Chapter 1147: Fighting Alone, Crazed Devil Bai Yu (2)

Resentment gathered. The scene of ripping open the pseudo dominator rank with only two hands fell into everyone’s eyes. The bloodiness and cruelty immediately shocked everyone.

“What’s the panic for, don’t spread out, a few more attacks and he’ll die for sure!” Yong Chong said angrily.

With a large shout, the other six feather demons no longer backed off.

“Whoever kills him will be given a monarch rank devil soul!” Wu Chi was even smarter, using a heavy reward to reward courage.

After both of the leaders said their statements, they brought their team back around this vicious silver devil man, and their soul pets starting to gather techniques.

With ten low class dominator ranks leading the way, the pseudo dominator rank experts felt their safety was secured and so the heavy reward brought everyone to become illogical!

Ten low class dominator ranks put together well was very near two middle class dominator ranks. This power was more than enough to take down the devil man. However, with how vicious the devil man seemed, taking him down would have casualties for sure.

The more alert they were, the lower their collaboration. This gave the devil man a lot of time to breathe.

Yong Chong’s Dual Pupil Feather Demon was above the devil man creating waves of black feather shadows. These feathers created a massive black wing that fell on the silver devil man.

The silver devil man’s body was pressed down a few thousand meters before silver flames blasted upwards, and its claws became a fist!


Two Shattering Sky Imprints appeared without any precursor and flew through the black wing, ripping this wing type technique into splinters!

Yong Chong humphed and looked over at Lin Pengfeng.

Lin Pengfeng’s low class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon was always hiding in the air. Its eyes were like a hunter’s, staring at the devil man’s every move.

Just as the devil man was pushed down, the hidden Aerial Listening Demon suddenly darted forward, its mouth full of teeth becoming a lethal bite covered in demon aura!


The bite went straight for the devil man’s lethals, its neck.

Fighting demons couldn’t do drawn out fights and wild hand-to-hand combats like beast type organisms. However, if the demon attacked, it definitely was the moment where the enemy showed a flaw, and could die in one hit.

Yong Chong and Lin Pengfeng collaborated well. They used the black wing to distract the devil man and push it near where the Aerial Listening Demon was hiding, and then told everyone to attack it at once. Without allowing the devil man to even be aware of danger, Lin Pengfeng’s Aerial Listening Demon then attacked!

This was nearly impossible to dodge!

The crazed white Bai Yu again was attacked by all the soul pets. His body was already lightly shaking. With the quick follow up attack from the Aerial Listening Demon, devil man Bai Yu felt death nearing!

Annoyance, pain, anger, regret, and sadness all got mashed together as Bai Yu’s thoughts and sentience was slowly overtaken by the devil in his mind!

The subordinate soul was a white nightmare. However, once it took the main position, Bai Yu was no longer a half devil, but instead a devil!

A devil’s mind was permanently in endless pain. This torture causes a devil to lose the ability to think or have logic. Only battle and killing could reduce this pain!

When the only thing in one’s very being was battling, this was when the half devil was the scariest. When death was a relief, battle awareness would reach a peak!

Its silver pupils slowly blinked. Bai Yu turned around. At this moment, Aerial Listening Demon’s poisonous teeth were already on its neck.

However, in the eyes of Bai Yu, it was incredibly slow!

Sticking its right claw out, the devilized Bai Yu didn’t dodge but instead stabbed his claw down the aerial listening demon’s mouth!

Obliterating Heart!!!

Sticking down the throat, Bai Yu’s hand went straight through the aerial listening demon’s veins and bones, grabbing the aerial listening demon’s heart and ripping it out!!!


The moment the aerial listening demon bit down, its body shuddered. The poisonous fangs fell on Bai Yu’s throat, but it only left a shallow bite mark before it could no longer close down any further!

A black heart was held in Bai Yu’s hand. The dozens of people nearby and even the hundreds far away could see this harrowing scene!


Grasping its claws, the heart burst open into various fluids that seeped down from between the silver fingers.

At that instant, everyone felt a twitch in their chest, as if it was their hearts that were shattered.

Instantly killed!

Low class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demon was instantly killed!

The devil’s actions once again shocked everyone. The chaotic battlefield fell silent.

With his soul pact broken, Lin Pengfeng stared blankly as his Aerial Listening Demon fell from the skies and into the valley. His entire person was like a pathetic dog, as he went towards the mountains.

