight Mo Xie. Although Wu Zhen had realized his Rock Wing Dragon probably was not this nine tailed creature’s opponent, the Rock Wing Dragon’s defenses would allow it to resist alone for another period of time.

As for the middle class dominator Aerial Listening Demon, Wu Zhen sent it to fight the strange creature in the blood flower array. 

Wu Zhen knew that this was a creature with extremely powerful mental control abilities. Only the Aerial Listening Demon had a chance of breaking its technique. 

After the Aerial Listening Demon was given its order, it hopped through the sky. Anywhere its four limbs pushed off in the sky, a mysterious ripple would appear. 

The Aerial Listening Demon hid itself very well. It could use its mental strength to destroy the controlling energy over those pseudo dominators. However, destroying a single controlling strand of energy would expend a large amount of the Aerial Listening Demon’s mental powers. Thus, its eyes locked onto the blood flower array formed by interweaving blood red flowers and it used its invisibility ability to slowly approach the array.

The Evil Good Queen that radiated breathtaking charm stood at the very top. Her eyes surveyed the soul pets under her control and her pupils flashed with mockery and disdain. 

This amount of enemies was futile. Unless they were able to find a method of resisting her Flower Soul Control, those with low mental resistance abilities would be controlled by her. Moreover, if she wanted to, it was possible for her to control a middle class dominator rank creature. 

In Wanxiang City, the Evil Good Queen had needed to set up a flower array to control the Slaughter Beast and brainwash it. 

However, her power had risen since and most of this increase had manifested in her mental control abilities. 

 “Oh? A middle class dominator rank demon? It came just at the right time.” the Evil Good Queen’s eyes twinkled and her captivating red lips curved into a sexy smile. 

The Evil Good Queen’s mental power had its limits and could not control an additional middle class dominator while controlling nearly 20 pseud dominator creatures. 

She waved her hand and recalled all of the Flower Soul Controls. She placed her attention solely on the Aerial Listening Demon as it attempted to launch a sneak attack on her. 

The Aerial Listening Demon was still slowly approaching, but it didn’t know that the woman in the blood flower array had set up a terrifying trap and was quietly waiting for this middle class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon to fall into it. 



The Rock Wing Dragon was once more fiercely pummeled into the ground. The moment it hit the ground, a ball of angry purple colored flames launched down after. 

The Rock Wing Dragon hastily used its wings to block. While it was able to block the impact of the flames, it was unable to block the terrifying high temperature burning. 

Flames once again caused the Rock Wing Dragon’s skin to crack as it let out a series of howls. It tossed about from the pain from the flames.

Border Commander Wu Zhen’s expression was incomparably dark. He had initially thought that the Rock Wing Dragon would be able to resist for another period of time; however, the nine tailed creature ended up having many more powerful techniques and after being continuously struck by them, the Rock Wing Dragon with powerful defenses was unable to keep going. 

Border Commander Wu Zhen’s heart sank and he intentionally glanced at the Aerial Listening Demon. 

As long as the Aerial Listening Demon was able to get rid of the creature in the blood flower array and all the dominator rank creatures were able to join hands again and surround them, there would be a high chance they won this fight. 


A buzzing noise suddenly rang in Border Commander Wu Zhen’s mind. His mind and soul were simultaneously attacked. 

Wu Zhen felt a wave of panic. He hastily searched out with his soul remembrance, and abruptly felt some enticing power rapidly eating away at his Aerial Listening Demon. Moreover, it was cutting away at the mental connection between Wu Zhen and his Aerial Listening Demon bit by bit. 

Wu Zhen let out a cold sweat from the panic of the sudden mental control. 

He hastily chanted an incantation to recall the middle class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon into its soul pet space. 

However, frighteningly, the Aerial Listening Demon was resisting!! 

Wu Zhen’s heart went even colder. He gritted his teeth and didn’t spare a large amount of soul power to forcibly recall his Aerial Listening Demon to its soul pet space. 

The intentions of resistance gradually grew weaker against Wu Zhen’s unyielding force. Ultimately, Wu Zhen was able to successfully recall the Aerial Listening Demon to its soul pet space. However, the enormous amount of soul power he had to spend this time left him incapable of summoning another soul pet. 

Sweat began to drip down Wu Zhen’s head, as he frighteningly stared at the blood flower array.

A little bit more, and his Aerial Listening Demon would have defected!!

Wu Zhen found it very hard to believe that there was such a terrifying creature in this world that was capable of enticing a middle class dominator so that it would violate its soul pact and listen to another’s orders. 

“Who… who on earth are you!!!” Wu Zhen’s expression went ashen as he humiliated and angrily pointed and roared at the silver masked Chu Mu.

Anyone that was able to raise such turmoil in Wen city and force him into such circumstances could not be some nameless person!

Chu Mu didn’t respond and he didn’t zealously continue to fight. Instead, he flew to the others. 

Chu Mu swept his gaze across and discovered that Bai Yu, Mu Qingyi and Ye Wansheng had once more been surrounded by a large group of dominator ranks. He couldn’t help but crease his brows. 

Those pseudo dominators that had initially been under control had recovered their autonomy. They were exerting pressure now on Bai Yu on the others. The Evil Good Queen could evidently protect them, yet was not doing so. This made Chu Mu very unhappy. 

A wave of annoyance rose in the Evil Good Queen’s heart when Chu Mu questioned her. She was disgusted with Chu Mu’s tone, and even more disgusted with his criticism and ordering. 

The Evil Good Queen threw a glance at Wu Zhen. A trace of pity appeared on her beautiful face. Just a little bit more and that middle class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon would have listened to her orders. 

She knew that there wasn’t much hope left in controlling that middle class dominator rank demon, and could only float down from the sky and land in front of Chu Mu.

“That Aerial Listening Demon attacked me.” the Evil Good Queen wore a wronged and pitiful expression. However, her charming eyes were looking from side to side and one look would make someone else feel very restless. 

To the side, Mu Qingyi heard the Evil Good Queen use such a seductive and coy tone to speak to Chu Mu. She couldn’t help but coldly sneer, silently wondering how such a shameless woman could exist in this world. 

The grievances between Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi and Empress Concubine Yu Suo were not small. Mu Qingyi’s Evernight Emperor had died in her plot. Thus, the hatred she had for Yu Suo was not just a normal level of hatred. 

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