Chapter 1166: Cloud Realm Protector, Rock Wing Dragon

“Of course, ripping open the diagram will take some time. I’m reasonably confident I can break through it before they get here. However, that time won’t be far from now.” Ye Wansheng said.

Ye Wansheng didn't immediately start, and instead looked at the others with an asking gaze.

Chu Mu instead glanced over at Mo Xie. Mo Xie shook her head, and gave out a helpless yelp.

Mo Xie’s claws were special enough to break through any barrier, so it technically could rip through this light net easily. However, this light net was special in that Mo Xie’s claws didn’t work on it. Clearly, it wasn’t anything normal.

Of course, Chu Mu could let Mo Xie attack the light net directly and rip it open with power.

This was something Mo Xie could do. Yet, if that were the case, they would still get revealed, and could even get restricted by the light net.

“Then let me begin, you start getting ready to battle.” Ye Wansheng said.

As he finished, Ye Wansehng was already completely devoted to the diagram. As Ye Wansheng was slowly breaking through it, one could see some of the blue light blink.

The main axis blinking naturally meant that the light net was being destroyed in this area. The dark brown hunters very quickly noticed the abnormality, and quickly reported it to Lin Li and Wan Meng.

Lin Li, Wan Meng, and Wu Zhen just came back from Xiao Residence when the dark brown hunters reported this to thiem.

Wan Meng’s eyebrows were knit together. The light net’s axis blinking definitely meant it was getting destroyed, and the only people who wanted to destroy it…...

“Everyone follow me!” Wan Meng naturally realized something, and said to the dark brown hunters by him.

The three of them rode their soul pets with ten dark brown hunters quickly towards the blinking.


At the edge of the light net, Ye Wansehng was still studying it heavily. The light net was already showing cracks, but the cracks were at most enough for little Mo Xie to get through.

“They seem to be flying over, and will reach us in one minute.” From not far away, Old Li’s tiny feet ran at an extremely high pace back to them.

A minute was long, yet short. With the black hunter shadows appearing above the structure, they were slightly nervous. After all, with a dominator rank’s speed, this distance wasn’t much.

The dark brown shadow flew across the city sky. The one in the front was Lin Li, Wan Meng, and Wu Zhen. These three people were angry as they stared ahead. Clearly, these three authoritative people never expected that someone would be so daring as to openly go against them when they were searching. One had to know that the entire city was filled with many experts of merchant alliance and Wu Zhen’s people!

“You few, where do you want to escape to? Don’t touch what doesn't belong to you in case you lose your life.” Wu Zhen was the first to appear.

“Wearing masks? There isn’t a need for that. No one ever escapes after openly disobeying us.” Wan Meng smiled oily and stared at them with ill intent.

The ten dark brown hunters’ rings all started glowing. There was no need to say it; the dominator rank devil soul was with them.

However, with only a thousand meters’ distance, a step away, Wan Meng wanted to see where they were escaping to.

Mu Qingyi saw them approach and glanced at Ye Wansheng who continued to rip open the formation, and couldn’t help but be worried.

They weren’t sure of Wan Meng and Lin Li’s powers, but Border Commander Wu Zhen was incredibly powerful. If they really started fighting, they would definitely see casualties.

“Go!” Suddenly, Ye Wansheng yelled.

At this time, the light net showed a crack large enough for one person to pass through.

Ye Wansehgn was at the front with Bai Yu and Spectral Jinrou following. Mu Qingyi also went through the light net to reach the spacious and empty street on the other side.

“Where are you trying to go!!” Wu Zheng roared in anger!

After they left, everyone was already at the edge of the light net. All the dark brown hunters, including Wu Zheng, started attacking the last leaver, Chu Mu!

Ten pseudo dominator ranks and one near middle class dominator rank blinked with techniques that became a formidable force that flew towards Chu Mu!

Chu Mu looked at Mu Qingyi reaching safety and turned around. He didn’t show any fear towards the massive surge of energy approaching him.

On his shoulder, Mo Xie stepped on air, and stood ten meters above Chu Mu.

An angry purple flame suddenly roared forth, becoming a fire lotus that covered Chu Mu’s overhead, creating a layer of protection.

