Chapter 1165: Fleeing the City

Chapter 1165: Fleeing the City



“The female guest in the Xiao residence has an emperor rank Devil Soul child pet. She has already signed a soul pact with it.” said the blackish-brown hunter.

“Mhm, Xiao Leng surprisingly had a secret stash. Let’s go and look.” said Wan Meng.

Xiao Leng would currently be considered a businessman as well, so Wan Meng naturally recognized him.

Wu Zhen also walked with them to the Xiao residence. However, his enormous Rock Wing Dragon stayed where it was.


In the front hall, Xiao Leng stood at the center, staring somewhat unsightly at the three people walking towards him.

Xiao Leng was extremely familiar with Wen City’s Auction Hall President, Lin Li. Their relation couldn’t be considered bad, but they also couldn’t be called friends. 

The fat Wan Meng was known throughout Cloud Realm and was Cloud Realm’s Chamber of Commerce Vice President. Due to his past with Divine Sect, his authority was even higher than the Chamber’s President. He was a crafty, sinister, fickle and extremely hypocritical fellow. He was extremely hard to deal with.

As for the person beside Wan Meng, that was who truly gave Xiao Leng a headache. 

Border Commander Wu Zhen served the borders and was not restricted by any realm city city lord. He had an enormous army filled with experts and most of the army was stationed in the city or in a stronghold. 

Wu Zhen’s army was stationed in Yan Tong Stronghold, however, Wu Zhen spent most of his time in Wen City. He was one of the most difficult people to deal with in Cloud Realm. 

When this great border suppression commander appeared in his residence, it gave Xiao Leng quite a bit of pressure. 

“Xiao Leng, one of my subordinates told me that you had an emperor rank Devil Soul here. I wonder who that would be?” asked Wan Meng.

“President Wan, that Devil Soul was obtained by them when they were training in Guang Tong Bewildering World. President Wan won’t care about this, right?” said Xiao Leng. 

“Of course we won’t care about this. However, can I see this distinguished female guest?” said Lin Li.

Xiao Leng revealed an unsightly expression, and looked at Ye Qingzi who was sitting to the side.

Ye Qingzi chanted an incantation, summoning the little Devil Soul in the hall.

After the little Devil Soul appeared, the three of them revealed astonished expressions. They indeed never expected that the beautiful and young woman sitting to the side was the master of the little Devil Soul.

“It is my soul pet. Do you have any problems?” Ye Qingzi looked at the three of them, and calmly spoke. 

“We don’t have any problems. We only want to know about the origins of this Devil Soul. You also know that our Auction Hall lost a group of Devil Souls that scattered through this city. We need to find them.” said President Lin.

“Was one of the Devil Souls you lost a Devil Soul child pet?” retorted Ye Qingzi.

“This… no… but according to what we know, the Devil Soul we are looking for wants to help the other emperor rank Devil Souls escape this city. I believe that it will appear here, and that it has a great connection with your emperor rank Devil Soul.” continued Lin Li.

“That’s your matter. If there’s nothing else, I will leave first.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi wasn’t waiting for them to agree. She brushed past the three of them and walked towards the Xiao Residence. 

The three of them continued to follow Ye Qingzi with their eyes. From their expressions, slivers of jealousy could be seen. 

The value of an emperor rank Devil Soul was nearly a middle class dominator and this woman was so young. Moreover, it was a child Devil Soul she had. How could they not be jealous? 

“Xiao Leng, we’re going to continue looking. I hope you won’t make it hard for us.” said Lin Li.

“Do as you wish, but do not agitate my family.”


Ye Qingzi left the front hall and after she saw that no one was following, she immediately returned to the ice room.

When she entered the ice room, Chu Mu, Bai Yu, Mu Qingyi and the Spectral Princess who was hovering around the ground were there. 

“They are able to detect Devil Souls that have already signed a soul pact. They are currently going to continue searching the others in the Xiao residence. It will probably be hard for the princess to hide here.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Since the dominator Devil soul had signed a soul pact with Princess Jinrou and had revived her in a spectral form that carried her memories and thoughts, they obviously could not let the dominator be stolen like this. 

Initially it was only Lin Li and Wan Meng. Chu Mu and Bai Yu probably wouldn’t have much difficulty dealing with them. However, with the appearance of Border Commander Wu Zhen, this made the situation more troublesome. As a Border Commander, he was definitely very strong and Chu Mu didn’t have complete confidence in being able to beat him.

“What should we do now?” Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t have a good solution. He just looked at Ye Qingzi who pursed her lips and was still thinking. 

“I’ve made it troublesome for everyone…” faintly said Princess Jinrou.

She didn’t realize that her awakening would bring everyone this much trouble and she was a bit ashamed. 

“Hei, what are you guys doing here…. Waah, what on earth!!” suddenly, a familiar voice rang in. 

“This… this…” the other voice was extremely astonished. 

Chu Mu glanced at the two people who walked in and his eyes lit up.

"Weren’t the two of you capturing Devil Souls outside the net of light? How did you guys enter?” immediately asked Mu Qingyi. 

