Chapter 1155: Sixth Rank Realm Capital, Wen City.

“Congrats.” Chu Mu saw that Mu Qingyi finished breaking through, and said with a smile.

Only now did Mu Qingyi notice everyone staring at her. Her face turned a light shade of red and she said, “i was only attempting, yet it just happened that I succeeded…..”

“Looks like Goddess Mu is again leagues ahead of us.” Ye Wansheng said with some envy.

After reaching spirit dominator, soul pets wouldn’t get stuck at low class dominator rank as easily. With some help of xuan items or a good occurrence, 

Mu Qingyi reached dominator rank very early on. At the time, Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng were both still early in emperor rank. Mu Qingyi had stayed at her rank for far too long, and others constantly caught up, and even surpassed her. Now that she finally broke through, it was only normal.

“Goddess Mu broke through on her own, and Qingzi has the emperor rank devil soul. She’ll reach spirit dominator rank in a while soon too. The two woman walking far ahead of us, this is shameful.” Prince Chao muttered.

Ye Wansheng nodded seriously, “You’re right!”


After Mu Qingyi broke through, everyone stayed for a few days longer so Mu Qingyi had time to solidify her soul remembrance’s new rank.

Mu Qingyi said that after you reach spirit dominator, one soul pet gets a new ability. Her crown phoenix king was like that. Not only did it leap in power through the reincarnation, it seemed to have gained a new species ability, something Mu QIngyi will only find out about in battle.

This was something Old Li had told Chu Mu. This made Chu Mu want to step into spirit dominator rank even more. Of course, what was most important was, at ninth remembrance spirit emperor, Chu Mu’s soul pet levels could only hover around low class dominator rank. Devil Tree Battle Soldier had no chance of improving, nor did little Mo Xie.

Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon were both pseudo dominator rank but could fight at low class dominator rank level due to their multiple types. They both had room for improvement still, but where would Chu Mu go look for three type spirit items? Especially Little Hidden Dragon’s ghost, beast, and bug type, tri-type xuan item that needs combining…...

Before Ye Qingzi stepped into spirit dominator rank, Chu Mu didn’t have much possibility in improving Little Hidden Dragon or Xhan Ye. Chu Mu’s focus was now on his emperor rank soul pets, Binding Wind Spirit, Ghost Monarch King, and Ice Air Fairy all had very simple types which made them easier to strengthen.


Wen City sat in a jade-like plain. The roads to all the other cities were lined with special little grass huts made from the grass nearby. These were to stop some wing type species from stealing human transported resources. They could use these grass huts as defensive forts.

The grass huts were numerous, some as large and imposing as palaces. There were often merchants in them that put around all sorts of spirit items. People walking by would often take a look and see if there was anything they needed. Many end up staying around debating whether they should buy what they need.

Wen City’s business atmosphere was rather thick. This was why Chu Mu specially left 200 xuan for here. If even the outer city had such a robust marketplace, the inner city would definitely be even better.

Walking over, the most everyone heard about was the devil souls. There were always a few people sitting in the grass huts speaking about it.

“You heard, yes, Wen City lost around 30 dominator rank experts this time, many including low class dominator rank.”

“We only have around a hundred dominator ranks, doesn't that mean we lost a third?”

“Yep, our realm might have to derank. If we derank, our border defense will be taken considerably, meaning many of the little realms and kingdoms on the edges will feel the pain. Our trade there will be obstructed too.”

Whenever they heard about the devil man, the others in their team would glance over at Chu Mu and Uncle Bai Yu. They truly brought a commotion to this sixth rank realm capital!

When Chu Mu and Bai Yu went half devil and even in human form, they kept a resentment shroud around their appearances, so they had no worries of being recognized in this city.

The two of them were very calm, hearing all sorts of news about them yet not even blinking more than usual, as if it weren’t them who did it.

“Uncle Bai Yu, how do you have friends here?” Chu Mu asked.

Bai Yu looked the same as their age, but his actual age wasn’t very young anymore. Bai Yu could only accept this “uncle” title.

“Early on, I had two people I could call friends. After I became nightmare emperor and got more responsibilities, I didn’t contact them as often. They continued to train and explore. They heard of cloud gate from ancient texts. One came past cloud gate while the other didn’t dare. The person who didn’t dare go past was Hero Chief Yuan Sui. The one that passed through was the tianxia realm king before Li Hong, the big brother between the three of us.” Bai Yu explained.

“Before Li Hong, you mean King Xiao?” Chu Mu was stunned.

