Chapter 1145: Inescapable Net, Dominator Formation

As the inescapable net collapsed, the over 100 high ranking creatures formed an encirclement, stopping the silver devil.

Everyone knew that this silver devil had stolen a peak emperor rank Devil Soul, which had a very high value. If any one of them managed to obtain it, their strength would definitely take a leap. It didn’t matter if they were a low class dominator expert or even someone without a dominator, all of their eyes were currently covetously red. They would do anything to take this peak emperor rank Devil Soul.

On the towering mountain, amidst the white mist, a man burning with silver devil flames aloofly floated in place. He looked at the over 100 soul pets in front of him, before turning around and watching the ten low class dominators gradually catching up.

There was a wolf in front and a tiger behind. He was a rock in a hard place with nowhere to go.

“Friend, give the thing to me and I, Wu Chi, will use my reputation to ensure that you will be able to leave.” the person to first approach the silver devil was Wu Chi.

Wu Chi’s appearance was feminine and his tone made others feel calm. However, his tone was rather sincere. Any intelligent person would do as he said since it wasn’t worth it to lose one’s life over a treasure.  

In truth, Wu Chi didn’t know either if the creature in front of him burning with silver devil flames was a human or soul pet. However, there were a myriad of oddities in this world. Thus, Wu Chi didn’t bother thinking about it now. His main priority was to obtain the Devil Soul.

The silver devil apathetically glanced at Wu Chi. In front of the two powerful soul pet formations, the silver devil’s heart was like a boulder. He was not influenced by their imposing grandeur.

He didn’t say anything. His two silver demonic eyes were cold and calm, vigilantly waiting for the fight to erupt.

Wu Chi glanced at Yong Chong and the others slowly catching up and he coldly harrumphed.

It seemed that he had to make a move first!

Wu Chi waved his hand and of the over 100 high rank soul pets, half of them obeyed Wu Chi. His order was obviously for them to attack.

Six of the 13 pseudo dominators were Aerial Listening Demons. However, their power levels were clearly lower than Lin Pengfeng’s low class dominator rank Aerial Listening Demons. The reason why so many of them had the same species demon was because Border Commander Wu Zhen had a demon territory so practically all of his subordinates had an Aerial Listening Demon. Additionally, Border Commander Wu Zhen had specifically selected all experts with an Aerial Listening Demon to come here because they were most suitable to capturing Devil Souls which had strange movements. 

Aerial Listening Demons looked like deep-blue colored cheetahs with flower patterns on their bodies. Their ears were pointed, they didn’t have tails and their claws were extremely long. Aside from their incomparable listening abilities, Aerial Listening Demons had extremely powerful attacks.

After Wu Chi gave his order, the six pseudo dominator rank Aerial Listening Demons transformed into deep blue lights that took a few consecutive flashing aerial jumps. They all appeared in different locations around the silver devil.

Immediately after, four beast type pseudo dominator ranks leaped into the air. They let out waves of humming noises and savagely charged at the silver devil.

Behind the four beast type pseudo dominators were two wing type dominators. This was a total of 12 pseudo dominator rank creatures! 

“Kill!” Wu Chi coldly yelled!

The six Aerial Listening Demons simultaneously transformed into deep-blue colored lights that disappeared from their places. In the next instant, sharp cold lights transformed into cold moon blades that slashed at the enemy from front, back, left and right. They came from six completely different locations, giving the enemy no room to dodge!

The soul pet trainers controlling the six Aerial Listening Demons evidently fought often with each other. When they encountered a troublesome opponent like this, they understood that coordinating soul pets was often more effective that just two soul pets giving each other strength.

The six blades flew through the air, and the blue sky was even chopped into countless pieces. The silver devil who was standing at the very center remained calm in the face of this imposing attack.

He was chanting an incantation, and when he finished the last syllable, nine silver devil flames quickly ignited around his body.

The nine devil flames formed enormous outlines of devil swords. These devil swords were mysterious and wondrous; faintly, ancient incantations and words could be seen engraved on them. Hidden within was some unknown power!

The Worldly Devil Sword Array began to spin and a boundless aura erupted in between the white clouds and mountain peak. The cold moon blade attacks from all four directions let out low-pitched clangs as they struck the devil swords.

As for the cold moon blades that attacked from underneath and above, they passed through the devil sword array. One pierced apart the mountain and the other broke through the clouds; yet, they didn’t manage to hit their targets.

As the sword array spun, the devil flames grew more exuberant. After blocking the attack, the silver devil waved its finger. The nine Worldly Devil Swords whistled through the air and flew towards the six Aerial Listening Demons and three of the beast type dominators pouncing at him!


The first devil sword struck the fattest Aerial Listening Demon. The Aerial Listening Demon let out a miserable cry and was knocked flying by the devil sword before being impaled halfway up a distant mountain.

The mountain was several thousand meters tall, but the devil sword itself was equivalent in size to the mountain. When the sword impaled the fat Aerial Listening Demon, it was unknown if it was dead or alive; however, the might of the devil sword left a lasting impact on these people!

