Chapter 1142: Emperor Rank Devil Soul Appeared!

Wen City was a sixth rank realm capital. It was the largest capital other than cloud realm capital. This devil soul 

At this moment, the experts against Jia Heng and Li Qin were the incredibly famous two hunters from Wen City. They were called the Guang Tong Brothers. They often appeared in Guang Tong Bewildering World and knew everything in Guang Tong bewildering world well. That’s how they got the title from other dominator rank experts.

Brother Guang Tong was chasing the monarch rank devil soul, and yet just happened to have Jia Heng and Li Qin capture it on the way.

Devil souls were unpredictable. Capturing one needed some luck. However, having their chased target getting taken was horrible and Guangtong Brothers couldn’t just give it up.

What caused them to be happy was the two that appeared clearly hadn’t entered dominator rank for long. Their strength and fighting experience were both mediocre and couldn’t compare to the two old soul pet trainers that have been in this wild for so long.

“Looks like we’re going to take a monarch rank devil soul and two heads!” The Guang Tong Brothers laughed cruelly.

They had done things like kill many times. Though Divine Sect had regulations against killing, under the influence of no proof and great reward, no one would follow those rules in the wilderness.

The blood licking demon dominator stared viciously at Jia Heng’s Moon Devil Colt. They were both dominator rank demons, but the Guangtong Brother’s demon dominators were much more aggressive than the Moon Devil Colt. The Moon Devil Colt was like a young pony that met a fierce wolf, only able to fend off attacks.

A flash of light passed. A lethal blow was poised to fly through the Moon Devil Colt. Jia heng’s face went pale. He never would have expected his rash advance this time to have costed his life!

There was no time to dodge. Jia Heng’s mind went blank. A ghost blue shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.


A lethal cold claw flashed past and fell on a ghostly blue body, creating metal screeches.

A light mark appeared on the ghost blue figure’s dragon scales, and the demon’s attack was instantly alleviated. When Jia Heng found that someone had saved his life, his heart was filled with an ecstatic joy of surviving death.

He lifted his head to see who had saved him but quickly his smile became strange, as if never expecting this person to be the savior.


Little Hidden Dragon’s body was surrounded by ghosts that created a massive ghost energy at Little Hidden Dragon’s throat.


Little Hidden Dragon’s beam of ghosts was spewed towards the demon dominator rank of the Guangtong brothers. Even with a reaction, the demon was still hit by the dragon beam.

With a pained screech, the demon was hit from the skies into the mountain, falling far away at the feet of one far away.

“Who…. who are you!” Brother Guang Tong’s expression shifted, as he stared closely at the dragon that just exploded with low class dominator rank.

“Leave!” Chu Mu was too lazy to waste time with them and spat out a simple word.

The Guangtong Brothers stared with hatred at Chu Mu and Jia Heng. However, faced against a low class dominator rank dragon species, they didn’t dare to make mischief and ran away.

Jia Heng and Li Qing saw them run away, and immediately let out a breath. They had both seen death near them. If Chu Mu didn’t help immediately, they were probably dead in a pool of blood by now.

“You sure came just in time.” Li Qing was very helpful and passionate, showing a smile of gratitude.

Chu Mu never understood how to be polite. His gaze fell on Jia Heng and said, “I saved your life. Give over the ring now.”

Both their faces stiffened. Jia Heng reacted quickly and said, “We’re both doing something for city master Li, of course Chu Mu deserves the full credit, but putting it with us is the same as putting it with you.”

“You want to die again?” Chu Mu gaze turned cold, and a killing intent edged into his voice.

Chu Mu changed very quickly. Whether it was the intimidating gaze or the evil aura emanating from his body, Jia Heng and Li Qin felt a shiver go down their spines!

This man was much scarier than the Guangtong Brothers!

Both of them realized simultaneously that the person that saved them was truly a man who could kill without skipping a beat. How dare they not obey after having just experienced death?

“Right away, right away…… Brother Chu, let’s speak slowly. “ Jia Heng didn’t dare hesitate any longer, and took off the ring to give to Chu Mu.

Li Qin’s face turned purple too. Though he was furious in his heart, he had already seen Chu Mu summon a low class dominator rank phoenix. Now that he was also riding a low class dominator rank dragon, they knew that he was many times stronger than the GuangTong Brothers.

