Chapter 1171: Crown Phoenix King, Reborn in Battle

“Chu Mu, we’re at our limits!” Chu Mu was just about to launch a counter-attack when Ye Wansheng’s mental voice came from afar.

Mu Qingyi and Ye Wansheng’s fighting strength were limited. Bai Yu was already fighting 10 by himself, but the enemy count was constantly on the rise, causing them to fall into a disadvantage.

Chu Mu glanced at the Rock Wing Dragon, and had to tell Mo Xie to let go of this opportunity to go towards Bai Yu.

There were five low class dominator ranks, and 10 pseudo dominator ranks surrounding him. Bai Yu already summoned his Ice Pupil Unicorn to fight alongside him. Yet, he still didn’t have time to even catch a breather as many more wounds had appeared on his body.

Of course, the fifteen dominator ranks weren’t very comfortable either. All their souls were burnt to a certain extent. Those who’ve heard about the half devil also had fear of him.

The other five dominator ranks were dealt with by Mu Qingyi and Ye wansheng. However, as Chu Mu fought Wu Zhen, many dark brown hunters and border soldiers joined to target Ye Wansheng and Mu Qingyi to try to get them first.

Ye Wansheng was sneaky. Realizing what was wrong, he quickly started running around in the city alleyways like crazy, leading the four dominator ranks on a wild goose chase that bought a lot of time.

Mu Qingyi used her crown phoenix king and Bai Yu to deal with a border general. However, that border general quickly called over 4 border soldiers and another border general to surround Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi already had to retract her weaker White Tiger back into her soul pet space.

White tiger was only a pseudo dominator rank. If they were attacked by low class dominator rank attacks, they definitely would get killed. The crown phoenix king, after having reincarnated, was much stronger than even normal low class dominator ranks. If she couldn’t win, she also started buying time for Chu Mu to come help.

Chu Mu glanced at the chased Ye Wansheng who was far away. His multi-colored devil tiger was quite nimble, and he wasn’t chased by any low class dominator ranks. He should be fine for now. Chu Mu started an incantation and summoned Dead Dream, telling Dead Dream to help Ye Wansheng get rid of the troublesome situation while he went towards Mu Qingyi.


“Where did the kid go, he really is good at running. Once we catch him, I’m ripping down that Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s skin and using it as a saddle!” A border soldier with a stubbled chin spit and said vulgarly. 

This Border Sodier was riding a Bloodsucking Devil Bug. The bug wasn’t very fast. After chasing full circle once, he realized he was being played with and naturally got frustrated.

“This direction!” The border soldier nearby riding the spatial listening demon said.

The spatial listening demon had outstanding senses. It was impossible for an enemy to escape its ears’ detection.

The Aerial Listening Demon led the charge, drawing a string of afterimages through a curved street. After flying over a flower garden, the aerial listening demon caught sight of the multi-colored devil tiger again.

The Spatial Listening Demon laughed. The multi-colored devil tiger and the kid no longer dared to move because they knew that not far ahead, another group of border soldiers and generals were coming. Though they haven’t found him yet, going further was definitely giving himself up.

“Hahaha, let’s see where you can go. This winter, we can stay very warm.” The vulgar border soldier caught up.

The blood sucking devil bug’s body nearly blocked the entire vast streetside. Its body’s blood sucking tentacles were like grass as they grappled onto the walls on each side, swiftly approaching Ye Wansheng and his soul pets’ writhing.

Ye Wansheng looked vigilantly at the four of them, but in his mind he was cursing how Chu Mu was sexist, going to Mu Qingyi instead of him first.

The multi-colored devil tiger could, at most, defeat two normal pseudo dominator ranks. Only from aura, he could already tell that the stubbled chin border soldier’s bloodsucking devil bug wasn’t any weaker than his tiger, let alone the other three combined.

Ye Wansheng had nowhere to run anymore and was ready to accept capture by retracting his soul pet.

At this moment, a dark purple fairy butterfly suddenly landed on his shoulder, letting out a slight glow.

At first, Ye Wansheng didn’t notice, and was about to chant an incantation to retract his multi colored devil tiger when suddenly all the plants on this street started withering away, secretly replaced with dark purple leaves.

Ye wansheng saw the withering and immediately realized what was happening, breaking into a broad smile.

“You have the nerve to laugh still? I’ll make sure you won’t even be able to cry later!” The vulgar border soldier said viciously.

The Blood Sucking tendrils were already near Ye Wansheng. He decisively commanded his Multi Colored Devil Tiger to attack to rip apart these tendrils.

