Chapter 1151: Terrible Devil Man

Chu Mu released his devil flames and returned to human state. However, Chu Mu didn’t want to show his face, so his body was permanently shrouded in resentment, causing his entire body to be shrouded in mystery.

Heavenly Ground Demon Lock’s power became much weaker. Chu Mu no longer felt any pain, and the power of the restrictions fell as time past.

Yong Chong watched as Chu Mu’s devil flame dissipated. He thought it was like Bai Yu, losing flames due to the pulling. Unless the organism excelled in defense, he couldn’t possibly take it without damage.

He turned around to look at Wu Chi and Wu Xu come back pathetically and smiled arrogantly.

“Boss Yong, god technique usage.” Wu Chi said in a peculiar tone.

Seeing the devil man restricted, Wu Xu sighed in relief. Two continuous devil men had almost killed him. His soul pet fighting strength wasn’t much anymore. Any longer and there would be nothing left when they return to Wen City.

“Boss, the situation doesn’t look right.” Xiao Tan said in a low voice calmly.

She was the only person of the four to not let down her guard. Her cloud bird had an extremely powerful sense of perception. She could tell that the devil man scattering its flames was slightly different from last time. She felt as if it had let its own flames go.

Yong Chong wasn’t arrogant to the point where he could easily kill the devil man. Wu Xu and Wu Chi were both starting to throw tentative techniques, playing it safe.

Though Chu Mu’s devil flames were scattered, his own defense was still there. After taking a few hits from the techniques directly, Chu Mu felt that the restriction on him slowly weakened.

Now was the time!

Focusing his gaze, the sharp silver gaze released a glow, and Chu Mu released the energy in his body again!

Silver flames covered devil flames Chu Mu instantly, the flames too bright to look at directly!

The rise of the flames caused the four to back off in panic!

Feeling energy again coursing through his body, Chu Mu felt the devil chains on him strengthen as well. However, this was when the restriction’s strength was no longer enough to stop Chu Mu.

Instantly releasing his energy, he pulled back the chains like a devil man!

The chains first gave out shivers. After pulling the chains taut, Chu Mu forcefully ripped off the anchors to the sky and ground!

After the orange chains were ripped off, Chu Mu used this strange restriction as a whip, swishing it towards the Dual Pupil Feather Demon!


After the demon chains fell on the Dual Pupil Feather Demon, its body was immediately restricted by the orange chains. Even flying became incredibly difficult.

Yong Chong’s arrogance had disappeared as he started yelling, telling Xiao Tan, Wu Chi, and Wu Xu to protect him.

The other three were also hit by the orange chains, briefly restricted. How could the three of them possibly help Yong Chong?

Yong Chong lifted his head and found the terrifying devil man fly straight towards him. His entire face turned pale, and he immediately summoned another pseudo dominator rank organism.

Yong Chong swiftly jumped onto his beast type dominator rank and escaped without looking back, afraid he would lose his life.

Chu Mu went to chase after Yong Chong. The only reliance he had was the Dual Pupil Feather Demon. After killing it, he would be no threat.

The restricted Dual Pupil Feather Demon struggled to try to escape its own restriction. However, Chu Mu was even faster in acting. His silver hand suddenly enlarged and grabbed its head!

Tightening his palm, a terrifying crushing power fell on the Dual Pupil Feather Demon’s skull!


Dual pupil Feather Demon didn’t struggle much. Its skull burst in Chu Mu’s palm, sending juices everywhere.

Feather demon’s body started shaking violently, and finally broke through the restriction but flew around aimlessly due to its lack of head before finally slamming shakily into a cliff, smearing onto the steep rocks.

The corpse fell, marking another low class dominator rank’s death. The entire battlefield pushed cold air right into everyone’s bones!

This was already the fifth low class dominator rank to die. Even larger realms couldn’t afford to lose five low class dominator rank!

At this time, Wu Chi and Yong Chi were regretting their actions to the max. If they knew how terrifying this devil man was, there was no way they would fight for the emperor rank devil soul.

Especially Yong Chi, he had the identity of a border general. Able to become a reliable aide of the city master because he had a powerful low class dominator rank. Losing that, he may lose everything. More importantly, this leadership mistake that lost many dominator rank experts will definitely cause him to be heavily punished!

Wu Chi saw the devil man, and no longer had the intent to continue fighting.

His losses weren’t too disastrous. One low class dominator rank expert died and the other two idiots were still fighting Mo Ye.

Wu Chi no longer had the thought to scold the two of them. He looked over at Wu Xu.

“Young master, safety above all!” Wu Chi said.

Wu Xu was utterly terrified by the fear around. Without any battle intent, he quickly nodded, and rode his soul pet away without hesitation.

Wu Chi was the first to follow up, and tell all his disciples to retreat as fast as possible.

The devil man’s power was something everyone witnessed. His pseudo dominator rank subordinates had long since wanted to leave this battle. Once they got the command, they all scattered away.

Yong Chi was even more disappointed. Gloomy and malevolent, no matter how angry he was, how resentful, he didn’t dare stay around anymore.

Of the five low class dominator ranks, only he and Xiao Tan remained. Xiao Tan also left immediately. Seeing her fly over, he immediately jumped on.

“What are you looking at! Leave!!” Yong Chi was angry as they spoke to Xiao Tan.

Xiao Tan was still indifferent but was dissatisfied with Yong Chi’s yelling. Looking over with a slanted eye, she said, “You really think you still have the ability to yell at me like that?”

Yong Chi sucked in, his entire lung nearly exploding.

This woman, this woman dared speak to him like that!

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