Chapter 1143: Waiting for the Opportunity, Big and Little Devil Soul

Chu Mu continued to roam between the mountains and cliffs. He suddenly noticed a few powerful auras swiftly flying towards the west.

Often training outside, Chu Mu knew the basic rule that wherever experts gathered, there definitely was treasure. Sometimes, going with them to see the trouble was the best idea. After all, opportunities often passed right by you, but capturing a single one could give you a huge leap in power.

Interestingly, when Chu Mu went over, he saw the Guangtong Brothers following behind the five experts. Seeing their agitated expressions, they seemed to be chasing something.

Chu Mu waited a moment, and decisively followed them.

The route was obstructed, and they clearly wasn’t stupid. They didn’t want people like Chu Mu to come and disrupt their scenario. They already told Brother Guangtong to put down lines of defense to stop others from interfering.

Yong Chong and the others mainly stopped the scattered people without teams. They often appeared in twos or threes and had varying strengths. Devil souls were unpredictable in nature. If it accidentally fell in a random person’s hands, Yong Chong and the others would have wasted their time.

Thus, the lines of defense had to be set up to stop randoms!

“These people are truly bullies. This Guangtong Bewildering World isn’t Wen City’s territory, what allows you to stop us from going forward?” A young hunter said extremely dissatisfied.

“Yes, if you have the power to tell your city master to make this Wen City Territory, we definitely won’t take a single step in!”

All sorts of angry voices sounded near them. Chu Mu glanced over, and noticed many individual hunters starting arguments with Wen City’s people, looking like they were about to start a great fight.

However, Wen City’s people at least had 50 people. This time, they were poised to get the devil soul. Facing these teams with discipline, individuals and scattered hunters at most could argue a bit, but they didn’t dare to actually fight. After all, they were all there for personal benefit. Even if they combined forces with Wen City, they were just a bunch of scattered individuals.

Wen City’s lines of defense actually managed to cause good amounts of obstruction to Chu Mu as well. The people setting the perimeters had dominator rank experts. No matter how hidden Little Hidden Dragon was with its ghost type, it couldn’t fly right by them.

In the end, Chu Mu used the shadows of the clouds and fog and used his dark type hiding and spatial transformations to jump past the Wen City lines of defense.

This was actually relatively dangerous because once Wen City found them, he would fall into Wen City’s encirclement. Thankfully, Chu Mu was the only one going this time, so leaving should be easy for him.

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried. He kept a distance from the stronger individuals and hid between the mountains using his control of dark type.

“We found it here, and created a surrounding with barriers. It probably hasn’t left this region yet.” The woman riding the massive cloud bird siad.

Yong Chong nodded satisfied, “Good job, Xiao Tan, I’ll say a few good words for you once we’re back in Wen City.”

The woman called Xiao Tan was indifferent, her gaze like a still pond.

Seeing her like this, Yong Chong smiled and looked over at Lin Pengfeng, “We’ll have to see your demon’s performance again.”

Lin Pengfeng nodded! Of everyone there, Lin Pengfeng’s Aerial Listening Demon had the most perceptive senses. Any movement, including mental waves,  could be detected by its special ears.. The reason why Wen City could capture so many devil souls was mainly due to Lin Pengfeng.

“Same as before, there's around twenty mountains here. Let’s throw some tentative attacks to scare it from hiding.” Yong Chong said.



Almost just as Yong Chong finished, a large sound came from the west.

Everyone looked over in confusion. The mountains were covered in a destructive wave of elemental eruptions, causing the sturdy mountains to break into countless shards!!

The power was intense, rendering the large mountain into rubble, leaving only an empty hole where it once stood.

“It’s Wu Chi, they started first!” Lin Pengfeng said.

Yong Chong humphed coldly, “Let’s start too!”

There were twenty mountains. The emperor rank devil soul must be within one of the twenty mountains. The most direct way to make it appear was to progressively destroy the mountains. The emperor rank devil soul had to appear!

After Wu Chi’s team destroyed two mountains, Yong Chong started their carpet bombing.



