Chapter 1170 One Battle For The Win, Mo Xie vs Wing Dragon (2)


Mo Xie landed lightly at the tip of a structure, and let out a taunting call to Rock Wing Dragon.

The demon cloud and angry purple flames still shrouded its body. Wu Zheng wanted to see these soul pets’ real figure but  only saw a general outline of it. And, by his recognition, there was only a few organisms with nine tails, all different from this purple fox supreme.

Rock Wing Dragon wasn’t that easily defeated. Its rock scale armor protected its body and caused Mo Xie’s flames to be unable to intrude.

Now that the rock wing dragon’s outer skin had fallen, Wu Zhen would definitely have to be more careful.


The rock wing dragon stood on the tower top and roared towards Mo Xie. Its wings suddenly opened and the nearby structures were lifted up by some mysterious force!

The entire street area, upwards to luxurious shops and down to courtyards, slowly floated up with the rock wing dragon’s wing flaps and started revolving around it.

With the rock dragon’s roars, all the rooms were slammed towards the high tower where Mo Xie was at!

The rock type shockwave was always very powerful. Mo Xie stepped on space and moved between the high speed rocks. Her figure was hard to capture as she dodged all attacks no matter how densely they came.

The structures occasionally crashed together in the sky, creating massive explosions of dirt, rocks, and shrapnel that covered the city area.

The Rock Wing Dragon still flapped its wings. Everything rock in the surroundings became its weapons that were hurtled towards Mo Xie.

All the structures that were used in the rock type techniques were a hundred fold heavier than their original weight. If any building hit, even dominator rank organisms would get smashed into meat.

“Are you trying to demolish the entire city?” Chu Mu looked at the buildings that constantly flew into the air and mocked.

There were over a hundred buildings in the air now. This terrifying scene caused everyone to go and hide in basements.

Yet, even in deep basements, the weight of the empowered buildings would cause heavy quakes through the ground and send dust flying, threatening to collapse underground rooms too.

Wu Zhen’s face fell. No matter how the rock wing dragon controlled rocks, it couldn’t hit the purple fox supreme. This caused a hint of impatience in Border Commander Wu Zhen.

“It’s not time to get excited yet. You think my rock wing dragon only has this much power?” Wu Zhen humphed and gave rock wing dragon a command.

The rock wing dragon’s cruel eyes suddenly flashed. This flash of light was grey, like a ghostly light from a corpse.

This grey gaze fell on Mo Xie. Though Mo Xie didn’t know what the technique was, she felt danger and quickly leaped away from the ten meter tall broken water fountain she was near.

After dodging the technique, Chu Mu instinctively looked back, and found that when the grey gaze fell on the water fountain, the water suddenly stopped flowing.

The clean water quickly became muddied and slowly became mud. What normally was a crystal clear statue suddenly got covered in muddiness and hardened, becoming a rock statue.

Not only that, with the water fountain as center, the grey petrifying energy spread along the green granite floor, causing the street, trees, signs, houses….. To all turn into stone!

Though Mo Xie dodged the direct petrification, the spreading energy still quickly jumped from Mo Xie’s feet onto her. Just as Mo Xie was about to leap away, her four feet were suddenly rooted as grey petrification energy went onto Mo Xie’s silver body!


Mo Xie let out an angry call, and released all her purple flames to use her demon aura and flames to stop the petrification!

Chu Mu looked at Mo Xie’s limbs, and his eyebrows knit up.

Chu Mu had seen petrification before; it was one of Evil Good Queen’s techniques. However, the Evil Good Queen’s petrification petrified one’s soul, and was only useful on living beings. It was a mental technique that wasn't really rock type.

Yet, this rock wing dragon’s petrification could turn everything into rock, including flesh. As long as the energy spread, everything became brittle rock. That way, one attack or shockwave could shatter the petrified objects!

"Hahaha, let’s see how you dodge now! I’ll destroy your soul pet’s limbs first!” Wu Zhen laughed out.

