Chapter 1159: Devil Soul Escapes, City Sealing Command.

“Why is that pig here again?” Ye Wansheng saw the massive figure come over.

The fat Wan Meng was back with a face full of smiles. His arrogant appearance was nowhere to be seen, instead looking respectful and even flattering.

“I had an old friend who passed away so I was extremely sad. My attitude wasn’t the best just now, I’m very sorry Lady Mu, and I hope you don’t take it to heart.” Wan Meng said with a smile.

Mu Qingyi had seen many shameless people, but Wan Meng was truly rare even amongst them. Maybe the higher one’s species rank was, the thicker one’s skin was too- losing all sense of what shame is.

Wan Meng saw that Mu Qingyi was annoyed again, and quickly left after apologizing. Though he wasn’t sure whether she was really the Mu Family Princess, he might as well be careful to play it safe.

When Wan Meng returned to his seat, the nearby dominator rank experts all let out mocking laughs. However, this fellow was indeed thick skinned, not feeling their laughter at all.

“Young master, I feel the strange aura again, this time very heavily.” Odl Li’s voice sounded in Chu Mu’s mind.

“What aura?” chu mu remembered Old Li mentioning it when they entered the city.

“I’m not sure but the thing seems to be nearby.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu wasn’t sure what he was talking about so he could only look around with his eyes.


Suddenly, the entire auction house’s palace roof let out a hum as if a massive gong was struck, causing the courtyard to vibrate with it.

The vibrations caused many people to scream. After all, other than dominator rank experts, there were many family members, merchants, people of power that haven’t reached dominator rank.

“What’s happening!” Uncle Peng was the first to question.

The vice auction house manager quickly smiled and acted calm, “Probably some person who doesn’t know the rules around here trying to start a fight, no one needs to be worried.”


Just as he finished speaking, an even stronger vibration came down, causing the entire hall to tip sideways and sending cracks down many of the pillars!

The second large sound caused them to feel nervous as if the hall was about to collapse.


After a third large sound, a pillar could no longer handle the vibrations. With a resounding boom, it collapsed, becoming countless rocks that fell in front of a woman.

The middle aged woman didn’t panic at all, stepping over to safer territory and glaring with a hint of anger at the vice auction house manager. She said with a cold tone, “Is this all by design?”

“No, no, we wouldn’t dare, we’ve already sent people to investigate the source.” the vice manager said in panic.

There were many dominator rank experts nearby. Offending any of them would be a huge loss to them!

“Horrible news, manager!” A servant guard ran over with his face pale.

“The devil souls….. The devil souls, they’re all escaping!!” Servant guard said between heavy breaths.

This sentence was heard by almost everyone. Instantly, the hall became silent.

The vice manager’s face turned a few different shades at once. He wasn’t angry that the devil souls escaped, but was angry instead at why this idiot said it out loud!!

“Manager, I’m busy with other stuff so I’ll leave first. As for what had happened, I truly am sorry.” the woman who nearly got hit by the pillar said.

After speaking, she quickly stepped away from the hall, seeming to be muttering an incantation as she left.

“Since the devil souls escaped, there’s no meaning in staying. I’ll take my leave too.”

The polite ones came up to say a few words, but the majority of dominator rank experts all lit up with excitement as they stepped away from the auction house.

All of them swiftly started leaving. The vice manager’s face turned beet red, because he knew clearly what they were all going to do!

The payment process happened at the same time as the items are given, meaning no one present had paid yet.

Now, they were all leaving to try to capture escaping devil souls. The escaping devil souls are ownerless, so whoever could catch them would be the new owner!!

“General Peng, our manager invites you to come.” At that moment, the woman who hosted the auction that day walked forward and curtsied towards Uncle Peng.

Uncle Peng seemed to guess something and told her to lead the way. He also signalled Chu Mu and the others to come along. The devil souls escaping didn’t mean the life fruits were stolen, so they weren’t affected.

“Prince Chao, should we go try to get something in the chaos?” Ye Wansheng lifted an eyebrow.

Prince Chao’s eyes lit up and he nodded, “Let’s go, maybe we’ll be able to get the emperor rank devil soul.”

“I…… I want to go too!” Liao Yu said excitedly.

