Chapter 1154: Crown Phoenix Reincarnates

Chu Mu indeed wanted to get the third rank wind type Xuan item. This way, he could raise his Binding Wind Spirit to low class dominator rank.

But thinking about it for longer, Chu Mu felt that giving this little devil soul to Ye Qingzi was better. Ye QIngzi’s soul arts depended on her soul remembrance to a certain degree. Raising her strength would mean getting soul items will be easier in the future.

City Master Li looked rather easy to talk with, but was very clear when they traded. Chu Mu gained around 300 xuan’s worth of xuan quality. Trading over some of City Master Li’s Xuan, they’d have around 100 xuan left to get. A monarch rank devil soul is around 100 xuan quality. Third rank wind type xuan item was something City Master Li wanted to sell only at 500 xuan. Missing around 100 xuan, Old City Master wasn’t willing to give them any discount.

With no other choice, Chu Mu bought all the xuan quality that Ye Qingzi needed and sold the city amster a devil soul for 100 xuan.

The other devil soul was wanted by Liao Yu. Chu Mu of course couldn’t give it to him for free. Liao Yu meant to trade for it with items once they reached Wen City.

Unable to get the third rank wind type soul item was a pity, but Chu Mu didn’t want to trade an emperor rank devil soul for it. Chu Mu could only put his hope on Ye Qingzi and hope that she steps into soul dominator rank quickly after signing a pact with devil soul. That way, she could create third rank xuan items without too much difficulty.

The reason emperor rank devil souls were expensive was because it could strengthen one’s soul and allow people with species restrictions to step into higher realms. In reality, an emperor rank devil soul was much more valuable to some than a third rank xuan item. 

Chu Mu kept the devil soul for Ye Qingzi because of this species restriction.


They didn’t stay around Wang City for long and followed Bai Yu back to Wen City.

Ye Qingzi had the Ardent Yang Pupil, giving her a moving furnace. After getting the xuan quality, Ye Qingzi submersed herself into trying to create the four first rank xuan items.

Ye Qingzi succeeded in creating the beast type xuan item first. After discussion, this beast type first rank xuan item was given to Ye Qingzi’s only offensive soul pet war court black beast. This was for her safety.

Wind type xuan item was given to Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit was pretty much done training. The moment Ye Qingzi finished the wind type xuan item, Chu Mu could help binding wind spirit into dominator rank.

The ice type xuan item was for Ye Wansheng. He had an ice type soul pet.

The bug type was given to Prince Chao. Prince Chao had a Xuan Zhen Beetle. This way Prince Chao’s strength could improve.

Mu Qingyi had wing type xuan items. Only when they reached wen city and got some wing type xuan quality could it be made. Chu Mu had 200 xuan on him right now, which was enough to get the required materials.


The strengthening process was successful. Of course, this was for the other three.

Ye Qingzi’s war court black beast was already in pseudo dominator rank. Having xuan items and having been trained, it didn’t need an adjustment period like White Tiger or Zhan ye.

Prince Chao was the second to succeed. Having the dominator rank Xuan Zhen Beetle gave Prince Chao a lot of excitement.

Ye Wansheng’s luck was quite good as well, creating an ice type dominator rank even with a slightly low quality xuan item.

On the other hand, Chu Mu probably used up all his luck. Ye Qingzi made him a near perfect quality wind type xuan item with around 80% success rate, yet it failed!

This caused Chu Mu to not know whether to laugh or to cry. He always thought his luck was rather good, yet failing this 80% success rate was shameful.

Thankfully, Ye Qingzi made up for this tragedy of Chu Mu, creating a first rank wind type xuan item again using the meager remains of wind type xuan quality.

“Chu Mu, this is a near perfect quality one, if you fail again, heng heng!” Ye Qingzi tightened her little fist, and gave Chu Mu a warning.

Ye Qingzi believed that Chu Mu definitely lost his focus while strengthening, or else how could he possibly fail an 80% success rate strengthening?

“Ok, let me push you out of my head first.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi gave him a stare, and walked out of the tent with a slight twist of her hips, giving Chu Mu a silent place to strengthen.

Ninety percent success rate quality, if Chu Mu failed again, he truly wouldn’t have the face to see Ye Qingzi again.

Thankfully, the heavens didn’t play a prank on Chu Mu again, and he successfully brought it to dominator rank.  

Seeing Binding Wind Spirit surrounded with special wind whirls, Chu Mu let out a breath. The higher the success rate, the more Chu Mu was worried the 10% chance would appear.

Thankfully, Ye Qingzi could already create xuan items. If it were anyone else, failing once would mean being unable to get another xuan item for who-knows-how-long. Entering dominator rank wasn’t an easy thing.


