Chapter 1139: Devil soul? Very Easy to Trick

When Zhan Ye stepped into pseudo dominator rank, Chu Mu clearly felt his soul shiver as if it was about to breakthrough.    

However, this was just a small ripple in a lake. It quickly disappeared after a momentary ripple.

Clearly, humans had a lot more trouble entering dominator rank than soul pets, especially with them not being able to battle themselves.

Chu Mu’s soul undulated because Zhan Ye stepped into pseudo dominator rank. One could clearly feel that Zhan Ye’s aura was lifting up as his wounds healed from the fight before.

Once it was pseudo dominator rank, Zhan Ye’s full strength would probably be even higher than low class dominator rank, reaching merely one rank below the sacred thousand wave beast king.

Chu Mu was a ninth remembrance spirit remembrance, so the highest a soul pet could reach was low class dominator rank. Soul pets like Zhan Ye that could use its own techniques to reach higher ranks needed longer cultivation. Sadly, though Zhan Ye got stronger, strengthening it would be harder too since the xuan items it needs are hard to find.

“Zhan Ye, go back and rest.” After chanting an incantation, Chu Mu retracted Zhan Ye into his soul pet space and allowed it fall into a temporary slumber.

“Brother Chu, how did you train your soul pet? Why does it look like it never dies and gets stronger as it fights?” Liao Yu recovered from his vomiting and said with admiration to Chu Mu.

“It’s a long story.” Chu Mu didn’t explain much. Looking over the massive ocean, he said, “The moist area ahead is where the devil soul appears frequently?”

“Yes, that’s the place.” Liao Yu nodded solemnly.

“Let’s go ahead and find a safe place to rest for a bit and then head there.” Chu Mu said.

Resting near the battlefield was a very unwise decision because a large group of organisms was soon to come for sure.

The people didn’t stay around for long. They took their wounded soul pets into their soul pet space and continued down the muddy ocean.


The dominator rank recovery was much slower. Chu Mu’s dominator rank soul pets are rather plentiful so when others rested, he continued to train them and brought ghost monarch rank and ice air fairy up to speed.

Seeing Chu Mu continue to kill tirelessly at another muddy lake, Mu Qingyi, Ye Wansheng, Prince Chao finally knew why the elders of soul palace always called him a workaholic.

“Why is Chu Mu always so energetic?” Prince Chao said.

“En.” Ye Qingzi was used to it, not finding it strange.

“If we’re well rested, let’s continue out?” Mu QIngyi said.

Chu Mu’s tireless training gave everyone a boost of motivation that brought them to train as well.


Chu Mu’s training period slowly went from a day to months and even a year. Staying in the nasty marsh for a few months was very short for him.

In this training, Chu Mu brought Ice Air Fairy, Ghost Monarch King, and Binding Wind Spirit’s training to completion. As long as he could find the corresponding soul items, these three soul pets could step into dominator rank whenever.

After Zhan Ye reached pseudo dominator rank, Chu Mu kept training it with a large focus, causing its training to reach 50%, preparing it for low class dominator rank.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that the xuan items that Zhan Ye needed was very hard. After all, if Zhan Ye could reach low class dominator rank, its power would definitely be middle class dominator rank!

The training path led them unknowingly to the moist grounds near where the devil soul was.

The moist ground was actually a large patch of visible grass covered in thin water. The plain had extremely lush vegetation, many of which grew from underwater upwards. A random step could cause one to fall into a water type grass species organism.

Not long after stepping into this ground, Chu Mu didn’t see the devil soul but instead found a tattered battleground.

In this battlefield, the ground was full of pits and cracks. This destruction was clearly a dominator rank’s doing.

“Someone seemed to have already started fighting over it.” Prince Chao said.

The devil soul’s battle strength wasn’t strong. The only explanation was some competitors had started a battle over it already.

“I think they went there.” Mu Qingyi flew towards the high skies and pointed towards where one crack extended.

“You should go follow, maybe benefit from the remnants of battle.” Chu Mu said.

Going late may not always be unfortunate. The destruction clearly showed that the two sides were clearly not weak. If Chu Mu had gone earlier, they definitely would have had a gruelling battle.

Following the battle marks, slowly, Chu Mu could feel the ground shake.