There were still eight more devil swords. Each devil sword struck each target as expected. Like that Aerial Listening Demon, these eight soul pets were impaled by the sword. It was unknown if they were dead or alive. Those with higher defensive abilities were barely able to block the attack, but spat out blood from this attack. As for the others, most of them were burned by the devil flames and their souls were injured.

This single technique had greatly and instantly dropped the morale of the twelve dominator rank creatures. It was unknown if three soul pets were dead or alive and six were injured. A single technique had dropped their fighting strength by 1/3rd. How could they still have the courage to charge forth?  

The silver devil’s strength instantly stunned all of the experts present. For a moment, nobody dared brashly charge forth. Those with covetous red eyes felt their hearts palpitate. It was fortunate that it wasn’t them who had charged first. Otherwise, it was likely their only dominator rank soul pet would be instakilled.

Even pseudo dominator ranks weren’t able to escape the fate of being instakilled. Those emperor rank experts consciously took a step back. Obviously, they no longer dared participate in this fight.

“What on earth is this fellow? How is he so strong? It’s best if we attack together.” said a pale-white faced young man next to Wu Chi.

This young man’s face was so white it looked like there were no blood vessels in his face. It was so morbidly white that he gave off a sinister feeling. This man was called Wu Xu, and was the son of Border Commander Wu Zhen’s first wife. As the team leader, Wu Chi was merely Border Commander Wu Zhen’s subordinate. 

“Young master, please don’t be impatient.  You absolutely cannot attack before we have a clear grasp on this devil’s strength. If he is hiding his strength, it’s likely that he could instantly explode with power and kill us.” team leader Wu Chi’s tone was gentle as he spoke.

“But our people have been killed. This is also a loss to us.” said Wu Xu.

The Worldly Devil Sword Array just now had likely instakilled three pseudo dominators. Dominator rank experts couldn’t be found everywhere. If they lost a few, they wouldn’t be able to reobtain them. 

“Young master, you need to understand that these people whose soul remembrance will forever be stuck at the ninth remembrance spirit emperor rank will never be able to surpass the low class dominator rank. It’s necessary for these people to die when the time is right because the thing we need to obtain is equivalent to a middle class dominator.” Wu Chi spoke to Wu Xu in a mental voice. 

After speaking, Wu Chi’s lips curved into a slight smile as he said; “Of course, cannon fodder cannot only be from our side. We ought to have some of Wu Chong’s men die.”

Wu Xu nodded his head as he quelled his impatience to obtain the Devil Soul.

“Senior Yong, that silver devil’s strength is unordinary. Let’s combine forces first and get rid of him. Then, we can consider who the Devil Soul belongs to. What do you think?” Wu Chi glanced at Yong Chong who had already caught up.

Yong Chong’s expression was still ashen. The Devil Soul just now had been his, but was ultimately stolen by this devil person. He, who was in a state of anger, wished nothing more than to instantly kill the devil person! 

“Ok, let’s combine forces to get rid of him!” Yong Chong didn’t hesitate. They had come from Wen City so if they wanted to get rid of something, they ought to just get rid of it! 

Yong Chong had many experts here with him. There were seven with dominator rank Dual Pupil Feathered Demons, two with a fire type dominator and rock type dominator and the Yan brother duo. That made for 11 pseudo dominator rank creatures.

Wen City was the city that obtained the most accurate Devil Soul information. Moreover, since they were a sixth rank realm city, aside from a few fifth rank realm cities that had the qualifications to contest with them, there were only a few people from other realms that had come. 

This time, Wen City had sent two factions to capture Devil Souls. One faction was under the banner of Border Commander Wu Zhen. The other faction, which was Yong Chong’s, came under the orders of the city lord. Both teams had dispatched numerous experts in order to obtain more resources. All together, Wen City had mobilized about 40 pseudo dominator rank creatures. Among them, only 23 of them were currently encircling the devil while the others were probably with their soul pet trainers capturing Devil Souls elsewhere. 

As for low class dominators, there were ten of them. They belonged to Yong Chong, Lin Pengfeng, Wu Chi, Wu Xu and others! 

The formation here could definitely be described as terrifying! 

When Chu Mu had considered stealing the big Devil Soul, the number of people had been part of his consideration. If there wasn’t the little Devil Soul, Chu Mu may have been willing to take the risk. Chu Mu himself was near the middle class dominator rank and even if there were many enemies, he could just have Yu Suo transform into the Evil Good Queen. If that wasn’t enough, Chu Mu still had Mo Xie. Chu Mu still didn’t know what rank Mo Xie was at. 

However, since he already had the little Devil Soul, Chu Mu felt that there was no need to greed for the big Devil Soul.

Chu Mu himself was low key. Thus, he was surprised when there was someone else who so brazenly attempted to steal from the over 100 experts. 

After hesitating a while, Chu Mu decided to take a look since there was someone else disrupting things. Perhaps the fortune goddess was on his side. Indeed, his fortune goddess probably wasn’t that bad, eh? 

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