Massive mountains were progressively destroyed into sand under the dominator rank power, creating messy piles of rocks in their wake.

From far away, the individual hunters that saw the terrifying scene instantly lost all urge to fight and could only continue watching from their safe space afar. This power was too much for them to handle.


A hundred meter long giant swung a massive rock axe down. With the axe fall, a ten thousand meter tall mountain was split open from the center, looking like the very sky split open!

The giant that casted this technique was Yong Chong’s main soul pet Sky Axe Giant, the most offensive species of rock type giants!

After this attack split the mountain apart, spreading a shattering strength that created cracks through the rest of the mountain. With a shake from the Sky Axe Giant, the mountain split into countless rocks.


Just as the mountain shattered, a spirited lament came from an insignificant cave.

The cave had already shattered under the axe. Soon following, Yong Chong and Wu Chi both noticed a ghost float out from the cave. In a mere second after all the rocks collapsed, it disappeared.

“It really is an emperor rank devil soul!” Yong Chong and the other three lit up. Without any hesitation, they summoned their soul pets and chased after the devil soul.

Wu Chi wasn’t slow either. In a moment, ten low class dominator rank organisms appeared and flew over the broken mountain.

In the cover of the shadow, a blinking demonic silver pupil slowly opened, and gazed at the group that chased over.

This man hidden deep in the dark was naturally Chu Mu. He wasn’t worried about chasing after them. After all, there were ten low class dominator ranks and he definitely would have trouble if he actually fought.

“Young master, that emperor rank devil soul seemed to be top tier emperor rank. Its value is even higher than third rank xuan items.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. After staying in place for a little longer, watching the ten people fly further away, he finally moved forward.

“Wait, stop!” Suddenly, Old Li let out a strange voice. Its raccoon eyes lit up as it stared at the shattered mountain.

Chu Mu looked confused at Old Li and said, “What is it?”

“I, I think there is a devil soul! Young master don’t appear first, let’s wait a moment longer.” Old Li pointed at the mountain.

Old Li’s scent was extremely sensitive. The spirit and xuan sources they found in the past few months were almost all because of Old Li. Otherwise, the xuan they got from dominator rank soul cores were pitiful.

Chu Mu naturally believed Old Li’s judgment and continued to hide under the shadows of a black cloud.

After another moment, the shattered mountains really flickered slightly, as a small devil soul glanced out tentatively, floating out further only after a very long time.


The Little Devil Soul stood in place and looked towards where the top tier emperor rank devil soul went, and let out a complicated little murmur.

After a moment, the Little Devil Soul started flying opposite of where the previous devil soul went.

Chu Mu saw this and Old Li explained in a low voice, “Looks like the old devil soul went to attract all the attention first to let this little one escape. No wonder it kept escaping in one direction.”

“It’s also an emperor species rank devil soul.” Old Li added.

A top tier emperor rank devil soul already had a very developed mind. Yu Suo’s good intentions probably couldn’t trick it. However, this Little Devil Soul clearly wasn’t even tenth phase. When Yu Suo let out her aroma, Little Devil Soul turned over to look.

This Little Devil Soul was pretty smart. It didn’t run straight at them like the last two devil souls. Instead, it moved over very carefully and constantly let out mental waves to probe the situation.

“Come, little one.” Yu Suo waved her hand lightly. A sacred blue glow blossomed on her body, bringing out the holiness and beauty in her smile.

Chu Mu remained in the dark, silently watching Yu Suo’s performance.

However, Little Devil Soul was vigilant, taking small steps with long pauses. Being able to be this calm when faced against Yu Suo, it was clearly much smarter than the others.

Yu Suo saw Little Devil Soul’s slow actions and smiled even gentler. However, when she noticed the Little Devil Soul no longer approaching, her smile slowly shifted from gentleness to darkness and arrogance!

With a casual wave, Yu Suo suddenly created two thin branches that quickly entangled Little Devil Soul. Without any reaction, it was tightly bound and pulled over.

“Heng, you forced me!!” Yu Suo said with disdain.

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