Chapter 1149: Devil Nightmare

The silver devil flames were particularly dazzling. Clouds of fire covered the sky and an imposing feeling caused them to feel they were situated in a devil flame hell. 

Chu Mu violently released the devil flame ocean domain. The silver flames illuminated his body, making him seem even more evil and haughty.

A devil flame dragon flew through the air, spinning around Chu Mu, in the control of one of his hands!

He lifted his hand and instantly, the devil flames transformed into silver flying dragons in the air that domineeringly and brashly whistled through! 

“Yi~~~~~ yi~~~~~”

The feathered demons flying in the air were dominated by the devil flames. Now with the devil flame flying dragons, the chased feathered demons let out panicked cries. They rapidly beat their wings and fled in different directions.

Their black feathers scattered in a disorderly manner. If they even slightly touched the devil flames, they would be burnt to ashes.

As the formation of feathered demons were forced to disperse, the three remaining Aerial Listening Demons seemed to have found an opportunity to attack. Their gem-like eyes released a savage glint in the skies.

Their bodies hidden in the silver fire light, the Aerial Listening demons were practically invisible. Quietly, they approached Chu Mu, waiting for Chu Mu to release the devil flame dragons around him before launching an attack.

After driving away the feathered demons, Chu Mu’s attention fell on the remaining seven low class dominators. Clearly, this group was the hardest to deal with.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu didn’t notice the Aerial Listening Demons. Instead, he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to them.

However, the Aerial Listening Demons couldn’t tell that Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered with them. When the last flying dragon flew by, burning the feathers of a feathered demon to crisps, the three Aerial Listening Demons appeared and their leopard-like bodies quickly pounced!

Yet, Chu Mu still didn’t pay attention to them. The eyes of Yu Suo, who was standing beside Chu Mu, lit up and a captivating red lustre flickered in her charming eyes.

The captivating red carried traces of evil and seduction. As her eyes flashed, an identical flash appeared in the eyes of the three Aerial Listening Demons. 

She casually flung back her long purple hair, and a fragrant pollen proliferated through the air. Like a fog, it covered the three Aerial Listening Demons. 

“Flower Soul Control!” 

Yu Suo read out the name of the technique. A faint sliver of craftiness appeared in her proud and charming eyes.

Flower Soul Control took control of one’s mind first before the pollen hypnotized the host’s body. Then, she would have full control. Even in her human state, Yu Suo was still able to control at most ten pseudo dominators. This was more than enough to control three Aerial Listening Demons.

“Go. Get rid of those two elemental soul pets.” Yu Suo gave an order and two of the Aerial Listening Demons under her control launched attacks at the distant fire type dominator and rock type dominator. 

These two elemental soul pets did not expect the Aerial listening Demons to attack them. Caught completely off guard, they were instakilled by the two Aerial Listening Demon.

At this moment, Yu Suo intentionally glanced at Chu Mu. Discovering that Chu Mu was already fighting those low class dominators, the craftiness in her eyes grew more profound. She chanted another long incantation, using it on the three Aerial Listening Demon.

This Aerial Listening Demon transformed into a runaway feral horse that wildly charged in one direction. It quickly separated itself from this area and charged in a direction Yu Suo was pointing at.

Seeing that the Aerial Listening Demon was far away, a sinister smile emerged on Yu Suo’s captivating red lips.

“If I capture it, I should be able to free myself from that fellow’s control. Hmph. Bastard Chu. You want to use devil flames to torture me? This Queen has a million more torture methods than you!” 

After speaking, Yu Suo quickly chanted an incantation, adding a flower armor on Chu Mu’s Spectral Dragon, raising its defensive stats.

Before emancipating herself and becoming the master, Yu Suo had to hide her arrogance and resentment and obediently and understandingly eliminate Chu Mu’s vigilance. This way, she would have more of an opportunity to come out and move around and implement her plan for Cloud Realm. 

After Yu Suo added the flower armor, the low class dominator rank Little Hidden Dragon was capable of fighting one versus two. It had already locked onto Yong Chong’s Dual Pupil Feathered Demon. Without needing Chu Mu’s orders, it beat its wings and launched itself at the Dual Pupil Feathered Demon!

The Little Hidden Dragon’s innate defensive abilities were very strong. With the addition of the flower armor, Yong Chong’s feathered demon’s techniques weren’t able to break through the Little Hidden Dragon’s defenses. Yong Chong had no choice but to retreat behind his team and reconvene with the pseudo dominators gradually coming to support. 

Yong Chong and Wu Chi both gave gathering orders, gathering the other dominator rank experts here. Presently, Yong Chong’s feathered demon team had been increased to ten members!

However, Yong Chong never expected that in the face of one low class dominator rank feathered demon and nine pseudo dominator rank feathered demons, this crazy Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon still dared to charge forth. It looked like it absolutely had to kill him! 

“Block it!!” Yong Chong angrily and humiliatedly roared.

Nine feathered demons beat their wings, forming a big black cloud above the Little hidden Dragon. Their piercing thunderous cries rang out in the sky.

The Little Hidden Dragon beat its wings and flew straight at the cloud. It proudly roared against the piercing cries. It was like a powerful heavenly hammer was smashing against fierce thunder swords!