Chu Mu took the soul capture ring and transferred it to his own, and very graciously gave back the empty soul capture ring to Jia Heng.

Jia Heng bitterly caught the ring thrown back, not sure if he should be thanking Chu Mu for returning the ring.

“You two better leave now. I won’t save you again.” Chu Mu said and rode his Little Hidden Dragon away.

Jia Heng and Li Qin were both looking at each other in dismay, and decided that after they went back to Wang City, they had to report back to Li City Master. This Chu Mu was truly egotistical and didn’t care about anyone. Not only did he throw them behind, he even stole from his own people!

Chu Mu had no good impression of them. Saving them was already giving City Master Li some face. As for stealing from them, that was normal. If it were with them, it was theirs. Only when he had it in his own hands was it truly his!

Chu Mu flew over a few large mountains, and still saw a chaotic scene before him. One could always see more groups finding traces of devil souls, while others fought over already captured devil souls. There were also a few roaming around like Chu Mu, trying to test their luck.


Under the mountain spring, Guangtong Brother was healing his demon.

Even though only the edge of the dragon beam caught his demon, it was still pretty hurt. The Guangtong brothers were gritting their teeth. How did a low class dominator rank come out from nowhere. There aren’t young experts like that in Wang City as far as they remembered.

“It’s that man, he still dares to come!” Brother Guang Tong bit their teeth as they looked at the figure that flew through the sky.

“Go, report back to Boss Yong.”

GuanTong brothers came with another team from Wen City. This team was put together by many powerful experts in Wen city. Every person had low class dominator ranks while they were just subordinates, really.

The Guangtong Brothers didn’t dare go near Chu Mu. After he left and they saw his movement, they immediately flew towards a mountain range’s top.

At the tip of the mountain, four soul pet trainers stood at the edge and looked down upon these busy mountains, staring with their arrogant eyes as if waiting for something to appear.

“We reaped quite a profit this time!” Yong Chong, who stood at the center, smiled.

Yong Chong came by Wen City city master’s command to capture devil souls here in Guangtong Bewildering World. They had four people leading the team.

These three people all had power equivalent to Border Generals. Though they were interested in monarch rank devil souls as well, they knew that there definitely were emperor rank devil souls. The reason they weren’t immediately going into action was because they were waiting for the emperor rank to appear.

“En, I already have an emperor rank devil soul. Having one would already make this trip worth it. Border Commander Wu’s subordinates don’t have any yet, right?” Lin Pengfeng said aside Yong Chong.

Lin Pengfeng’s strength was the second of the four of them. The earliest emperor rank devil soul was captured thanks to his demon’s restriction powers.

Monarch rank devil souls have unpredictable routes. Emperor ranks were even harder to capture. Capturing it took some luck.

This time, when capturing devil souls, the ones that they were truly competing against were Border Commander Wu Zhen’s subordinates with Wu Zhen’s right hand man Wu Chi leading them. He was equivalent to Yong Chong in power. Yong Chong came a little earlier, so they were able to capture an emperor devil soul without others interfering. Or else, they would have had to fight over this first emperor rank devil soul as well.

“The guangtong brothers are back. They probably got the monarch rank devil soul, right?” Lin Pengfeng glanced down the mountain and said.

Yong Chong gazed at the two subordinates that came back, and saw their resentment and begrudging and guessed the outcome.

“You failed?” Yong Chong said faintly.

The Guangtong brothers were scared of Yong Chong. Seeing that he guessed their failure before they even spoke, they quickly kneeled down.

‘We originally got them but Wang City’s people suddenly came out of nowhere. We weren’t his match.” Guangtong Brother described the previous scene again.

“Wang City? Wang City has such a powerful young expert?” Yong Chong looked at the other three and they all shook their head, saying they had never heard of such a young expert with a dragon species soul pet.

Just as they spoke, suddenly a woman riding a massive cloud bird fell from the skies and landed in front of them.

“It appeared on the west side.” The woman said calmly.

The four of them almost all showed joy and Yong Chong quickly said, “Lead the way!”

Before the Guangtong Brothers understood what was happening, the four experts already flew away towards the west with the woman leading the way.

“So we’re just going to have to swallow our prides with that monarch rank devil soul?” The Guangtong Brothers looked at each other but quickly realized something even more important!

Could it be that an emperor rank devil soul appeared?

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