Chapter 1158: Mu Royal Family Princess?

The auction continued. The devil soul auction process was interspersed with many rare and valuable xuan items.

Within these items, Chu Mu’s much wanted wind type third rank xuan item, Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao’s third rank beast type xuan item all appeared. Sadly, even if they wanted to buy it, their prices were near 600 xuan and was out of their range.

The four of them waited for a long time before they finally found something that lit their eyes up.

“This is a third rank life fruit that can help extend life spans or used to create wood type xuan quality. There are twenty third rank life fruits here and the seller requires them all to be sold together. Ok, let the auction begin!” The female woman said in a sweet voice.

Chu Mu confirmed the usefulness of the life fruit, and started making bids for it.

In normal situations, a third rank wood type xuan quality could reach 5 xuan. The life fruit also could extend someone’s life, so the price was even higher, something that all soul pet trainers wanted. Before Chu Mu could even call a price, the highest bid was already 200 xuan.

Chu Mu only had 150 xuan left. Even if he sold the monarch rank devil soul, it was only 200 more xuan. If the price of the life fruits went past 300, it may be problematic.

Uncle Peng aside saw that they really wanted the life fruit and lifted the bid tag that said 250 xuan.

“Oh, General Peng bids 250 xuan, does anyone else want to pay more?”

Just as Chu Mu was wondering why he joined the bidding, he suddenly noticed that after this General Peng called his bid, no one else competed for it.

The woman called three more times, and finally the life fruit was given to General Peng at the price of 250.

“I have a little respect in Wen City, so I’ll buy it for you as thanks for saving this nephew of mine. I hope you don’t push back on it.” Uncle Peng smiled and said very sincerely.

“Then thank you.” Chu Mu didn’t try to be polite and simply handed over the soul capture ring with the monarch rank devil soul to Uncle Peng and said, “This is for you then.”

Uncle Peng took it over without saying much and gave it to Liao Yu.

Liao Yu’s eyes immediately lit up as he stammered thanks over and over.

With this devil soul, he could easily enter spirit emperor rank. Most importantly, his life and soul have an extra layer of insurance.

Chu Mu wasn’t interested in the remainder of the auction and wanted to leave. However, Uncle Peng said that auctioned items could only be retrieved when the auction finished so the rest of them could only sit still until the last item was sold.

Uncle Peng’s gift allowed Chu Mu to have 150 xuan remaining. Chu Mu used it to buy a bunch of first rank xuan quality.

This xuan quality could be turned into xuan items by YE Qingzi. Even with xuan quality that they didn’t need, if they went to an auction house and sold it, they could earn a lot of resources.

Soul teachers had an immense speed of creating wealth, especially the type like Ye Qingzi that could create Xuan items!

The auction was rather slow. Between every devil soul was many items that filled in the gaps. It went  deep into the night before the thirty monarch rank devil souls were all sold.

The final item was naturally the emperor rank devil soul. It was this emperor rank devil soul’s capture that kept Yong Chong alive til now.

Emperor rank devil souls’ price was self explanatory. It was directly connected to how powerful a dominator rank expert was. It could even allow some warrior rank humans to step into spirit dominator rank. As for those that could already step into spirit dominator rank, they similarly needed this treasure to help them over the tough bottleneck.

The competition for the emperor rank devil soul was extremely tight. Seeing the price go up to thousands of xuan, CHu Mu quickly realized that Li Ziran was truly scamming him. An emperor rank devil soul was far more expensive than a third rank wind type xuan item. Old Li was also rarely wrong, thinking it was an alright trade.

“Alright, 2200 xuan, any higher calls?” The beautiful woman on stage raised her voice in barely contained excitement.

2200 xuan was around a fifth rank uan item in price. Though a xuan item that could truly create a middle class dominator rank was more expensive, it was enough to show just how expensive an emperor rank devil soul was!

“Chu Mu, how about we sell the little devil soul?” Ye Wansheng looked at the shocking price and couldn't resist the temptation.

Chu Mu had an emperor rank devil soul as well. Except, his  little devil soul seemed to have better talent, type, and power than the auctioned devil soul. More importantly, it was a devil soul that wasn’t even seventh phase, meaning it was easier to sign a soul pact with. It could reach 3000 xuan in price.

With the 3000 xuan, buying five or six third rank xuan items to create a few low class dominator ranks wasn’t a problem.

Of course, Chu Mu knew Ye Wansheng was just saying it for fun.

