Book 2 Chapter 114 - Polar Ice, Sin Source Cold Pond

Chapter 114: Polar Ice, Sin Source Cold Pond

The realm of experts was something everyone looked forward too. In reality, Chu Mu also wanted to see the mysterious high tier realm that Liu Binglan was in. However, Chu Mu knew that the training method that Liu Binglan would give him would definitely be very rigid, possibly even preparing all his future soul pets for him already.

Under the influence of Chu Tiancheng, Chu Mu had already become used to picking his own soul pet and training method, and would actually not be used to Liu Binglan’s methods.

Let alone, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets had great potential right now. His main mission now was to raise the strength of all his current soul pets!

Liu Binglan had already used a Freezing Medicine to suppress the devil fire within Chu Mu’s soul. The soul’s burning high temperatures probably wouldn’t affect Chu Mu’s body within the next two years.

Of course, Chu Mu was sure that if he entered the half devil state again, then it may cause his soul to burn even more. It seemed like the half devil state shouldn’t be used unless he had absolutely no other options.


The wooden room that Chu Mu was in was Senior Huan’s hermit space. It was in a scenic bamboo forest in the Xiling Region, and it could be described as very unique and elegant. It seemed strange that a little old man like raccoon would have such taste.

Senior Huan’s real name was Li Hu. Senior Huan was simply a honored title he gave himself. Chu Mu felt that calling such a raccoon headed, short handed, and short legged creature as Senior Huan was very awkward, so he instead called him “Old Li”

After a bit of understanding, Chu Mu found that he didn’t have any human blood. He was a pure soul pet, also able to sign a soul pact with people. However, other than having a top tier escaping ability, Old Li’s fighting strength was almost zero, so no one would sign a soul pact with it.

Old Li was a demon type soul pet, a very special kind of raccoon that could transform into other forms. Yet, this guy wasn’t good at his skill, and he had failed when he tried to transform into a human, so he became what he looked like now.

Just like what Liu Binglan said, Old Li was experienced and knowledgeable, and he was a big help to Chu Mu’s cultivating path and soul pet training. If he brought this guy, Chu Mu would no longer need to search for books. He was equivalent to a raccoon-voiced encyclopedia.

But this guy had a lethal bad habit, and that was to add his own details and events, ramble incoherently, and speak nonsense. Thus, Chu Mu sometimes still needed the ability to judge the truth from the nonsense whenever this guy spoke.


With much difficulty, Liu Binglan had finally reunited with her son, so she was unwilling to leave after just a few hurried looks. Thus, she specially accompanied Chu Mu for a part of the walk.

Liu Binglan was indeed an icy beauty. She didn’t like to talk much and smiled very infrequently, so she didn’t know how to communicate with Chu Mu with her identity as a mother. In the end, she resolved to just quickly find the Worldly Immortal Ice to heal Chu Mu, so she no longer wasted time and left Chu Mu alone…...

Seeing Liu Binglan ride her starlight soul pet away, Chu Mu’s mental emotions also shifted a bit. Chu Mu was no longer the immature and resentful teen from before. He vaguely felt that Liu Binglan’s attitude towards him had changed, so now as she left, he more or less felt a little sense of loss.

“Young master, these few days were probably when Her Highness had spoken the most words and has smiled the most.” Old Li stood shortly beside Chu Mu and said while waving his short arms around.

“En, I can see.” Chu Mu nodded. Liu Binglan’s temperament was probably something acquired over the years. She didn’t know at all how to take care of others, and she didn’t like to speak either.

Chu Mu looked at Liu Binglan’s starlight soul pet and opened his mouth to ask Old Li beside him, “What is that starlight soul pet she rides?”

Old Li used his short hands to stroke his whiskers and said with some envy, “Her Highness’s soul pet has a big background. It comes from one of the six Emperor Soul Pets of the Six Star Space, known as the “Star River”. There isn’t any information on Star River in any documents, so it is impossible to classify it. Yet, Star River’s real appearance has probably only been seen by the noble woman. Its fighting strength is very terrifying, and it is almost the hegemony of all wing type soul pets. Let’s put it this way: its power should be similar to the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor in the south forbidden region, a top tier soul pet that has a position even in the entire soul pet realm……”

Chu Mu still only nodded with half understanding. Measuring it this way, Liu Binglan’s power was actually still above the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, because the Star River was only one of her soul pets.

As for Liu Binglan’s own cultivation, Chu Mu could guess that she must have reached the spirit emperor level.

“But, with young master reaching spirit master at such a young age and having a powerful soul pet like the White Nightmare, presumably it shouldn’t take long for you to reach Her Highness’s level.” Old Li immediately added a phrase of flattery.

Chu Mu lifted up a corner of his mouth. Even if he had lost a soul, Chu Mu had the confidence in stepping into Liu Binglan’s level.

