Chapter 1168: Slaughtering Out of the Surrounded City

The gorgeously burning purple tail dragged along the street to the end. Wu Zhen who was riding on the Rock Wing Dragon in the air still hadn’t seen what this soul pet looked like. The only thing he could see was the astonishing long tail waving in front of him.

“It managed to completely dodge!” Wu Zhen’s expression was unsightly. 

Wu Zhen was one of the top ranked people in Cloud Realm, and there were very few people who could contend against him. But now, a mysteriously powerful soul pet trainer had appeared.

Most importantly, this fellow had even stolen the treasured dominator rank Devil Soul! 

Even Wu Zhen wouldn’t dare try and take a dominator Devil Soul all for himself, because he was afraid it would bring him trouble. Thus, the value of a dominator rank Devil Soul could be seen!

“What creature is it?!” Wu Zhen stared at the line of angry purple flames, and his heart kept sinking. 

The purple colored creature’s movements were very agile and despite chasing for a long while, the Rock Wing Dragon was only able to stay an equal distance apart. If he were to launch a huge area of effect attack, it would certainly deal enormous damage to the city and injure countless citizens.

“Yi Ao!!!!!”

The Rock Wing Dragon was slightly impatient. It opened its rock mouth, and spat out flying pieces of sand and rock! 

The torrential stream of sand and rock filled the city district, smashing the plants on either side of the street.

A layer of yellow sand layered itself over the city district. The fine particles of sand possessed terrifying penetration abilities and no matter where Mo Xie ran, she would inevitably be hit by the sandy rock attack.

“Lord, what happened? What criminal is hiding in this district?” Wu Chi and Wu Xu flew from another side, asking what happened. 

“Send a team here!” Wu Zhen said to Wu Chi. 

Wu Chi and Wu Xu were stunned. Somewhat astonishedly they said: “Send a team? Isn’t that a bit…”

Wu Chi wanted to say that this was making a huge deal of a small matter, but his eyes suddenly picked up the crushed rock armor on the Rock Winged Dragon’s stomach! 

Thus, his words came to a halt. A middle class dominator rank creature may not even be able to create such a wound on the Rock Wing Dragon. Thus, Wu Chi found it hard to believe that there was an existence in this city that could wound the Rock Wing Dragon. 

“Sou sou sou~~~~”

n the yellow sand, nine gorgeous angry purple figures shot out in all directions. In an instant, they arrived in a different district. This speed was unprecedented for Wu Chi and Wu Xu! 

“That…” Wu Chi and Wu Xi were stunned. 

“You still haven’t scrammed for me to deploy troops?!” Wu Zhen was slightly anxious as he spoke.

Wu Chi returned to his senses, and hastily urged his soul pet to fly towards the center of the city. 

The team Wu Zhen was referring to were Border Soldiers and Border Generals temporarily resting in Wen City. Those who were of the Border rank were all dominator ranks. These Border Soldiers and Border Guards were under the command of Border Commander Wu Zhen and their purpose was to prevent the empires in Guang Tong Bewildering World from invading human borders.

Presently, Guang Tong Bewildering World was in a state of calm, so not many people were needed at Guang Tong Stronghold. Thus, a portion of the Border Soldiers and Border Generals were able to rest in nearby cities. 

Wen City had a portion of these border defense experts. They were in charge of defending the Border Kingdom. Unless the circumstances were very special, they wouldn’t easily involve themselves in a fight. 

Wu Zhen wanting to deploy them violated regulations to a certain extent, but whatever Wu Zhen said here went. Wu Chi thus had no intentions of disobeying.

Moreover, Wu Chi had just seen himself that the purple creature rushing through the district was extremely strong. This could be seen from the wound on the Rock Wing Dragon and its running speed.

In the labyrinth-like streets, Wu Zhen could no longer tell where that fellow had escaped to. Indeed, Mo Xie had transformed into nine of herself within the yellow sand. 

These eight bodies weren’t much different from Mo Xie’s original body, while Mo Xie herself was running in the direction of Bai Yu and the others. The other eight clones were running in different directions. The flying sand and rocks released by Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon happened to give Mo Xie a perfect cover for escaping. 


“Wu wu wu~~~~”

After running away, Mo Xie turned around and glanced at the somewhat stupid Rock Wing Dragon. She let out a bitter noise. 

It had been a long, long time since Mo Xie had genuinely fought. With great difficulty, she encountered a creature that wasn’t instakilled, thus inciting her love of fighting. 

“Now isn’t the time. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities in the future.” said Chu Mu.

An expert of the Rock Wing Dragon’s rank had appeared while they were still in Cloud Realm. This meant that there had to be even stronger people in the larger Border City. Mo Xie wouldn’t need to worry about not having opponents. When they arrived in a higher ranked city, there would definitely be stronger opponents waiting for her. 

Passing through the incomparably complicated districts, Chu Mu gradually closed in on where Bai Yu and the others were.

When Mu Qingyi, Ye Wansheng, Bai Yu, and the spectral princess saw that Chu Mu had managed to safely catch up, they all let out slight sighs of relief. 

The strength of the Rock Wing Dragon indeed surpassed their beliefs. The only middle class dominator rank among them, Bai Yu, was only able to barely keep up with it. 

“I hope that fellow only has one Rock Wing Dragon.” said Ye Wansheng with trepidation. 

