Chapter 1144: Silver Devil, Yellow Sparrow Behind

The little Devil Soul was only about the fifth phase. If they were unable to root it at such a close distance, this would be a huge blow to the flower type progenitor - the Evil Good Queen.

Chu Mu chanted an incantation, recalling the extremely unwilling the little Devil Soul into the soul pet space.

A fifth phase Devil Soul could be taken in since a child pet of this sort was suitable to sign a soul pact with. This way, the mental connection established would be even more sturdy.

Chu Mu was debating whether to give the little Devil Soul to Ye Qingzi. The higher Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance was, the better the xuan item she could concoct. If he gave it to her, perhaps it would have some special effect.

With the Evil Good Queen here, Chu Mu’s three Devil Souls were like free profit. As for the even stronger Devil Soul, Chu Mu didn’t plan on letting it go. Given that the sentiments between the big and little Devil Souls were so good, he couldn’t just break them up, eh?

“Let’s go. Follow them.” Chu Mu patted the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon horns and spoke.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s body was translucent as it flew between the mountains. It tried its best to prevent Yong Chong and the others from discovering it.

Of course, Chu Mu couldn’t get too close. One or two of the people here seemed to be of the spirit dominator rank. Their perception abilities were definitely very high.

As Chu Mu followed closely, he quickly discovered that the two waves of humans had formed a circle and trapped the peak emperor Devil Soul in between the two mountains.

Yong Chong and Wu Chi’s two teams seemed to have reached an agreement. Before they grabbed the Devil Soul into a soul pet space, they wouldn’t attack each other. Thus, the big Devil Soul had fallen into a dangerous situation, since both parties were extremely strong.

Chu Mu watched from a distance. The formation of the two mountains created a rhombus shape, giving off an outstanding majesty as they towered among the group of mountains.

From his location, Chu Mu couldn’t see the big Devil Soul, but from how the two groups were surrounding the area, the big Devil Soul had probably hid in between the two mountains, relying on a few obstructive things and its invisible movement to trick these people.

Unfortunately, these people were very smart. Each time an invisible figure flew by them, they would send two to three people to chase it while the others would stay there. Clearly, they had a lot of experience capturing Devil Souls.

Chu Mu saw from the distance that both parties were discussing something. Not long after, Yong Chong’s group of five and Wu Chi’s group of five began to close in on the area between the two mountains. This enclosement method practically left nowhere for the big Devil Soul to run.

There were ten low class dominators and 18 pseudo dominators, making a total of 28 dominators. Such a formation of soul pets was beautiful. 

“There are too many enemies. Young master should stop while you’ve already reaped profits.” said Old Li.

The chances of the big Devil Soul escaping were not high. Chu Mu wanted to take away both Devil Souls, but when he considered the numerous number of enemies, there indeed was no need to take a risk.

Not only were there five people in Yong Chong’s group, there were 50 more experts on the outer perimeters who had pulled open the realm boundary. If they surrounded him, it would be immensely difficult to escape. 

Moreover, if he were to steal the big Devil Soul, Wu Chi’s side would probably also give chase. If that happened, he would truly be in a predicament. 

Thus, Chu Mu decided to stop while he already made a profit, turning around to leave.


“Over there!!!”

Suddenly, in the distance, Lin Pengfeng’s shout rang out!

Lin Pengfeng’s shout lit up the eyes of the other nine. After they all locked onto the Devil Souls’ location, they rushed forward.

Yong Chong fiercely glared at Lin Pengfeng, silently cursing to himself why this fellow couldn’t be calm. Wasn’t yelling it out like this was basically informing Wu Chi where the Devil Soul was?

“Ning~    ~~~~”

The Devil Soul was very smart. After continuously shifting between various fake locations, it outlandishly ran in the opposite direction at the moment everyone began to move towards one of its false locations. It didn’t turn back. It ran straight in one direction, because it knew that if it didn’t grasp this opportunity, it wouldn’t have another opportunity to escape!

“The other side!!”

This time, Lin Pengfeng was smart, and used a mental voice to tell his teammates that the Devil Soul had changed directions and was fleeing in the opposite direction. 

Yong Chong was still the first one to react. He turned this feathered demon around and rushed first for the big Devil Soul.

“Hmph, the Devil Soul is ours again!” a smile rose on Yong Chong’s face.

The two eyed feathered emon’s speed was faster than the Devil Soul. When there was only a thousand meters between them, Yong Chong immediately ordered the two eyed feathered demon to use a wing type bind!

Feathers flew through the air, forming countless strange symbols, that wrapped around the Devil Soul.

The big Devil Soul’s reaction was very quick. It continuously changed locations, dodging the bind.

Normally, a low class dominator rank creature could easily bind an emperor rank creature. However, this Devil Soul was clearly special. Not only did it manage to trick dominator rank creatures, but it could also dodge a low class dominator rank creature’s techniques.

Yong Chong wasn’t worried. When the big Devil Soul dodged, his two eyed feathered demon closed the distance to 500 meters. At this distance, it didn’t matter how erratic the big Devil Soul’s movements were. Yong Chong could definitely capture it.