Uncle Peng laughed helplessly. KNowing he had no time to lecture them, he let them be and quickly followed the steps of the woman.

Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi both didn’t want to chase after devil souls, and entered the meeting room with General Peng.

Going through the well lit corridor, Chu Mu saw two middle aged men and another young woman already in the meeting.

“General Peng, please sit, you two may sit as you please as well.” A relatively older middle aged man with greying beard said solemnly.

“Just say it, what happened? Poor management situations probably wouldn’t happen with you.” Uncle Peng sat down.

“I presume all those people had already split up to find devil souls for their own taking. However, the devil souls didn’t escape randomly; they were taken away systematically by a group.” The skinnier man beside the bearded one said.   

“Taken away systematically? Then someone is stealing from us, who has that courage?” Uncle Peng said.

“Devil souls.” The young woman blurted out.

“Devil souls stole the devil soul?” Uncle Peng stared in shock at the woman.

“Yes, I’m not sure what the devil soul did but it caused a mistake on Old Tong’s part.” The grey bearded man said.

Uncle Peng’s surprise became even more evident. The Old Tong that the manager mentioned was the auction house’s number one expert. Even in Wen City, he was top ten in power. As a spirit dominator rank expert, he should be the last one to make a mistake like this.

“To ensure nothing gets stolen in our auction house, we have spies within ten kilometers of here. I’ve already activated this force so we should have their tracks soon. However, using these people to stop the spreading is near impossible because devil souls can hide on normal people. We need General Peng to give the command to seal the city to ensure no devil souls escape.” The manager said very seriously.

“Seal the city……” General Peng didn’t know what to say to that.

Sealing the city was a big deal, and could easily cause mass panic.

“We’ve reported this to the city master and Commander Wu Zhen. I think they’ll give you the command soon. To minimize losses, we hope that you seal the city off sooner. Or else, with the loss of devil souls and the loss of dominator rank experts this time, Wen City will drop ranks for sure. Then, the Qin City aside will pillage our resources and put us into a quagmire.” The manager said.

“Alright, our city has around a hundred foreign dominator ranks. I hope you can suppress them.” General Peng said.

“Yes. Thank you General Peng. Right, there are three empeorr rank devil souls in our city, I think the devil souls’ main goal is to take these three emperor rank devil souls and leave. I hope General Peng’s subordinates can keep an eye out for them and potentially capture them all. That would stem our losses.” The grey bearded manager said.

General Peng didn’t have time to ask why the manager knew there were three emperor rank devil souls in the city and simply nodded and left. The young woman followed up closely behind General Peng.

Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi didn't say a single word throughout the meeting, but their minds were in turmoil. When they left the meeting room, they glanced at each other in disbelief.

“Qingzi already signed a soul pact with the little devil soul. If that devil soul wants to bring it and run away, they should be heading towards Bai Yu and Ye Qingzi.

“En, let me return to Xiao Residence.” Chu Mu said.


In the meeting room, the manager and the other old man sat there, not speaking for a while.

“With even Old Tong getting mind controlled, you think we have a chance of taking that dominator rank devil soul down?”

“There’s only one opportunity. Any amount of devil souls escaping is fine. This devil soul must be captured!!” The manager’s eyes gleamed with excitement, fierceness, determination, completely different from the previously calm facade!

Dominator rank devil soul!

That’s a devil soul that could control the mind of a spirit dominator rank. To anyone, it was like a miracle descending upon them.

Every time he thought of the dominator rank devil soul wandering his city, the manager felt his body shiver!

The news of the devil soul was what he got. It was this news that he gave to Border Commander Wu Zhen and Wen City City Master so they could go and capture as many as possible.

The general didn’t send a single person because neither the monarch nor the emperor rank devil souls were what he was truly after. He wanted the dominator rank devil soul that was discovered by accident!

Any expert knew that finding a dominator rank devil soul in the wild and capturing it was impossible. The only way was to lure it into the city!!

The only way to lure a dominator rank devil soul into a human city was to capture all the little devil souls to lure it in.

Now, the first step was completed!

Now, he just had to activate the forces he put in place to capture the fallen prey!

Thinking about getting the dominator rank devil soul, the general was already mad with laughter inside!

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