Chapter 1156: Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox

“Bai Yu, you’ve returned!” a middle aged man walked out of the front hall and ran up to greet them.

The old man had a thick beard, but it was combed very neatly. He was a rather charming older man. 

“Oh? These people are?” Xiao Leng looked at Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, and Prince Chao with a trace of confusion. 

Xiao Leng was extremely familiar with Liao Yu so he ignored him. What he found strange was that Bai Yu shouldn’t know other people in this unfamiliar place. Why did he bring these young people here? 

“Let’s go in first.” said Bai Yu.

Xiao Leng nodded his head and led everyone through the front hall to the main hall.

“Liao Yu, go and have some fun. The adults are going to talk.” Xiao Leng waved his hand and sent away Liao Yu.

Liao Yu looked unhappy. He happened to be a spirit master, yet he was being treated as a child! 

After sending Liao Yu away, Chu Mu and the others sat in the hall. Bai Yu was most concerned about his daughter.

“Don’t worry, the ice crystals in my ice room are from the highest point of Heavenly Mountain. With a Heavenly Mountain Xuan Lotus, your daughter will be fine.” said Xiao Leng.

Bai Yu wore a bitter smile. She would be fine? She was already not much different from dead right now. Perhaps he was just torturing himself right now. It was truly uncertain whether the Devil Soul would be able to save her.

“Devils appeared on the marsh mountains and killed many people. I was going to send someone to find you. Thank goodness you returned. You weren’t injured, right?” said Xiao Leng. 

Xiao Leng clearly didn’t know that Bai Yu had transformed into a devil. Indeed, before Bai Yu had been sealed in ice, King Xiao had already left New Moon Land. He didn’t know what had occurred on New Moon Land. 

“That’s right, you still haven’t introduced these young talents.” said Xiao Leng.

“Oh, these three people all come from New Moon Land. This person is your second generation successor to the Tianxia King seat. He is the present King of New Moon Land, Chu Mu.” introduced Bai Yu. He straightforwardly gave Chu Mu’s identity out. 

Xiao Leng was shocked and he carefully examined Chu Mu. He said: “Truly a young talent. That must mean your strength should be about the low class dominator rank!” 

“That’s nothing. The one next to him is Soul Palace’s Crown Prince, Chao Lengchuan. This person is Chu Mu’s friend, Ye Wansheng. They are all this generation’s dominator rank experts of New Moon Land.” said Bai Yu.

The shock on Xiao Leng’s face was even deeper. For one, he never expected that the young people Bai Yu brought with him were from the same home. Secondly, their strength was so outstanding. Being able to possess dominator rank strength in Cloud Realm also made one an exceptional person! 

After talking a bit, Xiao Leng brought them to the ice room.

On their way, Prince Chao softly said: “I think I remember that Madam Xiao was King Xiao’s wife, and that Xiao Hai was his son. This King Xiao is indeed free spirited. He even ran here.” 

Xiao Leng seemed to have heard Prince Chao’s whispering and showed an embarrassed expression as he said: “The truth is that I’ve also thought about going back. The problem is that Cloud Gate’s old man won’t let me pass. These past few years, I’ve tried my best to think of a way to obtain the passage writ.” 

Xiao Leng had a home in Wen City, but it was still strange if he had multiple wives and concubines here. 

When they arrived in the ice room, they walked down a spiral staircase. The ice walls on either side of the stairs were decorated in soft blue colored lights, illuminating the ice room aesthetically. 

There were several ice type crystals and soul crystals embedded in the wall, making the temperature of the ice room extremely low. The ice aura could permeate human souls. 

Chu Mu felt a sense of familiarity with the coldness because in the past, he had often used ice type spirit items to suppress his high soul temperature. The feeling of ice permeating his soul was a rather comfortable feeling to him.

After walking down the spiraling stairs, at the very bottom of the room was a bed. The bed was a pure white and on top was sculpted a few phoenix designs. At the foot of the bed was a spread open phoenix tail. 

Long and beautiful black hair was spread apart.  Several fine strands were struck to her pale white, yet gorgeous face. Her pure white dress that matched the color of the ice bed accentuated her splendid and holy-like body. 

Chu Mu had seen Princess Jin Rou many times, but most of the time she was wearing a veil. Her extremely profound eyes that normally hid a sliver of melancholy were now closed. Her long eyelashes gave off a serene and elegant feeling. Her supple lips and face didn’t have a trace of blood in them.

Her two white hands were crossed over in front of her chest. She looked so serene, she resembled a sleeping beauty. However, her pale white lips and face made those who saw her feel unfathomably heartbroken. 

The scene of blood dying her dress and hair as she lay in the pool of blood seemed like it occured yesterday. As Chu Mu looked at her, his breathing turned a bit disordered. 

Bai Yu stood there, and he looked nervous from his expression.

The Devil Soul was ostensibly his last hope. If he couldn’t awaken her, Bai Yu truly didn’t know what to do.

“You guys should go out.” after taking in a deep breath, Bai Yu spoke to the others. 

The others nodded their head, leaving the ice room. 

