Chapter 1161: Light Net, Imminent Great Catastrophe

Everyone looked at Chu Mu and their eyes would dart vigilantly occasionally through the ice room. They wanted to use their minds to communicate. 

But Chu Mu shook his head and blinked at Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi looked around her and said: “Chu Mu, you must’ve over thought it?” 

“Just now Mo Xie indeed felt some strange movement. She should have felt wrong.” said Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi let out a slight sigh of relief and said: “You just scared me.” 

As she spoke, someone suddenly walked in front outside the ice room.

The person who came was a woman. She walked down the ice crystal stairs and stood in front of everyone. After examining them, she said: “My father had me come to tell you that this district was sealed off. Apparently the Devil Souls fled to this area.”

The woman in front of them surprised Chu Mu a bit because she was the woman called Xiao Tan who was with Yong Chong earlier. 

Chu Mu never expected her to be Xiao Leng’s daughter. It was good that he didn’t focus on her then, otherwise he may have accidentally killed her.

Bai Yu was also a bit surprised as he looked at her. But he maintained his silence.

After speaking, Xiao Tan turned around and left, leaving behind the four silent people.

“Mo Xie?” Chu Mu turned and looked at the small Mo Xie on his shoulder.

The small Mo Xie’s two silver eyes surveyed the ice room before she nodded at Chu Mu.

“It truly left.” Chu Mu let out a sigh of relief. 

Mu Qingyi, Ye Qingzi and Bai Yu surveyed the surroundings, but still didn’t find anything. Then they asked: “What was that thing just now?” 

“It should have been the Devil Soul Leader. It has left.” said Chu Mu.

“Devil Soul Leader? None of us could sense it, nor could we see it. Could the Devil Soul Leader be a dominator rank?” said Mu Qingyi.

Chu Mu nodded his head. The likelihood of this was very high.

Having remembered what Old Li said, dominator rank Devil Souls were equally famous as the five great undying legends. These creatures were extremely rare in this world and if one managed to obtain one of them, it would allow this person to arrogantly laugh and stand out.

“I wasn’t even able to see that fellow. If I was attacked, I wouldn’t even be able to retaliate.” Mu Qingyi was a bit worried.

That dominator rank Devil Soul definitely had extremely terrifying power. If it wasn’t for Mo Xie beside Chu Mu, nobody would have realized that the dominator rank Devil Soul was next to them just now.

“Chu Mu, do the people of the auction hall know of the dominator rank Devil Soul’s existence.” asked Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi’s question reminded Chu Mu that General Peng had implied that the auction hall had experts. All of the Devil Souls they were watching over had escaped. But since they had been helped, they probably realized that an extremely strong Devil Soul had appeared.

An emperor rank Devil Soul had the value of nearly a middle class dominator xuan item. Thus, the value of a dominator rank Devil Soul, which was extremely rare, was even more self-evident.

“Let’s go out and look.” said Chu Mu.


This city district had been completely shut off because the president had already learned that the dominator rank Devil Soul of this generation had appeared. 

As for the fifty subordinates wearing blackish-brown clothing, they were dispersed throughout this district. They had placed deep-blue colored gems on the ground and were chanting incantations.

The deep-blue gems blossomed with pillars of light that flew to the horizon, reaching the clouds.

There were fifty hunters in blackish-brown clothing and fifty pillars of light. After the light reached the sky, countless paths of light began to split off and link together with the other 49 main pillars of light. 

Each main pillar of light would split into 49 side-paths of light, covering the entire district in an interweaving net of light! 

“What’s going on. Why is this place being sealed off!!” a dominator rank soul pet trainer yelled out in incomparable anger.

After speaking, this soul pet trainer attempted to charge at the sky with his beast type soul pet and break the net of light.

However, the moment the beast type dominator touched the net of light, countless lightning-light pillars of light appeared on the deep blue colored net of light, tightly binding the dominator rank creature!  

Chu Mu also saw the beast type dominator easily suppressed from the Xiao Residence. The gorgeous net of light was indeed shocking and terrifying.

“It seems that the auction hall people know about the dominator rank Devil Soul’s existence, otherwise they wouldn’t have spent so much for this. This binding array costs an extremely hefty amount, but it will be difficult for that dominator rank Devil Soul to escape.” said Old Li.

“With how fast the auction hall people reacted, it seems like they knew that the Devil Souls would come.” said Mu Qingyi.

At this moment, Old Li’s eyes flashed and he seemed to have understood something. He said: “I think that it’s likely that the auction hall people knew about the dominator Devil soul from the beginning. They released information, enticing people to capture the emperor rank, monarch rank, and commander rank Devil Souls in order to gather them all into one city and then lure out the dominator rank Devil Soul.” 

“Why couldn’t they have just gone out to surround the dominator Devil Soul? Why did they have to do this?” asked Chu Mu.

“In the wilderness, the dominator Devil Soul is impossible to catch. But if it is tricked into entering a human city and a trap is prepared, the chances of success will be much higher.” said Old Li.

