Chapter 1164: Spectral Princess (2)

Chapter 1164: Spectral Princess (2)

The spectral princess’ eyes were extremely bright, and with traces of confusion and puzzlement. 

Although she was asleep, she was conscious of the fact that time was flowing. She also knew that it was presently many years since she had died. 

She recognized Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi as well as her father, Bai Yu, who she hadn’t managed to see last time. 

Afterwards, she turned, and glanced at the body lying on the icy bed.

Obviously, she never expected that she would appear in a spectral form, and looked in shock after herself. It was a while before she turned her eyes away.

Her beautiful long hair was fluttering behind her and her translucent body was faintly shining in a spectral blue illusory light. The four people around her were all staring at her.

It was undeniable that Princess Jinrou possessed incomparable beauty. Everything about her would captivate anyone. Just as Ye Wansheng had said earlier, one glance and a person would be unable to forget. Her beauty was soft, without a trace of sharpness. She gave people a pleasant feeling. Even in comparison to Yu Suo, who was as beautiful as a demon, she was not the least bit inferior. 

Moreover, in the spectral form, she was even more moving. She was exactly like a fairy that lived in dreams appeared in reality. 

She was still at a loss. She extended her hand. Through her translucent and white hand, she could see the floor. 

“I… I’m…” Princess Jinrou didn’t know what had happened to herself, and she was clearly a bit scared and flustered. 

 “Jinrou…” Bai Yu couldn’t help but yell out with rapture. 

Princess Jinrou turned to look at Bai Yu. She was actually a bit unfamiliar with her father’s appearance, but during her sleep, she could no longer count how many times her father had sighed and lonely muttered to himself. 

"My daughter. I…. I am your father. I…” Bai Yu never expected that his daughter would awaken, and he was so emotional right now that he was somewhat speechless. He hadn’t thought of what to say to her. 

The Jinrou of Bai Yu’s memories had been a lively and cute child. She would always want him to piggyback her as they soared through the skies on a wing type soul pet. Her laughter from back then was pleasant music to his ears. 

But a single instance of being sealed in ice and 20 years had passed by in the blink of an eye. His daughter ended up turning out into an incomparable beauty. He truly had a lot he wanted to say, but was so choked up he was only able to walk forth and stretch out his arms to hug her. 

Bai Yu tried to hug her, but his arms didn’t actually touch Princess Jinrou’s body. Instead, it was like his arms were passing through an image, ultimately turning him into hugging himself. Princess Jinrou just stood there and passed straight through Bai Yu’s body… 

Bai Yu didn’t manage to touch anything. The feeling was exactly the same as his nightmares. Each time he wanted to hug her, she would mysteriously disappear. He could see her, but not touch her. Immediately after awakening, he would feel a wave of sadness in his heart. 

But, different from his dreams, this time, Jinrou didn’t disappear. She just stayed in her spectral form and hovered in place. Bai Yu didn’t try and hug her again. Instead, he just stretched out his arm towards Princess Jinrou.

Princess Jinrou didn’t know what had happened to her body and extended her hand to touch Bai Yu’s hand. 

However, the father and daughter were still unable to touch as Princess Jinrou’s hand disappeared in Bai Yu’s hand...

“What’s going on! What is going on!!” painfully muttered Bai Yu. From a state of rapture to frustration was the most painful. 

“I… what happened to me?” Princess Jinrou looked at herself. She could see her father, but not touch him. In fact, she found that she couldn’t touch any substantive object. 

 “I know!” at this moment, Old Li suddenly yet out a strange yelp. 

Everyone looked at Old Li, including the spectral form Princess Jinrou who was hovering in the air. She wanted to know what happened to her. 

“It’s a spiritual revival! The emperor rank Devil Spirit was ultimately incapable of reviving the young princess’ soul, since her soul was near death. However, the dominator rank Devil Soul was able to imitate a copy of the soul, replacing the entirety of the young princess’ soul!” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu had no clue what Old Li meant by that and quickly asked: “Then this soul is…” 

“What we call the soul refers to what links and sustains a creature’s memories, thoughts and ideas. Its existence must attach itself to a substance perfectly link in harmony. The young princess’ body is undamaged, and if her soul was able to awaken, she probably would have been able to completely revive.” 

“However, her soul ended up leaving her body, meaning that she can only be considered a specter. This is a sign that appears after death. After that dominator rank Devil Soul signed a soul pact with the young princess, it molded a spectral life form of the young princess. The only difference between the soul and the specter is that the soul refers to a living being that it is in connection with; it is invisible. However, a specter is the manifestation of the soul after a living being’s death. It represents death.” 

When Old Li would describe things, he would have many explanations. However, Chu Mu roughly understood what he meant. Currently, Princess Jinrou had transformed into a spectral princess! 

