Chapter 1157: Rise from the Dead, Helpless Flower

The Devil Soul was unable to awaken Princess Jinrou’s soul. She was still silently sleeping there.

The helplessness and despair was hard to describe. Bai Yu wasn’t someone easily discouraged, but when he thought of the time left, there wasn’t much. 

He no longer knew what to do.

From a distance, Chu Mu watched Bai Yu. If Bai Yu hadn’t come out to help in Wanxiang City, Chu Mu would not have been able to safely save the people from Three Great Palaces. Chu Mu felt that he had to help Bai Yu.

“Old Li, what is needed for a soul awakening?” asked Chu Mu, earnestly.

“Young master, this depends on chance. Monument Tears can awaken the soul, for example what happened to young master after you transformed into a devil. However, Monument Tears cannot just be found. Reasonably speaking, the Devil Soul should have been able to awaken the young princess, but for some reason, it failed.” said Old Li.

Old Li couldn’t think of a method. Chu Mu thought about it and figured that Yu Suo might know. Promptly, he undid the seal and asked if she had a method.

Most recently, Yu Suo had been extremely obedient. She was so obedient that even Chu Mu felt that it was fake. However, Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to scheme against this woman right now. She could have fun with whatever she was planning. 

“Using one’s own soul to awaken another soul is an incantation method that involves sacrifice. Bai Yu’s soul awoke, but the princess’ must die. The simplest method to awaken the princess is to sacrifice Princess Jinrou’s mother or sibling’s soul. The sacrifice incantation cannot be reversed, so Bai Yu’s soul is useless here.” said Yu Suo.

Princess Jin Rou’s only blood family was Bai Yu. Thus, this method of sacrifice couldn’t be used.

“Devil Souls imitate human souls, but cannot make one rise from the dead. Even if it succeeds, at most it will just create a puppet imitation of the princess’ soul. It will be unable to assimilate with her body and truly revive her.” 

“Then where can I find a method to bring her back from the dead?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yellow Spring, Hades, Inferno, Underworld, Limbo. Among these five undying creatures of legends is a good side flower type creature. The reason why this flower type creature is among the undying creatures is because she has a flower type technique that can bring one back from the dead.”   

“Bring someone back from the dead?” Chu Mu was stunned. He had always thought that revival techniques were of legends. Yet, it actually did exist. This was too inconceivable! 

Bu Chu Mu quickly realized a problem and continued asking: “Since you are the progenitor of the flower type - an Evil Good Queen, you should have this technique among your good side, right?” 

“No. Although my other soul is indeed the flower type progenitor, in the natural world there are two outcomes from reproduction. One is a strength increase while the other is a strength decrease. The Evil Good Progenitor was the strongest creature of flower types. However, this power was obtained through a combination of the good side and evil side. From the Evil Good Progenitor, good type flower creatures have been reproduced; but after reproduction, their could appear an even stronger species. For example, the Limbo Fairy is one such species. It inherited the good side of the Evil Good Progenitor. Purely from the perspective of supportive, healing and revival abilities, my abilities are not as strong.” Yu Suo gave a full explanation.

Most recently, Yu Suo would answer any question she was given because her Cloud Realm plant was slowly unfolding. She currently wanted Chu Mu to relax his vigilance and supervision. This way, she would have an opportunity to escape.

Thus, Yu Suo wasn’t lying when she spoke of Limbo. Yu Suo herself hadn’t even reached the tenth phase and her strength was immensely lacking in comparison to a completely mature Limbo Fairy. Moreover, Yu Suo’s good side abilities were purely used to put on a facade. Her genuine power was in her evil side. 

These past years, she had been continuously tortured by Chu Mu’s devil flames, and the grievance in her heart was even thicker. Without being able to collect good type energy, she naturally absorbed more evil type energy.

“Limbo…” Chu Mu himself had the equally famous Hades. However, Chu Mu was certain that the genuine five great undying legendary species were stronger, especially if one possessed a revival technique.

“Then where can I find Limbo?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t know.” said Yu Suo.


The only thing that could revive the young princess now was the Limbo Flower; however, this thing of legendary rank couldn’t be found. Thus, what they had to do was think of a way to preserve the princess’ weak life force for a longer period of time. This way, they would have more time to search for Limbo.

The ice room would be able to keep Princess Jinrou alive for another month. In this month, Ye Qingzi began to concoct xuan items in hopes of buying more time for Princess Jinrou.

Chu Mu also planned on attending the great auction in ten days to try his luck. He would see if he could find a xuan item with effects even stronger than the Immortal Spring Water.

On the tenth day, Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng and Princes Chao arrived at the largest auction hall.

The main item being sold was Devil Souls! 

Wen City had greatly profited this time. They had obtained over ten Devil Souls that were not of low ranks. If these Devil Souls were auctioned away, Wen City’s power would certainly soar. Of course, this wasn’t taking account of the dominator experts they lost. 

The great amount of dominator rank expert deaths meant that Wen City was virtually going to degrade a rank. Wen City City Lord and Border Commander Wu Zhen had no choice but to sell off the Devil Souls quickly and then raise a new batch of dominator rank experts to make up for the losses. Otherwise, there was a high chance Wen City would not be able to recover.  

