Chapter 1167: Purple Emperor, Giant Tail under the Demon Cloud

The Rock Wing Dragon opened its wings and covered the entire street. Immediately, powerful pressure pushed down and caused Ye Wansheng to feel incredibly heavy.

“It’s rock type’s heavy shadow. Everyone run the other way.” Old Li’s short legs ran at the very front, darting into a clearly narrower alley.

Other than Ye Wansheng, the others clearly felt the pressure fall down. They all turned a different direction towards Old Li.

This alleyway was very long, seemingly endless. After running five hundred meters, the heavy shadow disappeared but Chu Mu and the others didn’t stop. Instead, they continued to run towards the end of another city area.

At this time, the Rock Wing Dragon already reached the end of the alley. Its body couldn’t fit into the alley. And, with the special rock structures, running straight in would cause great resistance to it.

The Rock Wing Dragon pushed its head in and had a deep look to confirm that they were running down. Suddenly, it took a big breath in.


Rock Wing Dragon roared and instantly rocks started flying outwards. The entire thousand meter long alleyway was filled with terrifying rock type energy and flew towards them at incredible speeds.

Rock Wing Dragon’s rank was very high. One technique could probably kill Ye Wansheng and Mu Qingyi’s soul pets. Seeing the terrifying rock breath come, Mu Qingyi, and Ye Wansheng’s faces turned pale.

Thankfully, Chu Mu and Bai Yu were always running at the front. When Bai Yu saw the rocks flying over, he opened his hands just in time to open a wind cave!

All the rock flew into Bai Yu’s palm. However, the Rock Wing Dragon wasn’t a normal middle class dominator rank. After Bai Yu absorbed all the energy, his palms started bulging with veins. Clearly, the technique’s power was slightly beyond the wind cave’s spatial capabilities.


Bai Yu grit his teeth and forcefully turned the power around.


The sand roared through. Black rock energy blew through the deep alley. Even the most powerful buildings around were collapsed from the flying sands.

Rock Wing Dragon clearly didn’t think that they could throw the technique back. Rock breath with dark type energy hit his body. The Rock Wing Dragon’s body flew down the street, barely stabilizing its body after flying out a whole block.

After the rock wing dragon flew outwards, everyone stared wide-eyed.

In Wen City’s people’s hearts, Rock Wing Dragon was nearly invincible, but who would think that this rock wing dragon would push people off!

Rock Wing Dragon shook its body. Its powerful defense was only scratched, and wasn’t really damaged.

After getting hit back, the rock wing dragon became even crazier. With an opening of wings, its body flew upwards and went towards the end of the alley.

Chu Mu and the others ran down the long alley and had already reached another city area. The city area’s roads lead all directions like a massive maze.

The area was very close to the region that needed to be searched. After everyone here was evacuated, it seemed very spacious. 

Old Li kept running ahead, leading them through the city streets.

They didn't fly in the sky because they knew the city was filled with Merchant alliance and Wu Zhen’s people. Flying into the sky was equivalent to exposing themselves to their vision. Only moving around in this massive city and losing the rock wing dragon’s pursuit could they escape safetly.

“Are you alright?” Chu Mu glanced at Bai Yu and asked.

Bai Yu’s wind cave hand was basically useless now. The Rock Wing Dragon’s technique was far stronger than he expected. Absorbing it was already a dangerous smove. Throwing it back caused Bai Yu’s hand to basically shatter. He no longer had the power to even lift it.

Bai Yu was already truly middle class dominator rank, so Chu Mu was shocked at just how powerful this rock wing dragon was.

“We can’t fight it head on.” Bai Yu said strictly.

Chu Mu nodded. The border commander Wu Zhen’s power is the strongest they had ever seen. The rock wing dragon’s brutalness and power were already enough to inspire fear within anyone. No wonder everyone looked on in respect and fear when the border commander was mentioned.

“It’s here again.” Spectral Jinrou opened her eyes and gazed at the two structures in the sky.

After a moment, the blue was covered by the black body. A pair of angry eyes stared through them to see the escaping people.

“It’s senses are very powerful. Losing it in a short moment will be hard.” Chu Mu said.


