Chapter 1169: One Fight to Determine the Winner, Mo Xie vs. Wing Dragon (1)

The Rock Wing Dragon’s body was circling the sky. Its sharp eyes were coldly peering down on the city district. 

“They are about to enter the middle city soon.” Wan Meng and Lin Li followed behind Border Commander Wu Zhen and spoke somewhat anxiously. 

The blackish-brown hunters were deployed through the middle city, but from the strength they just displayed, relying on solely the blackish-brown hunters to stop them wasn’t a reality. Indeed, half of the hunters had been lost when they severely injured the Devil Soul Leader. THus, they were incapable of using the mental demon array again. 

A gorgeous angry purple colored cloud floated above the city. People felt as if they could almost touch it. The demon clouds represented the domain of the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor. 

The demon clouds continuously pressed down to give its enemies a feeling of pressure while also blocking the view of creatures in the sky. 

If a soul pet were to fly to a certain height, it would be able to look down at a huge portion of the city district and creatures with sharper eyes would be able to catch Chu Mu and the others. 

Thus, these demon clouds were able to cloud the view from the sky! 

Presently, Chu Mu and the group were slaughtering their way to the northeastern side of the middle city. In front of them were experts from the auction hall, blackish-brown hunters and Wu Zhen’s subordinates. There were a total of 20 people, and as their group continued to move along, even more people would catch on to their trail and continuously gathered where they were. 

Of the 20 experts, five were low class dominators. Bai Yu lead the way, but the five low class dominators could certainly pose a large obstacle to him. Aside from the five low class dominators, there were also 15 pseud dominators that could not be looked down upon. 

Chu Mu stayed at the very back of the group, because the Rock Wing Dragon was no longer far away from them.

Wu Zhen wasn’t that easy to confuse, and this fellow was hard to shake off.

If not for the Rock Wing Dragon’s existence, Chu Mu would be able to take Mo Xie and sweep through the path in front of them. There would no need to be afraid of this. 

“Yi ao!!!!!!!!”

The Rock Wind Dragon ultimately discovered them. It suddenly opened its wings and glided down towards the southeastern side of the city. 

At this moment, the twenty dominators also formed a circle around them, preventing them from passing advancing easily.

Chu Mu didn’t continue to consider fleeing. Instead, he stared at the aggressive and overbearing Rock Wing Dragon and said to Mo Xie: “You can fight to your heart’s content!”

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie let out an excited cry. Its four paws burning with purple flames stepped into an air, leaving behind her a purple path as she launched herself right at Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon! 

The Rock Wing Dragon which had suffered blow earlier was slightly angry and humiliated. It had never lost in terms of strength before!

The Rock Wing Dragon began to beat its wings faster, causing its speed to reach the limit. It transformed into a rock of destruction that shot down from the sky. 

Mo Xie continued to rush forward. However, she intelligently wouldn’t face this fellow head on since it had the explosive rock type energy. 

Just as she neared the Rock Wing Dragon, Mo Xie’s body split into nine. These nine fox figures ran in different directions before suddenly changing direction. Their long tails rapidly intertwined around the Rock Wing Dragon, creating an enormous angry purple flame chain!  

Nine Tail Chain!! 

The nine fox nobles simultaneously tightened the tension in their tails. The rock of destruction smashed into the intersected chain of purple tails, gradually weakening the force exerted. 

The Nine Tail Chain was extremely flexible. All the enormous energy did when it struck the tails was cause the intersecting Nine Tail Chain to tighten around the Rock Wing Dragon.

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

Mo Xie proudly lifted her head and let out a dominant cry. In an instant, her eight clones transformed into balls of angry purple meteors that shot towards the sky! 

The eight meteor tails were reigning in the Rock Wing Dragon, the latter of which was relying on its body’s tonnage to forcibly pull the clones to the ground. However, the eight fox figures were not weak and managed to drag the Rock Wing Dragon up to the demon clouds. 

Mo Xie wouldn’t relent. After dragging the Rock Wing Dragon to the demon clouds, Mo Xie’s original body suddenly disappeared. A pair of cold, threatening and proud silver eyes suddenly shone down from above the dense demon clouds!

Practically everyone in the city could see that pair of eyes. The demon clouds that filled the sky were no longer clustered together; instead, they were spinning around like a vortex! 


“Is…. Isn’t that the Rock Wing Dragon?!!” On top of the Xiao residence, Liao Yu looked with a face full of shock as he pointed at the distant sky. 

Who didn’t recognize the Rock Wing Dragon in Wen City? To the side, Xiao Wen didn’t say anything for a long while. 

Even if he couldn’t see, he could guess that the people causing the ruckus in the city were Bai Yu and his group. What he couldn’t believe was that Border Commander Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon was participating in this fight. 

He initially thought that Bai Yu and the others would be quickly captured, making him feel very nervous. However, he never expected that a creature that could fight against the Rock Wing Dragon had appeared in the city! 