“Speaking of which, young master, where are we heading right now? Are we going straight to Tianxia City or does young master have other plans already?” Old Li asked.

“Let’s go to the South Region first.” Chu Mu said.

His clan had already migrated to the south region, free from Nightmare Palace’s influence. If they walked all the way down towards Tianxia City, they would pass by south region. Chu Mu felt the need to go to the southern region to see the current situation of the clan. If they were confirmed to be fine, then he would continue heading east…...

Chu Mu had also already asked Liu Binglan about Chu Tiancheng. Liu Binglan replied that she hadn’t been in contact with him over the recent years, only knowing that he seemed to want to regain the things that once belonged to him, and had already headed east to continue his training. Chu Mu also temporarily had no news of him, and he was only able to follow what Liu Binglan’s words said, and walk towards Tianxia City to check out the so-called Fight Under the Heavens.

“Young master, between the Xiling Region and South Region is a Sin Source Cold Pond. I suggest you bathe in it for a bit. It’ll be great for you body’s current situation, and if you have any ice type soul pet, it could get also get its ice type strengthened within the Sin Source Cold Pond.

“Oh, and where is this Sin Source Cold Pond?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow and immediately asked.

His Ice Air Fairy was still at the sixth phase third stage, and the ice crystal it controlled was still the most normal ice crystal. If it could comprehend or obtain the Black Ice Soul Pearl, the Ice Air Fairy’s power would also raise a considerable amount.

“Just in the connecting area between Xiling Region and South Region. However, it is full of danger, so I suggest you to go with a group of people thatyou are familiar with. Then it would be much safer.” Old Li said.

The place in South Region where Chu Clan migrated to meant Chu Mu had to pass the border between Xiling Region and South Region. If it could make Ice Air Fairy’s ice type stronger, Chu Mu of course had to go towards it, so he summoned his Night Thunder Dream Beast and ran towards the direction of Xiling Region and South Region.



The Xiling Region and the South Region’s Sin Source Cold Pond was actually deep within a massive mountain range.

These hundred mountains were mostly barren. When one stood from a grassy plain and looked from afar, it felt like a hibernating rock dragon was stretched across this area. Between every mountain, there was always a strange black cloud surrounding it. Sometimes, there was a thunder glamorously flashing down, causing the rolling Sin Source Mountain Range to be even more mysterious and hair raising.

After half a month of rushing, Chu Mu had also passed through the Xiling Region and had reached the southwest edge of the Xiling Region, staying at a ninth level city closest to the Sin Source Cold Pond.

The Cold Pond City naturally had slowly formed by adhering to these barren mountains. Additionally, there were many soul pets that inhabited the Sin Source Mountain Range so slowly, more soul pet trainers gathered in the Cold Pond City.


“The Sin Source Cold Pond has a waxing and waning phase. This period is approximately two years long. If I remember correctly, this time should be the waxing phase, so there should be many people sent here to look for a full Sin Source Cold Pond……” Old Li stood on the head of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and as he told Chu Mu while balancing its clunky large head.

“Finding full Sin Source Cold Ponds, can it be that there are multiple Sin Source Cold Ponds?” Chu Mu asked.

“Many, very many, over millions, but the vast majority are dried up. When finding one on a normal day, unless one was very lucky, it was very hard to find a Sin Source Cold Pond with actual pond water. Also, at this time, it is the lively phase of the cold ponds, so the chance of finding a pond will be a bit larger.” Old Li said.

“The nearby regions will all send people, so what kind of people? Is it possible that there will be a massive free-for-all?” Chu Mu asked.

“Xiling Region’s Xiling City will definitely send some young soul pet trainers. After all, this Sin Source Cold Pond water is still effective for ice type soul pets that haven’t been strengthened yet. Other then that, there is the South Region’s south Clan, the Wo Gu Region’s Great Chu Family, the Gangluo City’s Yang Clan, and the Jia Region’s Jia Clan, which would probably all send some young members with ice type soul pets to come for a stroll. These past years, they’ve gradually made this Sin Source Cold Pond search into a silent competition. Sometimes this may also spark a fight for a cold pond.” Old Li said.

“Sounds rowdy.” Chu Mu also opened his mouth and laughed. Since these powers had all sent their younger generations to come for treasures, it seems that this Sin Source Cold Pond water really was a rare soul item.

“Hehe, young master sure is young master, liking a challenge. The people that these powers send annually are often decent core members, so their strengths are all above average. If young master has a leisurely mood, you sure could teach those arrogant male members a lesson while flirting with the beautiful female members……” Old Li said while laughing.

Old Li loved to hear all sorts of gossip the most, so he had knowledge of the Prison Island King Chu Mu. He thought that Chu Mu’s strength was more than enough to deal with those powers’ younger generation.


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