As the energy fell, even Wu Zhen’s vine Beast attack fell into this purple flame lotus.

The energy seemed to be devoured. The angry purple lotus remained standing, but everyone’s attacks seemed to have disappeared after they landed onto the fire lotus, not even lifting a single ripple.

The angry purple flame lotus didn't last long. They slowly disappeared, yet the silver masked man was already outside of the light net, running far away, while riding the purple flamed nine tail organism along the street.

Wu Zhen’s face turned serious as his eyes glared angrily!

The border commander clearly didn’t expect the silver masked man to be this powerful. Not only did he block ten pseudo dominator rank attacks, even his vine beast’s attack was easily remedied!

“Send down the command. Everyone block that masked man, we can’t let them leave the city!!” Wan Meng reacted swiftly, giving the command the moment they escaped.

To ensure the devil soul could be caught again, Wan Meng and Lin Li put down many experts in the city. No matter what power they used, they couldn’t allow these masked people to escape, because the dominator rank devil soul was on them!

“They won’t be able to run!” Wu Zheng humphed and glanced in a different direction.

The direction was where General Wu came from. When he looked over, a massive structure on the street suddenly shook.

The rock structure opened up into a body, its powerful body giving massive pressure to everyone nearby.    

The sudden opening of the wings caused all the buildings nearby to collapse. The rock covered thing wasn’t a building, but instead a sleeping Rock Wing Dragon!

The Rock Wing Dragon flapped its wings and instantly went into the air. Its eyes glared arrogantly at the escaping masked people.


A sharp yet deep voice came from the rock wing dragon’s throat simultaneously, shaking the nearby area.

“Rock Wing Dragon!! It’s border commander Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon!!!!”

“Heavens, which idiot angered it, our entire city area will suffer for it!”

When everyone saw the massive shadow fly over, they instantly fell into panic. Everyone could tell that it was in an attacking state right now!

No one in all of Wen city hadn’t heard of Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon. At the time when GuangTong Bewildering World often wanted to reproduce and colonize their land, it was this Rock Wing Dragon that defended the fort in Guang Tong.

From then on, the cruel and violent soul pet empires had never been able to step into cloud realm!

Just how stupid was someone to anger a near deity level creature in cloud realm?

In center city area, in an elegant building, Wu Chi stood and gazed far at the flying rock wing dragon.

“Young master, that is old master’s Rock Wing Dragon, something big must have happened.” Wu Chi said.

Wu Xu sat beside them, talking with a young lady.

However, the young lady was already scared stiff because of the rock wing dragon’s roar!

“Don’t worry, it’s just my father’s Rock Wing Dragon.” Wu Xu quickly comforted.

As he spoke, Wu Xu also stood up and gazed far out of the city at the Rock Wing Dragon.

“Young Master, let’s check it out.” Wu Chi said.

“The rock wing dragon is on the move, any problem could be solved.” Wu Xu said without much concern.

“We should still go.” Wu Chi insisted.

Wu Xu was slightly unwilling but didn’t dare continue to waste time there. He casted an incantation and flew towards the Rock WIng Dragon.

The city air didn’t allow anyone to fly; only dominator rank experts had this privilege.

Yet, Wu Xu and Wu Chi were surprised to see many figures flying in the skies. It felt as if all the dominator ranks in the city started moving!

“This many people, is Divine Sect’s wanted criminal in our city?” Wu Xu asked with surprise.

So many dominator rank experts appearing was a rare scene. Wu Xu and Wu Chi were full of questions as they wondered what had happened.


In the wide streets, Ye Wansheng riding his multi-colored devil tiger was at the forefront.

Ye Wansheng heard the roar and felt a pressure coming from the side.

He turned over to see a massive shadow suddenly shroud their heads!

The massive and cruel rock head sat on top of the roof. A violent pair of eyes stared at them and Ye Wansheng’s soul shook!

Ye Wansheng was now a dominator rank expert. However, in his mind, he had never found an enemy that he couldn’t even begin to think about resisting.

This Rock Wing Dragon was clearly an unprecedentedly strong organism!!

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