Mo Xie let out an excited call. After this long, Mo Xie finally seemed to find an opponent that she could fight against and was excited.

It was too bad. Even if Mo Xie could win against this rock wing dragon, Chu Mu didn’t plan on fighting it. One had to know that the entire city’s dominator rank experts were likely gathering where they were. Once they were surrounded, they may all die.

“You continue to run, I’ll lead the rock wing dragon away.” Chu Mu turned around and eyed the rock wing dragon before saying.

It kept on chasing based on its sense. Clearly, they were going to fall into an encirclement regardless and had to lead it away!

Bai Yu hesitated for a moment before finally nodding, “You be safe.”

Ye Wansehng and Mu Qingyi were both relatively relieved about chu Mu. After all, with Mo Xie aside him, Chu Mu should be able to escape safely.

Spectral Jinrou turned around to look at Chu Mu right before leaving, her eyes glimmering with things she wanted to say.

Chu Mu turned back, and instead gazed at the formidable Rock WIng Dragon.

It flew in the sky and was used to being able to see everything. Yet, this city had many structures and complicated roads. Finding them within this maze wasn’t an easy thing.

With its senses, it flew towards where they escaped and could slowly see them within his violent eyes.

The Rock Wing Dragon retracted its wings and dove down, becoming a meteor!

Yet, just as the rock wing dragon was about to catch up, suddenly a massive cloud with purple demon air appeared above it. This demon air create the shape of nine mountain-like tails that imprinted itself into Wen City’s sky!

Strange demon winds started up and whistled through all streets of each city area. The demon cloud covered the sky and pushed down with pressure!

A mountain-like tail appeared in the demon cloud. The meteor that was the rock wing dragon was already above Ye Wansheng, bai Yu, Mu Qingyi, and Spectral Jin Rou’s head. With a swipe of the tail, it slammed heavily into the Rock Wing Dragon.

The path of its fall instantly changed. It landed right in a group of rock sculptures and created a massive shockwave with its landing.

This attack was even more useful than bai Yu’s reversed rocks. The Rock Wing Dragon was still buried in the structures. It heavily shook its head when it finally extracted itself, clearly dizzy from the tail.

“That was…..” Not far away, Wan Meng and Lin Li stared at the demon cloud in fear.

They just happened to see the Rock Wing Dragon get slapped away. They had never seen such a powerful tail. The mountain tail was no different from a raging dragon!

More importantly, the tail organism clearly dizzied the rock wing dragon with a single attack!

The rock wing dragon may not be the largest in all of soul pets, but its weight is very exceptional. A single scale of its could potentially crush weaker emperor ranks. Such a rock wing dragon was a moving artillery cannon in the air that was also impregnable.

Just how powerful was the tail that it could slap this aerial artillery unit away?

"Border commander Jiang Tong, what is that?” Lin Li asked.  

Wu Zhen’s brows were furrowed. It was hard to believe that there was such a hidden expert in Wen City!

Thinking back to the silver masked man, Wu Zhen quickly thought to try to figure out the man’s identity.

At such a rank, everyone was famous. The younger ones were usually just the abnormal geniuses.

However, no matter how he tried to match things, Wu Zhen couldn't figure out a genius that fit this silver mask man.

“Follow up.” Border Commander Wu Zhen wanted to know who this man was.

He leaped onto Rock Wing Dragon himself. On one of the streets, he noticed a purple flame that tended towards the rock wing dragon.

Rock wing dragon flapped its wings and flew along the rooftops. Some extra pieces on the roofs were expectedly slashed off by its wings.

Chu Mu sat on Mo Xie’s back. Seeing the Rock Wing Dragon chase towards them, he immediately took a different direction than the one the rest of them escaped in.

Mo Xie ran extremely quickly. Chu Mu could only see vague scene changes around him. Even his other pupils couldn’t see it clearly.

Behind him, he could occasionally hear loud explosions and rock storms starting!

Every technique fell behind Mo Xie. Even if it were in front of Mo Xie, she could dodge it in time. Looks like in terms of dodging and speed, Mo Xie was superior.

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