The two people were Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao. When they entered the ice room, they saw the spectral form Princess Jinrou and naturally were in slight disbelief. 

“I know a bit about arrays; could you guys have forgotten? Eh… can someone tell me what happened here?” Ye Wansheng pointed to Princess Jinrou as he spoke. 

“We’ll talk about this later. Right now we’re in trouble.” said Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu didn’t continue chatting with Ye Wansheng. When this fellow spoke, he was like Old Li in that he would never stop. Of course, Ye Wansheng being able to pass through the net of light restriction made Chu Mu surprised, and was a piece of good news for everyone. 

The most difficult problem for everyone was the net of light, but if they broke through the net of light, they would have a lot of area to move around in. The blackish brown hunters would be able to inspect the district’s buildings one at a time, but they wouldn’t be able to inspect every building in the city. Wen City was extremely immense and from the speed at which they could inspect, it would take them over a year to finish inspecting the city. 

“Qingzi, Prince Chao, you guys stay in the Xiao residence. Wait for things to calm down first before we reconvene. Ye Wansheng, Qingyi, you guys come with me and Bai Yu to escape with the young princess out of the net of light.” said Chu Mu.

The blackish-brown hunters had already seen Ye Qingzi and if she suddenly disappeared and was caught breaking through the net, it would bring Xiao Leng quite a bit of trouble. Fortunately, Xiao Leng had told them that there was a secret passage in the ice room that would lead them to a nearby garden. They would first leave the Xiao residence so as to not implicate the Xiao family. 

Bai Yu picked up Princess Jinrou’s body and followed Chu  Mu, Mu Qingyi and Ye Wansheng down the passage. 

The Spectral Princess followed beside her father. Her beautiful eyes would occasionally examine her pale-faced self while occasionally sneaking glances at Bai Yu.

When Ye Qingzi confirmed that their rings were able to detect Devil Souls that had already been made soul pacts with, Chu Mu and the others had planned to leave through the underground passage so as to not start a fight in Xiao Leng’s residence. 

However, before they were able to find a way to break out of the net of light, they would be forced to move around the district after leaving the Xiao residence. However, they would eventually be found. 

Fortunately, Ye Wansheng understood how to break arrays, and the net of light was no longer as threatening. 


“Xiao Leng, what are you using the ice room for?” Wu Zhen was full of interest as he looked at the ice room. 

“I’ve put a few xuan items that require ice to be stored there. This prevents xuan energy from leaking.” responded Xiao Leng. 

Wan Meng and Lin Li both understood this. An ice room wasn’t strange. Their ice rooms were much more luxurious than this. 

“Then why is there a secret passage from this ice room?” continued asking Wu Zhen. 

Xiao Leng wasn’t panicked and he said: “Everyone has a last resort. I’m sure that the few of you have secret passages from certain places in your residence. This is to avert the unexpected. The secret passage leads to a small garden. You can send people to go make sure.” 

“This secret passage is a headache for us. If there was a Devil Soul hidden there,

 and we sent people inside to check, it could use the secret passage to reach another place. This will waste much of our time.” said Lin Li.

“Whatever, the net of light is shrinking and eventually we’ll capture the Devil Soul.” said Wan Meng. 

The net of light’s restriction range included the underground. It was unrealistic to escape the net of light from a secret passage. 


By the time the blackish-brown hunters had inspected the ice room, including the secret passage, Chu Mu and the others had already passed through the patrol of a few blackish-brown hunters and arrived at the edge of the net of light. 

Wan Meng ostensibly had a lot of confidence in the net of light. Thus, he didn’t send anyone to guard the edges of the net of light. This made it easier for Ye Wansheng to break the array.

“This array is actually very strong. If the area wasn’t so large, I really wouldn’t have the confidence to break it. Of course, even if I manage to break it, it will only be a small gap.” said Ye Wansheng. 

As he spoke, Ye Wansheng placed his hand on the net of light. Chu Mu found that this fellow had clearly touched the net of light, but hadn’t been bound by the light. This was different from when the Devil Soul had touched the net of light earlier. 

Old Li was like a teacher who cleared up confusion. He knew that Chu Mu was confused and explained: “Not every part of an array has energy. The areas without energy are called eyes of the array and they normally appear where energy streams meet. They are similar to the peaceful area in the eye of a storm. The first thing to do when breaking an array is to find the eyes of the array. 

“You old raccoon. You understand quite a bit, eh? However, I have a piece of bad news for everyone.” said Ye Wansheng. 

   “You can’t break it?” Bai Yu creased his brows. 

“No. Breaking the array relies on a bit of luck, especially an extremely difficult array like this. Entering these types of array is easier than leaving. The area I pressed just now was the eye of the array. However, the moment I break open the eye of the array, it will set off a small wave. This small wave is similar to a magical signal that will let the person who set up the array that a gap has appeared.” 

“In other words, we can break through this net of light, but our locations will be immediately exposed. It’s hard to say whether we’ll be able to flee afterwards.” 

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