Chapter 1172: Charming the Entire City, Evil Good Queen (1)

The rebirthed Crown Phoenix King beat its wings at a rapid pace, making the flaming vortex more savage. The four people attempting to take down Mu Qingyi suffered from the ruthless burning of the ardent flames.

The silver noble fox was extremely fast. It was so fast that it practically flashed by. Immediately after, the nine savage and enormous tails swept through Wu Xu, and the eight other soul pet trainers.

Wu Xu and another low class dominator suffered from the attack first. Their techniques had already used defensive techniques, but their defenses were instantly shattered!!

“Ge zhi”.... Their skeletons were smashed as the two low class dominator soul pets were knocked over twenty kilometers away. They flew from the middle city to the the inner city, knocking down countless buildings before finally coming to a stop.

The other pseudo dominators weren’t left much better. Each one of them was hit by a tail, and they were knocked to a corner of the city. 

Wu Xu wasn’t riding on his soul pet, but when he saw his soul pet instantly fly over ten kilometers without being able to resist at all, he was stunned. 

“This… this is the purple flame soul pet that injured Senior Border Commander’s Rock Wing Dragon!” cold sweat was dripping down the soul pet trainers next to Wu Xu.

Everyone had witnessed the Rock Wing Dragon’s might. This was a genuinely unsurpassable expert. However, the creature in front of them was able to even injure the Rock Wing Dragon. Their pseudo dominator and low class dominators would be unable to stop it. 

“Are you okay?” Chu Mu looked at Mu Qingyi and asked. 

Chu Mu had also witnessed the rebirth in the flames of fire. However, en route, he had been interfered with by the Rock Wing Demon so he had been a bit slow. 

Mu Qingyi nodded her head and glanced at Bai Yu, saying: “He’s having more trouble over there.” 

“Follow me. Let’s group up first.” said Chu Mu.

While Chu Mu had been delayed by the Rock Wing Dragon, it had also been injured by Mo Xie. Before recovering, Wu Zhen probably wouldn’t rashly charge at him. Even if he did, Mo Xie wouldn’t have much trouble suppressing it. 

“More and more people are gathering here. We had best charge out.” said Mu Qingyi.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He didn’t say anything more. He glanced behind to see if the Rock Wing Dragon was chasing before urging Mo Xie to run towards Bai Yu.

The Spectral Princess Jinrou was following beside Bai Yu, being protected by the Ice Pupil Unicorn. 

Bai Yu had attracted the most enemies, because everyone in Wen City knew of the famous silver devil now. Thus, there were probably many people that wanted to take revenge for those who had died. 

When Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi quickly approached Bai Yu, the Rock Wing Dragon began to chase after them once again.

However, this time, the Rock Wing Dragon wasn’t alone. On either side of it were two creatures with rather powerful auras. One of them was a middle class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon while the other was the Vine Beast which Wu Zhen had been controlling earlier. 

The middle class dominator Aerial Listening Demon and Vine Beast were evidently Wu Zhen’s two other main pets. As he flew here, ten other blackish-brown hunters and twenty Wen City dominator rank experts were flying as well.

Seeing the gathering of experts, Chu Mu’s heart also sank.

“There are a total of 50 dominator rank experts.” the spectral Jinrou saw Chu Mu come to help and softly spoke to him.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” Chu Mu could see that Princess Jinrou was worried and ashamed. He forced a smile and consoled her. 

The middle class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon wouldn’t be easy to deal with. He hesitated before ultimately chanting an incantation. 

His first soul pact opened and a holy blue light appeared in front of him. It quickly morphed into various colored flower petals. Each of these flower petals drifted through the air, colorfully drawing out a graceful and elegant silhouette. 

“How many pseudo dominators can you control?” Chu Mu asked Yu Suo who was wearing a golden mask. 

Mo Xie would be able to deal with Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon, Aerial Listening Demon, and Vine Beast. If she couldn’t, Chu Mu himself would fight the Vine Beast. However, the fifty dominator rank experts wouldn’t be easy to deal with. 

Perhaps if they just rushed straight forwards, they would be able to break out of the siege. Indeed, Mo Xie had absolute strength which even the Rock Wing Demon didn’t dare block. However, if one of them fell behind, they would be in danger because there was no way for them to turn around and save this person.