As he stepped onto the stairs, Chu Mu glanced back at Bai Yu. From behind, Bai Yu looked melancholic. Perhaps he himself didn’t have much hope. 

“It was no wonder Liao Yu, that fool, was willing to run to Guang Tong Bewildering World. When I look at her, even I’m willing to trade my life for her’s.” as he walked out of the ice room, Prince Chao spoke up.

“He’s heartbroken as a father…” said Ye Wansheng. 

“But I hope he will succeed.” Xiao Leng helplessly shook his head. 

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He merely rested silently against the wall and waited. 


On the prosperous and well decorated streets, Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi were stopped in front of a magnificent palace-like enormous auction.

Ye Qingzi was no longer as interested in spirit items. She glanced at Mu Qingyi and said: “perhaps there are xuan materials here.” 

Mu Qingyi’s wing type xuan item was lacking a few materials and Ye Qingzi had 200 xuan from Chu Mu. If she could exchange for 50 wing type xuan materials, she had confidence of being able to refine a wing type xuan item. 

When the two women entered the auction palace, the items inside indeed were mainly items needed by dominator ranks. However, while the palace was magnificent and huge, it was abnormally cold inside. 

Since this was a place that dominator rank experts entered, it naturally wouldn’t have the hubbub of a normal auction. 

Occasionally, a few hurried people walked by the two women. Their eyes would inadvertently examine them, seemingly guessing who they were. 

Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi ignored their gazes, and walked directly towards the auction’s hall.

“A first rank wing type xuan material? We have that. However, you need to give us a day to contact the owner of the item. Also, the Devil Soul auction will be conducted in ten days. When that day comes, the two of you may attend.” politely said the middle aged auction manager.

“We only need xuan materials.” said Ye Qingzi.

“What will you be using to exchange? Xuan materials?” asked the middle aged manager. 

“Yes.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head. 

Since they were going to exchange tomorrow, Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi didn’t stay here longer. However, when they left, Ye Qingzi suddenly saw an exquisite cage on the middle aged man’s desk.

There was a snow white small fellow inside the cage. Its eyes were half closed and it was letting out pitiful noises. Its small claws were scratching at the small cage in an attempt to escape. 

“Qingyi, wait.” Ye Qingzi stopped and walked up to the small fellow. She asked the middle aged man: “Is this child pet for sale?” 

The middle aged manager shook his head: “This is an Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox. Its species rank is extremely high and it is ostensibly unrivalled. It is not for sale.” 

“Name a price.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“It’s not for sale.” 

“20 xuan.”

“Eh… not for sale…” 


Walking out of the auction, Ye Qingzi opened the small cage, and let the small ice fox inside freely move about.

The Immortal Ice Curse Fox quickly ran up to Ye Qingzi’s shoulder. It curiously examined the fragrance being emitted from Ye Qingzi. Its eyes were no longer half-closed, and it was blinking. 

“Qingzi, do you want to sign a soul pact with it?” asked Mu Qingyi.

The Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox’s rank was not inferior to the Heavenly Empress Snake. A soul pet of this value could be valued with dominator rank goods. Thus, if Ye Qingzi wanted a new soul pet, this Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox indeed was not bad. Of course, spending 50 xuan for it was a bit much. 50 xuan was enough for Ye Qingzi to purchase enough xuan materials to refine a dominator rank xuan item. 

Ye Qingzi shook her head and said to Mu Qingyi: “It’s a gift for Princess Jinrou.” 

Ye Qingzi told Mu Qingyi the story about Princess Jinrou’s small ice fox that she used to have.

“Oh, then this indeed is the best gift for her after she awakens.” Mu Qingyi nodded her head. 

The two of them didn’t stroll around any longer. They went to the location Bai Yu told them to to find Xiao Leng’s residence. 

Someone led the two women to the ice room where they saw Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, Princes Chao and a middle aged man standing outside.

The entrance to the room was open, and they discovered that the atmosphere was strange when they walked over. Nobody was saying anything.

At this moment, the sound of Bai Yu walking up the stairs could be heard. His footsteps were extremely heavy.

A moment later, Bai Yu walked out of the ice room that was filled with a frosty aura.

He walked past everyone, not saying anything. But everyone could see his ruined expression.

When Bai Yu walked past Ye Qingzi, his footsteps suddenly came to a halt.

When he saw the snow white small ice fox in Ye Qingzi’s embrace, his body trembled.

This ice fox’s weak cries were like a baby’s. Bai Yu could distinctly remember catching the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox when the young Jinrou had been born...

Bai Yu would never show expression on his face, but when he saw this small Ice Fox, his mental fortitude instantly crumbled!

He could no longer stop the sorrow that filled his heart. Streams of tears ran down his two empty eyes. He felt so cold, heartbroken, and painful that he couldn’t breathe. 

He abruptly turned his head, not wanting anyone else to see his tears. Finally, he strode forward and began walking. Even he didn’t know where he was going to walk. 

Everyone just looked at him. The silence lasted for a long, long time. 

Chu Mu wanted to follow him and tell Bai Yu that he would think of a method to awaken Bai Jinrou, but Xiao Leng grabbed Chu Mu and shook his head. He indicated that Chu Mu should let Bai Yu calm down first. 

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