“So you’re saying that my daughter is still not alive.” Bai Yu looked at the spectral form Princess Jinrou and was clearly very depressed. 

“She isn’t. Revival isn’t that easy, especially when the Devil Soul innately is a specter itself. They cannot possess revival abilities. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to be so depressed. The young princess is currently at most a free soul. If she is able to find Limbo, as the Evil Good Queen said, and with a soul and host body, revival will be even easier. Indeed, all Limbo has to do is assimilate the body and the specter which contains all of the soul’s information. Then, the young princess will be completely revived. This is much better than not having a soul. The genuine meaning behind revival is defined by having a soul; otherwise, the only thing being revived would be a thoughtless body.” said Old Li. 

Princess Jinrou was also listening. She had indeed retained her memories and thoughts. Only, she didn’t expect that everyone was searching for various methods of revival for her. 

“What on earth happened. Why did I turn into a specter? Also, I feel that a soul pet has signed a soul pact with me.” said Princess Jinrou. 

Princess Jinrou was looking at Chu Mu. In reality, the person she was most familiar with here was Chu Mu, since she hadn’t actually seen her father before. 

TL: don’t know if author is referring to not remembering her father or not seeing him when she revived him because he literally wrote about their interactions earlier in this chapter… 

“That is a dominator rank Devil Soul…” promptly, Chu Mu gave a rough account of what had happened. 

Princess Jinrou came to an understanding very quickly and a trace of distress flickered in her eyes. She softly muttered: “No wonder- I can feel its grieving.” 

“How… how is that Devil Soul?” hastily asked Old Li. 

Princess Jinrou shook her head and said: “It seems to be very wounded, and is deep asleep in my soul pet space. When I woke up, it used a very weak voice to tell me to take it and flee this city.” 

“This… this is slightly problematic. Currently, the entire district is surrounded and the blackish-brown hunters are searching each house one by one. I’m not sure if they will be able to find soul pets that have already signed a soul pact.” said Old Li. 

As Old Li spoke, a loud order-like voice came from outside the ice room.

“Everyone in the Xiao residence, listen up. It doesn’t matter what your status is. Even if you’re a servant that feeds soul pets, everyone must come to the front courtyard and undergo our inspection!” 

The voice reached the ice room and everyone inside creased their brows. They never expected the blackish brown hunters would arrive in the Xiao residence so soon. The princess’ current form was quite troublesome. 



Outside the blue net of light, a man was standing there, looking with imposing eyes at Wan Meng and Lin Li inside the net of light. 

This man was tall and powerful, giving people an oppressive feeling. Behind him was a robust and mighty Rock Wing Dragon which was even more domineering. With it standing on the main street, the street seemed abnormally crowded. The tall buildings only managed to reach its stomach and all it had to do was open its wings and the entire district would probably be razed. 

“Wu Zhen… Border Commander Wu Zhen… why… why did you come?” Lin Li looked at this unstoppable man and let out a dry laugh. He seemed slightly panicked. 

The news of the dominator rank Devil Soul still hadn’t been leaked yet by Lin Li. He was most afraid of Wu Zhen interfering. 

However, what he was afraid of had come to fruition. Wu Zhen had appeared!

“Such a huge ruckus, why would I not come? Since the two of you implemented an inescapable net in the city under my administration, why didn’t either of you come say hi to me?” Wu Zhen cracked a toothy smile. His smile looked like it wasn’t filled with good intent. 

“President Lin was afraid of the Devil Souls escaping and dealing more damage to Wen City. Thus, he didn’t manage to inform you before taking action. Border Commander Wu Zhen won’t blame him, right?” laughed Wan Meng.

“Speaking of which, I happened to just hear a voice, and this voice was very abnormal.” Wu Zhen stroked his beard and narrowed his eyes to a slit. 

“This…” President Lin’s expression froze. He was wondering to himself whether this fellow knew that the dominator rank Devil Soul had appeared. 

Wan Meng reacted very quickly and said: “Just now, we accidentally killed an emperor rank Devil Soul and that Devil Soul let out a miserable cry. Ai, an emperor rank Devil Soul… how unfortunate… unfortunate…” 

“Ok, Fat Wan, don’t bother acting in front of me. I want a share of that dominator rank Devil Soul” harrumphed Border Commander Wu Zhen.

Wan Meng and Lin Li’s expressions turned somewhat ashen, as they looked at the overbearing Border Commander Wu Zhen...

This was Wu Zhen’s territory and if they fell out of favor here, he would only have to give one order and everyone here would be annihilated. Even if they relied on Divine Sect’s banner, it would probably be to no avail.

“Fine, but you must help us capture that Devil Soul. Also, you can’t let a fourth person know!” Wan Meng grit his teeth. Having another person to split the profits with was still better than not reaping any profits. Wan Meng was a smart businessman. 

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