Chapter 1162: Angry devil soul, Mental Tsunami

The dark brown hunters were like a group of trained panthers, instantly leaping into the air. All of their soul pets were different, but from their coordination, they seemed to capture soul pets together often.

Staring into the sky, an obese body slowly appeared by president Li Ling’s side. He patted Lin Li’s shoulder and said, “How’s my group of people? What does President Li think of their chances of escaping?”

This massive Wan Meng already smiled wide, her eyes staring directly at the inescapable city area.

“Hehe, forcing the devil soul to appear so early, Boss Wan’s subordinates truly are elite.” Lin Li also started laughing.

Able to force the dominator rank devil soul out meant they were very close to success. This devil soul was also clearly captured by the light net. Its chances of escaping were even smaller.

One had to know that the light net was received from Divine Sect. It was designed specially for Divine Sect to capture powerful organisms. If not for Wan Meng and Divine Sect’s tight connections, president lin couldn't find any effective way to capture this dominator rank devil soul.

Of course, the fifty dark brown hunters were also a group of elites from Divine Sect. The dominator rank devil soul was something Lin Li and Wan Meng didn’t dare take for themselves. However, if they found it, captured it, and gave it to divine sect, their futures would definitely improve by leaps and bounds. To these two people in the merchant business, it was too important. Especially thinking about how realm masters and even border commanders would need to respect them, their eyes grew even brighter.

A dominator rank devil soul’s appearance indeed could cause even the calmest person to feel a boiling passion.

The fifty dark brown hunters were all pseudo dominator rank experts. Their leader was clearly the strongest, riding a low class dominator rank towards where the dominator rank devil soul was captured. 

His soul pet was a dream demon. This leader was very smart, he knew that casting a dream realm technique in front of the dominator rank devil soul was useless. So, he instead kept casting mental disruption techniques to give the dominator rank devil soul pressure.

The devil soul was captured by the light net and, no matter how much it struggled, the vine like light arcs stayed on its body.

“Set up formation!” The leader saw that all the hunters gathered and gave a command.

The fifty dark brown hunters opened up into a strange formation. All their soul pets were demons, meaning they all knew mental techniques.

The dark brown shadows in the air became mere dots. The soul pets underneath them let out sharp screams, sending sound waves around that threatened to shatter peoples’ eardrums.

The powerful mental blows came down from the skies, and to Chu Mu. Chu Mu looked up and looked utterly confused.

“That’s a diagram. By using many mental soul pets, it creates a massive mental diagram to reach the effects of controlling the enemy. This is a common strategy that divine sect uses to seal powerful organisms. Fifty dominator rank demons’ mental diagram is very powerful. Even middle class dominator ranks can’t withstand it. This devil soul leader is gonna have a hard time.” Old Li sighed.

Just as Old Li spoke, an even stronger mental wave came down from the skies. Looking up, people could even see major spatial ripples coming towards them, the twists in space depicting a massive yet mysterious demon diagram!

The demon diagram constantly leaked out massive waves of mental energy towards the rest of the city area.

The buildings, streets, gardens, and houses were all unharmed by this mental wave, but waves upon waves of people fell to the ground.

Even spirit dominator ranks couldn’t withstand such a degree of mental waves. Yet, these waves were only the excess energy leaking out of the mental demon diagram. If one was at the center, even dominator rank organisms’ minds would instantly shatter.

Chu Mu looked at this shocking mental diagram, and felt a new understanding of how powerful divine sect actually was dawn upon him.


In the sky, the completely transparent dominator rank devil soul let out a painful cry nearly identical to a shrill cry of a woman!

The dominator rank devil soul slowly showed its half transparent ghost body. Its eyes were hollow, angry, and pained as they stared at a certain direction.


Suddenly, dominator rank devil soul let out a bleak cry filled with utmost resentment!

With this call, a few dark brown hunters fell from the sky without reason, landing like sacks into the streets and courtyard.

“Continue!!” The leader’s eyes blinked but remained decisive. He knew clearly how powerful this dominator rank devil soul was. If they relaxed even a little moment, more people will definitely fall from the skies.