A soul pact breaking meant that his soul broke. Lin Pengfeng didn’t seem to believe this reality, and wanted to go save his soul pet.

However, his actions exposed him directly to the kill-hungry devil!

With a slight wave of his hand, the devil man Bai Yu lit up a silver devil flame that was strangely piercing.

This devil flame was like a wisp, following tightly behind Lin Peng as they both entered the dark valley.

“Ah!!! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!”

A moment later, everyone heard Lin Pengfeng’s shrieks of pain. A pale white devil flame that darted up from the valley proved that Lin Pengfeng was quickly burnt away in the valley.

Seeing the flame in the valley, Yong Chong’s face turned steely.

Lin Pengfeng’s actions weren’t logical. Going down like that alone, it was no different from suicide. Yong Chong couldn’t save him even if he tried.

Losing a low class dominator rank along with its soul pet trainer, Yong Chong already couldn’t report this well to Wen City City Master.

It looked like they had to get this large devil soul no matter what, or else they would suffer even greater punishments!

“Everyone gather up, don’t attack alone!” Yong Chong couldn’t let more people die and gathered everyone.

Wu Chi felt as if he had been bitten by a snake. He no longer dared to attack haphazardly, and started employing an attrition strategy.

Everyone started playing it slow, but the devil man Bai Yu remained crazed. As long as it got near a group of soul pets, it would take away a life even at the cost of injury!

To the devil man, the pain from the wounds was far lower than the pleasure from killing. Bai Yu’s body slowly started getting littered with wounds. These wounds caused his body to be incredibly dark. Only its eyes remained burning bright with hatred, cruelty, slaughter, and a hint of the regret and apologies it felt deep down.

Blood fell through his fingers. Another low class dominator rank died under his hands. Blood covered its silver body, making it into a bloody devil.

The burning devil flames slowly became shallow, as if a gust of wind could blow it out. However, everytime Yong Chong and Wu Chi felt like this fellow was almost out of energy, his devil claw would start ripping in front of everyone. After a third low class dominator rank was ripped up by him, no one dared to go up to him.

The killed dominator ranks added together was probably equivalent of a middle class dominator rank now. This time was a huge loss to Wen City. As the Devil Man had said before, the devil soul may not end up with him, but he definitely wasn’t going to give it up to anyone who dared to come forth. Anyone who had come up to fight for it had already had their corpses deposited into the valley below!

Yong Chi and Wu Chi were already secretly regretting it. If they knew how cruel and powerful this devil man was, they would rather let the devil man go and not lose this many dominator ranks.

Now, they were already caught in the situation because if they didn’t get the big devil soul, their loss was impossible to recuperate.


Devil flames slowly dimmed away. Its silver body was slowly fading away.

A body of blood, hair white with blood, a young face that looked incredibly old.

Already at his maximum, bai yu’s half devil status automatically disappeared. His white nightmare entered a deep slumber, leaving only the human form of Bai Yu still hovering in the air, surrounded by dominator rank experts.

“It… doesn’t seem to have much fighting strength left.” Wu Xu said excitedly.

“Young master, wait a bit longer.!” Wu Chi quickly stopped Wu Xu who tried to run forth to steal the devil soul.

Yong Chi also didn’t want to immediately go forth, and just stared at the devil man who was slowly becoming into a young yet seemingly aged man.

Three low class dominator ranks died under its devil flames and devil claws while the ten pseudo dominator ranks died too. Killing this many dominators while being surrounded, devil man gave them a very large mental scar. Even if it seemed to be at its limit, no one dared to go forth.

For a full five minutes, everyone gathered around Bai Yu and waited five more minutes. Only when they were certain it was truly out of fighting strength did Yong Chi and Wu Chi finally head forth.

“En? His soul capture ring!!!”

Suddenly, Yong Chi let out a strangled cry.

With this cry, everyone’s attention turned to Bai Yu’s hand only to find that the only thing there was a spatial ring but no soul capture ring.

“He may have thrown it into his spatial ring, take him down first!” Wu Chi was slightly calmer.

Yet, at this moment, the tattered and weary Bai Yu strenuously let out a pale smile.

Having earned this much time, it was enough for Ice Pupil Unicorn to get away, right?

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