The sky seemed to be missing a piece as the demon clouds were sucked in like a current. A the very center of it all was the Rock Wing Dragon. 

From this distance, the Rock Wing Dragon seemed like a black speck. However, those silver eyes were even larger than it and at such a close range and with such an imposing feeling, people didn’t dare look at the pair of eyes shining above the demon clouds. 

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The eyes squinted and abruptly, the sky was burning in angry purple flames. 

The flames covered the sky above Wen City so that not even a gap of sky could be seen. The scorching and piercing fire light illuminated the world into a fiery cauldron. 

The shocking sky fire swept in from the distance to the vortex of clouds, intensely burning the Rock Wing Dragon. 

The enormous tongues of flames danced around, the coiled bodies of these flame dragons swaying about. They were capable of even enshrouding the largest palace in the city in a flying fiery phoenix. 

In the flames, the Rock Wing Dragon let out painful roars. Its thick rock skin was burned until the point of cracks.

As the rock armor was chipped off, the Rock Wing Dragon’s body was left swaying from the onslaught of flames. It could no longer fly steadily and looked like it could fall at any moment out of the sky. 

The miserable scene of the Rock Wing Dragon could be seen by everyone in the city. All of these people stared with wide eyes and disbelief. 

The border guard god of Cloud Realm had moments when it had to retreat?? 

“Those eyes… what on earth is the owner of those eyes? Why is the Rock Wing Dragon not its opponent??” Liao Yu was stunned as he watched the Rock Wing Dragon. 

To any young soul pet trainer in Wen City, the Rock Wing Dragon was an invincible existence that stood at the epitome of power. Nobody would forget the Rock Wing Dragon’s single roar annihilating an enormous soul pet army. However, Liao Yu was witnessing this practically invincible Rock Wing Dragon suffer injuries. Its armor was burned off by a powerful and mysterious soul pet that they couldn’t see. 

For some reason, Liao Yu felt that those silver eyes shimmering with an angry purple lustre were familiar… 

Prince Chao and Ye Qingzi were standing in the pavilion watching the distance. It had been a few years since Mo Xie had mutated into the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor. However, even now, they still didn’t know what rank Mo Xie was at.

Ye Qingzi knew more about Chu Mu’s Mo Xie, and each time Mo Xie mutated, she would instantly rise by a rank. When she fought against the Evil Good Queen, Mo Xie seemed to have risen a rank. However, Old Li had told them that Mo Xie could not have directly reached the peak dominator rank. 

“Could she be a high class dominator?” Ye Qingzi muttered to herself. From her perspective of watching Mo Xie bully this Rock Wing Dragon, there was a high chance Mo Xie could have reached the high class dominator rank.

Xiao Leng looked at Prince Chao and Ye Qingzi. After hesitating a while, he finally asked in a low voice: “Is that silver eyed creature Chu Mu’s soul pet?’ 

Xiao Leng could only guess, but he felt that the probability of this was extremely high. If Bai Yu had a soul pet like this, he wouldn’t nearly lose his life when attempting to obtain an emperor rank Devil Soul. Thus, the only possibility was that young man who had strength Xiao Leng was unclear of. 

Neither Prince Chao or Ye Qingzi responded. However, Xiao Leng could pretty much guess from their expression.


“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie stepped down from the purple demon clouds in the sky. The Rock Wing Dragon also crashed to the ground. With its body completely cracked, the Rock Wing Dragon’s eyes were no longer filled with purely rage and savagery. Instead, it looked somewhat afraid and cautious when it looked at Mo Xie. 

Mo Xie was the complete opposite. One or two techniques was not capable of satisfying her cravings to fight that she had built up for many years now. Fortunately, the Rock Wing Dragon was very durable so Mo Xie could release her techniques without restraint! 

“Who on earth is that fellow?!” Border Commander Wu Zhen’s expression was incomparably gloomy. He stared fixedly at the man wearing a silver mask. His gaze seemed like it wanted to see through the mask and witness who this truly was. 

“Senior Border Commander…. The Devil… the Devil has appeared again!!” Border General Wu Chi frantically ran over and stopped a distance away as he spoke to Wu Zhen. 

Wu Zhen’s mouth twitched. It was the Devil again!!

Not long ago, the Devil had wantonly slaughtered his subordinates. Wu Zhen’s anger from this hadn’t disappeared yet. He never expected that the Devil would appear in Wen City. 

“There are so many people. You can’t even catch a single Devil?!” Wu Zhen said very impatiently. 

How did Wu Zhen have the mind to spare for the Devil right now? The Fox Noble in front of him was extremely strong. If he didn’t go at it with all his strength, there was a chance he could fall here. 

When Wu Chi saw the cracked armor of the Rock Wing Dragon, he realized that this undefeatable great Border Commander who had no trouble attacking anything had met a formidable opponent. He didn’t say anything more and immediately entered the ranks of those surrounding the Devil.  

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