The Rock Wing Dragon flapped its wings once, and sent a ripple of rock type energy outwards!

This rock type energy may not be very powerful in upright destruction but it had a terrifying effect which was it could shatter anything rock related!

“Beng!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!”

Wherever the shockwave passed, everything petrified became powder. This caused even the dominator rank experts flying nearby to leave further away.

Houses were getting disintegrated as the storm swiftly approached Mo Xie.

Seeing everything become dust, Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Mo Xie pulled her tail out at this moment. RIght before the shattering energy reached her, she slammed her tail into the petrified ground around her and broke free of the terrifyingly strong rocks. Wrapping her tails around a high tower far away, she forcefully pulled her body out from the ground.


The shattering energy was right before her. The moment she left the ground, everything left behind was shattered. The limb-petrified Mo Xie barely escaped through the storm of powder using her tail.

The high tower stood over all the tidy rooms.

The nine silver tails came from up downwards and wrapped around the high tower, leaving a huge chunk behind on the streets.


Mo Xie let out a call and stood angrily on the building top.

The petrifying energy already slowly left her legs, but she barely escaped her limbs becoming the powder before her eyes.

“You have nowhere to dodge, I’ll make you and your buddies rocks!” Wu Zhen smiled and stared viciously.

The rock wing dragon’s body sank into a crouch, before suddenly pushing and darting into the air, opening up its wings!

Its grey eyes looked over the shattered city area as the petrification glow again appeared!


The petrification energy quickly started spreading on the tower Mo Xie was on.

The fences at the foot of the tower became stone and slowly creeped upwards, petrifying floor by floor.

Mo Xie knew how powerful this petrification was. She immediately leaped into the sky and didn’t touch any object.

However, this petrification energy wasn’t that simple. As long as the petrification was within range, even airborne objects could be petrified.

Mo Xie started running, as the petrifying energy was in close pursuit.

Chu Mu looked at the half devil Bai Yu fighting many dominator ranks far away, and his brows furrowed even more.

If this energy kept on spreading, Ye Wansheng, Mu Qingyi, and Bai Yu would all get petrified.

“Mo Xie, try seal break!” Chu Mu knew he couldn’t back off anymore, and said to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie nodded and her rapidly running body suddenly stood still in place.

The silver moon imprint on her head blossomed and a blinding moonlight quickly gathered on Mo Xie’s claws.

Seal break!

Mo Xie’s claws swung out, and the moonlight became five slashes of light, ripping through the air and ground to create long arcs that flew towards the petrification energy!

The petrification energy was mere hundred meters away. Yet, when it hit Mo Xie’s Moonlight Claws, the grey energy was immediately dissolved!

The light slowly spread with the five claw marks. Wherever the light reached, things petrified were quickly returned to their original form. It was like pouring water over a dirty surface, washing away dirt to return their original appearance.

“It’s effective!” Seeing this, Chu Mu’s eyes lit up.

Clearly, this rock wing dragon’s petrification was a seal type technique, a rock type seal that was rather rare.

“Wuwuwu~~~”Mo Xie let out an excited call too.

Since it was a sealing technique, Mo Xie was happy. Unless they were very far apart in seal power, no technique could stop Mo Xie!

After mutating so many times and getting a new species ability every time, Mo Xie had more flexibility and freedom in battling than any other organism.

Without the petrification, the rock wing dragon was just a thick skinned beast. Mo Xie could make sure she wasn’t even touched once in the battle.


Mo Xie lifted her head and called towards the moonlight.

Her forehead silver mark blossomed with even more light, as if a silver moon falling onto earth.

The beautiful glow filled the petrified room.

Everything covered in grey was cleaned by the pureset light. The green marble floors, white buildings, green trees…….

The petrification was all reverted to their original form, causing Wu Zhen’s expression to sour. He was getting more and more confused at just what organism this was. Not only did it have so many types, it had overpowered techniques that could defeat his rock wing dragon’s most powerful petrification!

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