Chapter 1146: Fighting Alone, Crazed Devil Bai Yu (1)

The scattered feathers floated down in the sky. Every feather demon’s size was massive, casting cloud-like shadows down.

The Feather Demons and Aerial Listening Demon simultaneously attacked the Silver Devil Man, setting down iron-like feathers that left thousands of holes in the mountain range.

The Silver Devil Man’s head created a burning crown that incinerated all the feathers.

However, soon after, two violent beast type dominator ranks had neared them and created a shattering energy that landed heavily on the Silver Devil Man’s body.

The Silver Devil Man’s defense was powerful, and didn’t get damaged. However, the two beast type dominator ranks caused it to no longer be able to support the devil flame crown defense.

The simultaneous attack of seven pseudo dominator rank feather demons was already stronger than a low class dominator rank attack. These attacks landed chaotically onto the Silver Devil Man. However, a sudden burst of devil flames appeared on the Silver Devil Man’s body. At the same time he grasped his hand, silver devil flames filled the skies!!

Where the devil flames flew past, the storm like feathers all disappeared into ashes. Even the seven dominator rank feather demons flew panically towards where there aren’t flames while letting out frantic cries.

The seven feather demons were rather fast at reacting, and didn’t cause any real damage. However, the soul pets’ attacks that followed stopped the Silver Devil Man from casting more techniques to chase after the escaping feather demons.

“It’s about time, let’s join in!” Yong Chong glanced at Wu Chi and said.

After some resting, Yong Chong and Wu Chi could roughly tell what the Silver Devil Man’s strength was. Clearly, this Silver Devil Man was near middle class dominator or has even reached it.

This strength caused Yong Chong and Wu Chi to feel shocked. After all, middle class dominator rank expert was very few even in Wen City.

Middle class dominator rank was enough to instantly kill low class dominator ranks. Wu Chi’s caution was very necessary. If they had joined haphazardly, a sudden outburst could instantly kill them.

Twenty three pseudo dominator rank surround couldn’t give much pressure to Silver Devil Man, but it was also very difficult to escape twenty three pseudo dominator ranks’ attacks. This was why Wu Chi and Yong Chi thought that they were near or equal middle class dominator rank.

Yong Chong was the first to be unable to hold back because he still held some anger. After all, the devil soul was almost his before this Silver Devil Man stole it!

“Friends, I know you can understand what we say. You’re indeed powerful and deserve our respect. However, we have so many people. If we put our lives on the line, you’ll die for sure. Might as well leave the ring behind, and you can leave safely, how’s that?” Wu Chi didn’t attack and instead spoke first.

Silver Devil Man looked around, and found that other than the twenty pseudo dominator ranks already surrounding them, the ten low class dominator rank experts also entered the range, clearly wanting to enter battle.

“I knew that the devil soul may not end in my hands today, but I can tell you that anyone who tries to steal it will definitely also not be the one to get it!” Silver Devil Man’s heavy yet cold voice went into everyone’s hands.

This sentence was very obvious. Even if he gave up his life, he would kill until the last moment, and was going to kill as many as possible.

The Silver Devil Man’s words immediately angered Wu Chi. This was the second time he tried to convince it nicely, yet this Silver Devil Man still didn’t take his offer. If this is the case, he was going to get rid of it even at the cost of losing people!

“Yong Chong, let’s join hands and defeat him!” Wu Chi said.

Yong Chong nodded and rode directly towards Dual Pupil Feathered Demon into the pseudo dominator feather demon team.

Low class dominator rank Dual Pupil Feathered Demon was slightly larger than the other feather demons. Under its lead, the seven feather demons no longer scattered out and instead coiled up in different positions around the Silver Devil Man, completely blocking the Silver Devil Man’s escape route.

Lin Pengfeng also rode his Aerial Listening Demon around the sides of the Silver Devil Man to find the best opportunity to strike. The other three low class dominator rank soul pet trainers attacked under Yong Chong’s command.

Three low class dominator ranks combined could cause decent threat to middle class dominator ranks, let alone after Yong Chong’s three members truck, Wu Chi and Wu Xu’s three people also attacked!

At the same time, six low class dominator ranks started techniques!!

A fire type lotus fell over Silver Devil Man’s head, blossoming countless flames that lit the sky red!

Wing type slashes flew through that seemed to cut the sky. Everywhere it passed, the space ripped, let alone the organism bodies.

Wu Xu’s Duan Beng Beast’s power quickly followed the fire lotus, slamming into the Silver Devil Man like waves of a tide.

The other three attacks slammed together to form an energy explosion that pulled out an Other dimension spatial storm that demolished the Silver Devil Man.

At the center of all these techniques, the Silver Devil Man gritted his teeth and constantly switched positions to find the weakest spot. However, even if he controlled space, it wasn’t any use. Even space was shattered. He could only dodge based off instinct and his senses!

The storm of energy destroyed everything nearby. The closer emperor rank soul pet trainers saw the damage, and all backed further away.


The messy winds roared in his ears. The Silver Devil Man’s seemingly young face showed a hint of pain.

Six low class dominator ranks and twenty pseudo dominator ranks. Even after stepping into middle class dominator rank, it was still hard to deal with. His body was trembling from damage.

His devil flames turned lighter. The Silver Devil Man actually didn’t feel much pain. What he was pained about wasn’t even how he was going to die under these peoples’ attacks. Instead, it was that after so many years, he still couldn’t wake her up.

She wasn’t even a spirit emperor when she gave up her young life to awaken his ice sealed self.

And, with all his power as a dominator rank, with all his half devil abilities that looked down upon the world, he still couldn’t wake her up. It caused him the utmost shame!!

Now that he finally found a way to awaken the soul, he couldn’t bring it back.

The immortal spring water’s protection was almost over. If he couldn’t wake her up again, she may go to sleep permanently. As a father, how could he watch as his beautiful and young daughter passed away like that?

Half Devil Bai Yu’s pupils changed in this anger. Similarly silver, his pupils had the beginnings of a strange emotion, similar to a loss of sentience into madness!


Half Devil Bai Yu let out a roar!

His entire person was like a demon. The human shaped hands became cruel claws that grabbed a feather demon and ripped it apart violently!


The feather demon along with the soul pet trainer on it were ripped in half by the Half Devil Bai Yu. Its blood and feathers fell in a scattered fashion around the crazed demon…...

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