Chu Mu and his group no longer had any interests in Devil Souls. What they were urgently in need of finding were xuan items that could prolong Princess Jinrou’s time. Presumably, any person that saw Princess Jinrou’s pale white face and Bai Yu’s ruined appearance would want nothing more than to help. 

Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, Mu Qingyi, and Princes Chao all expressed that they had to help Uncle Bai Yu. Indeed, it was Bai Yu that had initially helped them all.

“Hey, Big Brother Chu, you guys also came.” in the seats, Liao Yu ran up to them with a face full of smiles.

“Brat, what are you doing here? This is a place for dominator ranks.” said Ye Wansheng. 

“I came with my Uncle Peng. Look, he’s coming over.” Liao Yu pointed at a wide-faced middle aged man with slightly scraggly hair. 

The middle aged man slowly walked over to the four of them (Ye Qingzi was currently immersed in concoction and didn’t come). He amicably examined them and spoke with some gratefulness: “I’m extremely thankful that you fellows took action in time and saved my ignorant and reckless nephew.” 

The man called Uncle Peng said many words of thanks. From his words, it could be seen that this Uncle Peng cared a lot about Liao Yu, this brat.

“It was no big deal. Are you also here to contest for Devil Souls?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. There are a few people at home who are at a barrier in their cultivation. No matter what, they are unable to break past the barrier. Thus, they can only rely on these supports. This brat is the same. I ought to purchase a monarch rank Devil Soul this auction for him. This way his strength can increase a bit faster.” said Uncle Peng.

“How about this. I have a monarch rank Devil Soul here that I want to sell. I’ll see what price a monarch rank Devil Soul auctions for, and then I’ll give you a discount and sell it to you.” said Chu Mu.

“Deal. You’ll save on commission costs, and I’ll be saved someone raising the price on me. Many people are watching me as if they’re intentionally going to make me pay up more.” Uncle Peng was frank and straightforward. 

After a short conversation, the auction began.

The main item was Devil Souls. Thus, the first item sold was a Devil Soul. This was a monarch rank Devil Soul and it currently being trapped in a barrier at the very center of the auction stage. There was a sexy and mature woman wearing a qipao-resembling item of clothing giving a full explanation of this Devil Soul’s attributes, abilities and uses. 

“Ok, the lowest price is 50 xuan. Begin bidding.” charmingly smiled the beautiful and mature woman. Her eyes glanced over the numerous dominator rank experts and high status people here.

Not everyone here was from Wen City. There were many experts from other places. There were about 1000 people in the auction hall and about 200 dominator experts among them. It was likely the case that if Wen City wasn’t afraid of their rank degrading, they would probably have spent more time publicizing the auction in order to attract even more dominator rank experts from Cloud Realm. 

A monarch rank Devil Soul substantive cost was 100 xuan. Aside from xuan materials that could be used to concoct xuan items which had a fixed price, a complete xuan item would fluctuate in price. 

The first monarch rank Devil Soul’s auction was slightly fervent. A few people from bigger factions raised a high price, the purpose of which was to tell others that the other Devil Souls would belong to them. Nobody else had dare think of contesting with them.

Finally, the first Devil Soul was auctioned off for 200 xuan. This was evidently a double in price.

“Who is that person? Why is he so rich and overbearing?” Ye Wansheng floated his gaze over to the potbelly man in the yellow seat. 

Describing this man as massive wouldn’t even be doing it justice. His fat stomach would even be able to contain Liao Yu, since he was a skinny brat, inside. 

His two arms were rested on two chairs where two beautiful women with extremely amazing figures and looks were seated. From time to time, he could be heard flirting with these two obedient and laughing women. 

“Why do I feel this fellow is a newly rich man the more I look at him?” muttered Ye Wansheng.

“This fellow is indeed a famous newly rich man in Cloud Realm called Wan Meng. His own strength is nothing much, but the two people standing behind him are both border generals. He is the vice president of Cloud City’s Chamber of Commerce. Simultaneously, his business has also reached Divine Sect, allowing him to wear the badge of Divine Sect. This newly rich man is definitely no ordinary businessman.” explained Uncle Peng to the side. 

“This is the first time I’ve heard of business being able to raise someone to this status. Indeed, the two women he has his arms around are both spirit emperors.” said Prince Chao.

“It’s very normal. No soul pet trainer is able to be separated from xuan items, while xuan items are also innately very difficult to find. Even if one manages to find a xuan item, often times, the xuan item is not suitable for his or her soul pets to use. This leads to xuan item businessmen creating a massive exchange between all kinds of experts. Moreover, you had best not look down on xuan item businessmen. A few of them have extremely terrifying strength, for example Border Commander Wu Zhen who can also be considered a xuan item businessman!” 

“Wu Zhen again? Is this fellow very strong?” asked Ye Wansheng.

The expression on Uncle Peng’s face froze and he said: “I can’t believe you even asked that… of course he is strong!” 

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