“Wen City is near, let’s rest here first, and fly in tomorrow.” Chu Mu looked at the map and glanced back up at the broad plain.

In a simple tent, after Ye Qingzi finished creating some soul pet foods, everyone’s soul pets surrounded Ye Qingzi and watched her.

Ye Qingzi fed her soul pets while Ye Wansheng had a horrible tune humming as he roasted some meat. Liao Yu sat aside, gulping down saliva.

Prince Chao went to ask Old Li about all sorts of soul pet knowledge, while Old Li rubbed his whiskers and rambled on.

Bai Yu sat down under a tree, seemingly unfitting with the rest of them. With something on his heart, he couldn’t be happy either.

“Where’s Qingyi?” When they started eating, Ye Qingzi looked around and didn’t find Mu Qingyi.

“She’s silently training, she told us not to disturb her.” Chu Mu glanced at the tent and said.

“Isn’t she already ninth remembrance, what’s the point of meditating?” Ye Wansheng asked.

“Hehe, she wants to enter spirit dominator rank.” Prince Chao joked.

Without much appetite, Bai Yu sat aside and glanced at the tent. Suddenly, his eyebrow raised as if he felt something.

“I think she really is about to break through.” Bai Yu said.

All of them were stunned, and looked over to the tent that Mu Qingyi was in.

There was a sliver of light in the tent. The light revealed Mu Qingyi’s calm yet sturdy sitting shadow. What seemed strange was her hair seemed to be floating by some mysterious force.

Everyone sent out their spirit remembrances slowly towards Mu Qingyi, but they all felt a stronger spirit remembrance creating barriers to stop anyone from looking further.

This simple mental barricade was enough to prove that her soul remembrance was above all others.

“No way, I was just joking, how did she break through just like that!” Prince Chao stared shocked into the tent at the figure.

“It isn’t that strange. She was the earliest of you all to have a dominator rank soul pet. Adding on her bloodline, stepping into spirit dominator rank was something certain.” Old Li jumped out as if he already knew.

Mu Qingyi had stepped into dominator rank even before Chu Mu, and her strength had stayed in place for a long time. Coming to a new environment and having new training gave her inspiration.

No one talked anymore as their gazes fell on Mu Qingyi, not wanting to miss the process.

After some time, the tent had a shake and golden flames suddenly lit up the tent, instantly disintegrating it.

Without the tent’s blocking, everyone saw Mu Qingyi, with her hair afloat, slowly open her eyes.

Her clear yet spirited eyes suddenly blossomed with a moonlike shee- deep and alluring- looking noble under her long eyelashes.

Mu Qingyi didn’t realize everyone was looking at her and smiled lightly, showing off a self satisfied and confident smile.

She succeeded. Mu Qingyi no longer remembered how many years she was stuck at the bottleneck. Finally breaking through today, Mu Qingyi felt as if she flew past thick rain clouds and entered open skies in her heart. Even the air seemed fresher to breath.

Mu Qingyti glanced at her crown phoenix king perched on her shoulder.

The moment she stepped into spirit dominator rank, Mu Qingyi felt the crown phoenix king make a great breakthrough again. The flames just now were emitted by the crown phoenix king.

The crown phoenix king gained some new ability after she broke through. Mu Qingyi had this feeling. Her attention was all on the crown phoenix king, wanting to know what that strange flame was on the crown phoenix king.

Mu Qingyi didn’t see the flames light up, but the rest of them did.

When the flames burned the tent away, everyone saw the crown phoenix king fly off of Mu QIngyi’s shoulder, becoming a golden phoenix that dashed into the skies and lifted a brilliant layer of flames through the clouds.

The process was very short. Before they could even react, the crown phoenix king flew back down and became a paradise bird on Mu Qingyi’s shoulder.

However, anyone could tell that in the short period of time the crown phoenix king had a major change. They just couldn’t pinpoint what the change was.

“I think that’s reincarnation.” Old Li slowly said.

Every phoenix species had the ability to reincarnate, and every time it happened, it would raise their strength significantly and possibly even change their bloodline. The Crown Phoenix King’s change was too quickly just now and no one could note down the whole process.

Also having a phoenix species, Chu Mu had the same idea as Old Li. He also felt that the pheonix king’s ascent and descent allowed it to finish a reincarnation!!

The last time in demon realm, Mu Qingyi gave the reincarnation opportunity to Chu Mu. This time, the crown phoenix king did a reincarnation due to Mu Qingyi’s breakthrough. Chu Mu was happy for her.

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