Thus, from a safety perspective, Chu Mu ultimately summoned Yu Suo. This woman’s fighting strength was very strong and her techniques were outlandish. They had a great effect on pseudo dominators. 

When Yu Suo was summoned, her flashing eyes stared at the Spectral Princess with a trace of jealousy. 

The dominator rank Devil Soul had unexpectedly signed a soul pact with this half-dead person. If Yu Suo was able to steal it, and feed it to the Evil Good Queen, the Evil Good Queen would definitely be able to raise an entire phase. If this happened, Chu Mu’s soul pact and seal would no longer have any binding effects on her. 

“There are too many. I suggest that you release the second soul pact and let me use my full power.” said Yu Suo.

Yu Suo truly didn’t know which wires in this fellow’s head were crossed. This was a sixth rank realm city and now was a time when numerous dominator rank experts from other cities were gathered here. Yet, he still dared sweep through the city during this time. Was this any different than seeking death? 

Chu Mu was able to release and recall the second soul pact’s seal as he pleased. Thinking of the present circumstances, Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and chanted an incantation, releasing the second soul pact’s seal. 

The Evil Good Flower Queen was sleeping in Chu Mu’s second soul pact. When Chu Mu released the seal, Yu Suo’s eyes instantly flickered with a captivating red light. It was imposing, evil and demonic! 

Two sides had appeared on the holy blue flower petals. The left side was a holy blue color while the right was a captivating red color. Her long stream of purple hair also became an evil, angry red! 

Her long hair fluttered in the air, transforming into terrifying flower vines that noiselessly pierced through the air. Behind the Evil Good Queen, they formed an enormous and terrifying blood flower array, accentuating the elegance and demonic nature of the Evil Good Queen’s ostentatious and enchanting figure. 

The Evil Good Queen knew very well that she could likely appear among Cloud Realm’s ruling classes, so she released this enormous blood flower array to prevent Wen City’s people from seeing her true appearance. It was like Mo Xie who had continuously covered herself in angry purple flames, forcing Border Commander Wu Zhen to guess that she was a fox species dominator. 

“What… what joke is this. Chu Mu genuinely released that woman!!” not far away, Ye Wansheng looked with shock at the captivating and enormous bloody flower in the sky. 

Mu Qingyi and Bai Yu both simultaneously looked at the Evil Good Queen. The terrifying shadow of the Evil Good Queen was still lingering in their memories and they couldn’t get rid of it. Now that this queen who radiated in evil had appeared, they were still a bit afraid. 

“Chu Mu… can you control her?” Bai Yu ultimately couldn’t help but ask. 

Back then, if it wasn’t for Mo Xie having a species mutation, mutating into the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor, nobody in New Moon Land would be able to fight against the heaven-defyingly powerful Evil Good Queen.

Mu Qingyi was looking at Chu Mu and although she didn’t say anything, she also thought Chu Mu was playing with fire. 

Summoning Yu Suo was fine since this woman may be calculative, but her strength was limited. Chu Mu was able to completely control her. 

However, letting this woman transform into the Evil Good Queen was a completely different thing. One small mistake, and she would defect. Then, they would be embroiled in another terrifying disaster. 

“We’ll talk about it if we’re able to leave this place.” Chu Mu didn’t say anything further. 

Summoning the Evil Good Queen was indeed a risk, but they had to face all of Wen City’s dominator rank experts. If they wanted to escape unscathed, they genuinely had to rely on the Evil Good Queen’s strength. Chu Mu could only hope that the seal Old Han had taught him would be of use, causing the Evil Good Queen to gradually draw closer to his soul. 

“Master, who do I deal with? That stupid Rock Wing Dragon?” the Evil Good Queen raised her half-moon shaped eyebrows and didn’t hide her seductive charm as she spoke to Chu Mu.

“Take note of that middle class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon, then help Bai Yu deal with those low class dominators and pseudo dominators.” Chu Mu ignored this woman’s flirtatious gaze. 

After transforming into the Evil Good Queen, Yu Suo’s character would also change. Chu Mu had already prepared his mind. During the fight, he would definitely watch her. This woman had too many schemes, and couldn’t be left too much alone. 

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