Dominator rank strength could easily affect ground hundreds of kilometers out. The ground shaking meant it was probably within five hundred kilometers of where they stood, not too far.

Chu Mu guessed correctly. Passing through the messy land, what appeared before them was a strangely tall mountain.

At this moment, the mountain range that stood at the top of this place was also destroyed. All sorts of dazzling techniques were shouting at the top of this mountain range.

“There seems to be something flying towards us.” Mu Qingyi quickly landed and pointed towards the damaged mountains.

Chu Mu glanced over and found a ghost like organism quickly floating over.

This ghost was like a human, very slender. The half transparent fibre that extended from its head looked like the long hair of a woman.

“Devil soul, that’s devil soul!” At that moment, Liao Yu yelled out.

Everyone was speechless. This thing that looked like a female ghost was the devil soul?

However, how could they be this lucky? They just got here and a devil soul was running straight into their embrace!

“You sure that’s a devil soul?” Chu Mu again confirmed.

City master Li said many times that devil souls were hard to find. Being able to find one was already a blessing from the heavens. There was no reason for them to walk into one randomly!

“Of course its a devil soul, capture it! The devil soul is very hard to capture and could escape easily. Finding it would be hard then.” Liao Yu was worrying to death. Did these people know how precious the devil soul was? Any other soul pet trainer would be fighting their heads off for the devil soul that flew towards them! 

Also, being able to meet the devil soul so quickly wasn’t a coincidence. Liao Yu himself knew that this devil soul would stay around here for a long time. When Chu Mu and the others were training slowly, he was already getting worried that someone would steal it. Thankfully, the others had just found the devil soul as well, giving them an easy win.

“What rank is this devil soul? Why does it seem weak?” Ye Wansheng asked.

“What….. What is wrong with you! That’s a devil soul and you dare have time to ask about that? Capture it first. Even a commander rank devil soul is valuable, while a monarch rank deil soul was equivalent to a first rank xuan item!!” Liao Yu saw the devil soul near and was tearing his hair out!

Seeing that no one was starting, the anxious young man stopped wasting his breath and jmped onto his blood unicorn beast to chase after it!


Blood Unicorn Beast stepped forth on the water vegetation and went straight towards the devil soul.

The devil soul could detect evil intent. When it ran towards them, Chu Mu hadn’t shown any ill intent so with their mind, they basically didn’t exist.

However, when the blood unicorn beast came, the devil soul realised this direction was dangerous and an organism with violent intents came over.


Devil soul let out a clear call and quickly changed directions in panic, running towards the side.

Devil soul was very fast, and didn’t have a set route. The devil soul first left a string of fake shadows to the left and then suddenly appeared to the right of blood unicorn beast just as it pounced towards the left side, going opposite directions.

Liao Yu was just a soul master and couldn’t possibly see the devil soul’s real route. The Blood Unicorn Beast’s perception was weak as well, causing them to actually go left for its fake images.

Seeing the blood unicorn beast getting tricked, the devil soul let out a breath and was about to fly towards the right when it suddenly felt a pure good intent come from where it was previously headed.


The devil soul was very pure and immediately changed direction to go towards Chu Mu and the others straight into their embrace.

Just as it flew a small distance, suddenly, a sacred blue petal appeared on the devil soul.

In the bath of sacred blue light, the devil soul’s wounded locations quickly healed up.


Devil soul let out a happy cry, and flew towards the sacred blue flower like an ally it had found.

As it flew closer, mere a hundred meters away from the sacred blue flower, the woman in the sacred blue flower suddenly flashed with an evil red and the sacred blue flower became blood red!

The blood red flower no longer healed and instead restricted it, causing it to be unable to even move.

The devil soul’s body slowly went from ghostly blue to grey. This was the fossilization ability of flower type. This was effective even to souls!

Devil soul became stone incredibly quick. In a moment, it was completely covered. At that moment, Chu Mu had already nimbly used his soul capture ring to swipe devil soul into the soul capture space.

“See, I told you. With Evil Good Queen, capturing the devil soul is easy.” Old Li hopped out from aside, looking distastefully at Liao Yu who pounced in the wrong direction, and the rest of the soul pet trainers all fighting for their lives.

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