Chapter 1140: Flower Shadow Slaughter, Instakilling Six Dominators

After chasing a long way away, Liao Yu finally realized he had been going the wrong way. He turned around to chase back when he saw Chu Mu using a soul capture ring to adeptly recall the Devil Soul into a soul capture space.

Liao Yu’s chin nearly dropped. He had chased for half a day without catching it, yet this Devil Soul ended up stupidly running into someone else. Weren’t Devil Souls supposed to be one of the most intelligent creatures in this world?

Liao Yu hastily rode the Blood Unicorn Beast back, and looked with a complicated but excited expression at Chu Mu, saying: “You… how did you do it? Devil Souls are creatures with extremely high vigilance. It could not have just been caught like that.”

Liao Yu had done his share of work before coming here, and understood that Devil Souls were unique in that they could use the mental waves emitted by a creature to determine what they were thinking. Essentially, they could read minds.

Therefore, any intentions would be easily captured by the Devil Soul, and they would be able to quickly react and escape. 

Yet, completely contrary to his expectations, Chu Mu was now standing there with a captured Devil Soul. Devil Souls weren’t servant rank soul pets either, and could not be captured so easily.

After Liao Yu ran back, he was looking at Chu Mu until he smelled an abnormally aromatic fragrance. He suddenly discovered that a woman with looks like a fairy had unknowingly appeared beside Chu Mu.

Liao Yu looked up and was instantly stunned. He had always believed that there was no one in this world more beautiful than his unconscious big sis. That was until this heavenly woman had suddenly appeared!

The absolute beauty standing next to Chu Mu was obviously Empress Concubine Yu Suo. Old Li had told Chu Mu that Devil Souls had a unique characteristic that he could exploit by using Yu Suo’s good side to entice and capture them.

Devil Souls could read minds, but the Evil Good Queen’s good side could easily trick their mind reading abilities. At least, those that were weaker than Yu Suo would be tricked.

Once a Devil Soul was bewitched, the rest was easy. Yu Suo would use Petrify Shackles and Chu Mu only had to open the soul capture ring, chant an incantation and capture the Devil Soul. There was no difficulty involved.

This was also the reason why Chu Mu wasn’t anxious when he saw the Devil Souls. The Evil Good Queen’s charm would easily allow him to obtain them.

“Chu Mu, there’s a group of people coming.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu looked up at the mountains, and saw five or six soul pet trainers riding on their soul pets. Their aura was torrential as they charged forwards.

From the soul pets they were riding on, these people were all about the pseudo dominator rank. However, the imposing might they created from their charge was rather powerful.

“Those people are form We City. The leader is the city general of Wen City, Chen Hua. He is also the strongest young expert of Wen City. I saw him in the Realm City Outstanding Experts Fight!’ Liao Yu came to and instantly recognized Chen Hua, who had given a stellar performance in the Outstanding Experts Fight. His expression was flustered.

The Outstanding Experts Fight was the most prestigious fight for Cloud Realm’s young experts. Chen Hua had entered the top ten. If experts like these were encountered in training grounds, it was best for one to take another route.

Chen Hua was riding a Terror Wolf which had reached the pseudo dominator rank. Its savage aura could be smelled from far away.

Chen Hua rode at the front of the team and stopped in front of Chu Mu’s group.

“Give the ring in your hands to me and scram.” Chen Hua’s voice carried an old man’s hoarseness. His attitude was like a high up leader ordering his subordinate soldiers. It could not be disobeyed!

Chu Mu looked at this person called Chen Hua. It had been a long time since someone dared use this tone of voice towards him.

Chu Mu swept his gaze over Chen Hua and the other five. He could see that Chen Hua’s strength probably wasn’t limited to the pseudo dominator rank Terror Wolf he was riding. He definitely had other dominator rank soul pets. Moreover, the other five were also single-controlling right now, meaning that they were all people with dominator rank soul pets.

“Fellow big brothers, please don’t be mad.” at this point, Ye Wansheng stepped out and with a humble smile he said: “The Devil Soul ran into us, allowing us to easily capture it. We will definitely give it to you. Your soul pets all look very strong. They should be dominators right?” 

“Obviously.” said the vice general behind Chen Hua. This vice general had stepped into the dominator rank not too long ago. Possessing dominators and not possessing dominators led to two completely different statuses. In the past, he had also been like the humbly smiling fellow in front of him, softly land warmly speaking to dominator experts. Now that he finally witnessed someone doing the same to him, he couldn’t help but feel arrogant.

“This is a pseudo dominator and this soul pet has a secondary attribute. Its strength should be a level higher than a pseudo dominator… yes, yes. So I guess your soul pets’ soul cores all together should be equivalent to about 10 first rank Xuans. Can you double check that my math is right?” said Ye Wansheng. 

The vice general was stunned. Someone else was evaluating strength through soul cores? He looked at his teammates soul pets and said: “It should be right.” 