Seeing him still trying to resist, the others immediately welled forth.

As the four dominator ranks pounced forward, the nearby dark purple leaves suddenly all revealed eyes that blinked with a deadly glow.


The plants instantly became leafless as all the dark purple leaves became bringers of darkness. They had the elegance and beauty of butterflies, yet the cold and murderous intent of vampire bats!

This entire street was instantly filled with dark purple fairy butterflies. All the butterflies started generating a powerful arc between them, constantly bouncing between any of the butterflies, getting stronger after every bounce.

The dead lightning was frying everything. The densely packed electricity hit the four soul pet trainers before they could react, burning their flesh before they could put up any defenses.


The electricity passed through the entire street area like dark purple pythons.

The dominator ranks within the electricity couldn’t even let out a cry of pain as they fell to the ground crippled by the lightning.

Some lingering thunders darted across their bodies, causing their bodies to shiver a few more times. The vulgar border solider’s face was completely black now. He was the only one that wasn’t unconscious after the electricity. He wanted to yell out for help towards the nearby border soldiers and generals.

However, this was when Ye Wansheng walked up mischievously and planted a kick squarely on his face.

“I will spare your lives graciously!” Ye Wansheng kicked their faces one by one, before riding off on his Multi Colored Devil Tiger.


On another direction, Mu Qingyi wasn’t nearly as relaxed as Ye Wansheng.

It was unsure whether it was a gender difference, but Mu Qingyi had way more enemies around her. After Ye Wansheng lead four dominator ranks away, another low class dominator rank and four pseudo dominator ranks appeared around her.

Adding on the low class dominator rank from before, there were two low class dominator anks and nearly seven pseudo dominator ranks attacking Mu Qingyi!

“Your phoenix is out of fighting strength, just surrender!” Border General Wu Xu said.

Wu Xu was indeed outstanding amongst his age, causing him to have many worshippers, including female ones.

Wu Xu, at his age, also had a strong desire for women and had high standards.

He was originally trying to woo an ancient clan’s princess and was about to succeed when the city got into trouble. He had to come to participate in the capture against his will.

However, Wu Xu didn’t expect that there would be a beauty riding a golden phoenix amongst the criminals. Although the mask covered her face, as an experienced playboy, he could easily tell this female soul pet trainer was extremely beautiful.

Wu Xu was rather tender towards beautiful women so he didn't tell his subordinates to kill her, instead trying to convince her to surrender.

Of course, Wu Xu’s so called “giving up” was more like surrendering all control to him.

Mu Qingyi stood at the street corner. Her crown phoenix king had already become a small glob of golden flames that gradually weakened by Mu Qingyi’s side.

A phoenix becoming flames meant it had dwindling life force. Wu Xu knew this clearly. Mu Qingyi no longer had the power to go against him.

However, from Mu Qingyi’s gaze, one could tell that she didn’t want to just give up fighting. Instead, she stood her ground calmly. One could almost see her cold yet proud face through the mask.

Wu Xu didn't’ say much more. Waving his hand, he told his subordinates to capture Mu Qingyi.

Four dominator ranks appeared at the same time, they went straight through the golden flames, wanting to trap Mu Qingyi with restricting techniques.

At this time, Mu Qingyi’s eyes suddenly flashed blue, as she gazed at the flames of the crown phoenix king!


A phoenix call echoed through the skies. The golden flames suddenly spread outwards in a golden whirlpool that burned the four dominator rank organisms!

These four soul pet trainers were all defenseless and were burned by the powerful flames as they quickly dashed away in panic.

Within the golden flame whirlpool, the crown phoenix king’s body was quickly reforged in the burning flames, the flame-like feathers returning to their former sheen!

“Phoenix Species Rebirth!!!!” Wu Xu’s pale face was lit golden, showing his shock!

Phoenix species were known for reincarnating because it meant a breakthrough in strength and change of bloodline. Rebirth was just being reborn after death.

However, phoenixes were very rare. Those able to reincarnate or have rebirth techniques were even rarer.

Finishing a rebirth in battle was a whole different concept. This technique was different even from Zhan Ye’s broken limb rebirth.

Zhan Ye’s broken limb rebirth was finished when it was heavily wounded. Its life force couldn’t be too low and it can’t die. Otherwise, it’ll either be slow or be unavailable.

Yet, a phoenix species’ Battleflame Rebirth didn't have these restrictions. Even if it were killed, it could still be reborn.

In fact, even when faced against enemies many times stronger, the crown phoenix king could stop one attack with this technique, because no matter how powerful the attack was, it could only kill the phoenix once.

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