Currently, they had temporarily freed themselves of being pursued, but those blackish-brown colored hunters were roaming around nearby since they knew they were hiding here. 

They were still in between the middle and inner part of the city. There was still two-thirds of the city they had to break through. Thinking of the dominator rank experts that were flying through the air, their expressions turned extremely serious. 

“It… it seems that we have been surrounded.” At this point, Spectral Jinrou spoke up. 

After transforming into a specter, Princess Jinrou’s perceptive abilities were extremely strong. Moreover, to a certain extent, she was even able to determine what other people were thinking through their mental fluctuations. This ostensibly should have been the Devil Soul’s mind reading ability. 

Spectral Jinrou’s perceptive power covered a huge portion of the area, from the middle city to the inner city. There were many urgent thoughts happening in this area and these people were not weak. 

“About how many people are there?” asked Chu Mu. 

“About 50. If you add the people wearing Blackish-brown clothes, there are 70.” said Spectral Jinrou. 

“Is there any street we can take?” asked Chu Mu.

“Only the southeastern side has fewer people, but we will definitely run into them.” said Spectral Jinrou. 

Chu Mu glanced in the southeastern direction, and discovered that there were a few black dots circling the sky. Even higher up than them was further the aerial army of Wen City. 

The aerial army’s power presently wouldn’t pose too much of a threat since they weren’t planning on escaping through the sky.

Mu Qingyi, Ye Wansheng, Bai Yu and the Spectral Princess all looked at Chu Mu. Clearly, they wanted him to make the decision. 

“Slaughter our way out.” Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back. 

“Isn’t this too risky?” said Bai Yu. 

Bai Yu himself wasn’t afraid of risks, but he didn’t want Chu Mu, Mu Qingyi, and Ye Wansheng to take this risk for himself and Jinrou. 

“Mo Xie should be able to deal with the Rock Wing Dragon. You guys need to be particularly careful of the people they deployed.” said Chu Mu.

The enemies they were facing were almost all dominator rank experts this time. They would have to fight them with their full strength. 

Moreover, if non-Wen City dominator rank experts participated in this fight, it would be even more difficult for them to slaughter their way out. Chu Mu remembered that there were 100 of these dominator rank experts not from Wen City at the auction hall. 

Bai Yu looked at Chu Mu who was at the very front and riding on Mo Xie. He felt a wave of appreciation in his heart. 


On the southeastern side of the middle city.

“Didn’t a Devil Soul just escape? Why are we making such a huge movement. Wu Chi, I won’t dwell on the fact that you brought a group of normal people to capture Devil Souls and ended up losing many of them, but how do you still have the face to run here and order us around?” a Border General Captain mockingly looked at Wu Chi. 

Wu Chi’s expression was ugly and he coldly said: “This was the Border Commander’s order. You can try not obeying!” 

“Oh? Border Commander Wu’s orders?” Border General Captain Hu Lu raised his brows. 

“Senior Border commander ordered you guys to implement a trapping arrangement in the middle city and intercept the silver masked fellow escaping from the inner city.” said Wu Chi.

Captain Hu Lu nodded his head unhappily. Somewhat languidly, he dispersed his subordinates at various points in the middle city. 


“Report! There is a group of people aggressively charging in our direction. They are moving extremely fast!” a Border Soldier defending the southeastern side of the middle city knelt down in front of Captain Hu Lu and spoke. 

“How could the enemies be so aggressive? I’m sure they are probably crawling to us all dejected.” Hu Lu was still acting languidly.  

He had a rare chance to rest. He didn’t want to spend it here under these senseless orders. Moreover, this was something that Border Generals didn’t have to do. As for those people Border Commander Wu Zhen wanted them to intercept, Hu Lu genuinely didn’t pay much attention to them. Those in Wen City with strength were only so few. 

“Captain… they seem to have arrived!” a few Border Soldiers simultaneously arrived in front of Hu Lu and spoke somewhat nervously. 

“What are you so panicked for?!” Hu Lu saw these people were all wound up and yelled at them. 

The Border Soldiers didn’t dare speak anymore. But their eyes were staring at the street where there were not many people walking. Faintly, they could feel the ground trembling. 

Hu Lu gradually sensed a powerful aura coming from a nearby location. He slightly creased his brows. 

Suddenly, a pillar of angry purple flames shot up nearby. The intense aura was like an enormous tide that struck down from the heavens! 

The heat was even capable of drying skin to the point of splitting apart. The only thing that could be seen in the angry purple flames was an incomparably noble fox charging at extreme speed through the long avenue. It was charging right at Hu Lu and the other Border Generals and Border Soldiers! 

The Border Generals and Border Soldiers had already deployed their soul pets. The ten pseudo dominator and low class dominator rank soul pets instantly showed expressions of fear and anxiety! 

“Pai pai pai pai!!!!!!”

The enormous tails were like wild dragons launching a flying strike. As they danced around, the ten dominator rank soul pets were all knocked flying. None of them were able to stop the tails!!

The ten dominators were instantly knocked flying to god knows where. As for Captain Hu Lu and the Border Soldiers, none of them were attacked. They just stood there, stunned, looking with shock at the gorgeous fox noble that rushed past in front of them and the few people and a spectral woman who followed behind. 

All this happened in a very short period of time, but Hu Lu and the others weren’t even able to move a finger. It wasn’t until the fox noble’s aura gradually faded into the distance did these people instantly collapse on the ground, with sweat soaking their clothes. 

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