“En, he entered dominator rank the earliest and wasn’t satisfied with new moon ground anymore, so he left to go out of cloud gate. However, in an accident, he lost many main soul pets and had a hefty wound on his soul so couldn’t really get back to his peak. He does trade with xuan items and xuan quality now.” Bai Yu said.

“Uh….. King Xiao reduced to just a merchant, that can’t be true.” Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao’s eyes both widened.

“Reduced? Not really, with the resources he has, making another dominator rank soul pet wasn't a problem. He’s probably just tired.” Bai Yu said.

Bai Yu’s pupils became deeper. Thinking back to the young and wild times with Xiao Ling and Yuan Sui, he smiled bitterly.

At the time, Xiao Ling was the strongest of them and became the tianxia realm king. To many, this was something unimaginable. However, a realm’s king wasn't enough to satisfy Xiao Ling’s ambition. After he stepped out of new moon ground, he never came back into contact. When he saw him again, he was already much older, losing the wild in his heart as well as the daring, leaving behind only a middle aged old man who always had a warm and gentle smile.

Yuan Sui became the strongest person in human realm, at least in the hero chief era. However, with the three palace’s rise, he became a prisoner. Whether he could even be forgiven was up to the three palace higher ups…...

When Bai Yu turned around, everyone was already in Wen City.

As Chu Mu had guessed, Wen City had a strong market atmosphere. Large and small auction houses, exchanges, brilliant shops, majestic Xuan Congregations, luxurious soul pet markets, as well as many more shops that they had never seen in new moon ground, selling a bunch of weird things.

Of course, other than the items that excited the soul pet trainers, there were a lot of accessories, clothes, spice bags, and little soul pets that women liked.

Those within the area of soul pet trainer often sold things that also had secondary uses. For example, having some gemstones in hair clips that could store one time defense techniques that protected you in danger.

Other than this, there were stuff that increased soul power recovery, kept you cool minded, cleansing effects, and other accessory effects. These weren’t often seen in new moon ground. Accessories with these effects were usually very precious and weren’t sold easily.

The moment Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi stepped into Wen City, their eyes lit up. Clearly, their buying instincts were triggered by the countless new and beautiful accessories.

“You guys can shop for a bit first. Uncle Bai Yu and I will go look over Princess Jin Rou.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly and said to Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi.

The two didn’t even try to push back, and decisively threw Chu Mu behind.

“Prince Chao, you want to go shopping with them or go look at beauties?” Ye Wansheng raised an eyebrow at Chao Lengchuan.

“They’re beauties too.” Chao Lengchuan rarely showed some tact.

“I mean the kind that shatters your heart, where their appearance engulfs your mind whenever you close your eyes, the type that’s so beautiful your soul breaks!” Ye Wansheng said.

“Let’s go!” Prince Chao’s eyes lit up and decisively went by Ye Wansheng, Chu Mu, and bai Yu’s steps.

Walking at the front, Uncle Bai Yu didn’t forget to glance at Ye Wansheng and say in a strange tone, “Thank you for speaking highly of my daughter…”

Liao Yu followed behind them all, looking as if he weren’t planning on heading home. He seemed to be thinking of something and kept looking at Bai Yu questioningly.


Passing through the bustling streets, they occasionally glanced into the palaces and buildings nearby giving out the alluring glow of soul items, giving them the urge to step in to look further.

Bai Yu was the least moved of all of them because he was nervous about something else.

When he stayed in Wen City, he heard from Xiao Ling about the devil soul and quickly went with Yong Chong and Wu Chi to capture it.

Devil soul was now in his hands, but he wasn’t sure if it could wake up his daughter. He was very worried that, even with the devil soul on her body, she would remain with her eyes closed and continue sleeping forever.

“Old Li, can the devil soul awaken her?” Chu Mu knew that bai Yu was worried and asked Old Li.

“I’m not sure either. Devil souls are strange things…… speaking of which, ever since we walked into the city, I feel a strange aura.” Old Li said.

What the strange aura was, Old Li didn’t know either so he had to give up about it.

“The sick sister that you were talking about, is she Uncle Bai Yu’s daughter?” Prince Chao said.

“How would I know? That angel-like sister just sits in Uncle Xiao’s ice chamber.” Liao Yu said.

Bai Yu looked at Liao Yu. No wonder this young man looked familiar. It was the kid that kept coming over to Xiao Ling’s home from Liao family.

Liao family was in reality Xiao Ling’s neighbor. They had a very good relationship, and the news of devil soul was actually given by Liao Family to Xiao Ling and Bai Yu.

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