Chu Mu felt somewhat surprised towards the Little Hidden Dragon’s craziness of facing ten feathered demons alone. However, when he saw that Yu Suo had added flower armor to it, he felt much less anxious. 

The Little Hidden Dragon’s strength was of the low class dominator rank and would beat Yong Chong’s Dual Pupil Feathered Demon if they fought one vs one. With nine other feathered demons, the Little Hidden Dragon couldn’t deal with them all. Nonetheless, the addition of the flower armor greatly increased its defensive abilities. Thus, even if it couldn’t beat them all, its powerful defensive abilities and spectral ghost movements would allow it to hinder them for a period of time without trouble.  

Leaving the remaining pseudo dominator ranks to Yu Suo to deal with was more than enough. Thus, Chu Mu would only have to deal with the six low class dominator ranks. 

Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t face six low class dominator ranks alone. Indeed, he hadn’t become a middle class dominator yet. 

Promptly, he chanted an incantation, and summoned Zhan Ye, which had risen in rank recently. 

“You deal with the Wild Python Winged Beast and the Hissing Sky Flying Lion.” Chu Mu arranged the fight for Zhan Ye. 

“Hou hou!!!!” Zhan Ye roared back in response with high fighting spirit.

Its black body rapidly pounced forth and it targeted the Wild Python Winged Beast and Hissing Sky Flying Lion. It took the initiative to attack.

When the two low class dominators saw that the opponent was unexpectedly using a pseudo dominator to deal with them, two low class dominators, they couldn’t help but sneer.

“Wang Changfeng, Huang Tong, immediately kill it!” ordered Wu Chi.

Wang Changfeng and Huang Tong nodded their heads. Dealing with a single pseudo dominator was much easier than dealing with that terrifying devil person. 

When Chu Mu saw those two maliciously smile, he coldly laughed.

His silver devil claws transformed into sword-like blades. As he vertically swiped his arms down, a ten kilometer Evil Behead broke through the sky. The enormous cloud bird circling the sky reacted extremely quickly, transforming into a cloud. 

Chu Mu’s Evil Behead strike seemed to chop a cloud, but didn’t actually deal any damage to the cloud bird. 

However, Chu Mu’s goal was to force the cloud bird, which understood how to look for weaknesses, to retreat. 

Neither Wu Chi nor Wu Xu were weak. After countless clashes, they were certain that the second silver devil hadn’t reached the middle class dominator rank in strength.

As long as it wasn’t a middle class dominator rank, dealing with it probably wouldn’t be too difficult. Wu Chi and Wu Xu didn’t restrain themselves and urged their soul pets to slaughter it.

Behind them, Yong Chong had broken free of the Little Hidden Dragon’s fight and joined them. But even while facing five low class dominator ranks, Chu Mu’s fighting style was still extremely violent and wild. 

Dual Pupil Feathered Demons had rather powerful aerial fighting capabilities. Since Yong Chong had run here, Chu Mu obviously had to pay more attention to him.

It could be said that in Yong Chong’s fight just now, Chu Mu had used both Spatial Quicksand and Spatial Explosion. Thus, Yong Chong had fled to Wu Chi, Wu Xu, Shang Jiazhen and Xiao Tan in an extremely miserable manner. 

Chu Mu’s casting speed was extremely fast. The five of them were about to attack when Chu Mu raised an arm, forming a spatial barrier, blocking their line of sight.

The spatial barrier’s appearance allowed Chu Mu to practically disappear in the air. The techniques of the five people were only able to fly towards the location where Chu Mu was.

After a wave of distortion, the spatial barrier shattered. The overlaying of five techniques made the combined might no weaker than a middle class dominator’s technique. They believed that even if the devil managed to dodge, it would still be hit by the proliferating energy. 

Creatures with strange movements made people the most uneasy. When the wave of energy reached these five people, a sliver of coldness that seeped into their bones and soul was contained in the wave. 

Xiao Tan looked at the disorderly area, but didn’t discover any traces of the devil. He was the first to crease his brows, and order his cloud bird to dodge in a certain direction. 

The other four didn’t react slow either. When the coldness struck them, they all dispersed in different directions, only daring to look back when they were several kilometers away.

“Hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!’

A pillar of silver devil flames outlandishly emerged where the five of them had just previously been. That evil devil was carrying a smell of death, and its long devil claws were flickering with a cold light since they had yet to taste blood! 

The five of them simultaneously wiped off their sweat. If Xiao Tan hadn’t warned them, one of them would definitely have had their hearts ripped out by that monstrous fellow.

However, for some reason, even though they were able to react in time, the cold feeling was still lingering around them.

“Not good, hurry and dodge!” Wu Chi let out a strange cry. 

The moment he finished speaking, an enormous darkness aura surged out of the vortex-like black clouds above him. As Chu Mu pushed his hand down, a black sinister tomb descended from the sky burning in devil flames.

The sinister tomb was enormous and heavily suppressed down on the location Shan Jiazhen was fleeing. Him and his soul pet were instantly covered by the sinister tomb!


The sound of a death knell rang out. The sinister tomb that descended from the sky had suppressed Shang Jiazhen all the way to the mountains. He was instantly pushed down into the level mountains. A terrifying fire perilously shot out, igniting the mountains several tens of meters around it. It was a gorgeous yet frightening scene!!!

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