Chapter 1160: Dominator, Devil Soul Leader!

Neither Chu Mu or Mu Qingyi stuck around. They flew straight for the Xiao Residence. 

En route, Chu Mu noticed numerous guards on the move in the city. They looked extremely hurried.

The numerous flying wing type soul pets flying in the dim sky were like a net covering the city, preventing any creature from flying out of the city.

“They’re moving very fast.” said Mu Qingyi.

There were many more soldiers in Wen City than Wanxiang City. With one glance, it was possible to see the arrangement of a huge army.

Besides them, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi were always able to see a few furtive figures sneaking through the streets. These people were not disturbing the unending flow of people, but they seemed to be chasing something.

When they returned to the Xiao residence, Chu Mu immediately found Ye Qingzi. When they went back, Chu Mu had grabbed the Life Fruits from the auction house. Chu Mu saw that Ye QIngzi was safely concocting and explained the situation to Ye Qingzi. He then brought Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi to the ice room.

“Xiao Shan, do you guys have another leader?” Ye Qingzi asked her new soul pet. 

The nickname Ye Qingzi had given to her little Devil Soul was Xiao Shan. Xiao Shan’s appearance had taken the form of a young girl, and it was floating like a specter next to Ye Qingzi.

When Ye Qingzi asked it a question, the little Devil Soul diligently nodded its head.

“It should be their Devil Soul Leader that invaded the human city in an attempt to save them.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu himself had been the king of a Nightmare Empire. Normally, when a child Nightmare had been captured to become a human soul pet, Chu Mu didn’t pay much heed to it. However, if a large amount was captured and this affected the development of the Nightmare Empire, Chu Mu would definitely take action to save them.

They quickly arrived at the ice room and walked down the stairs. Bai Yu, who had not said anything recently, was sitting alone next to the bed, his eyes staring off in some direction without focus.

A layer of frost had been frozen on his body. He was completely unmoving, and looked like an immoral guardian. 

Chu Mu walked forward and woke up Bai Yu.

When Bai Yu returned to his senses, he barely managed to crack a smile.

Chu Mu told Bai Yu about the Devil Soul Leader’s appearance. He also asked Bai Yu about the Devil Soul he had captured. 

“Then just give it back to it.” said Bai Yu.

Since the Devil Soul could not awaken his daughter, there was no use in leaving the Devil Soul with him.

Ye Qingzi had already signed a soul pact with the little Devil Soul, so it was impossible to return it. As for the emperor Devil Soul in Bai Yu’s hands, it would be truly a bit unfortunate to give it back since he had only managed to obtain it through a bloody battle. 


In the auction house’s meeting room.

The auction president, Lin Li, crossed his arms and held his chin. His eyes would occasionally dart from place to place and blossom with a rapturous light that was hard to stifle. 

The city had already been sealed, and he had sent a group of hunting experts. That dominator rank Devil Soul could not escape with that group of Devil Souls. Right now, he had to think of a method to obtain them before Wu Zhen and the city lord learned of the news.

“President, there’s news. Someone saw a few specter-like creatures flying through the mansion district. They seem to be going towards the Liao Family and Xiao Family.” said a guard wearing blackish-brown colored clothing. 

President Lin Li’s eyes lit up with more light. He stood up for the chair and strode out of the auction hall.

When he left the auction, there were 50 soul pet trainers wearing blackish-brown clothing behind him. These soul pet trainers had a cold aura and when they exited the auction hall, the temperature of this large district mysteriously fell. It was like the buildings and streets had frozen over.

“Have people blockade off the mansion district. Pay attention for people with blank eyes. There’s a high chance that those are bodies which have been possessed by Devil Souls.” ordered the president. 

The moment he finished speaking, fifty soul pet trainers chanted incantations and rode on their soul pets silently through the bustling streets. All the people on the street felt was a wave of wind brush past them.


Under the cover of dark clouds, behind the Xiao residence’s courtyard was a white forest. Between the swaying trees was a creature vagrantly drifting about.

This was a nearly transparent creature. It was barely possible to see its outline in the air; it looked slender and graceful and had the long hair of a woman.

This specter lithely floated across the pond. The calm surface of the water did not reflect its figure. Even the tall courtyard wall was unable to stop its advance.

It flew straight for the ice room, passing through the thick ice walls. It maintained its invisible appearance and appeared in front of these humans. 

As long as it didn’t want humans to see it, there were few humans that would be able to spot it.

It could easily leave this city, but it had take back its species members that had been captured by humans and leave with them. However, this would pose an obstacle to its movements. 

To prevent being discovered, it had possessed the body of a few normal people, and waited for the right opportunity bring all of the Devil Souls and flee this human city. 

Of course, before this, it would have to find all of its species members, especially that Devil Soul brother duo.

It had already sensed that the brother duo was inside the ice room. The younger one had ostensibly signed a soul pact with a human, while the other was trapped in a spatial ring, needing someone to save it. 

The Devil Soul Leader didn’t prevent its species members from signing soul pacts with humans because Devil Souls required a host in order to mature anyways. Humans were one of the best hosts. However, while the soul pact was an equal agreement, the Devil Soul Leader would not let its species members be sold like slaves and forced to sign a soul pact with a human it did not like. 

When it floated into the ice room, it saw a few humans. Among them was a human that seemed to have lost her soul. She was lying on the ice bed. 

It floated between these talking humans. They evidently hadn’t noticed it.

The Devil Soul Leader didn’t want to disturb them, and planned on just taking the big Devil Soul out from the Soul Capture Ring. As for the little Devil Soul, it would have to put in more effort to first control that woman’s mind and then have her undo the soul pact with the small Devil Soul.

“Eh eh eh!!!”

Suddenly, a fierce noise rang out. The Devil Soul Leader that was about to chant an incantation instantly noticed a pair of silver and sharp eyes staring at it! 

The Devil Soul was extremely shocked. It never expected this small silver fox to sense its existence! 

The Devil Soul Leader no longer dared to chant an incantation. It had completely hid its aura. It knew that this small silver fox definitely hadn’t managed to completely see it, otherwise it would have already pounced on it. 

“Chu Mu, what’s wrong with Mo Xie?” Ye Qingzi looked curiously at the small Mo Xie on Chu Mu’s shoulder. 

Mo Xie’s eyes had suddenly turned sharp and vigilant just now. She seemed to have discovered an enemy.

Chu Mu put his finger on his lips, indicating for nobody to talk. 

The ice room instantly went quiet and everyone surveyed their surroundings. They didn’t find anything and looked back at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu used his eyes to tell everyone that there seemed to be something in this room! 

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