“Retard!!” Chen Hua saw that his vice general hadn’t responded, and angrily yelled at him. 

This vice general must have had a pig brain! He couldn’t even tell that the other person wanted to kill their soul pets! 

The vice general finally realized after the yell and his face flushed red. He had a sudden fit of rage and pointed at Ye Wansheng: “Peasant, you’re seeking death!!” 

When the vice general angrily roared, a light green colored lustre flickered in his eyes. Clearly, this fellow was a dominator rank human. This was indeed higher than the light black colored eyes of Ye Wansheng. 

“Do the people here really like using species rank to speak for them?” harrumphed Mu Qingyi. Her eyes turned cold.

This wasn’t the first time they had heard these so-called high ranking humans belittle them. While en route, Mu Qingyi had dealt with a number of these arrogant people.

Chen Hua’s face darkened and in his unpleasant and hoarse voice, he said: “I don’t want to waste time. I’ll give you one last chance. If you speak more trash, I’ll turn you and your soul pets into rotten corpses in the mud that I will step on!”  

Chu Mu glanced at Chen Hua and calmly said: “Ye Wansheng, you counted wrong. It should be 12 Xuans.” 

“Really?” Ye Wansheng creased his brows. As he was confused, he saw Chu Mu’s eyes evilly lock onto the spirit dominator rank Chen Hua. He came to a sudden realization.

Chen Hua wasn’t the same as that retarded vice general. He quickly understood the meaning behind Chu Mu’s words and his face turned ashen! 

The Terror Wolf he was riding on felt its master’s anger and killing intent. Its bared its hunting teeth that covered its mouth and its green eyes glared Chu Mu! 


Chen Hua had already exposed his killing intent while the Terror Wolf let out a wild howl. It spat out a disgusting stench from its mouth that hit Chu Mu and the others.

Chu Mu stood in front of the team and allowed the arrogant wind from the wolf strike him. A strange silver color appeared in his eyes.

Space began to outlandishly distort, quickly forming a spatial barrier. Everyone in his group was protected in the spatial barrier and the wolf’s breath was instantly rendered to a soft, gentle wind. It only managed to lift Mu Qingyi and Ye Qingzi’s hair. It didn’t deal any damage.

When Chu Mu formed the barrier, Ye Wansheng, Mu Qingyi and Prince Chao chanted an incantation, summoning their soul pets and entering a fighting state.

However, the moment the three of them finished chanting, the beautiful eyes of Yu Suo who was standing behind Chu Mu flashed with a blood red demonic glow.

Flower Shadow Slaughter!! 

Six evil good flowers composed of a mix of holy blue and blood red blossomed under the feet of the six people’s soul pets.

The evil good flowers were silent and when their petals blossomed, a flower shadow appeared from within. They pierced through the bodies of the six dominator rank soul pets!

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua!!!!!!!!”

The instant the six evil good flowers had blossomed, countless blood red flower shadow chaotically danced through the six soul pets. It was dazzling and gorgeous!

Chen Hua and the others had planned on slaughtering this group of people when they suddenly smelled a bloody stench from the soul pest they were riding on!

The flower shadow dissipated and instantly, countless bloody lines appeared on their soul pets’ bodies!

“Pu chi~~~~~~”

Fresh blood abruptly splurted out from the bloody lines on the six dominator rank creatures. Immediately after, their skin, armor and body turned into pieces of meat that slid off from these soul pets’ bodies! 

Once the flesh was peeled off by the flower shadows, the six soul pets were left with only their ghastly white bones. Even the vice general’s lower leg from his thigh and down was just left with his leg bones! 

The white bones teetered about before ultimately collapsing apart, falling into the bloody flesh. The scene was incomparably bloody and terrifying! 


The six dominator rank soul pets hadn’t even managed to use a single technique before being instakilled!

Everyone including Chu Mu was stunned by this scene. Who would have expected this imminent fierce fight to end like this?

“Who permitted you to use your technique?” Chu Mu creased his brows, and looked very unhappily at Yu Suo behind him.

While Chu Mu was unhappy, he was ultimately astonished. This woman was unexpectedly able to instakill six pseudo dominators. This display of strength wasn’t inferior to his strength in the half devil transformation.

Most importantly, this was only while she was in a single soul state. If she transformed into the Evil Good Queen, her power would be even more terrifying! 

“I only wanted to test how much my strength had risen.” a bewitching and cruel smile appeared on Yu Suo’s face.

“You can test it against the temperature of the flames.” said Chu Mu.

The moment devil flames were mentioned, Yu Suo grew anxious. The arrogant look on her face disappeared and she put on a pitiful expression, saying: “I was just helping master. There are even higher rank Devil Souls on the mountain. Rather than wasting time with these pieces of trash, it is better to slaughter your way up as soon as possible…” 

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