Furthermore, they all knew that the people who fell died immediately from their minds getting crushed by the dominator rank devil soul!

The cry was getting louder and louder. The entire city seemed to be able to heal it. Of the people walking along the city streets, some pedestrians looked up and gazed in that direction, their eyes changing strangely as they showed worry.

In fact, devil souls sometimes darted out of these pedestrians. These devil souls went angrily towards the area covered in the light net. However, before they could fly out very far, some people waiting in the dark had already caught them.


“Quick, its mind is almost completely subdued by us.” Li Ling’s eyes turned even more zealous. He could feel the dominator rank devil soul getting weaker and weaker. It could no longer take the demon diagram’s torture.

“Don’t hurry it, wait a bit longer!” Wan Meng smiled his trademark oily smile. Though he was much better off than president Ling, his waving fingers betrayed him. Clearly, he was extremely excited too!

If he gave this dominator rank devil soul to divine sect, Wan Meng could definitely get another position in divine sect.

With this title, he was sure that the famous beauty of Cloud Realm, Li Xueheng, would be within his grasp. If she dared to act haughty in front of him again, he would just use the power he got in divine sect to exile her to a useless realm like New Moon Ground, Evil Seaside, or Savage Lands. Anyone woman with a brain would not want to get their entire family exiled to some random realm because of her.

The dominator rank devil soul was clearly getting weaker and weaker. The dark brown hunter’s mental demon diagram energy was also dropping. However, with the leader’s judgement, he was certain this devil soul couldn’t sustain until the demon diagram ran out of power.

The leader clearly wasn’t as fervent as the two merchants. He calmly commanded all his members to remain in formation and to not make any mistakes.

“Leader, there’s something abnormal on the east side.” Another member quickly said.

The leader paused and glanced over to suddenly find a ghost flying swiftly towards them and into the demon diagram!

It was an emperor rank devil soul. Facing the mental waves that were pushing outwards, this emperor rank devil soul forced its way in and latched onto a dark brown hunter.

The hunter’s body instantly turned grey, as if his soul was stolen and fell from the sky.

Quickly after, the devil soul flew towards another hunter, wanting to steal another soul. However, the emperor rank devil soul was in the end emperor rank. Without the element of surprise, it couldn’t actually kill a dominator rank.

The dark brown hunter’s reaction was very fast. Quickly leaving the demon diagram, he immediately commanded his demon to attack.

The demon devil soul was already deep in the demon diagram and light net. It had nowhere to dodge, and was hit by the demon, nearly disintegrating on the spot!

The powerful demon diagram’s mental destruction wasn’t something that an emperor rank devil soul could withstand. With any more attacks, the devil souls couldn’t possibly live…...

“Careful of the formation!! Don’t mess it up!!!” The leader’s face changed and quickly yelled.

At this moment, the mentally tortured dominator rank devil soul’s tired eyes shot out with a glow of pure pain, anger, and hatred!



Seeing his fellow species member die a martyr for it, the dominator rank devil soul let out two screams!

The two screams truly passed through the entire sixth rank realm city. Millions of people inside and outside the city could hear it. This emotion could pierce to the heart of one’s soul, causing everyone to feel shivers from the pure sadness within it!

A powerful mental tsunami rolled through the sky, this time solely caused by the dominator rank devil soul!

The ripples flew out from the devil soul dominator rank towards the entire demon diagram. The invisible energy seemed to send the rest of the world into silence as if the moment before destruction.




Suddenly, blood mist flew out into the air. All the dark brown hunters spewed out blood!

What was scarier was that, every one of their demons started oozing brains and blood from every orifice on their head!

The brown shadows and their soul pets all fell from the skies one after another, landing with resounding thumps.

Not far away, Chu Mu could feel that all of them were already corpses before they even hit the ground!

About twenty or so hunters became corpses in the skies, and became mush when they landed!

Killing a whole array of demons instantly, this wasn’t something that Wan Meng or Li Ling wanted to see at all. They stared in shock at the terrifying dominator rank, as its half transparent body slowly disappeared…...

“It….. it’s escaping, the light net is still there, it can’t truly run away, send someone after it!!” Wan Meng yelled out!!

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