If Ye Qingzi entered spirit dominator rank, she could create third rank xuan items. Then, they could just buy cheap xuan quality to the same effect.

Finally, the emperor rank devil soul was sold to the newly rich Wan Meng at the price of 2200. His face after receiving the treasure seemed to exude an oily smile. The two women around him were also flirting excessively to try to flatter him.

“Everyone wait a moment in the resting chamber, and I’ll hand over the auctioned items one after another. Remember to prepare enough Xuan then.” The woman who hosted the auction said.

After they spoke, everyone gathered in the resting room, but most of them gathered to sit in the main hall. They spoke to each other, seeming to all know each other.

“General Peng, didn’t you come for the devil souls? Why didn’t you buy any of them, are you unfortunately at a shortage in money?” The obese Wan Meng hobbled over and said in a loud voice.

His eyelids almost completely covered his eyes but he remained glancing up and down Mu Qingyi, his licentious thoughts apparent to anyone.

Mu Qingyi’s quality and appearance was much higher than the two girls beside him. To his unbridled gaze, Mu Qingyi decided to simply ignore it.

“General Peng, why don’t you introduce me to them?” Wan Meng smiled, trying to get to know Mu Qingyi.

“I just met them too.” General Peng said. He didn’t want to introduce them.

“Oh, just met them, that’s fine too. You know I really just want to get to know this beautiful lady better. Of course, if she’s a new love you’ve found behind your lady’s back, then I, Old Meng, won’t try to steal her, just like how I wanted the life fruits but decided not to bid.

Hearing Wan Meng say that, General Peng laughed apologetically to Mu Qingyi, “Some people don’t keep their mouths shut, Lady Mu just act like you didn't hear him.”

“Oh, lady Mu, so you’re Mu clan…… dare I ask if they come from that bloodline?” Wan Meng lifted an eyebrow and no longer dared to be as reckless as before.

Mu Qingyi still didn’t mind him. She pulled out some sweets she had bought in a shop, and slowly started feeding the paradise bird on her shoulder.

“Lady Mu, I am Wan Meng, cloud realm merchant alliance vice alliance master, also a member of Divine Sect. Am I not enough to speak to you?” Wan Meng didn’t give up.

The richest in the entire auction house and won over countless items against many dominator rank experts. This caused him to feel very good about himself. He didn't want to lose his face so quickly. More importantly, everyone was looking over. He didn’t want to embarass himself in front of them all.

“This man’s annoying.” Chu Mu was worried about Bai Yu and Bai Jinrou right now, but Wan Meng truly was making them uncomfortable.

“Let me handle it myself.” Mu Qingyi siad.

Chu Mu nodded, and didn’t say much more.

Mu Qingyi lifted his gaze to look at this obese man and said cleanly, “Get lost!”

When Mu Qingyi was heavenly concubine, many men had thoughts about her. If she dealt with them all, there was no way she would ever get to the end of it, so she slowly started ignoring them all. However, if some were especially annoying, Mu Qingyi wouldn’t be polite with them!

When Wan Meng heard she was called Mu, he slightly lowered his attitude. However, he never expected this woman to speak to him like that!

Even Wen City’s master didn’t dare speak to him like that, telling him to get lost under everyone’s gaze. Wan Meng’s face fell.

In an instant, the entire place went silent. Wan Meng had clearly handled his fair share of commotions. With a twitching lip, he smiled stiffly and said, “Lady Mu, I’ve already tried being polite, but since you insist on being so arrogant……”

Wan Meng stopped and narrowed his eyes in a flash of anger before going back to his seat.

Wan Meng’s mood was instantly ruined. Glancing back at his guards, he said in a small voice, “Find out what this woman’s identity is.”

“Boss, I urge you not to think too much of her.” At this time, a border general behind said in a low voice.

“Why?” Wan Meng wasn’t stupid, being brash just because of a rude sentence. His head was filled with ideas of how to take the woman down secretly instead of doing something rash there.

“She’s a spirit dominator expert, and barring a mistake in judgement, that’s a phoenix on her shoulder. She’s stronger than all of our soul pets.” The border general said to Wan Meng.

Wan Meng paused and glanced back at Mu Qingyi.

He indeed didn’t expect this beautiful and young woman to already be a spirit dominator rank. And, from his guards’ tone, she may even be stronger than them!!

Such a person wasn’t someone Wan Meng could trouble. Remembering that her name was Mu, his heart was already half cold with fear.

“Did I really just trouble some princess of Mu Royal family?” Cold sweat trickled down Wan Meng’s forehead.

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