“If the auction hall people are able to lay a trap when the dominator Devil Soul comes to save the other Devil Souls, why would they let it successfully save the other Devil Souls?” Mu Qingyi was a bit confused. 

“I think that the auction hall was being crafty.” Ye Qingzi glanced at the little Devil Soul following beside her and continued, “They intentionally let the dominator rank Devil Soul save the other Devil Souls, causing them to become a burden for the dominator rank Devil Soul. This way, it will be even harder for the dominator rank Devil Soul to escape. Indeed, if the order to seal the city is given, even the smaller Devil Souls will have difficulty escaping.” 

There was a net of light in the sky and a group of hunters on the ground engaging in a sweeping search. Most importantly, the size of net of light was continuously shrinking. This meant that the dominator Devil Souls’ range of movement was growing increasingly small.

“These people are going from house to house in search.” Old Li looked at the nearby house.

There was a hunter in that house. He was ostensibly searching the house and the people inside the house.

Many people inside were voicing discontent, but the auction hall’s power was too large, especially since the fifty hunters were all dominator rank experts. Thus, these people could only swallow their anger. 

“I don’t know what kind of wrong medicine that fellow, Lin Li, ate. Not only did he seal this place, but he is also beginning a search.” Xiao Leng slowly walked up and spoke very unhappily, “Each one of the blackish brown hunters is carrying a ring that can sense spectral creatures. Bai Yu, don’t you have an emperor rank Devil Soul on you? Things will be a bit troublesome.” 

Chu Mu didn’t think it would be a bit troublesome. Instead, it probably would be extremely troublesome. 

The emperor rank Devil Soul in Bai Yu’s hands was obtained after the bloody fight between Wen City and the devils. If it was discovered, Bai Yu’s identity as the devil would likely be exposed. Yet, it just happened to be the case that the current auction hall people were engaging in a rigorous search. There probably would be no one who would escape their investigation. Moreover, Chu Mu believe that the auction hall president wouldn’t skimp on his methods in order to obtain the dominator Devil Soul. 

Chu Mu and Bai Yu had slaughtered a large group of Wen City dominator experts. Thus, their criminal charges were just as large. There had even appeared a number of warrants for arrests and bounties in various cities. If their identities were exposed, Wen City’s experts would do everything to eliminate them. 

“I just need to let the Devil Soul free, otherwise we won’t be able to explain ourselves.” said Bai Yu.强抢。”

“Free it… that would just be letting the auction hall people reap a benefit for free. This is equivalent to a middle class dominator.” Xiao Leng was stunned before continuing, “Don’t worry, just say that you captured it. Worse comes to worst, you can just auction it off in their auction. I don’t think he would dare steal it from you.” 

Bai Yu looked at Xiao Leng. He hesitated before ultimately using a mental voice to tell Xiao Leng about the true origins of this emperor rank Devil Soul.

After listening, Xiao Leng was stunned and looked with disbelief at Bai Yu! 

Until now, Xiao Leng had believed that Bai Yu had found the emperor Devil Soul somewhere else in the mountain range. He never expected that the emperor Devil Soul in Bai Yu’s hands was the one from the fight between the devils and Wen City’s experts. Moreover, the silver devil person that had caused a huge stir was Bai Yu! 

Bai Yu gave a rough account of how he had transformed into a devil and how Bai Jinrou had lost her soul awakening him. After Xiao Leng finished listening, he couldn’t help but be moved. It was very hard to imagine what Bai Yu experienced after Xiao Leng left New Moon Land.

“Then… then we’re in big trouble now.” Xiao Leng came back to his senses and quickly realized those hunters had arrived at his place.

Bai Yu nodded his head. The only current method was to release the emperor rank Devil Soul. Otherwise, he truly would be unable to explain. 

“Zi zi zi zi zi~~~~~”

Suddenly, countless lightning-like lights appeared on the net of light, releasing burning sounds. 

Looking up, it was possible to see a human-shaped outline formed by the flickering lightning. The outline was slender and graceful, but the body was completely transparent. If it wasn’t for the lightning forming an outline, nobody would have noticed a creature here! 

“It’s appeared! President, that Devil Soul has appeared!!!” 

“It’s over there! It wants to break out of the net of light to escape!” the hunters all let out cries. 

When Chu Mu and the others finally saw the rough shape of that dominator rank Devil Soul, they were all shocked.

“Just… just now it was that thing that was next to us?” Bai Yu looked at it, entranced. 


On a tall building outside the city district, Lin Li rigidly stared at the place of lightning arcs.

I must obtain it. I must!!!” Lin Li looked at the outline in the nearby sky and his eyes were full of fervor. 

In order to obtain this dominator rank Devil Soul, Lin Li had made extremely ample preparations and spent a huge amount of xuan item resources to create such a large net of light. Therefore, no matter what, he had to obtain this dominator Devil Soul! 

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