“Immortal Feather Shield!”

Yong Chong chanted the name of the technique. The two eyed feathered demon’s feathers began to drift through the air, rapidly forming pure white feather shields around the Devil Soul.

The feather shields were erected in all directions, easily blocking off the big Devil Soul’s escape route. The only way it could move was towards Yong Chong and his two eyed feather demon.

“Still want to run? Obediently accept your fate!” loudly laughed Yong Chong. He immediately used his soul remembrance to suppress the Devil Soul’s mind, preventing it from having another opportunity to escape. 

Yong Chong’s teammates were very smart. Seeing that Yong Chong pretty much had this in the bag, they turned around and immediately blocked off Wu Chi and the others. They absolutely could not let them disturb Yong Chong from obtaining this emperor Devil Soul!

“Yong Chong, there aren’t many greedy people who meet a good end!” not far away, Wu Chi shouted out these words. 

But why would Yong Chong have the time to pay attention to Wu Chi now? He immediately chanted an incantation, forcibly recalling the big Devil Soul into his soul capture ring.

There was nowhere left for the big Devil Soul to escape. With its mind suppressed, it would probably be captured by Yong Chong. Therefore, as he chanted an incantation, Yong Chong’s eyes were full of excitement.

However, just at this moment, an even faster incantation outlandishly appeared. Just as Yong Chong’s soul capture incantation was about to finish, he saw the big Devil Soul transform into a disorderly starlight that disappeared with a flash from the feather shields! 

Yong Chong stared wide eyed in front of him. The duck in his possession had suddenly taken off. Moreover, this was completely without warning!

Yong Chong instantly erupted into a rage. His entire face was flushed red and when he dispersed his feather shield, he immediately saw a young man standing in front of him. On his finger was a soul capture ring faintly emitting a deep blue halo.

Yong Chong was stunned. He never expected an outsider to appear in this area where there were many people on guard. He angrily pointed at the man and said: “I’ll give you one chance. Immediately give the ring to me!”

The youngish man, however, apathetically glanced over Yong Chong. His body was suddenly engulfed in silver devil flames and he was burned to ashes.

Yong Chong was stunned. When he returned to his senses, he discovered that the man burning in silver devil flames was already several kilometers away.

Yong Chong was planning on chasing, when he suddenly felt an invisible spatial wall obstructing him, preventing him from moving forward. This made Yong Chong even more mad.

“Extremely repulsive!! Surround him!!’ Yong Chong’s mouth twitched. There was unexpectedly someone who, in his face, stole a Devil Soul worth no less than a fourth or even fifth rank xuan item!! 

Yong Chong immediately called to his troops, having those guarding the perimeters to block off the escape route of the man burning in silver devil flames. 

“Senior Yong, what’s the matter? Did you obtain the Devil Soul?” Lin Pengfeng came up after and anxiously asked a question.

“Are you blind? Did you not see that devil steal it? You still aren’t chasing him for me?!” roared Yong Chong. 

The moment Yong Chong finished speaking, Wu Chi whose appearance was feminine like a girl’s let out a low mocking laughter, as she seemed to have seen the scene of the Devil Soul being stolen: “Senior Yong, are we now neighbors who can’t agree to lose out to a third party?” 

“We’re leaving first.” Wu Chi’s comrades calmly spoke before urging their soul pets to fly ahead of Yong Chong, leaving Yong Chong’s expression even more ashen.

The silver devil’s flying speed was extremely fast. It was at least one to two times faster than Wu Chi and Yong Chon’s people. It wasn’t much of a reality for them to catch up.

However, both parties’ troops were placed very well. Not long after, over a hundred soul pets appeared in the direction the silver devil was escaping!

There were twenty wing type creatures in the air. Most of them were feathered demons. Obviously, they were Yong Chong’s subordinates. The various species of feathered demons were all enormous, resembling black clouds that covered the blue sky.

In between the mountains, enormous beast type soul pets were like large sentries standing tall. There were at least fifty of them. The lowest rank of these beast type creatures was high class emperor rank, while there were about ten pseudo emperors. This formation was rather powerful.

Besides these soul pets, there were also numerous elemental creatures chanting incantations, ready at any moment for the enemy to appear.

With such an enormous formation of troops gathered, it was an incredibly terrifying force!!


“What’s the matter? Could there be some sparrow behind me?” in the distance, Chu Mu who was now far away suddenly discovered that something strange had occurred. 

From the huge mustering of forces, it seemed that some sparrow really had appeared. 

Only, this sparrow was too impulsive!

Chu Mu hadn’t dared to steal the Devil Soul because of the surrounding deployment of both team’s troops. The moment he showed himself, he would definitely be surrounded. If someone tried to be the sparrow, the net would open and there would be no chance to escape! 

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moonfox's Thoughts

TL: There’s an idiom that mentions a mantis hunting down a cicada, but unaware that it itself is prey to a sparrow behind it. This is a similar situation, where two parties are hunting the devil soul, but were unaware a third party was taking advantage of them.